Richie Sambora / Undiscovered Soul In Osaka / 2CD

Richie Sambora / Undiscovered Soul In Osaka / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Kouseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 15th June 1998


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Richie Sambora to Japan performances with a cage ante was approaching in November. But as long as the sound played by two people I can not wait, but appeared masterpiece Made in Japan to further heat up such expectations. If it were contained in this work, “June 15, 1998: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall” performance. As part of the “UNDISCOVERED SOUL TOUR”, it is the audience album when performing for the first time alone tour. First promise. Let’s check from the dates of this tour.

– June 11: Shibuya Public Hall
– June 13: Shibuya Public Hall
– June 14: Akasaka BLITZ
– June 15, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall [this work] – June 17: Nagoya Diamond Hall

In this way, the first solo Japan tour all five performances. Osaka, which is contained in this work is, 4 per in performances eyes. Such this work up to the point of, indescribably wonderful audience sound. Flows out of the clear air speakers and clear to play, gentle warm melody is gradually filled the room. Honestly, is not a type of “like the sound board”, but this is the beauty rather than a drawback. Richie singing voice of tenderness, beauty of the melody, colored the venue sound warmth of the guitar has a fluffy, it only is a live album that will wrap the mind.
Would like you not differences can, this is a story of the feel of the sound, trouble and would have been an image of Bokeboke of quality. In fact, the sound of this work but has become even more beautiful by the venue acoustic, I guitar both vivid and the core is also clearly a very detailed and musical sound singing voice. Recording position of this work is was intense near the stage, what the second row directly in front of. While straight music pours from the eye in front of Richie, I sense that dynamism comes overhanging of acoustic and enthusiasm from behind. In addition, master even the person you turn the recorder at that position. In the person who barrage the name recording and ultra-masterpiece in the late 90’s and 2000’s, and its recording artist, David Bowie also in our shop, “A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN (Wardour-169)” and Prince “ONE NITE ALONE iN OSAKA (ZION-080) “, KANSAS” OSAKA 2001 (Virtuoso 298/299) “, RAINBOW” OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006) “,” OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 182), “the familiar and the like. This week GUNS N ‘new masterpiece of ROSES “SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2002 (ZODIAC 202)” is also will be released, this film also those caused directly from the original DAT of the master. If that was also in the ear with a single title group listed here, it’ll be to feel its virtuosity.
In fact, this work is also beautiful to cheers, applause, chanting to produce a dynamism. After all, Japan can not lose to any other country in the world through the love of BON JOVI. Etc. say that Richie’s solo, the audience is of Richie music gather in there, as if the guitar, singing voice has been engraved on the soul. Large representative music of BON JOVI, of course, also firmly sing a solo song, impressive masterpieces group even for free is reborn in large excitement version to try it more chest by 2,400 of the chorus. While the chorus and the positive hand, straight to Richie of beautiful voice of the beautiful thing through. Anyway, I would like you to listen to “I’ll Be There For You” of this work. Roar like the swell of the crowd who guessed the song intro, thick chorus, beautiful and powerful voice of Richie in the middle that echoes the glossy. It has been Wakea’ John “that voice” is spinning the main line in the BON JOVI, bargain for singing the chorus. This exquisite beauty. Precisely because it solo, just because the audience recording, and I what a blissful tone if this work. In addition, impressive even applause of the audience is. I ovation is arise in each successive one song one song, it is gentle yet expansive. Like praise Richie music of every detail of, such as the autumn rain, for it is awarded.
It shows to be drawn in such a sound is, the best of great performance in 1998 Japan tour. At the time this Osaka performances, is said to best performance, I was the only two hours more than show. The set list is impressive also the balance of the solo cover-BON JOVI repertoire, while the seven songs from the new “UNDISCOVERED SOUL” and axis, THE BEATLES and Bob Marley cover, and BON JOVI is solidify the key point. Foregoing of “I’ll Be There For You,” “Bad Medicine,” “Wanted Dead Or Alive (with Midnight Rider)” is also in addition to the “Livin ‘On A Prayer” showing off. Earthy charm also pop friendliness also, you two hours more than the taste plenty.

In the current tour, Richie and the cage ante has been showing off the songs have of each other, from the songs of this film, “Stranger In This Town,” “I’ll Be There For You,” “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” “The Answer, “” it seems I Shot the Sheriff “is per” Livin ‘On a Prayer “is being played. But it may or may not be played alone in the Japan tour Ritchie to change the repertoire by day. However, its expected to heat up fairly dust and chest, beautiful sound is gradually accumulated in the mind as in the lees. I of such a live album. Of course, those who carried the foot on Japan tour in November, it is nostalgic “early summer of 1998”, large masterpiece Made in Japan, which I would like you to come to touch the …… such YOU Richie singing voice and guitar miss . This weekend, will be delivered to your hand.
オリアンティを伴っての来日公演が11月に迫ったリッチー・サンボラ。2人の奏でるサウンドが待ち遠しい限りですが、そんな期待を一層熱くさせる傑作ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが登場です。本作に収められているのは、「1998年6月15日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演。“UNDISCOVERED SOUL TOUR”の一環で、初めて単独ツアーを行った際のオーディエンス・アルバムです。まずはお約束。このツアーの日程から確認してみましょう。

・6月15日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】

カン違いしないでいただきたいのは、これはサウンドの感触の話であって、ボケボケなクオリティをイメージされてしまうと困る。実際、本作のサウンドは会場音響によって一層美しくはなっているものの、ギターも歌声も極めて詳細で楽音の芯もハッキリと鮮やかなのです。本作の録音ポジションはステージの激近でして、なんと2列目の真正面。目の前のリッチーからまっすぐに音楽が降り注ぎながら、背後から音響と熱狂のダイナミズムが覆いかぶさってくる感覚なのです。しかも、そのポジションでレコーダーを回した人物も達人。その録音家とは90年代後半~2000年代で名録音・超傑作を連発した人物で、当店でもデヴィッド・ボウイ『A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN(Wardour-169)』やプリンス『ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA(ZION-080)』、KANSAS『OSAKA 2001(Virtuoso 298/299 )』、RAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 182)』などでお馴染み。今週はGUNS N’ ROSESの新傑作『SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2002(ZODIAC 202)』もリリースされますが、本作もまたその名人のオリジナルDATから直接起こされたもの。ここに挙げたタイトル群を1本でも耳にされたことがあれば、その名人芸を実感していただけることでしょう。
実際、本作はダイナミズムを演出する歓声・喝采・唱和までもが美しい。なにしろ、BON JOVIへの愛にかけては世界中のどの国にも負けない日本。リッチーのソロと言えど、そこに集う観客たちはリッチーの音楽、ギター、歌声が魂に刻まれているかのよう。BON JOVIの大代表曲はもちろん、ソロ曲でもしっかりと歌い、ただでさえ感動的な名曲群が2,400人のコーラス隊によって一層胸にしみる大感動バージョンに生まれ変わっている。そのコーラス隊と正対しながら、まっすぐに通るリッチーの美声の美しいこと。とにかく、本作の「I’ll Be There For You」を聴いていただきたい。イントロで曲を察した観客のうねりのようなどよめき、ぶ厚い大合唱、その真ん中でリッチーの美しくも力強い声が艶やかに響く。BON JOVIでジョンと分け合ってきた“あの声”がメインのラインを紡ぎ、大合唱と歌いかけあう。この絶品の美しさ。ソロだからこそ、オーディエンス録音だからこそ、そして本作なればこその至福のトーンなのです。さらには、観客たちの拍手さえもが感動的。1曲1曲重ねるごとに大喝采が沸き起こるのですが、それが広大でありながら優しい。まるで秋雨のようなきめ細やかさでリッチーの音楽を讃え、贈られるのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、1998年ジャパンツアーでも最高の名演。この大阪公演は当時、ベスト・パフォーマンスと言われ、唯一の2時間超えショウだったのです。そのセットリストはソロ・カバー・BON JOVIレパートリーのバランスも見事で、新作『UNDISCOVERED SOUL』からの7曲を軸としつつ、THE BEATLESやボブ・マーリーのカバー、そしてBON JOVIが要所を固める。先述の「I’ll Be There For You」のほかにも「Bad Medicine」「Wanted Dead Or Alive(Midnight Rider付き)」「Livin’ On A Prayer」を披露。アーシーな魅力もポップな親しみやすさも、たっぷりと味わえる2時間超なのです。

現在のツアーでは、リッチーとオリアンティが互いの持ち曲を披露しており、本作の収録曲からは「Stranger In This Town」「I’ll Be There For You」「Wanted Dead Or Alive」「The Answer」「I Shot The Sheriff」「Livin’ On A Prayer」あたりが演奏されているようです。日によって演目を変えるリッチーだけに日本公演でも演奏されるとは限りません。しかし、その期待がじんわりと胸を熱くし、美しいサウンドが澱のように心にたまっていく。そんなライヴアルバムなのです。11月の来日公演に足を運ばれる方はもちろん、“1998年の初夏”が懐かしい方、リッチーの歌声やギターが恋しい方……そんなあなたにぜひ触れていただきたい大傑作ライヴ・イン・ジャパン。今週末、お手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (64:56)
1. Introduction 2. Made In America 3. If Gods Was A Woman 4. Stranger In This Town
5. Fallen From Graceland 6. Bad Medicine 7. I’ll Be There For You 8. In It For Love
9. Undiscovered Soul 10. Who I Am

Disc 2 (62:27)
1. I Should Have Known Better 2. Hard Times Come Easy 3. Midnight Rider/Wanted Dead Or Alive
4. The Answer 5. With A Little Help From My Friends 6. I Shot The Sheriff
7. Livin’ On A Prayer 8. Get Back

Richie Sambora – Guitar, Vocal Richie Supa – Guitar Kasim Sulton – Bass
Tommy Mandel – Keyboards Ron Wikso – Drums Everett Bradley – Percusson

Zodiac 199

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