Richie Sambora Featuring Orianthi / Summer Sonic 2014 Osaka / 1CDR

Richie Sambora Featuring Orianthi / Summer Sonic 2014 Osaka / 1CDR / Non Label

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Live At Maishima Summer Sonic Site, Osaka, Japan 16th August 2014.

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Was performed desperately guitarist of BON JOVI, latest solo album of Richie Sambora the “Aftermath Of The Lowdown”, from solo Japan tour of swing second time in ’16 since 1998, at the Summer Sonic Osaka August 16 the complete recording of a high-quality audience recording of the best level while gift than the original master of the stage. Becomes familiar, it is a high quality recording of an actual performance by the “West strongest taper”.

It was a hot stage in the raining Richie appeared in the evening, in the live full-length. Around the songs of BON JOVI new and “Aftermath of The Lowdown”, and stripped-waste festival late song masterpiece first solo album from the “Stranger In This Town”, a song of cage ante was entrained this time, cool cover is also showcased can be enjoyed in the best song selection basis that has been dropped.

The first track has raised a great deal start, from the beginning of BON JOVI from “Lay Your Hands On Me”. Young audience feel does not know only representative songs of BON JOVI share vocals weave ante “Livin ‘On A Prayer”, the tightening in the “Wanted Dead Or Alive” also has seen a surge of more than entrainment.

I served in the taste bluesy soulful more songs of BON JOVI Richie singing with a reputation for singing ability from long ago while a different approach with Jon Bon Jovi. Young female talented guitarist who also served as one arm of Alice Cooper been excavated to Michael Jackson, play a cage ante is also shining, I am served as the main vocals by the song. It has become what guitarist fan can enjoy there is also a scene that put the weight on guitar playing, etc. rolled play jam or a long cage and antes Richie.

Recording will be from the front of the cage ante. There is also a noise location and unstable partially by PA itself, but it has become a powerful sound with little diffusion in direct and clear while outdoor stage. Surroundings has raised between songs but annoying audience noise is also little song. Recording vocals because Ritchie in front, guitar playing of two people also captured perfectly. It has become a recording that shows the height of the ability of recording who is recording in adverse environment Due to an all-day rain, but also, enjoy without stress live full-length

Japan tour of this was done in standing position in the BON JOVI is unknown. I do not know only the person do not return or return to BON JOVI future, but please enjoy the valuable Japan tour this time. It is one of the fan must-have, must listen to want to recommend Richie fan of all, to BON JOVI fan.

BON JOVIのギタリスト、リッチー・サンボラの最新ソロアルバム「Aftermath Of The Lowdown」を引っさげて行われた、1998年以来16年振り2度目のソロ来日公演から、8月16日のサマーソニック大阪でのステージをオリジナルマスターよりギフトながら極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。お馴染み、「西日本最強テーパー」による高品質・実況録音盤です。

夕刻に登場したリッチー、ライブ全編において雨が降り続く中での熱いステージとなりました。新作「Aftermath of The Lowdown」、そしてBON JOVIの曲を中心に、名作ファーストソロアルバム「Stranger In This Town」からの曲、今回帯同したオリアンティの曲、渋いカバーも披露されフェスティバルがゆえ無駄をそぎ落としたベスト的な選曲で楽しめます。

1曲目はBON JOVIの「Lay Your Hands On Me」からスタート、序盤から大いに盛り上がっています。オリアンティとボーカルを分け合う「Livin’ On A Prayer」、締めの「Wanted Dead Or Alive」ではBON JOVIの代表曲しか知らないという感じの若いオーディエンスも巻き込みより一層の盛り上がりを見せています。

ジョン・ボン・ジョヴィとは違うアプローチながら昔から歌唱力に定評のあるリッチーの歌うBON JOVIの曲はよりソウルフルでブルージーなテイストで楽しめます。マイケル・ジャクソンに発掘されアリス・クーパーの片腕も務めた若手女性実力派ギタリスト、オリアンティのプレイも光っており、曲によってはメインボーカルを務めています。リッチーとオリアンティの長尺なジャムや弾きまくりなどギタープレイに比重を置いた場面もありギタリストファンも楽しめる内容になっています。


BON JOVIでの立ち位置が不明な中行われた今回の来日公演。今後BON JOVIに戻るのか戻らないのかは本人にしか分かりませんが、今回の貴重な来日公演を是非お楽しみください。全てのリッチー・ファン、BON JOVIファンにお薦めしたいファン必携・必聴の1枚です。

1. Intro 2. Lay Your Hands On Me 3. Nowadays 4. It’s My Life 5. Every Road Leads Home To You
6. Stranger In This Town 7. Accoding To You (Orianthi) 8. I’ll Be There For You
9. Burn The Candle Down 10. Livin’ On A Prayer 11. Sugar Daddy
12. Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band) 13. Wanted Dead Or Alive

Richie Sambora – Guitar, Vocal Orianthi – Guitar, Vocal Curt Schneider – Bass
Luke Ebbin – Keyboards, Guitar Mike Farrell – Keyboards Aaron Sterling – Drums

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