Richard Thompson / London Barbican 2018 / 2CDR

Richard Thompson / London Barbican 2018 / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Barbican Theatre, London, UK 16th October 2018

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Richard Thompson who sent a new work “13 RIVERS” to 18th chart on the British chart and showed a strong popularity. His latest live album is coming as powerful as ELECTRIC TRIO.
It is contained in such a work “London performance on October 16, 2018”. It is its superb audience recording. In recent years he parallels solo acoustic show and ELECTRIC TRIO. Although we continue to report Richard’s recent status with masterpiece recording in our shop, this work is the second bullet of electric return that follows “LONDON 2018 (Uxbridge 886)” this August. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the current activity summary.

● 2018
E: August 15 – 25: UK # 1 (8 shows)
A: September 11 – 14: North America # 1 (5 shows)
“September 14” 13 RIVERS “Release”
E: October 11 – November 3: UK # 2 (20 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
E: November 8 – December 15: North America # 2 (22 performances)
● 2019
What? : March 21 – 24: North America # 3 (4 shows)
※ Note: A = Solo acoustic / E = Electric trio

This is his recent status. In 2018 we have been showing since the beginning of the year, but I summarized from “UK # 1” reported in the previous work “LONDON 2018” to the 2019 schedule which is currently published. “13 RIVERS” will be released after the previous work, and the main spindle will shift to ELECTRIC TRIO accordingly. This show’s London show was a concert that was the fifth show of such “British # 2”.
It was the famous master “UK masters” that got the show. The master is a big fan of Richard and its record is also a life work. For many years, our latest recording collection has received a high reputation, but most of it is due to the hands of the master. And this work is a masterpiece missing even with such a master collection. Although he is a recordingist who constantly realizes both contemporary clearness and feeling of air, this work is quite emphasis on “clearness”, and the sparkling shining sound is exquisite. Of course, there is also an air feeling which is the personality of the master, but it is amazing because it does not become rounded while producing glossy sounds. The core that jumps straight in hand is powerful like a laser beam, and the detailed details that are crisp is also abnormal dimension. It is a great master who has worked on numerous masterpieces and inscriptions, but it is a wonderful sound that can be counted as one of its best masterpieces.
It is powerfully tight electric show that is drawn with such supernatural sound. Although “LONDON 2018” also showed a new song of “13 RIVERS”, this work also added “The Storm Will not Come” and played five songs. Of course, we will also show off “Tale In Hard Time” of FAIRPORT CONVENTION, which was talked about in the previous work. More fresher is the performance itself. The ensemble with Taras Prodaniuk & Michael Jerome, which is a relationship for more than 10 years, is an iron wall but not familiar, with a powerful beat, vocals are powerful, and the guitar heats up anywhere. “Can not Win” What a tremendous thing of a solo burning up in the second half … … Initially I thought of expressing it as “矍鑠 た る”, but even that is nothing. It is not very, but I can not imagine it is energy emitted by a person who will have an old rice next year.
On the other hand, “Wall Of Death” “Tear Stained Letter” in the latter half of the show will make you smile. In these two songs, the grandson Zack Hobs appeared on the stage. I play a part. Zach is also beginning to walk as a musician and a singer-songwriter who is also participating in Teddy and Linda’s album. You can enjoy the family spreading Thompson family co-star.

Anyway, it is a live album where you can taste plenty of energetic rock shows with extraordinary sounds even at the masters collection. Of course, those who have enjoyed the collection so far, the potential of this work is even bigger. It is a goods in the insignificant item that I would like to recommend to the whole fan widely loving rock British rock. A masterpiece of music works enriching the nightlife of autumn and making it brilliant. Please enjoy it carefully.


新作『13 RIVERS』を全英チャート18位に送り込み、根強い人気を見せつけてくれたリチャード・トンプソン。ELECTRIC TRIOとしてパワフルに迫る彼の最新ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「2018年10月16日ロンドン公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。近年の彼はソロのアコースティック・ショウとELECTRIC TRIOを平行。当店ではリチャードの近況を傑作録音でレポートし続けておりますが、本作は今年8月の『LONDON 2018(Uxbridge 886)』に続くエレクトリック復帰の第2弾にあたります。まずは、現在の活動概要でショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《9月14日『13 RIVERS』発売》

これが彼の近況。2018年は年始からショウを行っておりますが、前作『LONDON 2018』でレポートした「英国#1」から現在公表されている2019年のスケジュールまでをまとめました。前作以降に『13 RIVERS』が発売となり、それに伴って主軸はELECTRIC TRIOに移行。本作のロンドン公演は、そんな「英国#2」の5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんな超美音で描かれるのは、力強くタイトなエレクトリック・ショウ。『LONDON 2018』でも『13 RIVERS』の新曲を披露していましたが、本作ではさらに「The Storm Won’t Come」も追加され、5曲も演奏。もちろん、前作で話題になったFAIRPORT CONVENTIONの「Tale In Hard Time」も披露してくれます。それ以上にフレッシュなのは、演奏そのもの。10年以上の付き合いであるTaras Prodaniuk&Michael Jeromeとのアンサンブルは鉄壁でありながら馴れ合い感がなく、パワフルなビートに乗ってヴォーカルも力強く、ギターはどこまでも加熱していく。「Can’t Win」後半で燃え上がるソロのなんと凄まじい事……当初は「矍鑠たる」と表現しようかとも思いましたが、それさえも憚れる。とてもではありませんが、来年古希を迎える人物が発するエネルギーとは思えません。
その一方で、微笑ましくなるのがショウ後半の「Wall Of Death」「Tear Stained Letter」。この2曲ではお孫さんのザック・ホブスがステージに登場。共演を果たすのです。ザックもミュージシャンとして歩み始めており、テディやリンダのアルバムにも参加しているシンガーソングライター。広がっていくトンプソン家のファミリー共演が楽しめるのです。


Disc 1(60:37)
1. Intro 2. Bones of Gilead 3. Her Love Was Meant For Me 4. Take Care The Road You Choose
5. Meet On The Ledge 6. Can’t Win 7. They Tore The Hippodrome Down
8. Dry My Tears And Move On 9. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning 10. The Rattle Within
11. Guitar Heroes

Disc 2(54:16)
1. Tale In Hard Time 2. The Storm Won’t Come 3. I’ll Never Give It Up
4. Put It There Pal 5. Wall Of Death (with Zak Hobbs) 6. Tear Stained Letter (with Zak Hobbs)
7. Beeswing 8. Down Where The Drunkards Roll 9. Trying 10. Take A Heart

Electric Trio:
Richard Thompson – Lead Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Taras Prodaniuk – Bass and Backing Vocal
Michael Jerome – Drums and Backing Vocal


Bobby Eichorn – Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Zak Hobbs – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals (Richard’s Grandson)

Uxbridge 913

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