Return To Forever / Santa Monica 1977 Mike Millard Master Tapes / 2CDR

Return To Forever / Santa Monica 1977 Mike Millard Master Tapes / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Civic Auditorium Santa Monica CA USA 8th April 1977.

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The original master excavation of the legendary master Mike Millard, whose masterpieces and shocking works are excavated almost every week. The latest version of RETURN TO FOREVER is now available.
Speaking of mirrored, masterpieces of general, prog, and heavy rock come to mind, but in fact, jazz / fusion was also recorded. This work is also a masterpiece. This is a super-superior audience recording of “April 8, 1977: Santa Monica Performance” by RETURN TO FOREVER. Speaking of 1977, RETURN TO FOREVER, which has undergone a major member change, released the more funky final work “MUSICMAGIC”. Since there are many ambiguous points in the records at that time, I will omit the detailed schedule, but the Santa Monica performance of this work is three months after the release of “MUSICMAGIC”. The traditional official live work “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT” was produced on “May 20 + 21”, so it was a show that was one and a half months before that.
This work recorded on such a stage is a recording of beauty that melts your heart. If you have noticed this article, you may have experienced some mirrored recordings, but this work is a super masterpiece that maximizes its taste. Speaking of 1977, it was the heyday of Mirrored, which also produced “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”, and the venue with more listening-type spectators than rock was perfect for recording. The subtleties of each sound are as detailed as a studio work, but the stage has a mellow luster, and the prestigious “JEMS” that is working on the excavation of mirrors this time is wonderful to say “one of the best works” That’s right. As mentioned above, there is also an official work “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT” recently, but to be clear, this work has a deeper sound. This is no longer the dimension of “good sound for audience recording”. If you let an alien listen to this work, there is no doubt that you will wonder, “Isn’t it possible to record with good sound unless it is an audience recording?” It’s a mirrored magical sound.
And not only such performance sounds, but also the enthusiasm that erupts after each song is beautiful. Not only is it very real, but it is delicate and natural up to each applause. There is an impression that is driven by the wonderfulness of the performance, and it is possible to completely synchronize with the audience because you can experience it together with the best sound. I’m afraid that if you praise too much, it will be misunderstood that it is a recording with a strange balance, but in other words, I would like you to think that “every week it is too amazing and there are no more words” or “the compliment is so amazing that it seems stale”. .. The fact that you are impressed by the cheers and “something good” means that the essential performance is ridiculously amazing! It is.
And what is drawn with such a transcendental sound is a show that is similar to “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT”. Naturally, the improvisations are different, but the motif sets are also different. Let’s organize by comparing here.

● Music magic (all songs)
・ The Endless Night / The Musician / Hello Again / So Long Mickey Mouse / Musicmagic / Do You Ever (★)
● Others (6 songs)
・ I Loved You Then … I Love You Now (★) / Come Rain Or Come Shine / Serenade / The Moorish Warrior and the Spanish Princess / Spanish Fantasy / On Green Dolphin Street
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard even on the official board “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT”.

… And it looks like this. The basic repertoire is very similar to “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT”, but by playing “Do You Ever” by Gayle Moran, which could not be heard even in the official 3-disc set, the album “MUSICMAGIC” 』All 6 songs are shown. Speaking of Moran, the title song “I Loved You Then … I Love You Now” of “Fairy Dance” is also a number that could not be heard in “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT”.
Another performance with a different expression at the same time as “LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT”. It is a live album that you can enjoy it with the transcendent sound of legendary recorder Mike Millard. It is neither a substitute for the official work nor a subtext. The more you listen to that official work, the more you will be surprised at the goodness and depth of the sound, and you will be surprised at the “greatness of Millard” and “the possibility of audience recording”. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

★ Mirrored Master. It is a miraculous ultra-high sound quality recording.

毎週のように傑作・衝撃作が発掘されている伝説名手マイク・ミラードのオリジナル・マスター発掘。その最新弾となるRETURN TO FOREVER篇が登場です。
 ミラードと言えば、ジェネラル系やプログレ、ヘヴィロックの名作群が浮かびますが、実はジャズ/フュージョンも録音していました。本作はその代表作ともなるもの。RETURN TO FOREVERによる「1977年4月8日:サンタモニカ公演」の超・極上オーディエンス録音です。1977年と言えば、大幅なメンバーチェンジを経たRETURN TO FOREVERはよりファンキーな最終作『MUSICMAGIC』を送り出した時期。当時の記録には曖昧な点も多いので詳しい日程は割愛しますが、本作のサンタモニカ公演は、『MUSICMAGIC』リリースから焼く3ヶ月。伝統の公式ライヴ作『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』が制作されたのは“5月20日+21日”でしたから、その1ヶ月半前というタイミングのショウでした。
 そんなステージで記録された本作は、心も溶ける美の録音。本稿に目を留められた方ならミラード録音を何作か体験されたことがあると思いますが、本作はその旨みが最大限に発揮された超傑作。そもそも1977年と言えば、かの『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』も生み出したミラードの全盛期ですし、ロックよりも聴き込み型の観客が多い会場は名録音に打って付け。1音1音の機微はスタジオ作品のように詳細でありながらステージだからこその芳醇な艶をたたえ、今回ミラード発掘を手掛けている名門“JEMS”をして「最高の作品のひとつ」と言わしめる素晴らしさ。前述のように、直近にオフィシャル作『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』もあるわけですが、ハッキリ言って本作の方が深みのある音。これはもう「オーディエンス録音にしては良い音」という次元ではありません。もし宇宙人に本作を聴かせたら「オーディエンス録音じゃないと良い音で録れないのか」と思う事は間違いない。まさにミラードのマジカル・サウンドなのです。
 そして、そんな超絶サウンドで描かれるのは、『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』とは似て非なるショウ。インプロヴィゼーションが違うのは当然ですが、モチーフとなるセットも異なっている。ここで比較しながら整理してみましょう。
・The Endless Night/The Musician/Hello Again/So Long Mickey Mouse/Musicmagic/Do You Ever(★)
・I Loved You Then… I Love You Now(★)/Come Rain Or Come Shine/Serenade/The Moorish Warrior and the Spanish Princess/Spanish Fantasy/On Green Dolphin Street
※注:「★」印はオフィシャル盤『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』でも聴けない曲。
……と、このようになっています。基本的なレパートリーは『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』と酷似しているわけですが、オフィシャルの3枚組でも聴けなかったゲイル・モラン作の「Do You Ever」も演奏されることで、アルバム『MUSICMAGIC』の全6曲が披露されている。モランといえば、『妖精の舞』のタイトル曲「I Loved You Then… I Love You Now」も『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』では聴けなかったナンバーです。
 『LIVE: THE COMPLETE CONCERT』と同じ時期でありながら表情の異なる別公演。それを伝説の録音家マイク・ミラードの超絶サウンドで楽しめるライヴアルバムです。オフィシャル作の代用品でもなければ、サブテキストでもない。あの公式作を聴き込んだ方ほど音の良さや深みに驚き、「ミラードの凄味」「オーディエンス録音の可能性」に刮目するであろう超傑作。どうぞ、心ゆくまで存分にご堪能ください。
Disc 1 (77:15)
1. The Endless Night
2. Members Introductions
3. The Musician
4. Hello Again
5. So Long Mickey Mouse
6. Musicmagic
7. Do You Ever
8. I Loved You Then…I Love You Now 
Disc 2 (74:48)
1. Come Rain Or Shine
2. Serenade
3. The Moorish Warrior and the Spanish Princess
4. Spanish Fantasy
5. On Green Dolphin Street
6. Musicmagic (Reprise)
Chick Corea – keyboards
Stanley Clarke – bass
Gerry Brown – drums
Gayle Moran – vocals, keyboards
Joe Farrell – saxophone
Harold Garrett – trombone
James E. Pugh – trombone
John Thomas – trumpet
James Tinsley – trumpet

Uxbridge 1322

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