Return To Forever / Alphia Omega / 1CDR

Return To Forever / Alphia Omega / 1CDR / Crossover

Translated Text:
Live At Omega Studio, Rockville, Maryland February 1974. Soundboard


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Valuable live sound source of super-group “Return to Forever” that led the Jazz world of the 1970s is emerging!

Guitarist at this time the studio live that has been recorded in omega-studio of February 74 Maryland Rockville one that was recorded from the sound board sound source Bill Connors.

This line-up that becomes the Al Dimeora join before is valuable become now. Progressive manner transcendence must listen title of ’74 to expand the play “Return to Forever”!





Live At Omega Studio, Rockville, Maryland February 1974

01. Introduction
02. Hymn Of The 7th Galaxy
03. Dorum Solo
04. Theme To The Mothership
05. After The Cosmic Rain
06. Children’s Song #1
07. Piano Solo
08. Senor Mouse
09. The Game Maker
10. Outroduction

Crossover 068

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