Ratt / Tokyo Dome 1989 / 1CDR

Ratt / Tokyo Dome 1989 / 1CDR / Shades

Heat Beat Live 89 In Big EGG Blast Off Tokyo.

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RATT in 1989, who took the big stage of “Big Egg” on his third visit to Japan. Introducing an original recording that allows you to experience the show that concludes the gorgeous 80’s on-site.
It is “January 1, 1989: Tokyo Dome performance” that is imbued with such a work. This is an audience recording recorded at “HEAT BEAT LIVE ’89 IN BIG EGG” that appeared with BON JOVI. If you come to “New Year’s Day 1989” or “Tokyo Dome”, some of you may have already come. Yes, it is a live album that is a sister edition of KINGDOM COME’s masterpiece “TOKYO DOME 1989 (Shades 1279)” which was released the other day and gained popularity.
If you have experienced KINGDOM COME, you may have already decided, but not all RATT fans like KINGDOM COME. Here, let’s look back on those days from the perspective of RATT.

● 1988
・ December 31: Tokyo Dome
● 1989
・ January 1: Tokyo Dome ← ★ This work ★
・ January 6: Nagoya Rainbow Hall
・ January 8: Osaka Castle Hall
・ January 9: Fukuoka Sun Palace
・ January 11: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
・ January 12: Nippon Budokan

This is the 1989 Japan tour. I appeared at a big event at Tokyo Dome during the year-end and New Year holidays, but after that I toured alone. Toured famous venues in various places, and even though there was a Tokyo Dome, he won the Nippon Budokan. The schedule tells how popular it was at that time.
By the way, this work recorded at the show on New Year’s Day 1989 is a powerful audience recording with a vivid direct feeling that is similar to the KINGDOM COME version. In the masterpiece collection that has been unearthed recently, not only the sister works of KINGDOM COME but also many masterpieces are very popular. In the recent HR series, HEART’s press masterpiece “TOKYO 1988 2ND NIGHT (Zodiac 410)” and BON JOVI’s “BUDOKAN 1987 FINAL NIGHT (Shades 1268)” are highly acclaimed even in large venues. I collected it. The KINGDOM COME version proved such a great skill, but this work has the same day and venue, so the sound is very similar. It doesn’t seem like a dome recording that the powerful core approaches in front of you while breathing in a realistic atmosphere. Speaking of 1989, the Tokyo Dome was not yet completed, and neither the sound output know-how on the PA side nor the recording technology on the audience side had been established. In spite of such times, even in modern times, it is easy to achieve a difficult sense of closeness.
The direct sound is a full show that concentrates the golden 80’s numbers. Although it is just one act of performing at a festival, the time of about 68 minutes is plenty to listen to. And it’s not just Greatest Hits. To explain what that means, let’s organize the set here.

● Classics (7 songs)
・ Out of the Cellar: Wanted Man / Back for More / Round and Round
・ Invasion of Your Privacy: Lay It Down / You’re in Love
・ Dancing Undercover: Slip of the Lip / Body Talk
● Reach for the Sky (7 songs)
・ City To City / Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds (★) / I Want A Woman / Bottom Line (★) / What’s It Gonna Be (★) / Way Cool Jr. / Chain Reaction
* Note: “★” marks are rare songs only for this tour.

… And it looks like this. The latest work “REACH FOR THE SKY” number at that time occupies half of the show while the majestic representative songs are lined up in a row. Although there are some songs that are occasionally revived, including the standardized “Way Cool Jr.”, most of them are rare songs. In particular, the three songs “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds,” “Bottom Line,” and “What’s It Gonna Be” are only performed on this tour, and you can experience such precious songs at a rare site called Tokyo Dome. is.
Direct sound that does not seem to be Tokyo Dome, and a spectacle of a large audience that can only be found at Tokyo Dome. It is a valuable original recording that allows you to experience RATT in its heyday on both sides. This one is a wonderful document album, but if you listen to it side by side with KINGDOM COME’s “Shades 1279”, you can enjoy the rare and rare feeling of the times in the field even more vividly. By all means, this is a sister work of beauty that we would like you to enjoy together.

★ Masterpiece audience recording of “January 1, 1989: Tokyo Dome performance”. It is a brand that has been digitized directly from the Omoto cassette, and its sound is so direct and powerful that you can’t think of it as a Tokyo Dome, and its thick core approaches you in front of you. In addition to the famous songs that summarize the 80’s, you can also enjoy the rare “REACH FOR THE SKY” number only for this tour.

そんな本作に吹き込まれているのは「1989年1月1日:東京ドーム公演」。BON JOVIと共に出演した“HEAT BEAT LIVE ’89 IN BIG EGG”で記録されたオーディエンス録音です。「1989年元旦」「東京ドーム」と来たらもうピンと来られた方もいらっしゃるでしょう。そう、先日リリースされて好評を博したKINGDOM COMEの傑作『TOKYO DOME 1989(Shades 1279)』の姉妹編となるライヴアルバムなのです。
KINGDOM COME篇をご体験の方ならすでに心を決められていると思いますが、RATTファンの全員がKINGDOM COMEまで好むとは限らない。ここではRATT視点で当時を振り返ってみましょう。

・1月1日:東京ドーム ←★本作★

さて、そんな1989年元旦のショウで記録された本作は、KINGDOM COME篇にも通じる鮮烈なダイレクト感がパワフルなオーディエンス録音。最近になって発掘が続いている名手コレクションで、KINGDOM COMEの姉妹作だけでなく数々の名作が大人気。最近のHR系ですとHEARTのプレス名盤『TOKYO 1988 2ND NIGHT(Zodiac 410)』やBON JOVIの『BUDOKAN 1987 FINAL NIGHT(Shades 1268)』等々、大会場であっても距離のないサウンドが絶賛を集めました。KINGDOM COME篇は、そんなスゴ腕を証明していたわけですが、本作は同日・同会場だけあってサウンドが酷似……と言いますか、同一。リアルな空気感も吸い込みつつ、力強い芯が目の前にグイグイと迫る様はとてもドーム録音とは思えない。1989年と言えば、東京ドームも完成間もなく、PA側の出音ノウハウもオーディエンス側の録音技術も確立していなかった。そんな時代にも関わらず、現代でさえ難しい間近感を易々と成し遂げているのです。

・情欲の炎:Wanted Man/Back for More/Round and Round
・インヴェイジョン・オブ・ユア・プライヴァシー:Lay It Down/You’re in Love
・ダンシング・アンダーカヴァー:Slip of the Lip/Body Talk
・City To City/Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds(★)/I Want A Woman/Bottom Line(★)/What’s It Gonna Be(★)/Way Cool Jr./Chain Reaction

……と、このようになっています。堂々たる代表曲がズラリと並びつつ、ショウの半分を占めるのが当時の最新作『REACH FOR THE SKY』ナンバー。定番化した「Way Cool Jr.」を筆頭にたまに復活する曲もあるものの、ほとんどはレア曲。特に「Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds」「Bottom Line」「What’s It Gonna Be」の3曲はこのツアーでしか演奏されておらず、そんな貴重曲を東京ドームというレアな現場で極太体験できるのです。
東京ドームとは思えないダイレクト・サウンドと、東京ドームでしかあり得ない大観衆のスペクタクル。その両面で全盛期のRATTを体験できる貴重なオリジナル録音です。本作1本でも素晴らしいドキュメント・アルバムですが、さらにKINGDOM COME篇『Shades 1279』と並べて聴けば、二度とはないレアな現場の時代感を一層ビビッドに味わえる。ぜひ、併せて楽しんでいただきたい美の姉妹作です。

★「1989年1月1日:東京ドーム公演」の傑作オーディエンス録音。大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化された銘品で、そのサウンドは、東京ドームとは思えないほどダイレクト&パワフルで、極太な芯がグイグイッと目の前に迫る。80年代を総括する名曲群の他、このツアーだけのレアな『REACH FOR THE SKY』ナンバーもタップリ楽しめます。

01. City To City
02. Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds
03. Slip Of The Lip
04. Wanted Man
05. I Want A Woman
06. Bottom Line
07. Lay It Down
08. You’re In Love
09. Drum & Bass Solo / Jam
10. Back For More
11. What’s It Gonna Be
12. Body Talk
13. Round And Round
14. Way Cool Jr.
15. Chain Reaction

Stephen Pearcy – vocals
Robbin Crosby – guitar, vocals
Warren DeMartini – guitar, vocals
Juan Croucier – bass, vocals
Bobby Blotzer – drums

Shades 1280

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