Randy Rhoads / Film Tribute Live 1979 – 1981 / 1 DVDR

Randy Rhoads / Film Tribute Live 1979 – 1981 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Whiskey A GO-GO , Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA 7th June 1979.

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Randy Rhoads is a guitarist of extraordinary is, valuable professional shot the video that left to QUIET RIOT era and OZZY OSBOURNE after the subscription, one that covers from each good master, release determined by the happy bonus title! Beginners can enjoy all together of course avid enthusiasts, it is the definitive compilation item of about 2 hours!

First, in the first half it has been recorded valuable live video of the ’70s QUIET RIOT. ’79 Years of Hollywood “Whisky a Go Go” of June 7, the “Slick Black Cadilac” “One In A Million” is very rare. There is a slightly darker image, but you can check in a stable shot the performance of Randy and Kevin DuBrow. In this video there to close the camera is Randy, it can be a special mention for his play have met to force a lot. There are several places of the sound out to the “One In A Million”, which has been around in the current, but that part is Yes to correct, you can enjoy in the non-cut.

Followed by the same “Whisky a Go Go”, recorded live, which was held on September 22.
Members appeared following the siren of opening S.E., live from “Gonna Have A Riot” will start. Dynamism to Randy and Kevin, and has been caught sight of Rudy Sarzo is lively, especially exciting Hayabiki and flashy action of Randy There is an eye-opener. Masterpiece is the guitar solo of about 7 minutes following from “Laughing Gas”. The conclusion of the unique solo that incorporates the wild of the classic phrase has been incorporated prototype of “Goodbye To Romance”, “Dee” and “Crazy Train” is already.
Some even different impression from the album as well as “Killer Girls,” “Slick Black Cadillac”, such as “Breaking Up Is A Heartache” and “Picking Up The Pieces”, until the music of the time the album unpublished, each fan It will strongly appeal to the ear.
QUIET RIOT of Lust, “Laughing Gas” in Hollywood “Starwood” performances of the 1979 October 25 days. The Quality manner inferior look somewhat, but it is valuable to live hit last season, even Randy enrolled at the time, even only seen the video captured by the multi-camera.
Only to the old days of the material more than 30 years, or contains a horizontal line to the screen by the song, there is also a scene where sound or fall. But shooting that make full use of multiple cameras, the sound that has been neatly mix, you will not get bored a fan in any scene. The mania is a video, which is known as a staple, but this work to entertain the precious image to easy will it can be said that one happy for all the fans.

Professional shot video after OZZY OSBOURNE join the second half of this work. The first is addressed, of 1981 all of the metal fans must watch once “After Hours”. “Suicide Solution” to “I Do not Know”, a number across the interviews with Ozzy and “Mr. Crowley” and “Crazy Train” masterpieces, both master freshness, clearness can be enjoyed in the excellent state. Randy has selectively used the guitar by the song, “Suicide Solution” and the figure playing the Flying V of the polka-dot pattern, which is also the trade mark in the “Mr. Crowley” pat. Beautiful and appearance of Randy to wildly play the solo in these songs, there will be things unbearable for the fans.
Then the video in New York “Palladium Theatre” of May 2, 1981. Those captured the stage from the audience behind with one camera, but not in the clearness like “After Hours”, it can be found in the stable shot a nearly panoramic view of the stage. While the far-Me can also firmly confirmed appearance of Randy, play “I Do not Know” and “Crazy Train”, are spectacular (unfortunately “Believer” is a recording of the first half only).
Last is this also included interviews with valuable Randy. Randy real face like a boy, in this video of matches certain clarity, would also fan must-see while short.

Video in QUIET RIOT and OZZY OSBOURNE was housed in this work, let short but Randy career was dense, at once entertaining to the viewer. The contents of the rich culture and the original menu of this work only, it no doubt be satisfied from beginners to enthusiasts. I want to enjoy all of the metal mania, the video version of Randy Rose story definitive edition of. In this opportunity, please by all means get!

不世出のギタリストであるランディ・ローズが、QUIET RIOT時代とOZZY OSBOURNE加入後に残した貴重なプロショット映像を、それぞれ優良なマスターから網羅した一本が、嬉しいボーナス・タイトルでリリース決定! ビギナーはもちろん熱心なマニアも揃って楽しめる、約2時間の決定的コンピレーション・アイテムです!

まず前半には’70年代QUIET RIOTの貴重なライヴ映像を収録しています。’79年6月7日のハリウッド”ウィスキー・ア・ゴーゴー”での「Slick Black Cadilac」と「One In A Million」は非常にレア。やや暗めの映像ではありますが、ランディやケヴィン・ダブロウのパフォーマンスを安定したショットで確認できます。本映像ではカメラがランディの間近にあり、彼のプレイを迫力たっぷりに収めているのは特筆できます。現在で出回っている「One In A Million」には数か所の音切れがありますが、その部分は補正してあり、ノンカットで楽しむことができます。

オープニングS.E.のサイレンに続いてメンバーが登場し、「Gonna Have A Riot」からライヴがスタートします。躍動するランディやケヴィン、そしてルディ・サーゾの姿が活き活きと捉えられており、特にランディの豪快な早弾きと派手なアクションは目を見張るものがあります。圧巻は「Laughing Gas」から続く約7分のギターソロです。クラシカルなフレーズにワイルドさを織り込んだ個性的なソロの締めくくりには「Goodbye To Romance」・「Dee」そして「Crazy Train」の原型がすでに盛り込まれています。
アルバムとは違った印象すらある「Killer Girls」・「Slick Black Cadillac」だけでなく、「Breaking Up Is A Heartache」や「Picking Up The Pieces」といった、当時はアルバム未発表の楽曲まで、それぞれがファンの耳へ強力にアピールします。
QUIET RIOTのラストは、’79年10月25日のハリウッド”スターウッド”公演における「Laughing Gas」。クオリティ的にはやや見劣りますが、ランディ在籍時でも最後期に当たるライヴを、マルチカメラで捉えた映像を見られるだけでも貴重です。

本作の後半はOZZY OSBOURNE加入後のプロショット映像。まず取り上げられるのは、全てのメタル・ファンが一度は観なくてはならない’81年の”アフター・アワーズ”。「I Don’t Know」に「Suicide Solution」、オジーへのインタビューを挟んで「Mr. Crowley」そして「Crazy Train」と名曲の数々を、マスター鮮度・クリアネスとも抜群の状態で楽しめます。ランディは曲によってギターを使い分けており、「Suicide Solution」や「Mr. Crowley」ではトレードマークでもある水玉模様のフライングVを奏でる姿もバッチリ。これらの曲で美しくも荒々しくソロをプレイするランディの姿は、ファンにとって堪らないものがあるでしょう。
続いては’81年5月2日のニューヨーク”パラディアム・シアター”での映像。会場後方からワン・カメラでステージを捉えたもので、”アフター・アワーズ”のようなクリアネスではありませんが、ステージのほぼ全景を安定したショットで確認できます。遠めながらもランディの姿がしっかりと確認でき、「I Don’t Know」や「Crazy Train」のプレイは見応えがあります(残念ながら「Believer」は前半のみの収録です)。

本作に収められたQUIET RIOTそしてOZZY OSBOURNEでの映像は、短いけれど濃密だったランディのキャリアを、観る者へ一気に楽しませます。本作のみのオリジナル・メニューと充実の中身には、ビギナーからマニアまで満足すること間違いなし。全てのメタル・マニアに楽しんでもらいたい、映像版ランディ・ローズ物語の決定版。このチャンスに、ぜひゲットしてください!

Live at Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. USA 7th June 1979
1. Slick Black Cadillac 2. One In A Million

Live at Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. USA 22nd September 1979 (1st set)

3. Introduction 4. Gonna Have A Riot 5. Lie Back And Let Me In 6. One In A Million
7. Breaking Up Is A Heartache 8. Picking Up The Pieces 9. Set Me Free 10. Good Times – Drum Solo
11. Killer Girls 12. Laughing Gas Incl. Randy Rhoads Solo 13. Back To The Coast Incl. Bass Solo
14. Slick Black Cadillac

Live at Starwood, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. 25th October 1979
15. Laughing Gas Incl. Randy Randy Rhoads Solo


After Hours : Rochester, NY. 28th April 1981
16. I Don’t Know 17. Suicide Solution 18. Ozzy Osbourne Interview 19. Mr. Crowley
20. Crazy Train

The Palladium Theater : New York, NY. 2nd May 1981
21. I Don’t Know 22. Crazy Train 23. Believer

MTV AWARDS 1981 (Best Guitarist)
24. Randy Rhoads Interview

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 118min.

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