Rainbow / Unreleased Masters Tokyo 1978 Day 1 / 4CDR

Rainbow / Unreleased Masters Tokyo 1978 Day 1 / 4CDR / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21st January 1978.

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January 21, 1978 Budokan performance · decision board “FURIOUS SPEED” released in 2012 thoroughly refined the original · cassette · master sound source of “THE KING ‘S RETURN” famous as the masterpiece recording of the same day, You can enjoy the best audiences recording with the exquisite balance of sound and performance, rich presence and rhythmic presence.
However, this ’78 Budokan premiere performance show has produced various other name recordings so far. First of all, it is master who I can listen with “HEAVY ROCK” in memory. There are already many kinds of audience masters known to fans, such as the same day sound source recorded on Disc 3 · 4 of the initial version “THE KING’S RETURN” released in 4 sets.
But the recording of this day, in fact, the material which is still unknown is buried! In this work, two kinds of high-quality audience masters that were unearthed successively in recent years are also set. Of course, these are also completely completely unknown among traders, and it is the first appearance sound source, I’ve caught the document of January 21, ’78 from a different viewpoint.
With the advent of this work, fans can enjoy a total of five kinds of sound sources in addition to the above three conventional titles. It is very unusual thing in the world that five or more different recordings are unearthed in one live. From this fact it can be said from the fact that RAINBOW popularity in Japan at that time high popularity, the high expectation the fans had for the first day of the ’78 Budokan in this year. In order to know that special live, mania is a place where you really want to enjoy this work!

The “Source # 1” recorded on Discs 1 and 2 is a wonderful source that conveys the excitement of the venue directly, making it possible to feel the cheers and excitement generated by audiences around the tapers vividly. It is said that RAINBOW of that time was not only favorable from the support of the general Western music fans, it was also acquiring the mid-idol popularity. This recording features a loud cheer of women so as to prove it, and is also a bit different from the so-called hard rock guy’s funny image, you can enjoy plenty of unique western music live music of the 1970s. The high freshness and the goodness of the lightness demonstrate the strengths of the original master, no matter how much, you can enjoy the pattern of the live with a good outlook firmly. The audience such as literally enthusiasm is concentrating on the band’s playing while playing, and you can listen to the music unexpectedly finely and clearly. Richie and Ronnie, Cozy’s play naturally recorded in real, especially “Mistreated” is a wonderful listening response. The audience is drunk on the emotional guitar in the same song, and the appearance that the audience is being controlled as if it were Richie’s intention speaks eloquently of his greatness. In addition, “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the middle of the live has also won a reaction that is unlikely to be an unknown new song. “Still I ‘m Sad” which shows the development like anger and the highest excitement is the listening place of this recording. It differs from ’76 that inspirational intros inspire fans’ expectations, and it is well understood that the thrill-rich melody and overwhelming audience are overwhelming audience. In the former master there was also a place where the sound becomes unstable depending on the scene, but it has been arranged to a sound image which can be listened without stress with elaborate remastering and repair work, enjoying the depth and funness unique to live tapes It is supposed to be. It is a good recording that blends the taste enough to listen if you listen.

According to the taper which made this recording, “Source # 2” of disks 3 and 4 is “It recorded with arena R row 32 number”. (Also posting ticket pictures in Jacquet’s Inner.) With the impression of recording at the position where you pulled one step back from the excitement of the excitement that you can listen with “Source # 1”, it is attractive that natural sounds can be heard with live patterns and stage musical sounds is. Even with this recording audiences around the tapers are surely excited but it seems that they kept their manner properly and listened to the live, and it is a big feature that there are few turmoil and talking like shielding the listeners. You can enjoy the performance of the band surprisingly clearly, with a sense of stability. People who say “The audience is not good at audiences recording while playing,” this place will be enjoyable in peace. This sound image is more clearly demonstrated at “Catch The Rainbow”, you can listen to fine tones of Richie’s spinning tones and emotional singing of Ronney in fine detail. Likewise, Ronnie’s ad lib at the “Man Non The Silver Mountain” medley “Blues”, bass solo, “Starstruck” (a song called “Night People” to the fans), and Cozy’s drum solos also listen carefully Yes.

The volume and listening comprehension in this work is magical quality that it is not normally released like this. Please enjoy the document of “January 21, ’78” which I had not known up to now with a recording which cut out the atmosphere of the performance and the venue from two different seats! A must-have mania listening surprise 4-disc set title is a special release decision!

2012年にリリースされた1978年1月21日武道館公演・決定盤「FURIOUS SPEED」は、同日の傑作録音として名高い「THE KING’S RETURN」のオリジナル・カセット・マスター音源を徹底的に磨き上げ、聴き易さと演奏の迫力、豊かな臨場感と、三拍子が絶妙のバランスで揃った最高の客席録音を楽しめます。
しかしこの’78年武道館初日公演は、これまで他にも様々な名録音を生み出してきました。まず記憶に新しいのが「HEAVY ROCK」で聴けたマスター。さらに4枚組でリリースされた初回版「THE KING’S RETURN」のディスク3・4へ収録された同日別音源など、すでに何種類ものオーディエンス・マスターがファンに知られています。
しかしこの日の録音は、実はまだまだ未知の素材が埋もれているのです! 本作では近年相次いで発掘された良質なオーディエンス・マスターを2種類もセット。勿論これらも今までトレーダー間でも一切知られていない完全初登場音源で、’78年1月21日のドキュメントを異なる視点から捉えています。

ディスク1・2へ収録された”Source #1″は、会場の興奮をダイレクトに伝える臨場感が素晴らしいソースで、テーパー周囲の観客が発する歓声や盛り上がりを生々しく感じることが出来ます。当時のRAINBOWは一般洋楽ファンからの支持に留まらず、半ばアイドル的な人気も獲得していたと言われます。本録音はそれを証明するように女性の歓声が多く聴こえるのが特徴で、いわゆるハードロックの男くさいイメージともちょっと違う、’70年代当時の洋楽ライヴならではのムードをたっぷりと楽しめます。鮮度の高さ、明度の良さはオリジナル・マスターの強みをいかんなく発揮し、良好な見通しでライヴの模様もしっかり楽しめます。文字通り熱狂といった観客も演奏中はバンドのプレイに集中しており、楽曲は意外なほど細かく明瞭に聴き込めます。リッチーとロニー、コージーのプレイは当然リアルに記録され、特に「Mistreated」は素晴らしい聴き応え。同曲における情感溢れるギターに観客は誰もがが酔いしれており、まるでリッチー意のままに操られているような様子は、彼の凄さを雄弁に物語っています。さらにライヴ中盤の「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」も、未知の新曲とは思えないほどのリアクションを勝ち取っています。怒涛のような展開と最高の盛り上がりを見せる「Still I’m Sad」は本録音の聴き所。’76年とは異なるザクザク刻むようなイントロがファンの期待を煽り、メロディアスでスリルに富んだ曲想がオーディエンスを圧倒しているのが良く判ります。元マスターでは場面によって音が不安定になる個所も見られましたが、入念なリマスターと補修作業によってストレス無く聴ける音像へ整えられており、ライヴ・テープならではの深みと面白さをファンに楽しませてくれるはず。聴けば聴くほどの旨みをにじませる優良録音です。

ディスク3と4の”Source #2″は、本録音を手がけたテーパーによれば「アリーナR列32番で録音した」との事。(ジャケのイナーにチケット写真も掲載。)”Source #1″で聴ける大興奮の渦から一歩引いた位置での録音といった印象で、ライヴの模様とステージの楽音を自然なサウンドが聴けるのが魅力です。この録音でもテーパー周囲の観客は確かに盛り上がっているのですが、きちんとマナーを守ってライヴを聴き込んでいたらしく、聴き手を遮るような騒ぎや話し声が少ないのは大きな特徴。バンドの演奏を驚くほどはっきりと、高い安定感で楽しめます。「演奏中に観客がうるさいオーディエンス録音は苦手」という人も、こちらは安心して楽しめることでしょう。この音像は「Catch The Rainbow」でより明瞭に発揮され、リッチーが紡ぐ繊細なトーン、ロニーのエモーショナルな歌唱も細やかに聴き取る事ができます。同様に「Man Non The Silver Mountain」メドレーでの「Blues」やベースソロ、「Starstruck」におけるロニーのアドリブ(ファンに「Night People」と呼ばれる歌)、さらにコージーのドラムソロも落ち着いてじっくりと耳を傾けられます。

本作におけるボリュームと聴き応えは、このまま通常リリースされないのが不思議なほどのクオリティ。異なる二つの座席から演奏と会場の雰囲気を克明に切り取った録音で、今まで知らなかった”’78年1月21日”のドキュメントをどうぞたっぷりとお楽しみください! マニア必携必聴の驚きの4枚組タイトルが、特別リリース決定です!

Source #1

Disc 1 (40:03)
1. Opening 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (46:11)
1. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 2. Lazy 3. Man On The Silver Mountain 4. Blues 5. Starstruck
6. Man On The Silver Mountain(reprise) 7. Keyboard Intro. 8. Still I’m Sad
9. Beethoven 9th 10. Keyboard Solo 11. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 12. Still I’m Sad(reprise)
13. Over The Rainbow

Source #2

Disc 3 (40:35)
1. Opening 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 4 (46:56)
1. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 2. Lazy 3. Man On The Silver Mountain 4. Blues 5. Starstruck
6. Man On The Silver Mountain(reprise) 7. Keyboard Intro. 8. Still I’m Sad
9. Beethoven 9th 10. Keyboard Solo 11. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 12. Still I’m Sad(reprise)
13. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards

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