Rainbow / Searching In The Darkness / 4CD

Rainbow / Searching In The Darkness / 4CD / Non Label

Live at Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 14th October 1982 PERFECT/TRULY AMAZING SO0UND(from Original Masters)


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Translated text :

Limited edition released 4CD-press, 2 sources of masters used, Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 14th October 1982 in the last day of Osaka 3 days Japan tour after STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES released. We used original cassette masters directly from original taper. This live in 3 days Osaka is most productive day, Rainbow mania say so. You can enjoy the live with different quality with different angle.

The second album STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES since Joe Lynn Turner joined the band is that Joe and new member David Rosenthal who are young player concern the production strongly. So the album includs very American feeling. Richie almost have the success in American market since big Amrican tour which start in June 1982.
The Rainbow who was gaining their force come to Japan in 1982, Oct 12 to Oct 14 Osaka 3 days after that Kyoto-kaikan. Fukuoka Sunpalace, Nagoyashi-koukaido and Budokan, which means same place same time (total 8 times) as 1981 Japan tour.

About the titles of Japan tour 1982, most imporotant titles is Oct 21 and 22 Budokan concerts. SAME OLD DREAM Oct 22, RIPPED APART Oct 21,CATCH THE NIGHT(Oct 22) which are all CD-prss titles. and mania also knows BUDOKAN 1982 FIRST NIGHT: Collector’s Edition which use several masters.

Osaka tour are bit less titles, only one title STONE COLD NIGHT Oct 12 is best one, which is CD-press release, but there no CD-press titles for Oct 13 & 14. But POWER TO THE OSAKA Oct 14 is very presence and powerful sound. Now we release this Oct 14 new source remaster version. The sound is same excellent sound as POWER TO THE OSAKA.You can enjoy the live with different quality with different angle.

Disc 1 & 2 is Recorder 1 that is brand new remaster edition of POWER TO THE OSAKA. We use original cassette again. we keep the clearness that it has already you can feel more natural sound. This taper is very famous that MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Osaka ’83 and ’84 and RAINBOW HIDDEN FORTRESS Osaka 3 days 1980 are released with this taper’s tapes.

You can feel atmosphere directly from opning tune Land Of Hope And Glory, explosion of Over The Rainbow and Spotlight Kid, The sound is very front about John vocal and Dave’s Keyboard. Off course you can forcus and enjoy Richie’s guitar like melodic feeling of I Surrender, Stone Cold, and good balance and mix of American and British sounds like Tearin’ Out My Heart, Difficult To Cure.

Osaka loves and good reaction DEEP PURPLE tunes. All Night Long with Woman From Tokyo intro, Child In Time which follows Stone Cold, Smoke On The Water which is really like DEEP PURPLE first Japan concert. Total 96 mins. Ideal audience recording with real documents.

Disc 3 and 4 has Recorder 2 from the original new cassette master. This recording is much listenable about Ritchie’s guitar. and very balanced the band sound. I Surrender sounds like soundboard about the intro, Can’t Happen Here that you can listen to Bob Rondinelli wild drumming and Roger Glover’s bass clearly and enjoy the speedy sound, Tearin’ Out My Heart that Ritchie’s guitar tone is fantastic in, All Night Long that you should compare Recorder 1 for fanatic audience and the band.

Child In Time to Stone Cold that very typical Japan 80’s mood, the following Power that are best performance, Difficult To Cure that you can feel most Ritchie’s guitar in and must listen to with this master, Kill The King with A Light In The Black that is guitar clash, Finale Long Live Rock’n’Roll that you can feel more less loudness of Recorder 2 than Recorder 1.

You can really enjoy the climax Oct 14 Of 3 concerts Osaka that played largest times from STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES Japan Tour. You feel hotter in Osaka than good manners behavior Tokyo. Surey This is definitive edition which many hard core fans are looking forward to the release. Must have limited 4CD-press. Feel hottest night in Osaka by Rainbow as much as you can with this title.

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