Rainbow / Paris Rising / 2 CDR

Rainbow / Paris Rising / 2 CDR / Non Label

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Live at Porte de Pantin Pavilion, Paris, France 13th October 1976

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Than 1976 European tour due to “RISING” release of RAINBOW, cross the October 13 Paris performances of more than 100 minutes, “PARIS RISING” which was recorded in high-quality audience recording, blue chip, which greatly exceeds the various existing onset of from the sound, even at the time of the last gift release as “a matter of course quality is usually release”, was given a large evaluation and support from the fans. Its “PARIS RISING”, and to meet the your request to want us to hear, again of gift-release decision! An opportunity of this limited time the direction of not listening, please get this work by all means!

The sound source was specially provided by the person in particular was known the name even among European collectors, and based on the best audience source of (those that have been copied from the person says “cassette master to direct. This performance regard, more of the sound quality can not be there, “that is the vintage sound of endorsement).
Live the first half is a little strong input, should You also felt noisy feel, freshness and spaciousness of the sound you convince wonderfully, all the master quality who listen. Gloss and realism of sound, the balance of even sound pressure and isolation feeling, as in ’36 before the audience recording is the level that said that ideal (of course pitch accurate).
There is also a part you feel the aging of the tape (although there is a little), but the high frequency has also been reasonably clearly output, you affirm that it is repeatedly enjoy recording if avid RAINBOW mania.

Almost in all of 1976 RAINBOW live of which fought a number of tour de force that God has bought in live, this day is the day when acclaimed performances from between mania was realized. From the opening in the explosive “Kill The King”, and pathos full of “Mistreated”, gem of performance that all five of the band has become united is perfect score meet listen! Especially Ronnie’s vocals are top form of a word. Zessho and in such squeeze soul “Mistreated”, such as “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves” that depict in hand listening to the dazzling drama, big success the first time of the day just to name a few.
As if it had been inspired by the singing of Ronnie, Ritchie also show off stunning solo worked as control. Cozy I also outdone two people to hear the powerful drumming. Ronnie and Richie, and playing shoot the Cozy was brilliantly fused to the overwhelming performance of “Catch The Rainbow” also will have been fascinated what RAINBOW fan!
Suponteniasu mood of fueled the band, tied to everywhere in a positive performance of this day unique. Following the “Man On The Silver Mountain” in the intro of the promise “Lazy”, also showing off riff of Richie whopping “Smoke On The Water”, we boiled the audience. Furthermore, in the song introduction of “Stargazer” is, Ronnie is tailored to Richie guitar, do the introduction singing improvised. Also as has also been discussed between overseas mania, keyboard solo of “Stargazer” intro of this day the excellent play of Tony Karei, his Aguresshi~tsuvu play is strikingly impressive. Here also I would say a great listening stations of this work.
It became a big enthusiastic performance of about 10 minutes from the “Stargazer” is, “Still I’m Sad” is start from sharp riff of Richie is not put Kanpatsu! Drum solo of course Cozy in the middle of the song, has been recorded in stable powerful sound.
“Do You Close Your Eyes” is also of course great power of Angkor. Pleased the tone of the guitar is real from intro, also have sounded to dynamic destruction sound of “Gashan!” The guitar crash highlights behind the keyboard solo.

From the opening to the end, music and live document that has been recorded in thick thick strong force sound, do not miss listening even not RAINBOW mania. A good source of much no undue importance and that the gift keep in title, in your not yet listened to you I would like to enjoy what this time!

RAINBOWの「RISING」リリースに伴う1976年ヨーロッパツアーより、10月13日のパリ公演を100分以上に渡り、高音質オーディエンス録音で収録した「PARIS RISING」は、各種の既発を大きく上回る優良なサウンドから、前回のギフト・リリース時にも「通常リリースされて当然のクオリティ」と、ファンから大きな評価と支持を与えられました。その「PARIS RISING」が、是非聴きたいという皆さんのリクエストにお応えして、再度のギフト・リリース決定! 未聴の方はこの期間限定のチャンスで、ぜひ本作をゲットしてください!


ほとんど全てのライヴで神がかった名演の数々を繰り広げた’76年のRAINBOWライヴでも、この日はマニア間からも評価の高い演奏が実現した日。爆発的な「Kill The King」でのオープニングから、情念溢れる「Mistreated」と、バンドの5人全員が一丸となった珠玉のパフォーマンスは聴き応え満点です! 特にロニーのヴォーカルは絶好調の一言。魂をしぼり出すような「Mistreated」での絶唱や、めくるめくドラマを聴き手の中に描き出す「Sixteenth Century Greensleeves」など、この日の大活躍ぶりは枚挙に暇がありません。
ロニーの歌唱に触発されたかのように、リッチーもコントロールの効いた見事なソロを披露。コージーも二人に負けじとパワフルなドラミングを聴かせます。ロニーとリッチー、そしてコージーの放つ演奏が見事に融合した「Catch The Rainbow」の圧倒的パフォーマンスには、どんなRAINBOWファンも魅了されてしまうでしょう!
勢いづいたバンドのスポンテニアスなムードは、随所でこの日ならではのポジティブな演奏に結びついています。「Man On The Silver Mountain」のイントロではお約束の「Lazy」に続いて、リッチーが何と「Smoke On The Water」のリフも披露し、オーディエンスを沸騰させています。さらに「Stargazer」の曲紹介では、ロニーがリッチーのギターに合わせ、即興で歌いながらイントロダクションを行います。また海外マニアの間でも論じられているとおり、この日の「Stargazer」イントロのキーボードソロはトニー・カーレイのプレイが秀逸で、彼のアグレッシッヴなプレイがひときわ印象的です。ここも本作の大きな聴き所と言えるでしょう。
約10分の大熱演となった「Stargazer」からは、間髪入れずリッチーの鋭いリフから「Still I’m Sad」がスタート! 同曲の中盤ではもちろんコージーのドラムソロも、安定した迫力あるサウンドで収録しています。
アンコールの「Do You Close Your Eyes」も当然ながら大迫力。イントロからギターの音色がリアルなのも嬉しく、ハイライトのギタークラッシュではキーボードソロの後ろで「ガシャーン!」という破壊音もダイナミックに響いてきます。


Disc 1
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Guitar Intro. incl Lazy & Smoke On The Water 7. Man On The Silver Mountain
8. Blues 9. Vocal Improvisation 10. Man On The Silver Mountain(Reprise)

Disc 2
1. Vocal Intro. 2. Keyboard Solo 3. Stargazer 4. Still I’m Sad 5. Keyboard Solo 6. Drum Solo
7. Still I’m Sad (Reprise) 8. Do You Close Your Eyes

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Jimmy Bain – Bass Tony Carey – Keyboards

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