Rainbow / Osaka 1980 1st Night / 2CDR

Rainbow / Osaka 1980 1st Night / 2CDR / Shades

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Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 13th May 1980

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Graham Bonnet era’s live in Japan which was even told that “DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan.” A record of that miracle is another one.
It is included in this work “May 13, 1980: Osaka Festival Hall” performance. It is a special-grade audience recording by the original master brought on its own route. Just once I went to Graham era RAINBOW ‘s Japan tour. At our shop, we have archived all performances with numerous major boards and this week we will be releasing the new highest peak “BUDOKAN 1980 FINAL NIGHT” at the same time. Let’s organize the collection on a schedule.

· May 8: Nippon Budokan “FACING GRAHAM”
· May 9th: Nippon Budokan “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1980 2ND NIGHT”
“Two days off”
· May 12: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 1980 FINAL NIGHT”
· May 13: Osaka Festival Hall 【this work】
· May 14: Osaka Festival Hall “THE HIDDEN FORTRESS”
· May 15th: Osaka Festival Hall “THE HIDDEN FORTRESS”
※ For each day only the representative album.

Over, all six performances. It is because mania is referring to PURPLE’s first visit to talk about it because of its overwhelming masterpieces. However, perhaps the venue is also relevant to that profound psychology. It was the same “Nippon Budokan” and “Osaka Festival Hall” as in 1972. Among them, especially “miracle” is said to be four consecutive days from “May 12” to “May 15” on the last day of the Budokan. This work is sucking in the first day in Osaka, it is the second day of the “4 days of miracle” concert.
Speaking of the recording of this day, the definitive Osaka whole collection’s six-disc set “DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS” is famous, but this work is completely different from that. And the quality you care about is a wonderful audience sound rich in presence. As you can imagine from CDR release of the Shades label, it does not exceed “DEFINITE HIDDEN FORTRESS”, but in the class of explosives / roar (never!). Although it feels a little distance from the clear and on “DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS” master, the musical sound / singing voice that reaches straight is powerful and powerful. You can taste the masterful performance without skis with all five star players.
On top of that, this work has a wonderful presence. There is no strange coming / cheering, and musical tones and singing voices are the type of recording that overwhelms everything, but it gets turned around between songs. The big cheers to be boiled go far and wide across the Osaka Festival Hall with plenty of scale feeling while being far away. For example, “Since You Been Gone”. When Richie plays mischievously between songs, a big wave of cheering happens, and when you interact with classical phrases with Don, the big wave explodes to hit the rocks of Toei movie. And the scattered cheers are gathered again in orderly clapping again, they are piling up again and hit the rocks to be madled by the phrases of Green Sleeves. Again, this work is not a recording suffering from immediate talk or screaming. Nevertheless, the astonishment of the audience and the intercourse that RAINBOW exchanges can be felt real and vivid, no more.
There are countless live records of great enthusiasm, but the live album where the performers and the large audience have united together is rare. Focusing attention on all trivial phrases and the beat filling the venue, the audience’s concentration is poured, and immediately a tremendous response is returned. And the band enjoys the reaction and pushes back with a beautiful hard rock with powerful force …… Including this work, May 12th – 15th of 1980 is also called “4 days of miracles”, but it is never produced with just “Graham RAINBOW” being in perfect condition. It is because there was a crowd chasing afterwards for the first time in crazy until the details and pushing back. The scene where “miracle” got “miracle”. This work is proof of that sound.

Including “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Which was set in from the last day of Nippon Budokan, everything is a big name for listening. Although there were cuts of tape change slightly in several places, supplemented with the superb master of “DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS”, realized the full show recording. Even the “DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS” did not leave even the 10 seconds of the member introduction that had been cut, masterpiece of the live album which packaged all of the miracle scene completely. A new excavation that you’d love to taste by all those who can not forget “May 1980”. Please, enjoy it.

「DEEP PURPLEの初来日にも匹敵する」とさえ言われたグラハム・ボネット時代のライヴ・イン・ジャパン。その奇跡の記録がまた1本登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1980年5月13日:大阪フェスティバルホール」公演。独自ルートでもたらされたオリジナル・マスターによる特級オーディエンス録音です。ただ一度きりだったグラハム時代RAINBOWの来日公演。当店では、全公演を数々の名盤でアーカイヴしており、今週は新たなる最高峰盤『BUDOKAN 1980 FINAL NIGHT』も同時リリースとなります。ここで、そのコレクションを日程で整理してみましょう。

・5月8日:日本武道館『FACING GRAHAM』
・5月12日:日本武道館『BUDOKAN 1980 FINAL NIGHT』
・5月13日:大阪フェスティバルホール 【本作】
・5月14日:大阪フェスティバルホール『THE HIDDEN FORTRESS』
・5月15日:大阪フェスティバルホール『THE HIDDEN FORTRESS』

この日の録音と言えば、決定的な大阪全集の6枚組『DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS』が有名ですが、本作はそれとは完全別録音です。そして、気になるクオリティは臨場感も豊かな素晴らしいオーディエンス・サウンド。ShadesレーベルのCDRリリースということからもお察しの通り、『DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS』を超えるものではありませんが、爆音・轟音の類では(決して!)ない。クリアでオンな『DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS』マスターよりはやや距離を感じるとは言え、真っ直ぐに届く楽音/歌声は逞しく、力強い。5人のスター・プレイヤーが揃ったスキのない名演ぶりが充分に味わえるのです。
その上で、本作は臨場感も素晴らしい。不思議なほどに間近な喝采/声援がなく、楽音と歌声がすべてを圧倒するタイプの録音なのですが、曲間になると一転。沸き上がる大喝采は遠いながらもスケール感たっぷりの大波となって大阪フェスティバルホールを行き交うのです。例えば、「Since You Been Gone」。曲間でリッチーが悪戯っぽく弾くと大喝采の大波が起こり、ドンとクラシカルなフレーズを交わし合うや大波は東映映画の岩場にぶつかるように爆発する。そして飛散した喝采は再び整然とした手拍子に集約され、再び大波となって押し寄せ、グリーンスリーヴスのフレーズに翻弄されるように岩場にぶつかる。繰り返しますが、本作は間近な話し声や絶叫に悩まされる録音ではありません。それにも関わらず、観客の驚喜とRAINBOWが交わす交歓がこれ以上なくリアル&鮮明に感じ取れるのです。

日本武道館の最終日からセットインした「Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?」も含め、すべてが聴きどころの大名演。数カ所にわずかながらテープチェンジのカットもありましたが、『DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS』の極上マスターで補完し、フルショウ収録を実現しました。『DEFINITVE HIDDEN FORTRESS』でさえカットされていたメンバー紹介の10秒さえも残さず、奇跡の現場のすべてを完全にパッケージしたライヴアルバムの傑作。“1980年の5月”が忘れられない方に是非とも味わっていただきたい新発掘。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (44:26)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Countdown Intro./Over The Rainbow 3. Eyes Of The World
4. Love’s No Friend 5. Since You Been Gone 6. Over The Rainbow 7. Man On The Silver Mountain
8. Catch The Rainbow 9. Member Introduction

Disc 2 (61:20)
1. Keyboards Intro. 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo 4. Beethoven 9th
5. Keyboards Solo 6. Drums Solo incl. 1812 Overture 7. Lost In Hollywood(reprise)
8. Guitar Intro. 9. Lazy 10. All Night Long 11. Blues 12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
13. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 14. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash
15. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll(reprise) 16. Over The Rainbow

Shades 843 \2,500

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