Rainbow / Osaka 1976 1st Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Osaka 1976 1st Night / 2CD / Rising Arrows

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Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 5th December 1976



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Kinney of the original cassette reprint series, is the emergence of star performer. But also we have been unearthed Graham Bonnet era and Joe Lynn Turner era of the cassette until now, finally Ronnie James Dio era this time. It also is a reprint from the original cassette, which has been recording the first visit to Japan performances of legendary direct.
Concert that was confined to this work, “1976 December 5, Osaka Welfare Pension Hall” performance. Since the first visit to Japan in 1976 had three times in Osaka Welfare Pension Hall on there was a total of nine performances, here let’s look back now at a time schedule.

– December 2: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
– December 5, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall [this work] – December 7: Nagoya City Auditorium
– December 8 – 9, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– December 10, 2011: Kyoto Kaikan
– December 13: Fukuoka, Kyushu Electric Power Memorial Gymnasium
– December 14: Hiroshima City Auditorium
– December 16: Nippon Budokan

In this way, Osaka the first day of this work is equivalent to the very early that the second day of the entire schedule. Richie For Blackmore, the second phase of DEEP PURPLE final performance of the legend (Ian Gillan was muttered as “the end …”, that live) since Osaka. In addition, we stage came back to exactly the same Welfare Pension Hall Great Hall.
Such monumental Kinney recording that concert was recorded, once “ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER (RS76121)” as in the world out, is widely popular is becoming the name recording. However, even though known recording itself, the quality is completely unknown world. Intro than the already issued, outro, between the song is recorded long, it has also become correctly stereo was reversed right and left, but such a thing is trivial. The difference sound of essential requirements at all, is terrific freshness of unique original cassette. Clearly thicker musical tone, clear. If Tsumabike quiet of Richie, a Katsuaki to picking nuances of one one of them, not to the ensemble is a mass of strong force also on dynamic day in the entire band, exhilarating is tightly and one sound one note. In fact, it increased until the horribly vivid sound is direct feeling, fresh enough to become even ridiculous to compare with another already issued. There only wonderfully think masterpiece “ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER” is not listening muffled. You may well write a “like stripped 1 and 2 sheets of the veil”, but as sound as if had even changed rather recording the positions themselves. “ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER” not just. Although this is to live it has found a number of recordings in addition to Kinney recording, the level that can be disregarding all its outstanding. Is the quality of the number one with all.
This amount of sound, not be realized in remastered. Of course, also applied mastering Although there are, impossible to imitate, such as to emphasize the musical tone is not at all. No, not even need to be, other than to take advantage of the natural sound as it is, it was a sound like the sound source is coming to say “anything Do not be!”. However, since the instantaneous noise in the aging of the master had entered some, as they were carefully removed, between has been a record leakage “Stargazer” before songs and 1 minute 38 seconds keyboard intro another I was allowed connected by a recording. Only the perfect sound, I wanted to ask you to enjoy the whole show seamlessly.
RAINBOW Osaka first Kenzan to be drawn in such a sound is, ridiculously wonderful. I think that already many people you know in the already issued, but this recording begins at a furious Force. It is why large cheer of “Ritchiiii!” Into the back of the “Over The Rainbow”, but Ya bands appeared that the balance is completely reversed. Although the cheer of still, for some reason we are falling more and more volume, the sound of playing den! Put a leading role with. By the time out to sing “Kill The King” begins, as if had gone is like a spectator. After that, but for us convey the vividness that including cheer, etc. between the song in realistic plenty, great what play to call such a frenzy. This day has been officially recorded, is also transmitted to the fully fired up to face the recording. Richie is the case could not be satisfied with the can, but I do not know no idea how on earth the where of this great performance did not like. On the contrary, Encore, such as if the dissatisfaction of the Richie has changed to anger Seizetsu. “Do You Close Your Eyes” furious that of arming the Nuku bullying the Stratocaster in! Ferocious playing up here, you say you or performance and, I think in since then what DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan. Madness is,.

Also the first visit to Japan of great performance complete set, Osaka first seeing that in the Memorial to listen to the madness of the performance. The vertex recording is the historical masterpiece that has been reprinted from the original cassette of Kinney. Although we have been saying of the four-five, it is also this also in vain in front of this sound. This is what, RAINBOW. This is what, Ritchie Blackmore. Joy that Kinney told me to leave, happy that has been touched it. Containment to press 2CD, you too.


・12月5日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】

このように、本作の大阪初日は全日程の2日目という極初期にあたる。リッチー・ブラックモアにとっては、伝説の第2期DEEP PURPLE最終公演(イアン・ギランが「the end…」とつぶやいた、あのライヴ)以来の大阪。しかも、まったく同じ厚生年金会館大ホールに戻ってきたステージなのです。
そんな記念碑的コンサートを記録したキニー録音は、かつて『ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER(RS76121)』として世に出て、広く親しまれてきた名録音です。しかし、録音自体は知られていても、そのクオリティは完全に未知の世界。既発よりもイントロ、アウトロ、曲間が長く収録され、左右逆だったステレオも正しくなっていますが、そんなことは些細なこと。肝心要のサウンドがまったく違い、オリジナル・カセットならではの鮮度が凄まじい。明らかに楽音が太く、クリア。リッチーの静かにつま弾けば、その1つひとつのピッキング・ニュアンスまで克明で、バンド全体でダイナミックにってもド迫力のアンサンブルが塊にならず、キッチリと1音1音が浮き立つ。実際、恐ろしく鮮やかなサウンドはダイレクト感まで増し、もう既発と比較するのさえバカバカしくなるほどに瑞々しい。あれだけ素晴らしく思えた名作『ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER』がこもって聴いていられない。よく「ベールを1・2枚剥いだような」と書くことがありますが、いっそ録音ポジションそのものさえ変わってしまったかのように聞こえるほどです。『ON TOUR 1976: STARGAZER』だけではありません。このライヴにはキニー録音以外にいくつもの録音が見つかっていますが、あらゆる既発を度外視できるレベル。まったくもってナンバー1のクオリティです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるRAINBOW大阪初見参は、とんでもなく素晴らしい。既発ですでにご存じの方も多いと思いますが、この録音は猛烈な嬌声で始まる。「Over The Rainbow」をバックに「リッチィィィー!」の大声援が入るわけですが、バンドが登場するやそのバランスは完全に逆転。声援は相変わらずなものの、なぜかどんどん音量が落ちていき、演奏の音がデン!と主役を貼る。「Kill The King」の歌い出しが始まる頃には、まるで観客がいなくなってしまったかのよう。その後は、曲間などで歓声も含めた生々しさを臨場感たっぷりに伝えてくれますが、そんな熱狂を呼ぶ演奏こそが素晴らしい。この日は公式にレコーディングされており、録音に臨む気合いも十分に伝わる。リッチーは出来に満足できなかったそうですが、一体この名演のどこが気に入らなかったのかサッパリ分かりません。逆に、そのリッチーの不満が怒りに変わったかのようなアンコールが凄絶。「Do You Close Your Eyes」でストラトキャスターをいじめ抜くアーミングの激烈なこと! ここまでの猛烈な演奏、と言いますかパフォーマンスは、それこそDEEP PURPLE初来日以来ではないでしょうか。狂気、です。


Disc 1 (39:30)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (64:40)
1. Lazy 2. Man On The Silver Mountain 3. Blues 4. Starstruck / Man On The Silver Mountain
5 .Keyboard Intro. 6. Stargazer 7. Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo
8. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 9. Still I’m Sad (reprise) 10. Do You Close Your Eyes
11. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Jimmy Bain – Bass Tony Carey – Keyboards
Rising Arrow-052

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