Rainbow / Osaka 1980 Final Night Definitive Master / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Rainbow / Osaka 1980 Final Night Definitive Master / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Black Box

Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 15th May 1980 ULTIMATE SOUND (from Original Masters) * UPGRADE !!! plus Ltd Bonus CDR “ON LINE MASTER”

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What a masterpiece! RAINBOW’s … No, Ritchie Blackmore’s 1980 performance in Japan, which is said to be one of the pinnacles in the history of his visit to Japan and is likened to DEEP PURPLE in 1972. The upgrade master of the apex recording is a new excavation! Of course, it is available in the permanent storage press 2CD. This is the ultimate live album of “RAINBOW version of MADE IN JAPAN”.

[Japan in 1980 when a “miracle” occurred] The new excavation master is imbued with “May 15, 1980: Osaka Festival Hall Performance”. It is the transcendental audience recording. Speaking of RAINBOW in 1980, it was the Graham Bonnet era. It was an era when five members became a group of heroes in the British rock world, and the honor of being “the strongest RAINBOW” was high. Even in the actual performances in Japan, there is no difference in the previous reputation … No, there are a series of miracle masterpieces that easily surpass. Don Airey’s words, “RAINBOW could become the second LED ZEPPELIN if we could continue with those five people,” did not sound exaggerated at all. What’s more, it turned out that “Japan was the pinnacle” as the recordings were unearthed later in the year. Of course, the symbol of the Graham era is MONSTERS OF ROCK, and collectors will come up with a great performance on the European Tour. Certainly there were shows that surpassed Japan in the tension and tone of each member, but it was in Japan that the whole band / the whole show meshed and a miracle at the level of “everything goes well” occurred. ..
For the first time in such a miracle, enthusiasts muttered, “If you made a live album in Japan in 1980, it would have been a RAINBOW version of MADE IN JAPAN …”, trying to get closer to “the best masterpiece of dreams”. I have searched for all live records. We have archived many masterpieces in our shop, so let’s organize them according to the schedule.

● First half: Nippon Budokan (3 performances)
-2 days off
● Second half: Osaka Festival Hall (3 performances)
・ May 13 “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1980” DISC 1-2
・ May 14 “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1980” DISC 3-4
・ May 15: Osaka Festival Hall ← ★ Book Work ★
* Note: Only representative works on each day.

[Upgrading the best masterpiece of
all time ] Above, 2 venues x 3 days = 6 performances in total. Both Nippon Budokan and Osaka Festival Hall are the sites of “MADE IN JAPAN”, which is also reminiscent of DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan. Under such circumstances, the last day of Osaka was regarded as the best masterpiece. It was a superb recording that was excavated as “HEAVY ROCK SPECTACULAR” from the Langley label. After that, it was widely loved as a part of “THE HIDDEN FORTRESS”, a 6-disc set of Osaka complete works, and the current edition “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1980 (Black Box 030)”, and it has reigned as the highest peak that still cannot be surpassed. There are many reasons why this recording could be a “masterpiece”, but the biggest one is the sound. What was unearthed this time is the low gene master of such a legendary recording. It is the highest peak update board that has evolved from the top recording!
In fact, the sound of this work is a new legend. If you can pay attention to this article, you probably have something already done, such as the “THE HIDDEN FORTRESS” series, so please listen to it. I think that a sigh will leak again to such a wonderful thing. Very thick yet beautiful core, super-beautiful details, clear details, plenty of density with no sense of squishy … It is a sound that is certainly said to be the best masterpiece, but this work is far more overwhelming. It’s amazing !! The upgrade isn’t at the level of wondering, “Isn’t it …?” The moment you listen to it, the laughter of the mystery comes to you without thinking, “Oh, that’s amazing.”
It’s just awesome and it doesn’t convey, so if you put the difference into words, it’s bright. Even if it was already released, it was clear enough to keep other recordings away, but this work is at a level where you can not feel the air in the sound. The texture is packed in every corner so that it really seems to be a sound board, and there is no sense of distance. If the past is “closeness”, this work is “close contact”. Until now, if “the band is in front of you”, this work is at the level of “invasion into the brain”.
Originally, this work also has evidence of a new master (this recording is trying to start timing while pausing before the performance, but there are 2 seconds that have never been seen here). But that’s not the case. Such a strange upgrade sound is the biggest and strongest impact!

[RAINBOW version of “MADE IN JAPAN” finally born] No matter how good the sound is, the content of the show cannot be a masterpiece. What is drawn in the upgrade sound of this work is a full show that is touted as “a miracle in a miracle”. There are many reasons for this, so let’s list them as you can think of. First of all, the existence of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. There is an off “May 10th and 11th” between Nippon Budokan 3DAYS on the above schedule, but the 6 days of the performance in Japan are roughly divided into two here. We are rehearsing again at this timing, and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” is set in for the next 4 days. Of course, the latter four days are more popular.
More than such a delicious bonus is the performance itself that goes through the entire show. This is already the highest! Anyway, all five are motivated, excited, and engaged. Even on the previous European Tour, the feats of the five people were exploding, but it ended up being a momentary skill. However, in this work, one person’s tension and one phrase evoke the liveliness of other members, and evoke further phrases. It’s not “the presence of five masters”, but the “band feeling” that organically kneads the glue and heat.
Underlying that is a clear sense of confidence and fulfillment. There were some members who came to Japan for the first time, but the tension when they witnessed the climax of Japan’s popularity was tremendous, and their confidence deepened with each song of each day in Japan. That final goal is the final day of this work. “Smoke on the Water” will be a symbol of that glorious mood. It was sealed in RAINBOW at the time, but Ritchie, who is too happy, pops out a piece of riff at the beginning of “All Night Long”. It’s just a little bit, but the cheers that boil over there are amazing! For the person in question, the concentration that the whole venue does not miss even a little play. This was continued every day for 6 performances for 1 second, so it was inevitable that a famous performance was born.

The strongest member in history / Sound that updates the highest peak / Too delicious set / Glorias super-famous performance / Surprise created by the climax … It embodies the ideal in every possible way. This work is RAINBOW’s masterpiece during the Graham era. It is the ultimate live album that can be called the RAINBOW version of “MADE IN JAPAN”. An absolute work that was born 40 years after the show site. Please enjoy it anytime, forever with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ This is a good case. Really a rainy day upgrade! !!

なんて傑作! RAINBOW’s …いいえ、リッチー・ブラックモアの1980年の日本でのパフォーマンスは、彼の訪日史の頂点の1つと言われ、1972年のDEEPPURPLEに例えられます。アペックスレコーディングのアップグレードマスターは新しい発掘調査です。 !!もちろん、永久保管プレス2CDで入手できます。 「MADEINJAPANのRAINBOWバージョン」の究極のライブアルバムです。

新発掘マスターには「1980年5月15日大阪フェスティバルホール公演」が染み込んでいます。超越的なオーディエンス録音です。 1980年のレインボーといえば、グラハム・ボネットの時代でした。ブリティッシュロック界で5人のメンバーがヒーロー集団となった時代であり、「最強のレインボー」としての名誉は高かった。日本での実際の公演でも、以前の評判に違いはありません…いいえ、簡単に超えられる奇跡の傑作のシリーズがあります。ドン・エイリーの「この5人で続けられれば、レインボーは2番目のレッドツェッペリンになるだろう」という言葉は、まったく誇張されたようには聞こえませんでした。さらに、その年の後半に録音が発掘されたため、「日本は最高峰だった」ことが判明しました。もちろん、グラハム時代のシンボルはモンスターズ・オブ・ロックであり、コレクターはヨーロピアンツアーで素晴らしいパフォーマンスを思い付くでしょう。確かにメンバー一人ひとりの緊張感やトーンで日本を凌駕するショーもありましたが、バンド全体/ショー全体がかみ合い、「すべてがうまくいく」という奇跡が起こったのは日本でした。 ..
そんな奇跡の中で初めて、「1980年代に日本でライブアルバムを作ったら、MADE INJAPANのレインボーバージョンだっただろう…」と熱狂的なファンが「最高の傑作」に近づこうと呟いた。夢”。すべてのライブレコードを検索しました。当店では多くの傑作をアーカイブしておりますので、スケジュールに合わせて整理していきましょう。


常時]上記、2会場×3日=合計6公演。日本武道館も大阪フェスティバルホールも、ディープ・パープルの初来日を彷彿とさせる「MADEINJAPAN」の会場です。そんな中、大阪最終日は最高の傑作とされました。ラングレーレーベルから「HEAVYROCKSPECTACULAR」として発掘された素晴らしいレコーディングでした。その後、大阪全作品6枚組「隠し砦の三悪人」や、現在の「DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1980(ブラックボックス030)」の一部として広く愛され、最高峰として君臨している。それでもそれを超えることはできません。この録音が「傑作」になる理由はたくさんありますが、最大のものは音です。今回発掘されたのは、そんな伝説のレコーディングの低遺伝子マスター。トップレコーディングから進化した最高峰のアップデートボードです!
実際、この作品の音は新しい伝説です。この記事に注目していただければ、「THE HIDDEN FORTRESS」シリーズなど、すでにやったことがあると思いますので、ぜひお聴きください。こんな素敵なことにまたため息が漏れると思います。非常に厚みがありながら美しいコア、超美しいディテール、クリアなディテール、フワフワ感のない密度の高さ…確かに最高の傑作と言われる音ですが、この作品ははるかに圧倒的です。すごい !!アップグレードは、「そうではありませんか…?」と不思議に思うレベルではありません。聞いた瞬間、「ああ、すごい」と思わずに謎の笑い声が聞こえてきます。


Disc 1 (44:30)
1. Intro ● 1:12 –1 :14 Only 2 seconds that have not been released
2. Land Of Hope And Glory
3. Countdown Intro./Over The Rainbow
4. Eyes Of The World
5. Love’s No Friend
6. Since You Been Gone
7. Over The Rainbow
8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (63:20)
1. Band Introductions
2. Keyboard Intro.
3. Lost In Hollywood
4. A Light In The Black / Guitar Solo
5. Beethoven 9th
6. Keyboard Solo
7. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture
8. Guitar Solo incl. Lazy
9. All Night Long
10. Blues
11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
12. Long Live Rock’n’Roll
13. Kill The King
14. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore –Guitar
Graham Bonnet –Vocal
Roger Glover –Bass
Don Airey –Keyboard
Cozy Powell –Drums

Black Box 034


Rainbow / On Line Master / 1 CDR

Folkets Park Malmo, Sweden 9th August 1980.

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