Rainbow / Kyoto 1976 Master Tape / 2 CDR

Rainbow / Kyoto 1976 Master Tape / 2 CDR / Non Label

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Live at Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan 10th December 1976


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1976 of the Japan tour that has made the first visit to Japan RAINBOW is memorable, sound board, of course, record all of the live, also left audience recording will have a significant value of one-of-a-kind. However Among them, live it took up the “A Light In The Black” playing frequency was low in Japan, has received particularly high popularity and support even among fans (Budokan performances Hill section of December 16 it would say a good example).
Even in its “A Light In The Black” rare live that have been played, the live that mania is deemed “particularly interesting”, Kyoto performances of December 10. Playing band momentum is too good, the ish indeed “triumvirate” RAINBOW in the sense that there is also a show you can enjoy the power of destructive until a they have.
Item was recorded its 1976 Kyoto performances, including the “KILL FOR THE KING” of Rising Arrow label, recently became to be known is excellent items. Above all Gift released this work “KYOTO 1976 MASTER TAPE” is, the sound quality both with excellent time-recording of 2 hours just to have a inferior quality to the press CD title, was surprised a lot of fans. This time, to meet the requests of fans, the re-release decision large masterpiece of this gift item! For RAINBOW fan, this is probably the big surprise!

This work as expected title, sound quality to convince the master quality in hand listening is a big attraction. Certainly lightness penetrating the live full-length, very easy to listen friendly sound image to ear in natural, recorded the pattern of live in high-quality sound with a sense of stability. Completely different recording and without its outstanding to say (many of outro that had been cut in the already issued the “Over The Rainbow” to the end, we are fully achieved). Such as the above-mentioned “KILL FOR THE KING”, from a different angle with any of the same day sound source, I enjoy playing the chaotic of this day.

This day barrage of suddenly listening stations from “Kill The King”. What song Ritchie to play the backing with a different touch to the everyday, looking at the place where also will surprised hardcore mania (Richie after playing “Kill The King” is doing a long tuning, such performances from some trouble was forced to become, also will hold true reasoning that). But where some of the tension does not fall in trouble at the time RAINBOW. But subsequent “Mistreated” and “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”, is allowed to explode a powerful performance that members became united, you can clearly see how riding on momentum.
But whether the momentum is there too, Richie Proceed playing in then you have started playing suddenly skip the introduction of solo in “Catch The Rainbow”, error the enter of the song at Ronnie also “Stargazer”, vocal-less (Yarinaoso and Norikire not even trying, it has become a Nashikuzushi specific performance), etc., live also said that the unprecedented appearance. Did defiant in this in reverse, “Still I’m Sad” is improvisation jam and a cover of SHADOWS Western tone is inserted into the intro, the song main also Tsukisusumi in rough impression than usual (of course Cozy of drum solo also highest). And Todome of Angkor “A Light In The Black”. Playing all members such as sprinting are full of harshness and impulsivity! Hard Rock originally of fun and excitement, it will keep you entertained the very best in Lively sound!

Contents of all filled with listening stations of 120 minutes, full of original charm even during live there number of RAINBOW! It is one of the guarantee that the cell is excited hands listening. In sound different with any already issued, high quality gift to reproduce the unforgettable Kyoto overnight. If those who do not yet have this work, please do not miss get what now!

RAINBOWが記念すべき初来日を遂げた1976年のジャパンツアーは、サウンドボードはもちろん、オーディエンス録音も残されているライヴの記録全てがオンリーワンの重要な価値をもっています。しかしそれらの中でも、日本における演奏頻度が少なかった「A Light In The Black」を取り上げたライヴは、ファンの間でもとりわけ高い人気と支持を受けています(12月16日の武道館公演・昼の部が良い例と言えるでしょう)。
その「A Light In The Black」が演奏されたレアなライヴでも、マニアが「特に面白い」と認めるライヴが、12月10日の京都公演。勢いが良すぎるバンドの演奏は、ある意味において実に”三頭政治”RAINBOWらしく、彼らが持つ破壊的なまでのパワーを堪能できるショウでもあります。
その’76年京都公演を収録したアイテムは、Rising Arrowレーベルの「KILL FOR THE KING」をはじめ、最近は優れたアイテムが知られるようになりました。中でもギフト・リリースされた本作「KYOTO 1976 MASTER TAPE」は、ジャスト2時間の収録時間・優れた音質ともに、プレスCDタイトルに勝るとも劣らないクオリティを持っており、多くのファンを驚かせました。今回はファンの皆さんのご要望にお応えし、このギフト・アイテムの大傑作を再度リリース決定! RAINBOWファンにとって、これは大きなサプライズと言えるでしょう!

本作はタイトルどおり、聴き手にマスター・クオリティを確信させるサウンド・クオリティが大きな魅力。ライヴ全編を貫く確かな明度に、ナチュラルで耳に優しい音像はとても聴き易く、安定感のある高品位な音像でライヴの模様を収録。言うまでも無く既発とは全く異なる録音(多くの既発でカットされていたアウトロの「Over The Rainbow」を最後まで、完全に収めています)。上記した「KILL FOR THE KING」など、同日音源のいずれとも違う角度から、この日の混沌とした演奏を楽しめます。

この日は「Kill The King」からいきなり聴き所の連発。リッチーが普段とは違うタッチでバッキングをプレイする同曲は、筋金入りのマニアも驚くでしょう(「Kill The King」の演奏後にリッチーが長いチューニングを行っているところを見ると、何らかのトラブルからこういう演奏にならざるを得なかった、という推理も成り立つでしょう)。しかし多少のトラブルでもテンションが落ちない所が当時のRAINBOW。続く「Mistreated」や「Sixteenth Century Greensleeves」でも、メンバーが一丸となったパワフルな演奏を炸裂させ、勢いに乗っている様子をはっきり確認できます。
しかし勢いがありすぎたのか、リッチーは「Catch The Rainbow」で導入のソロを飛ばしていきなり演奏を始めていますし、ロニーも「Stargazer」で歌の入りを誤り、ヴォーカルレスで演奏が進んでいく(やり直そうとしても乗り切れず、なし崩し的な演奏になっています)など、ライヴは破天荒ともいえる様相。逆にこれで開き直ったのか、「Still I’m Sad」はイントロにウェスタン調のアドリブ・ジャムとSHADOWSのカヴァーがインサートされ、曲本編もいつも以上に荒々しい印象で突き進みます(もちろんコージーのドラムソロも最高)。そしてトドメはアンコールの「A Light In The Black」。メンバー全員が全力疾走するような演奏は、荒々しさと衝動性に満ちています! ハードロック本来の面白さと興奮を、ライヴリーなサウンドで余す所無く楽しませてくれるでしょう!

120分間の全てが聴き所に満ちた内容は、RAINBOWの数あるライヴ中でもオリジナルな魅力で一杯! 聴き手を大興奮させる事請け合いの一本です。いかなる既発とも異なるサウンドで、忘れがたい京都の一夜を再現するハイクオリティ・ギフト。もしまだ本作を持っていない方は、今度こそお見逃し無くゲットしてください!

Disc 1(58:17)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Lazy/Man On The Silver Mountain 7. Blues
8. Starstruck/Man On The Silver Mountain(Reprise)

Disc 2(61:21)
1. Keyboard Intro. 2. Stargazer 3. Jam incl. Apache 4. Still I’m Sad 5. Keyboard Solo
6. Drum Solo 7. Still I’m Sad(Reprise) Encore 8. Keyboard Solo 9. A Light In The Black
10. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Jimmy Bain – Bass Tony Carey – Keyboards

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