Rainbow / Hammersmith 1981 2nd Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Hammersmith 1981 2nd Night / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 27th July 1981


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Original cassette series of Kinney recording that barrage the great masterpiece of shock. This work is the latest bullet is “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981” of RAINBOW! Of this work has been recording, the home country the United Kingdom tour “London show July 26, 1981”. This tour will be broadly divided into “February over May of North American leg”, “of June-July the European leg”, “of August Japan tour”, but the last of the set name venue Hammer of the European leg This is the first day of Smith Odeon 2DAYS.
Its Kinney recording that was recorded live, the 3-Disc LP “A PARIS 1981 (XL 1508/1510)” the legendary ones became Omoto of (title but is Paris, it is really Hammersmith). The analog board is “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981” even Meien, known as the best sound, name record that has continued to reign as the top two, along with Rotterdam performances. This work, live album that I that was digitized at a state-of-the-art music the master cassette kind had inhaled. The Ya its sound serving, even hazy splendor even Kano legend LP. Natural with only the master cassette, yet Kiritsu the rise perpendicularly How beautiful thing …… tone. There is also a sound feel the space of Hammersmith you enjoy, but it is transparent so beautiful, it is not never be Boca the contour of the musical tone. Core of vividly exhilarating musical tone I come flying straight as a laser beam. It is not what “like a sound board”, in degrees, the most recent direct feeling like called, but seen such beauty as a hail of why even the mind is also wrapped. Charmed and likely beautiful sound to the friendly applause as vermicelli. This beautiful sound world is something that can not have any way by the sound board.
As a natural, performance of RAINBOW to be spelled out in the sound Unusual freshness is also, Meien in Meien to be representative of the tour. The new band that was changed taking all other than Don Airey, but gave me also to hear the enthusiastic performance as if to prove the ability in any country, truly home country even more exceptional. In particular, Joe Lynn Turner of Americans, but seems to have been worried is convinced the British fans, great Vaud Cali THEY tions, such as pounding by changing the anxiety in spirit. Even up crowded singing hot hot during ballad, “Can not Happen Here” is also fired one shot shout at the beginning. The singing voice is going to dominate the Hammersmith riding beauty sound of Kinney recording …. Also, Don of synth sounds beauty of recording stand out. While any song keyboard decorate colorful’s a brilliant, particularly spacey sound world of solo time is tremendous. To a wide variety of phrases of each note clearly alone it is wonderful, but beautiful, it is falling on the audience spread full Hammersmith. Then, three-dimensional sense of cheers to respond to it rush from the bottom is spectacular. Exactly, it is the spectacle of precisely because space recording.
Of course, protagonist Ritchie Blackmore of the essential requirements are also riding on the glue. “Maybe Next Time” tone of the meltingly beautiful, “Since You Been Gone” love anthem “Rule, Britannia!” In the intro of loudly and singing as the. And, for large-Las of rhea and “Fire!” “HR declaration” and became the “Speed ​​King” Jimi Hendrix of the cover became a hint of that changed Richie of life. This work in soothing to wrap the “Over The Rainbow” gently venue that blazed as its name is terminated.

Along with the FM broadcast of Boston, Kinney recordings continued to convey the splendor of “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”. the sound of the original cassette had been sealed and this one is pulled out to the limit. Joe burning to prove themselves in the homeland the United Kingdom, declares the pride of the British Ritchie. While running swiftly to pop reduction, name live album to prove that its essence was abiding RAINBOW itself. While waiting for Richie to go back to again HR, even not help standing can have a name recording of Kinney that heals “dry”, you also come.

衝撃の大傑作を連発しているキニー録音のオリジナル・カセット・シリーズ。その最新弾となる本作は、RAINBOWの“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”です! 本作が録音されたのは、本国イギリスツアーの「1981年7月26日ロンドン公演」。このツアーは“2月ー5月の北米レッグ”・“6月・7月の欧州レッグ”・“8月の日本公演”に大別されますが、欧州レッグの最後に設定された名会場ハマースミス・オデオン2DAYSの初日です。
そのライヴを記録したキニー録音は、伝説の3枚組LP「A PARIS 1981(XL 1508/1510)」の大本になったもの(タイトルはパリですが、本当はハマースミスです)。このアナログ盤は“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”でも名演、極上サウンドとして知られ、ロッテルダム公演と並ぶ2トップとして君臨し続けてきた名録音。本作は、そのマスターカセット現物が吸い込んでいた音楽を最新技術でデジタル化したライヴアルバムなのです。そのサウンドたるや、かの伝説LPさえも霞む素晴らしさ。マスターカセットだけが持つナチュラルで、それでいてキリッと切り立つ楽音のなんと美しいこと……。ハマースミスの空間を感じさせる響きもありはしますが、それが透き通るように美しく、決して楽音の輪郭をボカさない。鮮やかに浮き立つ楽音の芯がレーザービームのように真っ直ぐ飛んでくるのです。「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶようなド直近なダイレクト感でこそありませんが、だからこその降ってくるような美しさに身も心も包まれる。春雨のように優しい拍手にまでウットリとしそうな美麗サウンド。この美しき音世界は、サウンドボードでは決してあり得ないものです。
そのナチュラルさ、新鮮さを極めたサウンドで綴られるRAINBOWのパフォーマンスがまた、ツアーを代表する名演中の名演。ドン・エイリー以外を全取っ替えした新バンドは、どの国でも実力を証明するかのような熱演を聴かせてくれましたが、さすが本国はさらに格別。特にアメリカ人のジョー・リン・ターナーは、イギリスのファンを納得させられるか不安だったそうですが、その不安を気迫に変えて叩きつけるようなヴォーカリゼイションが素晴らしい。アップでもバラードでも熱く熱く歌い込み、「Can’t Happen Here」冒頭のシャウトも気合い一発。その歌声がキニー録音の美サウンドに乗ってハマースミスを支配していく……。また、ドンのシンセサウンドも録音の美しさが際立つ。どの曲でもカラフルに彩るキーボードが鮮やかなのですが、特にソロタイムのスペーシーな音世界は凄まじい。多種多様なフレーズの1音1音までクッキリ美しいだけでも素晴らしいのですが、それがハマースミスいっぱいに広がって観客に降り注ぐ。そして、それに応える歓声が下から沸き上がる立体感が壮観。まさに、空間録音だからこそのスペクタクルです。
もちろん、肝心要の主役リッチー・ブラックモアもノリにノッている。「Maybe Next Time」のトーンはとろけるように美しく、「Since You Been Gone」のイントロでは愛国歌「Rule, Britannia!」を高らかに歌い上げるよう。そして、大ラスには激レアな「Fire」! リッチーの人生を変えた“HR宣言”となった「Speed King」のヒントになったジミ・ヘンドリックスのカバー。その名の通り燃え上がった会場を優しくなだめるように「Over The Rainbow」が包み込んで本作は終了します。

ボストンのFM放送と共に、“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”の素晴らしさを伝え続けたキニー録音。そのオリジナル・カセットが封入していたサウンドを限界まで引き出した1本です。故国イギリスで自らを証明しようと燃えるジョー、イギリス人の誇りを宣言するリッチー。ポップ化へとひた走りながらも、その本質は変わらぬRAINBOWそのものだったことを証明する名ライヴアルバム。再びHRへ立ち返るリッチーを待つ間、いても立ってもいられない“乾き”を癒してくれるキニーの名録音を、ぜひあなたにも。

Disc 1 (35:40)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Love’s No Friend 4. I Surrender
5. Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (49:48)
1. Can’t Happen Here 2. Keyboard Solo 3. Lost In Hollywood
4. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In The Black 5. Difficult To Cure 6. Drum Solo
7. Long Live Rock’n’Roll 8. Maybe Next Time 9. All Night Long
10. Woman From Tokyo / Rule Britannia 11. Since You Been Gone 12. Fire
13. Over The Rainbow

Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bobby Rondinelli – Drums

Darker Than Blue. DTB-207/208


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