Rainbow / Down To Uk / 2CDR

Rainbow / Down To Uk / 2CDR / Shades

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Wembley Arena, London, UK 29th February 1980 & Brighton Center, Brighton, UK 4th March 1980


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After the release of “DOWN TO EARTH”, next to the United States tour that took place until 1979 December, RAINBOW the celebration of the European Tour since the early ’80. RAINBOW of the new organization through the tour over between about one month will win the support that does not lose to Ronnie era from the fan.
Especially suddenly to Graham Bonnet appearing from pop field of, we won a lot of attention in the intense performance and its unique looks. Such as leading to the development of more music, which became a public-facing also a new fan base, tour of Europe at this time was to show the big climax.
RAINBOW is then chosen tour destination was the United Kingdom. 2 from the continuous performances in Newcastle “City Hall” of February 19 days and 20 days, and to start a tour of all 14 performances. Lineup of when this is eventually became the band only “all British” organization, was also flavor of the “Arc de performance” in a certain sense (that was its highlight, February 29 days and 3 moon is a show in London “Wembley Arena” that took place in one day).
In this work than the United Kingdom tour, and Wembley Arena concert the first day of the February 29, as described above, March 4 was approaching in the second half of the tour, the pattern of Brighton performances, which also recorded from the host audience Master .

February 29, which was recorded on the disk 1, Wembley Arena concert (the first day), the Ritchie fans after the show from that rejected the encore is also known for it that caused the riot, is a show with a story behind it.
Whether the output of the PA was strong for large-scale venues, beginning from the opening toward the “Eyes Of The World” is a little noisy impression. But improved balance from the sound of the hall is determined “Love’s No Friend” around. In addition to the above outlook level as at that time, you will enjoy a big sound with a sense of realism and likely feeling of air arena.
Performance of a momentum and the power band has also rocked the London fans. It has been a hit on the radio, “Since You Been Gone” is the venue singing along with Graham, the chorus part has become a big chorus. Replaced the position as “All Night Long” from the United Kingdom tour, “Man On The Silver Mountain” is also Positive reaction occurs springing up, playing the band will continue to finally increase the tension.
Strong Graham of vocals is not dull, even highlight “Lost In Hollywood” of the show, it will be overwhelmed by the volume of voice, such as surpass even Richie guitar. Richie to burst the roar also outdone in the solo, and to hear him seems to play even “Beethoven 9th”. Cozy solos have been recorded especially in the great and powerful, dynamic sound image that clearly dimension is different from the existing airport is a rarity.
After the song was concluded with a “Lost In Hollywood” Rizuraipu is, great cheer to shake even the venue has not happened. Than that now “no encore”, certainly it will frustrating as a spectator. Set main 72 minutes, such as that contained up to Angkor worth of power, is a piece of performance has been containment of intense unmatched.

Sound source, housed to disk 2 is a pattern of March 4 Brighton performances. As at the time have captured the performance an ideal balance and lightness, from the “Eyes Of The World” and “Love’s No Friend”, sound like sound also pierce Cozy of the drum will come popping out. Would be happy to fans of Graham of the vocals are very crisp and emerged. Throughout the recording, the better sense of distance of the taper and the stage, also ideal for easy and immersive listening audience of speech is not out of the way has been both. Listeners will Kikikome a stress-free live.
Do this day there has been trouble in the Richie of guitar, or whether the person’s condition was not good, is seen mistakes and diffuse points to play in places. “Love’s No Firend” is a scene that is not playing the guitar in the scattered, in the “Since You Been Gone,” “Over The Rainbow” by the band playing after, although Cozy of the drum and the shift you can see. Also seen also “Man On The Silver Mountain” in a scene that wrong riff and the code of the intro. Further, in “Lost In Hollywood” also at the scene that followed “Beethoven 9th” is taken up if the original guitar solo, Richie is why playing the “Brandenburg Concert” for the second time this day, it has become a big point of this day (band also would have been surprising in this, but Don Enri to firmly follow is expected).
Furthermore Graham solo song, which has been taken up as a classic in the 1980 tour as “the request of Richie” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Also, this day without being played “Blues” from the “Long Live Rock ‘ also features has entered the show end flows to N ‘Roll “. It seems to have been another “Norikire not live” for the Ritchie (It should be noted that, according to the overseas mania, this Brighton performances and things had come to see Jeff Beck. His visit is some sort of relationship with the tone and mood of Richie there may be).

In the ’80 tour of RAINBOW, it is known extremely excellent audience source is a large number (in addition of various sound source in the Japan tour, and there are many press CD title in Europe tour). When compared to them, this work will take a step back in terms of sound quality. But in the UK tour, what it also was firmly cut the highlights are those that do not also essential in understanding the “DOWN TO EARTH” tour. Two sets that do not miss to hear if RAINBOW mania, for anyone who wants “it is not heard yet,” is, I would like to enjoy this opportunity.

「DOWN TO EARTH」のリリース後、’79年12月まで行われたアメリカツアーに次いで、RAINBOWは’80年初頭からヨーロッパツアーを挙行。約一ヶ月間にわたるツアーを通じて新編成のRAINBOWはロニー時代にも負けない支持をファンから勝ち取ります。

大規模な会場のためにPAの出力が強かったのか、オープニングから「Eyes Of The World」にかけての序盤はややノイジーな印象です。しかし場内の音が定まる「Love’s No Friend」辺りからはバランスも向上。当時としては水準以上の見通しに加えて、アリーナらしい空気感と臨場感を備えたビッグなサウンドを楽しめるようになります。
勢いとパワーのあるバンドの演奏はロンドンのファンをも熱狂させています。ラジオでヒットを飛ばしていた「Since You Been Gone」は会場がグラハムと共に歌い、コーラス部分では大きな合唱となっています。イギリスツアーから「All Night Long」と位置を入れ替えた「Man On The Silver Mountain」もポジティヴな反応が湧き起こり、バンドの演奏はいよいよテンションを高めていきます。
好調なグラハムのヴォーカルはショウのハイライト「Lost In Hollywood」でも冴えていて、リッチーのギターすら凌ぐような声量には圧倒されます。リッチーも負けじとソロでは轟音を炸裂させ、「Beethoven 9th」でも彼らしいプレイを聴かせます。コージーのソロは特に素晴らしい迫力で録音されていて、既発とは明らかに次元が異なるダイナミックな音像は絶品です。
「Lost In Hollywood」リズライプで曲が締めくくられた後は、会場をも揺るがす大歓声が起きていています。これで”アンコール無し”なのでは、観客としては確かにフラストレーションが溜まるでしょう。セット本編72分にアンコール分のパワーまで含まれているような、強烈無比の演奏が封じ込められた一枚です。

ディスク2へ収められた音源は、3月4日・ブライトン公演の模様です。当時としては理想的なバランスと明度で演奏を捉えていて、「Eyes Of The World」や「Love’s No Friend」から、コージーのドラムも突き刺さるようなサウンドで音が飛び出してきます。グラハムのヴォーカルが非常にくっきりと浮かび上がっているのもファンには嬉しいでしょう。録音全体を通し、テーパーとステージのほど良い距離感、観客の話し声が邪魔にならない聴き易さと臨場感が両立されているのも理想的。聴き手はストレス無くライヴを聴き込めます。
この日はリッチーのギターにトラブルがあったのか、それとも本人の調子が良くなかったのか、所々でプレイにミスや散漫な点が見られます。「Love’s No Firend」ではギターを弾いていない場面が散見され、「Since You Been Gone」の後のバンド演奏による「Over The Rainbow」では、コージーのドラムとズレているが判ります。また「Man On The Silver Mountain」ではイントロのリフとコードを誤るという場面も見られます。さらに「Lost In Hollywood」においては、本来ならギターソロに続き「Beethoven 9th」が取り上げられる場面でも、リッチーは何故かこの日2度目の「Brandenburg Concert」を弾いており、この日の大きなポイントになっています(バンドもこれには意外だったでしょうが、しっかりとフォローするドン・エンリーはさすがです)。
さらに”リッチーのリクエスト”として’80年ツアーでは定番のように取り上げられていたグラハムのソロ曲「Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?」も、この日は演奏されないまま「Blues」から「Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll」へ流れ込んでショウエンドを迎えているのも特徴。リッチーにとってはもうひとつ”乗り切れないライヴ”だったようです(なお海外マニアによれば、このブライトン公演はジェフ・ベックが観に来ていたとの事。彼の訪問がリッチーの調子や機嫌と何らかの関係があるかも知れません)。

RAINBOWの’80年ツアーにおいては、極めて優秀なオーディエンス・ソースが多数知られています(来日公演での各種音源のほか、ヨーロッパツアーでもプレスCDタイトルが多く存在します)。それらと比較したとき、本作品は音質面で一歩譲るでしょう。しかしイギリスツアーの、それもハイライト部分をしっかり切り取った内容は、「DOWN TO EARTH」ツアーを理解するうえでも欠かせないもの。RAINBOWマニアならば聴き逃せない2枚組を、「まだ聴いた事が無い」という方には、今回の機会にぜひお楽しみ頂きたいと思います。

Disc 1
Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 29th February 1980

1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Countdown/Over The Rainbow 3. Eyes Of The World
4. Love’s No Friend 5. Brandenburg Concert/Greensleeves 6. Since You Been Gone
7. Over The Rainbow 8. Man On The Silver Mountain 9. Catch The Rainbow
10. Keyboards Intro. 11. Lost In Hollywood 12. Guitar Solo 13. Beethoven 9th
14. Keyboards Solo 15. Drums Solo incl. 1812 Overture 16. Lost In Hollywood (reprise)

Disc 2
Live at Brighton Center, Brighton, UK 4th March 1980

1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Countdown/Over The Rainbow 3. Eyes Of The World
4. Love’s No Friend 5. Brandenburg Concert #1 6. Since You Been Gone
7. Over The Rainbow/Greensleeves 8. Man On The Silver Mountain 9. Catch The Rainbow
10. Keyboards Intro. 11. Lost In Hollywood 12. Brandenburg Concert #2 13. Keyboards Solo
14. Drums Solo incl. 1812 Overture 15. Lost In Hollywood (reprise) 16. Guitar Solo
17. Lazy Intro. 18. All Night Long 19. Blues 20. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 21. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums
Roger Glover – Bass Don Airey – Keyboards

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