Rainbow / Definitive On Stage / 2CD

Rainbow / Definitive On Stage / 2CD / Rising Arrow

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th December 1976 Evening Show STEREO SBD

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The ideal board which made the dream shape precisely. It is the birth of live album which draws “legendary Budokan” with the longest sound board.
That “legend” is “December 16, 1976: Nippon Budokan (night part)”. It was also adopted for the name board “ON STAGE”, and is a masterpiece in the performance that has been touted in numerous superb audience recordings. RAINBOW It is a show that has become a symbolic presence of Hard Rock in the UK, boasting a remarkable reputation even the first visit to Japan. Although it is also a treasure trove of masterpiece / name recording, especially the sound board was overwhelming for the first time in many cases. This work is a live album that utilizes such a sound board, realized the longest version with the highest quality. First of all, let’s organize the sound board that recorded this day.

· SBD # 1: Part of the official “ON STAGE” main part
· SBD # 2: Cassette owned by Koji
· SBD # 4: 3 songs of “SOUNDBOARD ARCHIVES 1976”
· SBD # 5: Official “ON STAGE” Deluxe Edition CD 2

There are five types of sound boards in existence. Speaking of the highest qualities among these, “SBD # 5” (credited with Osaka, this is an official side mistake, it is definitely Nippon Budokan). Literally official quality mixed exquisitely from multi from the official excavation was tremendous. However, regretfully it was not a full recording. It was an incomplete version where the highlight of the latter half of the show (keyboard / drum solo / Still I ‘m Sad part from Stargazer) was cut off with a bagasse, whether it was to put it in one CD or whether the master was incomplete is.
However, this cut part was also left on the sound board. That is “SBD # 2”. Yes, it is a cozy tape excavated at Langley label legendary board “WHEN EVENING FALLS”. This work is a combination of these two long sound boards and supplemented with a superb audience recording for a few minutes (the end of drum solo and over The Rainbow of the show) where no sound board exists. Of course, it was not just connecting. Even though it is a sound board, there are slight differences in the feeling between “SBD # 2” and “SBD # 5” with different sources. Therefore, in this work, mastering both of them exactly and minimizing discomfort. Furthermore, “SBD # 2” itself is also a live album that has been thoroughly devoted to everything as long as we can digitize it with the latest equipment from the cozy and tape actual article (TDK SD: C90).
The full album that appeared then is a crystal of a dream. Although it is a live that I have listened to with many name recordings so far, all the notes are drawn with the super vivid sound of the top soundboard. Ritchie’s guitar glittering in the brain, Ronnie’s singing voice speaks directly to the soul, Koji’s drumming senses the feeling of skin until the skin’s vibration. Of course, this live is also the last show of Jimmy Bain / Tony Kalei. The last night spinning by five people who created Daimyo ‘RISING’, all the moments are spelled out at the top of the sound, and the complete body flows seamlessly out of the show without stopping.
“ON STAGE” When the Deluxe Edition was released, the perfect version imagined by everyone. It is a live album that finally became a reality. Unlike regular boards produced by joining together performances including West Germany, “ON STAGE” is drawn with a single penetration of One Shaw. It is the press 2CD which permanently preserved the dream of maniac who became shape. By all means, please experience.

その“伝説”とは「1976年12月16日:日本武道館(夜の部)」。名盤『ON STAGE』にも採用され、数々の極上オーディエンス録音でも伝えられてきた名演中の名演。RAINBOW初来日でも格別の名声を誇り、英国ハードロックの象徴的な存在となっているショウです。名作・名録音の宝庫でもあるわけですが、特にサウンドボードの多産ぶりは圧倒的でした。本作は、そんなサウンドボードを駆使し、最高峰クオリティで最長版を実現したライヴアルバムなのです。まずは、この日を記録したサウンドボードを整理してみましょう。

・SBD#1:公式『ON STAGE』本編の一部
・SBD#5:公式『ON STAGE』デラックス・エディションのCD2

以上、5種類のサウンドボードが現存しています。この中でも最高峰クオリティと言えば「SBD#5」(大阪とクレジットされていますが、これはオフィシャル側のミス。間違いなく日本武道館です)。オフィシャル発掘されただけあってマルチから精緻にミックスされた文字通りの公式クオリティは絶大でした。しかし、惜しいことにフル収録ではなかった。CD1枚に収めるためなのか、はたまたマスターに不備があったのか、ショウ後半のハイライト(Stargazerからキーボード/ドラムソロ/Still I’m Sadパート)がバッサリとカットされた不完全版だったのです。
しかし、このカット・パートもサウンドボードで残されていました。それが「SBD#2」。そう、Langleyレーベルの伝説盤『WHEN EVENING FALLS』で発掘されたコージー・テープです。本作は、この2つの長尺サウンドボードを組み合わせ、さらにサウンドボードが存在しない数分間(ドラムソロ終盤と終演のOver The Rainbow)を極上オーディエンス録音で補完したもの。もちろん、ただ単に繋ぎ合わせたわけでもありません。いかにサウンドボードとは言っても、ソースの異なる「SBD#2」と「SBD#5」では感触がわずかながら差異がある。そこで、本作ではその双方を精緻にマスタリングして違和感を最小限に低減。さらに「SBD#2」自体もコージー・テープ現物(TDK SD:C90)から最新機材で新たにデジタル化し、まさに考え得る限り、万全に万全を尽くしたライヴアルバムなのです。
『ON STAGE』デラックス・エディションがリリースされた際、誰もが思い描いた完全版。それが遂に現実となったライヴアルバムです。西ドイツも含めた何公演も繋ぎ合わせて制作された正規盤とは異なり、ワンショウの一気貫通で描かれる『ON STAGE』。カタチとなったマニアの夢を永久保存したプレス2CDです。ぜひ、ご体験ください。


Disc 1 (61:12)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck/Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2 (55:04)
1. Keyboard Intro. 2. Stargazer 3. Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo
4. Drum Solo incl. 1812 Overture 5. Still I’m Sad (reprise)

6. Do You Close Your Eyes 7. Over The Rainbow


Disc 2: Trk 1-5 taken from the original master cassette (TDK SD:C90) belonged to Cozy Powell

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums Jimmy Bain – Bass
Tony Carey – Keyboards


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