Rainbow / Budokan 1978 Final Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Budokan 1978 Final Night / 2CD /Rising Arrow

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Live At Budokan Tokyo,Japan 3rd february 1978.Original Master Recording.


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is a full-the world’s first public Kinney Master is the appearance. Until now I have sent numerous masterpieces from Kinney’s original cassettes, but the latest bullets are performances by Ronnie James Dio era. “Ronnie & Kinney” is a remarkable new place which also caused the sensation “OSAKA 1976 1ST NIGHT (Rising Arrow – 052)”, but this time from the second Japan tour “February 3, 1978: Nippon Budokan It is an audience album containing performances. In 1978, not only RAINBOW but also a huge tour that dominated the archipelago with all 16 performances which is the most number in Richie Blackmore ‘s history in Japan. This work corresponds to the final performance. Although it is now, please make sure of the tour schedule (latter half) just in case.

– 1978 January 21 days + 22 days: Nippon Budokan
, 1978 January 24, 2011: Koriyama Civic Center
, 1978 January 27, 2011: Nakajima Sports Center (crushed to death an accident)
, 1978 January 29, 2011: Akita Prefectural Civic Centre
– January 31, 1978: Niigata prefectural Civic Centre
, 1978 February 1, 2011: Kanazawa welfare pension Hall (stop)
, 1978 February 3, 2011: Nippon Budokan [this work] (Note: the second half of 8 performances only)

or more tour The second half. Even this alone seems to know how popular it was, the last day Nippon Budokan is a treasure trove of sound sources. We also have a masterpiece recording group such as “STILL I ‘M SAD (Rising Arrow – 008 S)” “TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY (Rising Arrow – 014)” “EPILOGUE (Rising Arrow – 047)” “DEFINITELY OVER (Calm & Storm 029)” I have introduced you. This work is also a recording on the last day at such a Budokan, but what I did is a prestigious Kinney. Kinney reprint is called popular by being able to listen to the original sound of the analog name board, but this recording is a treasured product that has not been converted into soundboard so far. Indeed, the recording which had never heard before became the first public release in the world.
That quality is exactly Kinney Magic. The biggest feature is on sound. Many of the masterpieces so far have many sense of distance, and even those who are clear, they are all picking up a lot of response from the hall. If we did not do it better, the conversation and cheering of the audience (Koji?) Could be higher than the performance. In contrast, this work is undoubtedly the main character of RAINBOW ‘s performance. Of course, although it contains audiences recording at the time, enthusiasm is also included, musical tones with a very thick and direct feeling jumps in as well as even crowds of the audience.
It is strangely MC that proves that “on” for the first time in an easy-to-understand manner. It is a famous story, but this day, after “16th Century Greensleeves”, I will touch about the death of the Sapporo accident. At that time, the Japanese staff calls for a silent prayer in Japanese, but even that MC can hear a word with a single word. Let’s export it for a moment.
“Here, we RAINBOW group sincerely wish to pray for the soul of ○ ○ ○ ○ sama, I would like to dedicate a silent prayer for one minute. We ask for your cooperation. Please stand up.” Silent prayer “here for Ritchie Blackmore is ○○○○ like, improvisation in there, but there are so dedicate one song,”
but did not mean not listen even in its outstanding up to now, was hard to hear blurred Clear until the part. Because it is not the intention to touch the deceased person, I was made a letter and letter but it is close enough to hear clearly up to the name. And the final performance portrayed in the direct sound hits the heart. Whether the band has not recovered from tragedy on this day, the tight performance with little play. It is not as good as it is a great performance that will not be blown off, but instead, a serious mood that can not be heard elsewhere covers the whole story. Even a good song of a nori is played with crisp without being floated, a sentimental melody bleeds deep sorrow. In particular, “Catch The Rainbow” which is dedicated to the silent prayer, is a depth that can only exist on this day. I pray for a sleep of a soulful soul just for Ronnie’s singing mouth and Riche’s picking …. It is not the impression of the explosive drama but the world of the rainbow with quiet prayer.

In fact, unlike the reprint series so far, some aged deterioration was also seen in the original cassette of Kinney. As a result, there was also a small tape shake in a quiet part, and there was also a puzzle to publicly saying “It’s the decision board of this day” lightly. However, it is definitely the most promising candidate for decision board competition. It also depicts even the sorrow that blurs out from the performance, the details that will soak into my heart, the direct feeling. Because it is a kinney, this work is the inscription that can not be felt “just a mature live” can be felt in the touch and the dimension of touch.
Kinney’s original recording that will be released worldwide. And the inscription “Serious RAINBOW” carved there is a live album that approaches my mind. Even though there are countless early departures, the feelings and sounds that are transmitted only in this work. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

フル世界初の公共キニーマスターが登場です。今まで私がキニーの元のカセットから数々の傑作を送っているが、最新の弾丸はロニー・ジェイムス・ディオ時代によって演奏されている。」ロニー&キニーは「これもまた注目すべき新たな場所であります「OSAKA 1976 1ST NIGHT(ライジングアロー – 052)は、「センセーションを巻き起こしたが、2番目の日本ツアーから “1978年2月3日この時間:日本武道館それは1978年の公演を含む聴衆アルバム、RAINBOWだけでなく、巨大なだけではありません。日本でのリッチー・ブラックモアの歴史の中で最も数で全16公演で日本列島を支配したツアーが。この作品は、最終的な性能に対応しています。それは今ですが、念のツアー日程(後半)のことを確認してください。

– 1978年1月21日日+ 22日:日本武道館
– 1978年1月31日:新潟県民会館
1978年2011年2月3日:日本武道館【この作品] (注:のみ8公演の後半)

– 以上のツアー後半があってもこれだけで、それがいかに人気が知っているようだ、最後の日日本武道館は、音源の宝庫である我々はまた、このような「STILL I ‘のライジングアロー(SAD M ..などの傑作記録基を有していても008 S)」「TRIUMPH&トラジディ(ライジングアロー – 014) “” EPILOGUE(ライジングアロー – 047) “”)DEFINITELY OVER(カーム&ストーム029「私はこの作品でも最後の日に記録されますを導入しています。このよう武道館が、何私がしたことは名門キニー。キニー復刻アナログ名盤のオリジナルサウンドを聴くことができるということで人気と呼ばれているが、この記録は、これまでの響板に変換されていない秘蔵製品です。確かに、前に聞いたことがなかった記録は、世界で最初のパブリックリリースとなりました。
リッチー・ブラックモアはこちらサイレント祈り “”ここでは、RAINBOWグループは心から○○○○様、私は1分間黙祷を捧げたい。私たちはあなたの協力をお願いします。立ち上がってください。の魂のために祈ることを望みます」 「○○○○のような、そこに即興、そのように1曲が奉納されています


1 Disc (56:25)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16Th Century Greensleeves
6. Ronnie MC Ando Interpreter 7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll

Disc 2 (40:12)
1. Lazy Intro. 2. Man On The Silver Mountain 3. Blues / Vocal Improvisation
4. Starstruck / Night People 5. Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise) 6. Guitar Intro.
7. Still I ‘ . M Sad 8. Beethoven 9Th 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Drum Solo Feat 1812 Overture
11. Still Sad I’M (Reprise) 12. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass Stone David – Keyboards

Rising Arrow 053

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