Rainbow / Blackmore Turner Overdrive / 4CD + Ticket Replica

Rainbow / Blackmore Turner Overdrive / 4CD + Ticket Replica /Calm & Storm

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th & 28th August 1981

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RAINBOW that greeted Joe Lynn Turner, than “DIFFICULT TO CURE” was released later in 1981 Japan tour that went, the live two shows at the Tokyo Budokan, using superlative audience master of Miracle Man recording, 4 Disc is the release determined by fully qualified press CD. Also a sound board sound source ’81 years Budokan performances are known excellent recordings, including, this work in the presence and the sound quality was missing one head, it should be one of a new classic!

From 1976 to 1984, in Japan tour of RAINBOW that have been made over a total of six times, speaking of special existence, it will be live in the Tokyo Budokan again no matter what the nephew. Beginning in 1976 in December of Ronnie era, ’80 years of Graham era, such as further now legendary and it became ’84 March of the final performance, have been carried out also live many times that said that the highlight also through the World Tour below.
In among the Budokan performances that Meien have been waged, ’81 years became the first visit to Japan after Joe join a band that has undergone a major change has brought a strong impression on fans to appeal the fresh appearance . August 26th, the 27th and the 28th as was done in three consecutive days and is similar to the ’80, this ’81 year, in addition to the various audiences and the source of, typified by “SURRENDER DOCUMETS” sound board sound source remains are, there were things to see in the type of item. It was a rich many of them already issued individuality, or there is a variation in terms of sound quality, and can be seen partial missing, is it also true that it was what was less that fully satisfy the fans in one.
In this work, which this time will be released, and direct use of the newly excavated Miracle Man recording master. The sound quality can affirm its outstanding audience source was observed advantages and disadvantages of the side ever to be “definitely outweigh!”. It was also package what the two shows on the 27th and 28-day 4-Disc, and to enjoy it to your heart’s content the climax of the fan in ’81 years Japan!

In the disk 1 and 2, you can enjoy a pattern of August 27, which became the Budokan second day. Unfortunately has seen ticket is lost on this day, specific recording position is not clear. However, according to taper in the recording from the arena also this day, it has cut the pattern of live realistically.
Air feeling and certain lightness, such as bird’s-eye view of the hall, the sound image to take listening to the play around the vocals of Joe in realistic, exactly ideal audience recording. The audience of the speech is also nice point not get in the way (of course upsurge of venue is felt no less). Ritchie guitars are also captured by the charming tone, “Love’s No Friend” and “I Surrender,” “Catch The Rainbow” it is, will be involuntarily drawn. His guitar is “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “All Night Long” even awesome. Meet-handed guitar sound, “NOWHWRE TO HIDE” also high Power Gate label evaluation of mania we can say that there are things that even over the (live the day before 26, 2008)!
This day is “Blues” was played “Smoke On The Water” and songs filled the day before but were not taken up, guitar crash in Tokyo ’81 years in opposition has become only this day have been made. Rashiku book recordings Ritchie of guitar has been captured in a dynamic sound, this guitar crash great great power. (Although there is also a sampling sound applied by the Don Airey) how the guitar is broken, even enthusiastic atmosphere to raise a large cheer, you can experience a great sense of realism. It is worth listening to this recording even in this scene only!

Then, in the disk 3, 4 “Arena G column No. 70” than, you can enjoy the performance of the tour the last day in the superlative of realism (ticket replica that comes to things of this day). While almost the good of the outlook evenly matched, more than the day before the direct feeling and well-proportioned sound image of playing (as well as the during play not around the cheers and voices is most mind). Guitar sound that brings out the air a sense of play venue of other bands, the “SURRENDER DOCUMETS” splendor you did not enjoy any of the sound board sound source, “Spotlight Kid” and “I Surrender,” the opening, “Can not Happen Here” If you listen to the tone, such as, everyone MUST be fascinated. Of course conventional masterpieces also wonderfully, like “Man On The Silver Mountain” and “Lost In Hollywood”, representative music of Ronnie and Graham got a new breath in the vocals of Joe also, Ritchie will not hear the play that was lively .
Of course, showing off a play that members other than Joe and Richie was also substantial. “Difficult To Cure” in colorful keyboard seems Don Airey is wonderful, of “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” in Roger Glover base and Bobby Rondineri of the drum, it causes powerful and hear the tight rhythm. All members of the play evoke the excitement of up to hysterical audience “Smoke On The Water” is the highlight of a word! Live of climax, I will to enjoy the Meien appropriate to tour the last day in the best of music and superb sound!

This ’81 year Japan tour (to be said that the interesting title there were many), the presence of the sound board sound source is large in the final day, audience recording has been lacking in decisive called “Korezo!”. This work is a stir in that situation, even for beginners of fan “audience recording of this time, first from this item,” he said, pointing clarity, will be the one, such as one of the indicators. Of course even for veteran of mania, and does not miss the emergence of a new live source to enjoy in excellent sound to powerful and brightness. Also, compared to listen to the ’80 years of the Budokan live that this time it is the release of press CD6 Disc as “DOWN TO BUDOKAN”, it should be interesting even taste the mood of different bands of appearance and venue in both.
The ’81 years Budokan of climax that revives in the best of master, this work has been packaged in a total of 203 minutes of volume, all of RAINBOW fan must listen indispensable definitely. Than top form Carl & Storm label, it is here to release determined by the Limited press CD4 Disc of Deluxe Edition!

★ Miracle Man offer on the day of the ticket with a replica (8/28: Arena G column No. 70)

ジョー・リン・ターナーを迎えたRAINBOWが、「DIFFICULT TO CURE」リリース後に行った1981年ジャパンツアーより、東京・日本武道館でのライヴ2公演が、Miracle Man録音の最上級オーディエンス・マスターを用いた、4枚組の完全限定プレスCDでリリース決定です。サウンドボード音源を含めて優れた録音が知られる’81年武道館公演でも、本作は頭ひとつ抜けた音質と存在感で、新たな定番のひとつになるはずです!

その名演が繰り広げられてきた武道館公演の中において、ジョー加入後初めての来日となった’81年は、大きな変化を遂げたバンドがフレッシュな姿をアピールしてファンに強い印象をもたらしました。8月26日・27日そして28日と三日間連続で行われたのは’80年と同様ですが、この’81年は各種のオーディエンス・ソースに加えて、「SURRENDER DOCUMETS」に代表されるサウンドボード音源も残っており、アイテムの種類でも見るべきものがありました。それら既発の多くは個性豊かでしたが、音質面でバラつきがあったり、部分的な欠落が見られたりと、一本でファンを完全に満足させたものは少なかったのもまた事実です。
今回リリースされる本作では、新たに発掘されたMiracle Man録音マスターをダイレクト使用。その音質はこれまで一長一短の側面が見られた既発オーディエンス・ソースを「間違いなく上回る!」と断言できます。それも何と27日と28日の2公演を4枚組でパッケージし、ファンに’81年来日のクライマックスを心行くまで満喫させます!

場内を俯瞰するような空気感と確かな明度、ジョーのヴォーカルを中心として演奏をリアルに聴き取れる音像は、まさに理想的なオーディエンス録音。観客の話し声が邪魔にならないのも嬉しいポイントです(もちろん会場の盛り上がりは過不足無く感じられます)。リッチーのギターも魅力的な音色で捉えられており、「Love’s No Friend」や「I Surrender」・「Catch The Rainbow」は、思わず引き込まれてしまいます。彼のギターは「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」や「All Night Long」でも素晴らしいの一言。ギター・サウンドの聴き応えは、マニアの評価も高いPower Gateレーベルの「NOWHWRE TO HIDE」(前日26日のライヴ)にすら優るものがあると言えます!
この日は前日に演奏された「Smoke On The Water」や歌入りの「Blues」は取り上げられませんでしたが、反対に’81年東京ではこの日だけとなったギタークラッシュが行われています。リッチーのギターがダイナミックな音で捉えられた本録音らしく、このギタークラッシュは素晴らしい大迫力。(ドン・エイリーが加えるサンプリング音もありますが)ギターが砕かれる様子、大歓声を上げる熱狂的な雰囲気も、素晴らしい臨場感で体験できます。この場面だけでも本録音を聴く価値があります!

そしてディスク3・4では”アリーナ G列70番”より、ツアー最終日の演奏を最上級のリアルさで楽しめます(付属するチケット・レプリカはこの日のもの)。見通しの良さはほぼ互角ながら、演奏のダイレクト感や均整の取れた音像は前日以上(演奏中は周囲の歓声や話し声がほとんど気にならないのも同様)。ギターほかバンドのプレイを会場の空気感が引き立てる音像は、サウンドボード音源の「SURRENDER DOCUMETS」でも味わえなかった素晴らしさで、オープニングの「Spotlight Kid」や「I Surrender」、「Can’t Happen Here」などの楽音を聴けば、誰もが魅了されるに違いありません。もちろん従来の名曲も素晴らしく、「Man On The Silver Mountain」や「Lost In Hollywood」など、ジョーのヴォーカルで新たな息吹を得たロニーやグラハムの代表曲も、リッチーは活き活きとしたプレイを聴かせます。
もちろんジョーやリッチー以外のメンバーも充実したプレイを披露。「Difficult To Cure」ではドン・エイリーらしいカラフルなキーボードが素晴らしく、「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」ではロジャー・グローヴァーのベースとボビー・ロンディネリのドラムが、パワフルでタイトなリズムを聴かせます。メンバー全員のプレイが観客のヒステリックなまでの興奮を呼び起こす「Smoke On The Water」は圧巻の一言! ライヴのクライマックス、ツアー最終日にふさわしい名演をを最良の演奏と極上のサウンドで満喫させます!

この’81年ジャパンツアーは(面白いタイトルが多かったとは言え)、最終日におけるサウンドボード音源の存在が大きく、オーディエンス録音は「これぞ!」という決定打に欠けてきました。本作はその状況に一石を投じて、ビギナーのファンにも「この時のオーディエンス録音は、まずはこのアイテムから」と、判り易く指し示す、ひとつの指標のような一本となるでしょう。もちろんベテランのマニアにとっても、迫力と明度に優れたサウンドで楽しむ新たなライヴ・ソースの登場は見逃せません。また、今回プレスCD6枚組の「DOWN TO BUDOKAN」としてリリースされる’80年の武道館ライヴと聴き比べて、双方で異なるバンドの姿や会場のムードを味わっても面白いはずです。
極上のマスターで蘇る’81年武道館のクライマックスを、計203分のボリュームでパッケージした本作は、間違いなく全てのRAINBOWファン必聴必携。絶好調Carl & Stormレーベルより、完全限定プレスCD4枚組の豪華版でここにリリース決定です!

★ミラクル・マン提供の当日のチケット・レプリカ付(8/28 : アリーナG列70番)

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th August 1981

Disc 1 (45:46)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2 (56:34)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In The Black
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Jam 6. Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 8. All Night Long
9. Maybe Next Time 10. Woman From Tokyo 11. Since You Been Gone
12. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 13. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise) 14. Over The Rainbow

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 28th August 1981

Disc 3 (44:41)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend 5. I Surrender
6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow 9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 4 (55:33)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In Black 4. Difficult To Cure
5. Jam 6. Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 8. All Night Long 9. Blues
10. Woman From Tokyo Intro 11. Smoke On The Water 12. Since You Been Gone 13. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bobby Rondinelli – Drums

Recorded by Miracle Man

Calm & Storm 031

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