Rainbow / Death Alley Rock Fever Kalamazoo 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rainbow / Death Alley Rock Fever Kalamazoo 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Black Box
Translated Text:

Live at Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI. USA 15th May 1982 plus Bonus DVDR “STRAIGHT BETWEEN FINLAND: HELSINKI 1982”

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It is the emergence of a finest board that will make you experience the “Phantom’s opening” dreaming of everyone with the highest peak sound ever. That “phantom” is “Death Alley Driver”. That famous song is a live album that will serve as a pole position!

【I could not experience “a phantom start”】
Such a work is contained in “Karamazoo performance on May 15, 1982”. “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR” But it is a concert of the very early schedule. Let’s see how early it is, first from the whole picture of the World Tour.

· May 7th – June 29th: North America # 1 (35 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 10 – 31: North America # 2 (17 performances)
· August 6 – 23: North America # 3 (15 shows)
One month after –
· September 24 – 25: North America # 4 (2 shows)
– After half a month –
· October 12 – 22: Japan (8 shows)
· October 29 – December 3: Europe (23 performances)

Over 100 performances over. The Karamazoo performance of this work is a concert that corresponds to the 5th performance of “North America # 1” which decorates the beginning. At that time, as in the album “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” in the Japanese performance, it was expected to start at “Death Alley Driver”, but when it comes to production, it starts at “Spotlight Kid”. After that, “Spotlight Kid” was thought to be a pole position through the tour, but at the beginning of the tour there was also an opening “Death Alley Driver”. It is now said that the excavation and research at that time also proceeded and it was said that at least “Death Alley Driver” was up to “June 12th (22th performances)”.

【Best sound to update the highest peak】
Of course evidence by sound is also left, and the Kalamazoo performance has been known as “best recording” in the past as well. We have also introduced our gift board “ROCK FEVER 1982” and so on. This work is an upgrade board of “DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER” which was the top version among them. It is a master provided by overseas Coremania, but it is similar to “DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER” generations, but its sound clearly is vivid. Although the gift board was also a clear-class sound of the press class, the performance was pretty good, and one sound was tight. Especially separation between drum and guitar is wonderful, the overall stereoscopic feeling is wonderful. At the time of the gift I got lost and did not press it, but the decision was right answer …… This time it is a sound that is perfect for permanent preservation!
The wonderfulness of the intense rare set painted with that sound! First and foremost attention is the opening scene. This work has been recorded from the “masterful dignity”, followed by “Over The Rainbow” ringing in the venue. Here “What?” Is that the band does not play. Following Dorothy’s storytelling and tape, Ritchie’s arming imitating engine sound roars … …. Of course, the audience is aware of “Death Alley Driver” and the tension rises! And RAINBOW went so fast as to meet that expectation! This is it. I also wanted to listen to Japanese performances!

【Extreme Rare Song “Rock Fever”】
This opening scene is the biggest impact of this work, but this work is not over by that alone. Another intense rare tail that continues from “Man On The Silver Mountain” is “Rock Fever”! This is even more rare than the opening scene. Even with the latest research, only the Karamazoo performance of this work has been confirmed. Immediately replaced by “All Night Long”, Matmo only listens to this work, even in rainbow color history is a rare rare live show in rare. Moreover, the performance is the best again. The introduction synth was also extended to solo of about 1 minute, plenty of spacious mood. It is a different atmosphere as if it were a studio take.
Because there is such “Rock Fever”, another taste comes out in this work. On this day, six of the nine songs of the new work “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” are showing off. “Bring On the Night (Dream Chaser)” “Tite Squeeze” “Eyes of Fire” has no record throughout the entire era, a concert closest to the whole picture of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” this day. In other words, this work is one piece to be “Live version” STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES.

Despite being a song for opening, it is opening of “Death Alley Driver” which our Japanese people could not experience. Of course, even though “Spotlight Kid” who served as a pole position in RAINBOW in the 1990s is too famous, the top is still the original place of “Death Alley Driver”. It is a masterpiece of a live album that seems to be disgusted by the scent of rich ” STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES ” including the glare of famous songs that should shine and the rare ‘Rock Fever’.
It is an unprecedented one in the audience album of numerous Joe Lynn Turner era. Please give me this work softly next to your “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES”.
誰もが夢見る“幻のオープニング”を史上最高峰サウンドで体験させてくれる極上盤の登場です。その“幻”とは「Death Alley Driver」。かの名曲がポール・ポジションを務めるライヴアルバムです!

そんな本作に収められているのは「1982年5月15日カラマズー公演」。“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”でも極初期日程のコンサートです。どれくらい初期なのか、まずはワールド・ツアーの全体像から見てみましょう。


以上、全100公演。本作のカラマズー公演は、冒頭を飾る「北米#1」の5公演目にあたるコンサートです。当時、日本公演ではアルバム『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』と同様に「Death Alley Driver」でのスタートが期待されましたが、いざ本番に臨んでみると「Spotlight Kid」での開演。それ以降、ツアーを通して「Spotlight Kid」がポールポジションだと思われてきましたが、ツアーの冒頭では「Death Alley Driver」オープニングもあったのです。現在では当時の発掘・研究も進み、少なくとも「6月12日(22公演目)」までは「Death Alley Driver」だったと言われています。

もちろん音による証拠も残されており、カラマズー公演はその中でも従来から“ベスト録音”として知られてきたもの。当店でもギフト盤『ROCK FEVER 1982』等でご紹介してきました。本作は、その中でもトップ・バージョンであった『DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER』のアップグレード盤なのです。海外のコアマニアから提供されたマスターなのですが、世代的には『DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER』と同様なのですが、そのサウンドは明らかに鮮やか。ギフト盤もプレス級のクリア・サウンドではありましたが、演奏がグッと前に出ていて1音1音がタイト。特にドラムとギターの分離が素晴らしく、全体的な立体感が素晴らしいのです。ギフトの時点で迷いに迷ってプレスしなかったわけですが、その判断は正解だった……今度こそ、永久保存に相応しいサウンドなのです!
そのサウンドで描かれる激レア・セットの素晴らしさ! まず何よりも注目なのは、開演シーン。本作は「威風堂々」から録音されており、続いて「Over The Rainbow」が会場中に鳴り響く。ここで「あれ?」となるのは、バンドが演奏しないこと。ドロシーの語りとテープに続いて、エンジン音に模したリッチーのアーミングが轟く……。もちろん、観客は「Death Alley Driver」を察知してテンション上がりまくり! そして、その期待に応えるようにRAINBOWが激走!! そう、これ! これですよ。日本公演でも聴きたかったのは!

【激レア・ソング「Rock Fever」】
このオープニング・シーンこそ本作最大のインパクトですが、本作はそれだけでは終わらない。「Man On The Silver Mountain」から続くもう1つの激レアテイクは「Rock Fever」! これはオープニング・シーンよりも更にレア。最新リサーチでも、本作のカラマズー公演までしか確認されていない。すぐに「All Night Long」に代えられ、マトモに聴ける記録は本作だけという、まさに虹色史でも激レア中の激レアなライヴテイクなのです。しかも、その演奏ぶりがまた最高。イントロのシンセも1分ほどのソロに伸張され、スペーシーなムードたっぷり。スタジオテイクとはまるで雰囲気の違うバージョンなのです。
そんな「Rock Fever」があることで、本作には別の味も出てくる。この日は新作「STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES」の全9曲のうち6曲が披露されている。演奏されていない「Bring On the Night (Dream Chaser)」「Tite Squeeze」「Eyes of Fire」は全時代を通して記録がなく、この日が史上もっとも『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』全像に近いコンサート。つまり、本作は“ライヴ版『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』”となる1枚なのです。

いかにもオープニング用の曲でありながら、私たち日本人が生体験できなかった「Death Alley Driver」オープニング。もちろん、90年代RAINBOWでもポール・ポジションを務めた「Spotlight Kid」が名曲すぎるわけですが、それでもトップこそが「Death Alley Driver」本来の居場所。いるべき場所で輝く名曲の眩しさ、そして激レア「Rock Fever」までも盛り込んで濃厚な『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』の香りにむせ返るようなライヴアルバムの大傑作です。
数あるジョー・リン・ターナー時代のオーディエンス・アルバムでも無類の1本。あなたの『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』の隣に、どうぞ本作をそっと差してください。
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Death Alley Driver 4. Miss Mistreated
5. I Surrender 6. Can’t Happen Here 7. Tearin’ Out My Heart 8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Rock Fever 10. Lazy 11. Stone Cold 12. Power 13. Difficult To Cure 14. Keyboard Solo
15. Difficult To Cure(reprise) 16. Drums Solo 17. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
18. Smoke On The Water 19. Maybe Next Time

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Black Box 016

Rainbow / Straight Between Finland Helsinki 1982 / 1DVDR / Non label
Translated Text:
Live at Jaahalli Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland 3rd November 1982


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“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR 1982” This edition press CD “DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER: KALAMAZOO 1982” that let you hear the opening of “Death Alley Driver” because it’s early in the early days. Among the many RAINBOW titles, it is a masterpiece that is interesting enough to listen and entertain, stepping on. To such bonus bonus, we will give you a “scene” that will further enrich the image.
It is contained in this work “Helsinki Performance November 3, 1982”. It is a valuable audience shot in the early 1980s when video cameras were just beginning to spread. The main press CD was the point of the extremely rare set unique to tour early days, but this work is the end of the tour in reverse. Although the tour summary was posted in the commentary of this volume, the Helsinki performance of this work is the 4th performances of the “European” leg at the end. It is a concert immediately after the performance in Japan in 1982.
Such a work is what a wonderful vintage shot. Although there is also an official video “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES” from this tour, this work enjoys live with “audience seated view” because of the audience shot and “I Surrender” “Since You Been Gone” further hit by Bob Rondinelli You can also watch with a consistent flow. However, it is more important than that and it shakes our mind that “the existence” itself of this image. As mentioned earlier, in 1982, video cameras are still not widely used in general, and photographers should have hidden quite a large camera hidden. Moreover, even though the tape itself is still expensive and it is not possible to shoot a live smallly, I was photographing with the stability of the ballistic, and I concentrated on Richie Blackmore, which is said to be “the most actionful in history” It is holding down.
To put it more, even in television stations, I was leaving without erasing this work in the era of erasing the master with dubbing. Spectacle even the fact. Even children in that neighbor upload self-uploading videos to SNS In modern times it is easy to forget, even in Japan who was confident that “I love the world’s largest RAINBOW” and was also interested in latest technology, 1982 There is no video left. Recall this fact. This is also the point in Northern Europe shooting. At that time, the image of “pop line for America” ​​was intense, in fact “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” marked 30th place in the US since the first album. However, in Sweden I ranked 7th, and since I replaced Joe Lynn Turner, I was growing support for Gungung over Ronnie James Dio. Of course, as Richie said “I like ABBA”, there may have been regionality that likes pop music, but the center of this work shoot is Richie instead of Joe. The photographer of this work is not coming to see “recent popular pop bands”, but I definitely love my heart Richie. It is a shot where the feeling of the photographer blurs out from every corner of the screen and the angle.

The main press press CD “DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER: KALAMAZOO 1982” is a historical live album that you can enjoy extremely rare songs and directing. On the other hand, this work is historical in the sense that it casts one stone in the image of “American RAINBOW” that we believed. Of course, it does not have to extend to a beautiful official image on a quality basis, but at the level such as “Search for Ritchie beyond noise” (never!), The image quality that can be enjoyed through the photographer himself, the picking of Richie One sound, it can taste plenty of Joe’s breathing to meet that.
For those who love RAINBOW deeply, this is the historical image you would like to see. Although I do not deny that it is somewhat maniac, I sympathize with the feelings of the photographer who can not keep an eye on Richie. Such a historical masterpiece, it would be greatly appreciated if you could taste this opportunity.

“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR 1982”極初期だからこその「Death Alley Driver」オープニングを聴かせてくれた本編プレスCD『DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER: KALAMAZOO 1982』。幾多のRAINBOWタイトルの中でも、聴いて楽しく、踏み込むほどに面白い大傑作です。そんな逸品のボーナスには、さらにイメージを豊かにしてくれる“光景”をお贈りします。
そんな本作は、何とも素晴らしいヴィンテージ・ショット。このツアーからはオフィシャル映像「LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES」もあるわけですが、本作はオーディエンス・ショットゆえに“客席目線”でライヴを楽しめ、さらにボブ・ロンディネリが叩く「I Surrender」「Since You Been Gone」も一貫の流れで観ることができます。しかし、それ以上に重要で心を揺さぶるのは、この映像の“存在”そのもの。先述の通り、1982年は、まだまだ一般にビデオカメラが普及しているとは言えず、撮影者はかなり大型のカメラを隠して持ち込んでいるはず。しかも、テープ自体もまだ高価で小まめにライヴ撮影できるわけでもないのに、バツグンの安定度で撮影しており、“史上最もアクションが激しかった”と言われるリッチー・ブラックモアをばっちり集中して押さえているのです。
もっと言えば、テレビ局ですらマスターをダビングで消していた時代に、本作を消さずに残していた。その事実すらスペクタクル。その辺の子どもですら自録り動画をSNSにアップする現代では忘れがちですが、“世界一RAINBOWを愛している”と自認し、かつ最新テクノロジーにも興味旺盛だった日本でさえ、1982年の映像は残されていない。この事実を思い起こしていただきたい。これが北欧撮影というのもポイントです。当時は“アメリカ向けポップ路線”のイメージが強烈で、実際『STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES』は1stアルバム以来の全米30位をマークしました。しかし、スウェーデンでも7位を記録しており、ジョー・リン・ターナーに代わってからロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ時代以上にグングン支持を伸ばしていたのです。もちろん、「ABBAが好きだ」というリッチーの言葉の通り、ポップな音楽性を好む地域性もあったのでしょうが、本作がシュートする中心はジョーではなくリッチー。本作の撮影者は“最近流行のポップバンド”を見に来ているのではなく、間違いなく心底リッチーを愛している。その画面、アングルの隅々から撮影者の想いが滲むショットなのです。

本編プレスCD『DEATH ALLEY ROCK FEVER: KALAMAZOO 1982』は、激レアな曲と演出が楽しめるヒストリカルなライヴアルバムです。その一方、本作は今まで私たちが信じてきた“アメリカンRAINBOW”のイメージに一石を投じる意味でヒストリカルな映像です。もちろん、クオリティ的には美麗なオフィシャル映像に及ぶべくもありませんが、“ノイズの向こうにリッチーを探す”といったレベルでは(決して!)なく、撮影者自身でなくても通して楽しめる画質、リッチーのピッキングひとつ、それに応えるジョーの息づかいまでたっぷり味わえるサウンドです。

1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Miss Mistreated 4. I Surrender 5. Can’t Happen Here
6. Tearin’ Out My Heart 7. Blues 8. All Night Long 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Stone Cold 11. Power
12. Difficult To Cure 13. Drum Solo 14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll incl. Hey Joe
15. Maybe Next Time 16. Since You Been Gone 17. Smoke On The Water

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.82min.

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