Rainbow / Rotterdam 1981 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rainbow / Rotterdam 1981 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Black Box

Translated Text:

Live at Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands 13th June 1981 Plus Bonus DVDR “Essen 1981”

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“” DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981 “the best … … No, Joe Lynn Turner’s highest peak in all ages.” A legendary name recording that makes world maniacs say so much is coming. Such a work included in “Rotterdam Show on June 13, 1981”. Although it is a name recording in name recording known from the analog era, this work is a superb gem that digitized from the cassette master who became its main origin. Before touching its dreadfulness, let’s first confirm the position of the show from the whole picture of the world tour. · February 20th – May 13th: North America (47 performances) · June 3rd – July 27th: Europe (39 shows) ← ★ Coco ★ · August 12th – 28th: ​​Japan (8 shows) Over all, 94 performances. This work ‘s Rotterdam show was a concert that was the eighth show of’ Europe ‘leg. This show is a legendary LP bootleg “LOST IN HOLLYWOOD (Avon RB 0891)” that is also famous for American car jacket and shook collector. This work is its grandmaster. Speaking of what is so amazing, sound and entertainment. First of all it is a sound, but this is already furiously cleared. From the beginning you can hear the voices of excited audiences, so there is no mistaking as a soundboard, but the musical sounds and singing voices that are essential are completely devoid of distance and jump straight in like a sound board. Besides, the vividness of the separation is not enemy even if poor line recording becomes a bundle. It is a natural level for each instrument to be brilliant one note, so the structure of the drum kit is three-dimensional. Of course, Ritchie’s strato is gorgeous and vivid, from the rising of one note to the disappearing ringing. It is a name recording that is roughly apart from the audience. Moreover, this work is recorded from a cassette. Without scratch noise like LP raising, freshness is also preeminent. “LOST IN HOLLYWOOD” In other earlier departures, the disc was divided in the middle of the keyboard solo, but in this work it is recorded seamlessly firmly (the voice of Joe interlocking with the name of Don · Aie is interrupted However, this is the situation as it is). It is wonderful beyond that sound, an amazing performance. This is already wonderful. Anyway Ritchie and Joe are doing great. It is a Joe with waves depending on the day, but this day it will grow to a pleasantly pleasant extent. I often see the name performance of instruments “I would be fun if I play so far …” but that vocal version. Indeed, Joe also frequently uses a freely tuneable way to show how good his condition is. Everyone is fully open to be pulled by such Joe. Although Bobby Rondinelli is powerful as usual, it is tighter than usual, and Don’s colorful fingertips make a splendid phrase. Of course, the main character Richie · Blackmore is also crisp. Romantic melodies like Toru, intense cutting, mischievous little phrases, flowing skins are also brilliantly brilliant. There is something called “what will be good even if you do it”, but that is the day. It is a live album where you can see a cheerful expression from the sound transparently. And the culmination is Encore anyway. The most amazing thing is “Smoke On The Water”, the last guitar crash. Although the synonym of DEEP PURPLE has been lifted from this tour, audiences probably did not know just when there was little information. That intro sounds and it seems like a tremendous pleasure! Of course, the huge big chorus will also be rolled in the rust, but the sturdy guitar sound, even it will be overrun … …. It is a part of excitement around the world, but I do not remember a bit of recording that the power is more like goo as much as this work. And highlighting highlighted guitar crash. This is also a powerful force that different from Sonjyosho’s recordings. Normally, as I often hear it as searching as “Why did it break?” In the roar swirling, this work is super clear to the scream of the guitar as well. The violent phrase suddenly draws vividly to make it a kiss for musical intervals. This is another wonderful scene where goo moistens moist again. I often cite “good song”, “good sound”, “good performance”, but since RAINBOW, “good song” is natural. The remaining “sound” and “performance” are so terrible so far that there is no live album that makes you excite up to this point. It is unreasonable name recording that mania calls “highest peak even in all times of Joe”. It is its highest peak board. I do not recommend it to “those who do not want to listen to Joe’s voice”, but a masterpiece that you would like to touch all others. Of course of course the permanent preservation press 2 CD appears.

「“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”随一の……いや、ジョー・リン・ターナー全時代の最高峰」。世界のマニアにそこまで言わせる伝説の名録音が登場です。  そんな本作に収められているのは「1981年6月13日ロッテルダム公演」。アナログ時代から知られる名録音中の名録音ですが、本作はその大元になったカセット・マスターからデジタル化した極上の逸品なのです。その凄味に触れる前に、まずはショウのポジションをワールドツアーの全体像の中から確認しておきましょう。 ・2月20日-5月13日:北米(47公演) ・6月3日-7月27日:欧州(39公演)←★ココ★ ・8月12日-28日:日本(8公演)  以上、全94公演。本作のロッテルダム公演は「欧州」レッグの8公演目にあたるコンサートでした。このショウは、アメ車ジャケも懐かしい伝説のLPブートレッグ『LOST IN HOLLYWOOD(Avon RB 0891)』がコレクターを震撼させたもの。本作は、その大元マスターなのです。  何がそれほど凄いのかと言えば、サウンドと熱演。まずサウンドですが、これがもう猛烈にクリア。冒頭から興奮する観客の声が聞こえるのでサウンドボードと間違える事はありませんが、肝心要の楽音と歌声は距離感もまったくりなく、サウンドボードさながらに真っ直ぐ飛び込む。しかも、その分離の鮮やかさは下手なライン録音が束になっても敵わない。各楽器が1音1音鮮やかなのは当然なレベルで、ドラムキットの構造が立体的に感じられるほど。もちろん、リッチーのストラトは、1音の立ち上がりから消えゆく鳴りまで艶やかで鮮明。おおよそオーディエンス離れした名録音なのです。しかも、本作はカセットからの収録。LP起こしのようなスクラッチ・ノイズもなければ、鮮度もバツグン。『LOST IN HOLLYWOOD』他の既発ではキーボードソロの途中でディスクが分断されていましたが、本作ではしっかりとシームレスで収録しています(ドン・エイリーの名を連呼するジョーの声が途切れますが、これは現場そのままです)。  そのサウンド以上に素晴らしいのが、凄まじいまでの熱演。これがもう、素晴らしいのなんの。とにかくリッチーもジョーも絶好調。日によって波のあるジョーですが、この日はどこまでも気持ちよく伸びに伸びる。よく楽器の名演奏を見て「ここまで弾けたら楽しいだろうなぁ……」と思うものですが、そのヴォーカル版。実際、ジョーも自分の調子の良さが気持ちいいのか、見せつけるような自在な節回しを多用しています。  そんなジョーに引っ張られるように全員が全開。ボビー・ロンディネリはいつものようにパワフルでありながら、いつも以上にタイトですし、ドンのカラフルな指先は見事なフレーズをキメまくる。もちろん、主役リッチー・ブラックモアもキレッキレ。トロけるようなロマンティックな旋律も、激しいカッティングも、悪戯っぽい小フレーズも、流れるようなキメも、めちゃくちゃ鮮やか。“何をやっても上手くいく日”というのがあるものですが、それがこの日。上機嫌な表情が音から透けて見えるライヴアルバムです。  そして、その絶頂は何と言ってもアンコール。特に凄いのは「Smoke On The Water」と、ラストのギタークラッシュです。このツアーからDEEP PURPLEの代名詞が解禁になったわけですが、情報の少ない当時だけに恐らく観客は知らなかったのでしょう。あのイントロが鳴り響くや凄まじい喜びよう! もちろん、サビでは盛大な大合唱も巻き起こるわけですが、逞しいギターサウンドは、それさえも蹂躙し尽くす……。世界各国で盛り上がるパートではありますが、本作ほどグーに力がこもる録音はちょっと覚えがありません。  そして、ハイライト中のハイライトたるギタークラッシュ。これがまたそんじょそこらの録音とはワケが違うド迫力。普通、轟音渦巻くの中で「今、壊したかな?」と探るように聴くことも多いわけですが、本作はギターの悲鳴まで超クリア。乱暴なフレーズが突如、音程のなしてキシミと化す様が鮮やかに描かれている。これまたグーがじっとりと濡れる素晴らしいシーンです。  よく“良い曲”・“良い音”・“良い演奏”を三要素に挙げますが、RAINBOWですから“良い曲”なのは当たり前。残りの“音”と“演奏”がここまで凄まじく、ここまでエキサイトさせられるライヴアルバムはそうはありません。マニアが「ジョーの全時代でも最高峰」と呼ぶのも無理からぬ名録音。その最高峰盤です。「ジョーの声なんぞ聴きたくもない」という方にまではお薦めしませんが、それ以外のすべての方に触れていただきたい大傑作。もちろん無論の永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

Disc 1 (38:00)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2 (54:49)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Difficult To Cure 4. Drums Solo
5. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 6. Maybe Next Time 7. All Night Long 8. Lazy
9. Woman From Tokyo 10. Smoke On The Water 11. Kill The King
12. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll – Guitar Crush

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Black Box 022


Rainbow – Essen 1981 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 10th June 1981

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Sound, performance is the ultimate wonderful legendary recording of “ROTTERDAM 1981”. If there is something missing in that masterpiece, that is a “sight.” So we prepared a (almost) full picture of precious “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981” for the bonus.
This film was filmed “Essen Performance on June 10, 1981”. It is the “European” leg 5 public performance echo in the schedule mentioned in press 2CD, and it is a concert three times before the main part Rotterdam performance.
Until then, RAINBOW’s audience shot was mainly film shooting, but this work was due to a video that was still rare at that time. It is a priceless one that is said to be “the oldest RAINBOW video shoot”. However, it is quality that is not similar to such precious plays. At that time, it seems that we brought in a camera that was too large to compare with the present day, but a staggeringly stable angle is delicious. It seems to be taken from the left side of the stage, but whether you are using a tripod, the angle is extremely stable. Richie Blackmore, Joe Lynn Turner and so on, zooming to the fullest so that the whole body appears on the screen is heavily used, but there is no kind of camera shake at all. Besides, the stage is held directly over the overhead of the first floor arena customer, and it is not bothered by the shadow of the front row.
And not only shooting, master freshness is also wonderful. Although the particles are coarse only at the video dawn, there is little distortion of the master deterioration and dubbing marks. It should be separated from the modern digital sense, but its vivid coloring exceeds the preciousness and makes the spectacle of “1981” vividly revive.
Drawing with its quality “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981” is truly valuable. Anyway, this Essen performance is also very rare in the Rotterdam performance of the best condition, and it is a record of the time when it came to the second half, both in terms of time and number of performances. Newly joined Joe Lynn Turner / Bobby Rondinelli also got accustomed to the band, and the ensemble is well fulfilled. On top of that, the freshness of “the place where you go first” is satisfactory, and “the proof of the competence of the new lineup” is also sufficient. Joe is a singer with a different condition of good or bad, but this work is in good condition, it is sweet but it is also a bruzie and it makes us an exquisite singing voice. Although the sound is slightly broken, there are some drawbacks such as the cut with some songs, but there is nothing shortcoming, but the heat of the medley style remaining show, passionate Richie phrase can be tasted more than enough.

“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR” has “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES”, “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR” has “JAPAN TOUR ’84”. On the other hand, it is a valuable piece that you can witness the whole picture of “DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR” which did not have any video on the official side. Please enjoy plenty in conjunction with this press 2CD.

サウンド、演奏が究極的に素晴らしい伝説の名録音『ROTTERDAM 1981』。その名盤に足りないものがあるとすれば、それは“光景”です。そこで、ボーナスには貴重な“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”の(ほぼ)フル映像をご用意しました。
そのクオリティで描かれる“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR 1981”は本当に貴重。何しろ、このエッセン公演は絶好調のロッテルダム公演にも激近であり、時期的にも公演数的にも、後半に差し掛かった頃の記録。新加入のジョー・リン・ターナー/ボビー・ロンディネリもバンドに慣れ、アンサンブルも十分にこなれている。その上で“行く先々が初めての地”というフレッシュさ、“新ラインナップの実力を証明する”という気迫も十分。ジョーは調子の良し悪しに差のあるシンガーですが、本作は調子も良く、スウィートながらブルージーでもある絶品の歌声を轟かせてくれます。音声がやや割れ気味で、いくつかの曲でカットがあるなど欠点もなくはありませんが、メドレー形式の残るショウ運び、情熱滲むリッチーのフレーズの熱気も十二分に味わえます。

“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”には『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』があり、“BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR”には『JAPAN TOUR’84』があった。それに対し、オフィシャルには一切の映像が残らなかった“DIFFICULT TO CURE TOUR”の全貌を目撃できる貴重な1枚。どうぞ、本編プレス2CDと併せてたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Love’s No Friend 4. I Surrender
5. Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Can’t Happen Here 8. Keyboard Solo
9. Lost In Hollywood 10. Guitar Solo 11. Difficult To Cure 12. Drum Solo
13. Long Live Rock’n Roll 14. Maybe Next Time

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bobby Rondinelli – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.70min.

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