Rainbow / Live In Kyoto 1981 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Rainbow / Live In Kyoto 1981 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall Kyoto Japan August 24, 1981. Digitally Remastered


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6 time of Ritchie Blackmore, and Japan tour of the fourth time as a rainbow has been carried out in 1981. A total of eight performances that exceed the previous year’s Japan tour, Tokyo, Nagoya, other major cities of Osaka, a concert in Fukuoka and Kyoto has been assembled. Of course Kyoto for Richie’s there is also a place where concerts have been performed in the past, but this year also performed only once in Kyoto. It is August 24 Kyoto Kaikan first hole 1981 that is included in this work.

This year the Rainbow Cozy Powell has left the previous year’s MONSTERS OF ROCK at the end, Bob Rondineri as successor of the drummer, and want to leave in the middle of recording, do’s instead of John as a successor of the vocal Lynn Turner was a Japan tour of participating in the members. For Don Airey also it was a visit to Japan as the last of the rainbow. The album in the tour due to the release of “I Surrender” (Difficult To Cure), released in March in Japan, was a concert in Japan was realized in then.

This work is complete recording of the Kyoto performances August 24, 1981. From the curtain before the opening BGM venue is seen to have raised a great deal. To say that it just came to Japan last year, it is Serra again feel et al Richie popular in Japan. Opening number is a “Spotlight Kid” from the new album at the time. This speedy Afururu Ritchie of play would be special mention mono. Others, from the new album a total of four songs of “difficult to cure,” “Can not Happen Hear,” “treatment impossible” is in the set list. Very satisfactory as the promotion of new work, which was completely changed from the previous year, fans were realistic in the venue at the time would be satisfied greatly. Also in the Rainbow concert that took place in 2016 “Spotlight Kid” is being unveiled, the even point is higher that is due to the original members at the time of recording to listen here.

While this work is audience recording, as can be seen if you listen to the sample, which is recorded in great high-quality sound, while first appearance sound source, is fully recorded on the day of the air from the curtain before the BGM until the BGM of After the concert. Finally, “Maybe Next Time” is flows in the venue, BGM or so unclear towards whether a fact of playing the end of a show, in the track are summarized as “Outroduction”. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


この年のレインボーはコージー・パウエルが前年のMONSTERS OF ROCKを最後に脱退しており、後任のドラマーとしてボブ・ロンディネリが、そしてレコーディング途中で脱退した、やっさんの代わりに、後任のヴォーカルとしてジョン・リン・ターナーがメンバーに加わっての来日公演であった。またドン・エイリーにとっては最後のレインボーとしての来日であった。アルバムとしては『アイ・サレンダー』(Difficult To Cure)のリリースに伴うツアーで、日本では3月に発売、その後に実現した来日公演であった。


本作はオーディエンス録音ながら、サンプルを聴いていただければわかる通り、初登場音源ながら素晴らしい高音質で収録されており、当日の空気を開演前のBGMからコンサート終了後のBGMまで完全収録している。最後に「Maybe Next Time」が会場内に流れるが、実際の演奏なのか終演に向けてのBGMか判然としないので、トラックでは「Outroduction」としてまとめてある。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。


01. Land Of Hope And Glory
02. Over The Rainbow
03. Spotlight Kid
04. Love’s No Friend
05. I Surrender
06. Man On The Silver Mountain – Lazy
07. Catch The Rainbow
08. Can’t Happen Here

01. Don Airey Keyboards Solo
02. Lost In Hollywood
03. Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Solo
04. Difficult To Cure
05. Bob Rondineli Drumn Solo
06. Long Live Rock’n Roll
07. All Night Long
08. Outroduction
Shakuntala 2016. STCD-099/100

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