Rainbow / 3 Nights At Budokan 1981 / 6CDR

Rainbow / 3 Nights At Budokan 1981 / 6CDR / Shades

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Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 26th, 27th & 28th August 1981

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From the “DIFFICULT TO CURE” tour in 1981 where RAINBOW appealed to the fans all over the world, in the August visit to Japan in August where the final stage was displayed, three consecutive at Tokyo · Nippon Budokan which became climax The performance is a release decision with 6 pairs which used a valuable audience master fully. This work is “37th Anniversary Memorial Work” unique to Collector’s Item, which is meaningful because RAINBOW of Joe Lynn Turner for the first time stepping on Japanese soil “now” that will be 37 years!

Three consecutive performances of the Budokan in this ’81 performance showed that “SPOTLIGHT NIGHT” on the 26th of the first day and “INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER” on the 27th day of the day, there is an audience source highly evaluated by the fans To do. Also on the 28th sound source that became the final day, “DEFINITIVE SURRENDER DOCUMENT” which used the sound board sound source of stakeholders, and the complete audience recording “TOTAL SURRENDER” of the same day are known as classic, and mania The pattern of the show is known for its excellent shape. However, these items were sporadically discovered by the master, both of which appeared as a single article, and even when listening side by side also in terms of the personality of the sound (even though it was a high dimension) there were variations. However, this work appeared this time has little difference in sound quality in terms of equipment used, with almost the same texture on 6 discs, I can enjoy this special 3 consecutive performances in one stroke! In case

To the discs 1 and 2, the performance of August 26, which became the first day of the Budokan kan, is recorded from the master tape which is newly discovered. As for the sound source of the first day, as mentioned above, there was a good source already developed, but there was a missing originating from the master, there was some obstacle to enjoying the show as one unified flow. However, the new master appearing this time has no big lacks that I was concerned about in the past, characterized by stable recording being realized from the beginning. Even among maniacs, this live with a high reputation for masterpieces can be enjoyed thoroughly from the opening to the show end.
Although it is a recording that feels a slight sense of distance on the taper and the stage, in a clear and clean look with little turbidity, I realize the appearance of an explosive exciting audience. The interestingness of document · touch which is backed by this superb presence is outstanding. From around “Love’s No Friend”, Joe’s vocal and Ritchie’s guitar can be clearly heard, and the performance will be improved to the sound that can be fully enjoyed. Especially the guitar sounds that resonate with “I Surrender” and “Man On The Silver Mountain” will attract the listener’s ears. “Catch The Rainbow” At the beginning, Joe is “Watashiha, Anata wo skiddes”, the appearance of the audience reacting with “Uma no!” To the MC with slightly firm Japanese is also funny, interesting also in the pattern of the venue on the day I can listen. From the opening, such as “Lost In Hollywood” where Richie and Joe are listening to high tension play, “Smoke On The Water” like festivities from intro riffs, “Blues” with rare songs picked up at the show end It is pleasant to listen to a consistent and fulfilling live with a stable sound image until the ending and this sound source can be said to be a fun sound source even for those who listened to “SPOTLIGHT NIGHT” (no, those who listened to it).

On Disk 3 · 4, you can enjoy a live show on August 27, the middle day. This sound source is the same tapered recording as the 26th previous day, this is also the sound from the cassette · master which appeared completely completely here.
The performance is somewhat far from the influence that the taper hides the equipment, compared to the bustle of the audience who was caught on, but the state of the former master is very good. The sound image which packed the atmosphere of the venue with high freshness is more vivid than the opening day “Over The Rainbow” · “Spotlight Kid” more than the previous day, and the listener can be integrated into the live with the feeling that it became one of the audience seats Let’s see. “I Surrender” puts on a familiar catchy development, the unity sense that the audience seems to be coming with Joe is excellent. Richie also attracts listeners by playing the best solo, whether Rikko got on. The mellow ears of this sound source further complement the melodic musical notion of “Catch The Rainbow”, and will expand the fantastic world view with a soft texture. These two songs are definitely listening even in this work.
In active “Can not Happen Here” it’s like excitement that the floor boils. The audience is also excited about Richie’s solo on Nori, and the heated performance plunges from Don’s solo to a dramatic “Lost In Hollywood” and “Difficult To Cure” at a stretch (intense Ritchie’s long solo with frequent feedback and “A Light In The Black” ‘s KIME are heard!)! The encore that begins with “All Night Long” will have the highest climax with “Since You Been Gone” and the guitar crash that was not on the previous day. Even after the live recording, the recording is continuing for about one and a half minutes from the ending ‘Over The Rainbow’. A listener can feel the reverberation of a fulfilling live on the floating mood of the audience who leaves the Budokan.

In the last discs 5 and 6, the whole pattern of August 28th is recorded. Only the sound source of this day was once known as “MISSING GATE”, but in this work it remastered and recorded its upper master tape. You can enjoy a special live of the last day of your trip to Japan, thanks to the ease of listening above the previous episode, which was a sound formation from the subordinate generation.
Recording approaching the stage for more than two days before, the Budokan live seems like a lively swirling force to capture the enthusiasm of the venue, and it is impressive from “Spotlight Kid” and “Love’s No Friend”. Although the performance is somewhat lumpy and there are places where it is hard to hear depending on the scene, the contour itself of the performance has become clear by the effect of remaster, especially after “Man On The Silver Mountain” the state of the live is relatively You will be able to verify details. In “Lost In Hollywood” and “Difficult To Cure”, Richie’s guitar reverberates from the center of the sound as if roaring, and you can enjoy the real pleasure of the then RAINBOW live.
Although the encore of this day is not a bursting of a guitar crash, it can listen to “Joe’s song” “Blues” and “Smoke On The Water” that was not on the previous day, and will have a great circle with “Since You Been Gone”. The encore part is very different for 3 days, so listening compare to these takes is a very interesting point for fans.
In case
The sound source contained here is a recording that is close to the average of those days compared with the previously released press CD titles. However, the volume and merit of enjoying all three live performances at the same venue are great, and even an enthusiastic mania will be able to taste the memorial live reached a big milestone from a new perspective and angle. This work must be loved as an important one alongside “TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY” of the ’78 Budokan 3 Performance Set of the Ronnie era and the masterpiece ‘HIDDEN FORTRESS’ of the Graham era!
Beyond the time of 37 years, 310 minutes · 6 pairs of disqualified to let all RAINBOW fans pursue the 3 consecutive performances of the Budokan in ’81 yearly releases! Do not miss the amazing premium title that entertains the best entertainment with overwhelming volumes!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.136 (November 2011 issue). For your information.

In 1981, CD-R limited to 30 sets that recorded three consecutive Tokyo performances of August 26, 27, 28 from audiences recording from the first Japanese performance after joining vocal Joe Lynn Turner. First, the stage on Disc 1 & 2-26. On this day, Tokyo performance – as the first day, the excitement of the audience from the opening is also wonderful, and it reacts hotly to the band’s play. The highlight of the day was the encounter of the audience “Ya-yo!” At the moment when the riff of DEEP PURPLE’s “Smoke On The Water” ___ ___ ___ 0 is engraved by Richie as the stage of RAINBOW at the encore. It can be said that everything is consolidated.
The stage of Dsic-3 & 4-27 days is recorded with an audience recording of the same level as the 26th. On the stage this evening, the band will listen to the best performances, mainly from Richie, from the opening ‘Spotlight Kid’ as well as the day before. Encore of this day is the same as “Smoke On The Water” the day before, Ritchie’s guitar crash jumps out, making fans crazy.
Japanese performance in Disc-5 & 6-28 – The final stage on the final day is recorded with a moderate audience recording that can clearly listen to the band’s play, compared to 26th and 27th. The audience’s cheers and clapping are mixed with the sound of the band from the opening “Spotlight Kid” and show the appropriate excitement on the final day. In the encore of this day again “Smoke On The Water” will be played and the stage will be played “Since You Been Gone” as a stage collapse.
The fact that “Smoke On The Water” was played in this touring show was a big topic, but the stage of the band where Joe Lynn Turner joined and the band was more pop has been in the 1970s It can be said that clearly different new RAINBOW appearance was presented to fans.

★ All excellent set · title by the same sound recording person. In 2011 it was released for 30 sets only, and the name sound source title that gained popularity from fans and media has been re-released for the first time in 7 years.

★★ Budokan 3 Three consecutive years from this summer of 81 years when three consecutive performances were held (We also became older …). MSG first arrival also overlaps It became an unforgettable summer for hard rock and fans.


RAINBOWが世界中のファンに新たな姿をアピールした1981年の「DIFFICULT TO CURE」ツアーより、その最終盤を飾った8月の来日公演において、クライマックスとなった東京・日本武道館での3連続公演が、貴重なオーディエンス・マスターをフル使用した6枚組でリリース決定です。本作はジョー・リン・ターナーのRAINBOWが初めて日本の土を踏んでちょうど37年となる”今”だからこそ意義がある、コレクターズ・アイテムならではの「37周年記念作」です!

この’81年来日公演における武道館の3連続公演は、初日26日に「SPOTLIGHT NIGHT」が、中日の27日には「INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER」など、ファンから高い評価を受けたオーディエンス・ソースが存在します。また最終日となった28日の音源には、関係者流出のサウンドボード音源を駆使した「DEFINITIVE SURRENDER DOCUMENT」や、同日のオーディエンス録音完全版「TOTAL SURRENDER」が定番として知られ、マニアには全てのショウの模様が優れた形で知られています。しかしこれらのアイテムは散発的にマスターが発掘された事もあり、いずれも単品で登場したもので、(高い次元とはいえ)音の個性の面でも並べて聴くとバラつきがありました。しかし今回登場する本作は使用機材の面での音質差は少なく、ディスク6枚ともほぼ等しい質感で、この特別な3連続公演を一気に楽しめてしまいます!

テーパーとステージにやや距離感を感じる録音ではありますが、濁りの少ないすっきりした見通しの中、爆発的に盛り上がるオーディエンスの様子をリアルに捉えています。この優れた臨場感に裏付けられたドキュメント・タッチの面白さは抜群です。「Love’s No Friend」辺りからはジョーのヴォーカル、リッチーのギター共に明瞭に聴き取れ、演奏も存分に楽しめるサウンドへと良化します。特に「I Surrender」や「Man On The Silver Mountain」で鳴り響くコシのあるギターサウンドは聴き手の耳を惹き付ける事でしょう。「Catch The Rainbow」冒頭でジョーが「ワタシハ、アナタヲスキデス」という、やや固めな日本語を交えたMCに「ウマいっ!」と反応するオーディエンスの様子も微笑ましく、当日の会場の模様にも興味深く耳を傾ける事が出来ます。リッチーとジョーが揃ってハイテンションなプレイを聴かせる「Lost In Hollywood」、イントロのリフからお祭り騒ぎのような「Smoke On The Water」、珍しくショウエンドに取り上げられる歌入りの「Blues」など、オープニングからエンディングまで一貫して充実したライヴを安定した音像で聴けるのは嬉しく、本音源は「SPOTLIGHT NIGHT」を聴いた人でも(いや、そちらを聴いた人こそ)楽しめる音源だと言えるでしょう。

テーパーが機材を隠している影響か、オンに捉えられたオーディエンスの喧騒に比べて演奏がやや遠いですが、元マスターの状態はとても良好です。高い鮮度のまま会場の雰囲気をパックした音像は、オープニングの「Over The Rainbow」・「Spotlight Kid」から前日以上に生々しく、聴き手も客席の一人になったような気持ちでライヴに溶け込めるでしょう。「I Surrender」では親しみやすいキャッチーな展開に乗せて、客席がジョーと唱和する一体感が絶品です。これにリッチーも興が乗ったのか、最高のソロを奏でて聴き手を魅了します。本音源のまろやかな耳ざわりは「Catch The Rainbow」のメロディアスな曲想をより引き立て、ソフトな質感でファンタジックな世界観を広げていきます。この両曲は間違いなく本作中でも聴き所です。
アクティヴな「Can’t Happen Here」では一転してフロアが沸騰するような盛り上がり。ノリに乗ったリッチーのソロにオーディエンスも大興奮で、熱を帯びた演奏はドンのソロから劇的な「Lost In Hollywood」、そして「Difficult To Cure」へと、一気に突き進んでしまいます(強烈なフィードバックを連発するリッチーのロングソロと「A Light In The Black」のキメは必聴)! 「All Night Long」で始まるアンコールは、「Since You Been Gone」そして前日には無かったギタークラッシュで最高のクライマックスを迎えます。ライヴ終了後も録音はエンディングの「Over The Rainbow」から、約1分半ほど続いています。武道館を後にする観客の浮き立ったムードに、聴き手は充実したライヴの余韻を感じることが出来るでしょう。

ラストのディスク5そして6では8月28日の模様を全編収録しています。この日の音源のみ、かつて「MISSING GATE」というタイトルで知られていましたが、本作ではその上位マスター・テープをリマスターして収録。下位ゼネレーションからの音盤化だった既発を上回る聴き易さで、来日最終日の特別なライヴを楽しめます。
前2日間以上にステージへ近づいた録音は、武道館ライヴらしい渦巻くような迫力で会場の熱気を捉えており、「Spotlight Kid」や「Love’s No Friend」から迫力満点です。やや演奏が固まり気味で、場面によっては聴き取りづらい個所があるものの、リマスターの効果によって演奏の輪郭そのものは明らかになっており、特に「Man On The Silver Mountain」以降はライヴの様子も比較的細部まで確かめられるよにうになります。「Lost In Hollywood」と「Difficult To Cure」ではリッチーのギターもサウンドの中心から轟くように響き渡り、当時のRAINBOWライヴの醍醐味を味わえます。
この日のアンコールはギタークラッシュこそ炸裂しないものの、前日に無かったジョーの歌入り「Blues」と「Smoke On The Water」を聴く事ができ、「Since You Been Gone」で大団円を迎えます。3日間ともアンコール部分は大きく異なっており、これらテイクの聴き比べはファンにとって非常に興味深いポイントでしょう。

ここに収められた音源の数々は、以前にリリースされたプレスCDタイトルと比較して、当時の平均に近い録音ではあります。しかし同一会場のライヴを3本まとめて楽しめるボリュームとメリットは大きく、熱心なマニアでも新たな視点と角度から、大きな節目を迎えた記念のライヴを再び味わえる事でしょう。本作はロニー時代の’78年武道館3公演セットの「TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY」や、グラハム時代のマスターピース「HIDDEN FORTRESS」と並ぶ、重要な一本として愛好されるに違いありません!
37年の時を越え、全てのRAINBOWファンに’81年武道館の3連続公演を追体験させる破格の310分・6枚組が堂々のリリース! 圧倒的なボリュームで最高のエンターテイメントを楽しませる、驚異のプレミアム・タイトルをどうぞお見逃しありませんように!

★beatleg誌 vol.136(2011年11月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1981年、ヴォーカルにジョー・リン・ターナー加入後初の日本公演から、8月26日、27日、28日の3連続の東京公演をオーディエンス録音で収録した30セット限定のCD-R。まず、Disc1&2-26日のステージ。この日は、東京公演-初日ということもあり、オープニングから観客の盛り上がりも素晴らしく、バンドのプレイに熱く反応している。この日のハイライトはアンコールでRAINBOWのステージとしては遂にプレイされることになったDEEP PURPLEの「Smoke On The Water」のリフがリッチーによって刻まれた瞬間の観客の「やったー!」という叫びに全てが集約されていると言えるだろう。
Dsic-3&4-27日のステージは、26日と同レベルのオーディエンス録音で収録している。この日のステージも前日同様、オープニングの「Spotlight Kid」からリッチーを中心にバンドは最高のパフォーマンスを聴かせてくれる。この日のアンコールは前日の「Smoke On The Water」とは一転、リッチーのギター・クラッシュが飛び出し、ファンを狂喜させてくれる。
Disc-5&6-28日の日本公演-最終日となるステージは、26日、27日と比較して若干、クリアにバンドのプレイが聴くことが出来る中程度のオーディエンス録音で収録。オープニングの「Spotlight Kid」から観客の歓声と手拍子がバンドのサウンドにミックスされて最終日に相応しい盛り上がりを見せる。この日のアンコールでは再び「Smoke On The Water」がプレイされてステージの締め括りとして「Since You Been Gone」がプレイされる。
この来日公演では「Smoke On The Water」がプレイされたことが大きな話題となったが、ジョー・リン・ターナーが加入して、よりポップさに拍車がかかったバンドのステージは1970年代とは明らかに異なる新たなRAINBOWの姿をファンに提示したと言えるだろう。



Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 26th August 1981

Disc 1 (45:56)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2(59:44)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In Black
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Jam 6. Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 8. All Night Long
9. Smoke On The Water 10. Maybe Next Time 11. Since You Been Gone 12. Blues
13. Over The Rainbow

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th August 1981

Disc 3(46:07)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 4(58:06)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In The Black
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Jam 6. Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
8. All Night Long 9. Maybe Next Time 10. Woman From Tokyo 11. Since You Been Gone
12. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 13. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise)
14. Over The Rainbow

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 28th August 1981

Disc 5(43:26)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 6(54:59)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In Black
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Jam 6. Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
8. All Night Long 9. Blues 10. Woman From Tokyo Intro 11. Smoke On The Water
12. Since You Been Gone 13. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

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