Rainbow / Definitive Graham Stockholm 1980 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rainbow / Definitive Graham Stockholm 1980 / 2CD+1 Bonus DVDR / Black Box
Translated Text:
Live at Johanneshow Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 18th January 1980 plus Bonus DVDR “PASSAIC 1979: REMASTERED VERSION”


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Reprinted release is a major Daimyo board representing Graham Bonnet era. In this work is “Stockholm performance on January 18, 1980”. Its super fine audience album.
In Graham’s era, MONSTERS OF ROCK (hereinafter, MOR) and the legendary Japanese performance are also well-known. First of all, let’s imagine the position from the whole picture of “DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980”.

· September 1979 – October: North America # 1 (18 performances)
· November – December 1979: North America # 2 (24 performances)
· January – March 1980: Europe (35 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
– About two months later –
· May 1980: Japan (6 performances)
– After about 3 months –
· August 1980: Scandinavia + MOR (4 performances)

As you can see, tours are largely divided into three major categories: “North America + Europe” “Japan” “North Europe + MOR”. Stockholm performance of this work is a concert which is the second day of “Europe” leg which is different from MOR and Japan.
This show has been known for a long time recording, and it is a large standard that produced a lot of previous episodes. It was about as circulating as a sound board for the first time in its high quality. One book that struck the highest peak of such standard recording was “DEFINITIVE GRAHAM” of Darker
Than Blue label. Even Power Gate label had the same title, but it was refined by mastering it. As a grand master of powerful recording that is misunderstood as a sound board in a long history, maniacs all over the world shake the real and lively on sound. Until then, the highest peak in the Graham era was
“May 15, 1980: Osaka Performance”, but it was a surprisingly unexpected sound.
Darker Than Blue board “DEFINITIVE GRAHAM” was sold out in the blink of an end in order to be out of print because of that much shock. This work is one that reprints and re-releases such Darker Than Blue board. Let me be honest. In truth, it was planned to deliver an upgrade board by re-digitizing &
mastering from Omoto master. However, when I start working, I can not find myself searching for somewhere. There was not the case with the sound which was too perfect. The original Power Gate label board had a somewhat somewhat midrange sound that was well arranged, the track separation that was
uncomfortable is also natural. Of course, the natural “ringing” that the Omoto master had is kept freshly, natural as far as it is. The noise of “The Land Of Hope And Glory” that was in the master was alleviated cleanly enough to say that it was unclear anyhow. It can not be exceeded even with the latest
technology of 2017 … No, it was the highest peak not to exceed. If only a few hands are dirty, only dirty …… Only the ultimate sound overflowing with such “beauty of the cutting edge” was to re-release as it was.
The show drawn with such a sound is also suitable for the name of “Definitive”. “Eyes Of The World” which explodes dramatically from the opening of “Mars” & “Over The Rainbow” unique in the Graham era, the overwhelming power singing “Love’s No Friend”, there is MC of someone who is not Graham
Catch the Rainbow “romantically singing with an urban sense, …. The scene where the lyrics are missing as well as the calling & response of” interesting “Since You Been Gone”, the crowd with the audience and “All Night Long” Although there is a certain thing, Graham of this day is top form with vocal
momentum and control.
If Graham with waves is such a great condition, there is no more scary thing. Particularly overwhelming is the “Lost In Hollywood” medley which lasts about 30 minutes. Don Eiley decided the colorful keyboard solo of Richie Blackmore, and the solo of Richie Blackmore is also crisp. Koji ‘s solo time
which starts dynamically is also the power of death that can not find a word, and it is said that the wonderfulness of “1812 Overture” reproduced with the highest sound that can not exist any more … …. As a matter of fact, in the Power Gate board, a disc change has been entered with this superb
masterpiece, but the Darker Than Blue board and this work are uncut. Moreover, happiness that can be tasted with the highest peak sound can not be changed to anything.
In addition, at the encore, we also showed off “Will You Still Love Me Tommorow?” Which is known as Ritchie’s request, and guitar crash (note the raw sound called “Goto” at around 4: 00) backed up with “Kill The King” Appearance! There is no such thing as “Stargazer” of only “Northern Europe + MOR”,
but it is a live album where everything everything you want in the Graham era has everything in everything else.

Even in the rainbow color history, Graham era which was the only super band. It is a vertex board that has drawn the greatest live with the ultimate superb sound. Sound that could not go beyond modern technology, it is re-released from Black Box label. Please take this opportunity to save it forever.
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グラハム時代というと、公式化もされたMONSTERS OF ROCK(以下、MOR)や伝説的な日本公演が有名。まずは、“DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980”全体像の中からポジションをイメージしてみましょう。


このショウは古くから録音が知られており、数々の既発を生み出した大定番。そのあまりのハイクオリティぶりにサウンドボードとして流通していたほどなのです。そんな定番録音の最高峰を極めた1本がDarker Than Blueレーベルの『DEFINITIVE GRAHAM』でした。Power Gateレーベルでも同タイ
それだけの衝撃ゆえに、Darker Than Blue盤『DEFINITIVE GRAHAM』は瞬く間に完売・廃盤となってしまいました。本作は、そんなDarker Than Blue盤を復刻・再リリースする1本なのです。正直に申し上げましょう。本当は、大元マスターから再デジタル化&マスタリングによるアップグレード盤を
お届けする予定でした。しかし、作業を開始してみるとどこをどう探してもスキがない。あまりにも完璧なサウンドにイジりようがありませんでした。大元のPower Gateレーベル盤にはあったやや中音域に偏っていたサウンドは綺麗に整い、違和感のあったトラック分けも自然。もちろん、大元マス
ターが持っていた自然な“鳴り”は瑞々しくキープされ、どこまでもナチュラル。マスターにあった「The Land Of Hope And Glory」のノイズもこれ以上はムリと言うほど綺麗に緩和されていた。2017年の最新技術でも超えられない……いえ、超えようがない最高峰だった。わずかでも手を出せば汚す
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウも、また“Definitive”の名に相応しい。グラハム時代ならではの「Mars」&「Over The Rainbow」オープニングから劇的に爆発する「Eyes Of The World」、パワーの歌唱が圧倒的な「Love’s No Friend」、はグラハムではない何者かのMCが入るのも面白い「Since You
Been Gone」、観客を置いてけぼりにする「All Night Long」のコール&レスポンス、都会的なセンスでロマンティックに歌う「Catch The Rainbow」……例によって歌詞が抜けている場面こそあるものの、この日のグラハムはヴォーカルの勢い・コントロールともに絶好調。
波のあるグラハムがこれだけ絶好調なら、もう恐いものなし。特に圧倒的なのは、約30分に及ぶ「Lost In Hollywood」メドレー。ドン・エイリーはのカラフルなキーボードソロを決め、リッチー・ブラックモアのソロもキレッキレ。ダイナミックにスタートするコージーのソロタイムも言葉が見つからないほど
のド迫力で、これ以上ありえない最高のサウンドで再現される「1812 Overture」の素晴らしさと言ったら……。実のところ、Power Gate盤ではこの超大作メドレーでディスクチェンジが入ってしまったのですが、Darker Than Blue盤や本作はノーカット。しかも、最高峰サウンドで味わえる幸せは何物
さらにアンコールでは、リッチーのリクエストとして知られる「Will You Still Love Me Tommorow?」も披露し、「Kill The King」をバックにしたギタークラッシュ(4:00ごろの”ゴツン”という生音に注意!)も登場! さすがに「北欧+MOR」だけの「Stargazer」こそありませんが、それ以外はグラハム時代に

虹色の歴史でも、唯一無二のスーパーバンドだったグラハム時代。その絶好調ライヴを超極上サウンドで描ききった頂点盤です。現代技術でも超えようがなかったサウンド、Black Boxレーベルから再リリースです。ぜひ、この機会にお手元で永久保存してください。
Disc 1 (50:02)
1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Countdown / Over The Rainbow 3. Eyes Of The World
4. Love’s No Friend 5. Since You Been Gone / Over The Rainbow 6. All Night Long
7. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (53:13)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. A Light In The Black / Guitar Solo / Beethoven 9th
4. Keyboard Solo 5. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture 6. Lost In Hollywood (Reprise)
7. Guitar Solo 8. Lazy 9. Man On The Silver Mountain 10. Blues 11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
12. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 13. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash
14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise) 15. Over The Rainbow

Black Box 018

Rainbow / Passaic 1979 Remastered Version / 1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 1st December 1979 PRO-SHOT

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Historical masterpiece representing Graham Bonnet era “DEFINITIVE GRAHAM: STOCKHOLM 1980”. For that re-entry, we prepared a super luxury bonus suitable for a great masterpiece. Yes, a related shoot-out pro shot of “December 1, 1979 Pacific Show” who shocked the whole world with “DOWN TO
NEW JERSEY”. That new version!
Anyhow, the impact of this pro shot was ridiculous. Until then, the picture of the Graham era is about MONSTERS OF ROCK about 30 minutes later, only fragmentary things. Despite the lineup that was said to be “the strongest RAINBOW”, there was no way to see the whole live image for a long time at all.
It was in 2014 that such a history was put an end. It was the appearance of “DOWN TO NEW JERSEY”. The monochrome picture that suddenly appeared to have boiled down was a pro shot of No way. It was a multicamera that was completely colored with perfect camera work as if broadcasting, and it
showed almost the whole picture of the concert for about 76 minutes.
Moreover, that live was also amazing. Super powerful star players gathered together, an intense ensemble hitting phrases, beats and personality. Besides, Graham with a wave in tone is also great, showing a lot of powerful high notes with plenty of room. Running as a unit creates the power to knock down
all, the sympathy of delicate phrases is sweet so that it can be colorful and torn. It was exactly the 2nd phase DEEP PURPLE flash super powerful live.
This work is not a straight copy of that legend pro shot …… It is a new version that remastered and brushed up with the latest technology of 2017. Therefore, the place where the cut and mix was unstable has not changed. However, its appearance has definitely improved. On the image side, it gave a sharp
contrast to the monochrome image which was somewhat blurred, and adjusted more clearly. Of course, I did not raise the highlights unnecessarily, I paid the latest attention so that the details of the image would not be crushed, and then the darkness was deep like the jet black and the light finished in a
beautiful image beautifully emerging.
In addition, audio is also digital remaster. We adjusted the balance throughout the whole story, and made sound pressure which was violent changed properly. Of course, even though digital is not a versatile magic, it is not possible to perfect homogenize, but it is much smoother than the Omoto version.
Eye Of The World, which was extremely small in sound, will make it easy to realize the difference.

Pro-shot of the 1979 Pasaic concert which was legendary after three years from the appearance. Of course, the original master at the first appearance is great, but it is a new version that makes it as easy to see and listen as possible with modern technology as much as possible.
The best multicamera pro shot in the highest peak live album of Graham era. It is an opportunity to get two vertex records at once. This is the true figure of the strongest RAINBOW who was told that “This is even comparable to the second DEEP PURPLE”. Please, please take a look!
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グラハム・ボネット時代を代表する歴史的大傑作『DEFINITIVE GRAHAM: STOCKHOLM 1980』。その再登場には、偉大なる傑作に相応しい超豪華ボーナスをご用意しました。そう、『DOWN TO NEW JERSEY』で全世界に衝撃を振りいた「1979年12月1日パサイク公演」の関係者流出プロショ
とにかく、このプロショットの衝撃はとんでもないものでした。それまでグラハム時代の映像と言えば、約30分のMONSTERS OF ROCKくらいで、後は断片的なものばかり。「最強のRAINBOW」と言われたラインナップにも関わらず、長らくライヴ全像を目で見る術がまったくなかったのです。そんな歴
史に終止符が打たれたのが2014年。『DOWN TO NEW JERSEY』の登場でした。突如降って沸いたように現れたモノクロ映像は、まさかまさかのプロショット。それもまるで放送かのように完璧なカメラワークに彩られたマルチカメラで、約76分に渡ってコンサートのほぼ全体像を見せてくれたのです

、繊細なフレーズの交感はとにかくカラフルでトロけるように甘い。まさに、第2期DEEP PURPLEばりの超強力ライヴだったのです。
さらに音声もデジタル・リマスター。全編を通してバランスを整え、変化の激しかった音圧も適正化。もちろん、デジタルも万能の魔法ではありませんから完全な均一化ができるわけではないものの、大元版よりもずっとスムーズ。特に極端に音の小さかった「Eyes Of The World」では違いを実

グラハム時代の最高峰ライヴアルバムに、最高峰のマルチカメラ・プロショット。2つの頂点記録を一挙に手にできるチャンスです。これこそ「第2期DEEP PURPLEにさえ匹敵する」と言われた最強RAINBOWの真の姿。どうぞ、刮目してご覧ください!

1. Eyes Of The World 2. Love’s No Friend 3. Brandenburg Concerto / Over The Rainbow
4. All Night Long 5. Keyboard Solo 6. Lost In Hollywood 7. Guitar Solo incl. Beethoven 9th
8. Keyboard Solo 9. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture 10. Lost In Hollywood (Reprise) 11. Guitar Solo
12. Lazy 13. Man On The Silver Mountain 14. Blues 15. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
16. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 17. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise) 18. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass Don Airey – Keyboard
Cozy Powell – Drums

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx. 76min.

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