Rainbow / Definitive Chicago 1978 / 1CD

Rainbow / Definitive Chicago 1978 / 1CD / Rising Arrow

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Live at International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL. USA 2nd July 1978

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Daimyo boards symbolizing the final stage of the Ronnie James Dio era are upgraded. It appears in permanent preservation press CD. The symbolic board is “Chicago Performance July 2, 1978”. It’s its finest audience album.
Ronie era When you talk about RAINBOW ‘s live, it can be roughly divided into two. “Jimmy Bain / Tony Kalei era” and “Bob Daysley / David Stone era” decorating the stage debut. There are countless live albums, both formal and informal, but the number decreases suddenly at the latter. Although the officialized pro shot “LIVE IN MUNICH 1977” and Japanese performances are fulfilling, there are only a few mysterious recordings when it comes to other performances. The North American tour of 1978 in particular that was rare is the final stage. This work is a name recording representing the tour which should also be said “the day before collapse”. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the flow of that “Days of Stone age”.

“July 7” ON STAGE “Release”
· September 25 – October 27: Europe (24 performances)
· October 31 – November 22: UK (17 performances)
· January 11 – February 3: Japan (15 shows)
“April 9” LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL “Release”
· May 9 – August 15: North America (59 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the end of the Ronnie era. After the release of “LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL”, only about 3 months’ North American tour will be done, and Ronnie will leave RAINBOW. The Chicago show of this work was a concert that was the 34th performances. This recording not only represents the final tour, it has been said for a long time “the last recording of the Ronie era”. In a recent survey, the following August recording was also found, but it was just that there was. In the dimension that can be enjoyed as a music album, this work is still the last.
Such Chicago recording is a large staple from before. Especially the “FIRECRACKER” of the Rising Arrow label that appeared in 2006, seamlessly recorded “Blues” which had been cut by the previous episode, the long time decision board of the whole time. It is extremely popular as “Best of Ronnie’s Late Terminal”. Thereafter, there was a recurrence in 2012, but it was sold out and it became out of print soon. This work is also the same master as “FIRECRACKER”, but polished with the latest and meticulous remastering. It is a vertex album that raised “best” further.
In fact, the sound of this work is quite different from “FIRECRACKER”. Of course, I do not do an uncanny man like twisting the original sound, it is making the utmost use of natural sounding to the last. The biggest difference is the stereoscopic effect. Although the original master was good sound quality, the balance of the stereo was a little broken and it was biased slightly to the right channel. In this work, while balancing the weak left channel sound from the sound quality itself, the overall balance is also adjusted. It reproduced the “natural three-dimensional feeling that would have been ringing in the field”.
Of course, although we are doing other fine adjustments, the effect of the stereo feeling is still noticeable. “Space” is felt more than simply being in the right balance. The sound of a firecracker at the beginning which became the origin of the already-known title also has increased its presence, and the rampant “Kill The King” rushes up to each one of the riff with a real feeling increase, and the heroic vocals cut through the space. The solo of “Mistreated” in the middle part is also three-dimensional so dancing vividly, Ronnie’s vocalist “Night People” also feels the sound of the space, the beauty stands out. These points have been known as “the taste of the end of Ronnie”, but they are felt more realistic. If you compare it, it is as if you review the movie in 3D screening.
Then the revived show, the sense of concentration is also overwhelming. The final North American tour also had several performances of Headliner, but most are on the undercard. He supported various bands such as REO SPEEDWAGON, FOGHAT, ALICE COOPER, and KANSAS, depending on the day. In the case of this Chicago performance, the head liner is CHEAP TRICK. For that reason it is a short set, but it’s okay to say so. Every phrase is full of motivation, overflowing without stagnation continuing in nonstop as if you took the short time of your time as an opponent. As with the previous episode “Beethoven 9th” in the midfield there is a cut due to a tape change, but the rest is complete except it. You can soak your rich shoes until the S.E.

RAINBOW of the Ronnie era that collapsed in short-lived while drawing “Dramatic Rock’s Virtue Town”. It is a superb live album that conveys its last glow. It is one piece in which a three-dimensional sense and existence also lived in a rich rainbow color world because of the terminal period. Please, enjoy it.

ロニー時代RAINBOWのライヴと言えば、大きく2つに分けられます。ステージデビューを飾った“ジミー・ベイン/トニー・カレイ時代”と“ボブ・デイズリー/デヴィッド・ストーン時代”。前者は公式/非公式を問わず無数のライヴアルバムが存在するわけですが、後者になると急に数が減る。公式化もされたプロショット『LIVE IN MUNICH 1977』や日本公演は充実しているものの、それ以外になると不思議なほど録音が少ないのです。特に稀少なのが最終盤となった1978年の北米ツアー。本作は、その“崩壊前夜”とも言うべきツアーを代表する名録音なのです。まずは、その“デイズリー/ストーン時代”の流れの中でショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

《7月7日『ON STAGE』発売》

これがロニー時代の末期。『LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL』の発売後は約3ヶ月の北米ツアーだけが行われ、ロニーはRAINBOWを去ることになります。本作のシカゴ公演は、その34公演目にあたるコンサートでした。この録音は最終ツアーを代表するだけでなく、長らく「ロニー時代最後の録音」とも言われてきました。最近の調査では、その後の8月録音も見つかっていますが、それはあったというだけ。音楽アルバムとして楽しめる次元では、現在でも本作が最後なのです。
そんなシカゴ録音は、以前からの大定番。特に2006年に登場したRising Arrowレーベルの『FIRECRACKER』は、それまでの既発ではカットがあった「Blues」もシームレスに収録され、全体の時間も長い決定盤。「ロニー末期のベスト」として大人気。その後、2012年にも再発はありましたが、それもすぐに完売・廃盤となりました。本作もまた『FIRECRACKER』と同じマスターではあるのですが、最新・細心リマスタリングで磨き上げたもの。「ベスト」をさらに引き上げた頂点アルバムなのです。
もちろん、それ以外の微調整も行ってはいるものの、やはりステレオ感の効果はてきめん。単に正しいバランスになったという以上に“空間”が感じられる。既発タイトルの語源になった冒頭の爆竹の音も存在感を増しており、怒濤の「Kill The King」はリフの1つひとつまでリアル感増量で押し寄せ、ヒロイックなヴォーカルが空間を切り裂く。「Mistreated」中間部のソロも立体的だからこそ鮮やかに舞い、ロニーのヴォーカルインプロ「Night People」も空間の鳴りが感じられ、美しさが際立つ。こうしたポイントは“ロニー末期の旨み”として知られてきましたが、それらが一層リアルに感じられる。喩えるなら、まるで映画を3D上映で見直すような感覚なのです。
そうして甦ったショウは、濃縮感も圧倒的。最後の北米ツアーはヘッドライナーも数公演はありましたが、ほとんどが前座。REO SPEEDWAGONやFOGHAT、ALICE COOPER、KANSASなど、日によってさまざまなバンドのサポートを務めました。本作のシカゴ公演の場合、ヘッドライナーはCHEAP TRICK。そのためにショートセットなわけですが、だからと言って手抜きナシ。フレーズの1つひとつはやる気に充ち満ちており、持ち時間の短さを逆手に取ったようにノンストップで連なる淀みなく溢れ出る。既発と同じように「Beethoven 9th」中盤でテープチェンジによるカットはありますが、それ以外は完全収録。濃厚なショウを終演のS.E.まで淀みなく浸りきれるのです。



1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Blues 7. Night People 8. Man On The Silver Mountain(Reprise)
9. Still I’m Sad 10. Beethoven 9th 11. David Stone Solo 12. Cozy Powell Solo feat. 1812 Overture
13. Still I’m Sad (Reprise) incl. Guitar Crash 14. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards


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