Rainbow / Budokan 1976 Final Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Budokan 1976 Final Night / 2CD / Rising Arrow

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th December 1976 Evening Show.


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In the history of rainbow color … No, legendary show which is becoming “symbol of hard rock” even in the history of Western music in Japan. The world first public master that rewrites the longest record appears.
That “Symbol of Night” is RAINBOW ‘s first visit to Japan “December 16, 1976: Nippon Budokan (night part)”. In addition to merely being a masterpiece, not only are not only the masterpieces but also the sound board boards such as “ON STAGE” Deluxe Edition (Osaka credits are wrong) and “WHEN EVENING FALLS” “THE END OF RISING”, with countless superb audience recordings recorded It is a known concert. Even in the history of RAINBOW in glory, there is no show that produced such masterpieces and name boards, but this work is the first name released in the world that was born again. Moreover, it is “longest” audience recording.
Its length was amazing. Actually, it is the master who was a treasure holder of the name of a Japanese representative, but I listen with it as usual, and even though I’m thinking “It’s about time for tape change …”, I can not cut it. All songs and songs are constantly playing, and the show continues seamlessly forever and ever. Of course, there is a tape change also because it is an era pattern analog cassette recording, but it is only one place. It is only 27 seconds to reply from “Starstruck” to “Man On The Silver Mountain”. There was only Ronnie’s Singa Long ‘You’re the man, the man, the man’ that was flowing to the venue there, and Richey’s one picking, one cozy strike has not been missed either. It was the longest record in the history of 120 minutes because I was using tape.
Besides, it is not only long. That sound quality is also amazing. Although this work compensates the scenes etc. of 27 seconds of missing recording and before / after the opening to make the best use of the longest seamless master in history, it has finished as the longest live album of the past , It was “AN EVENING IN DECEMBER (Calm & Storm 010)” that was used to compensate for it (therefore, it is the same sound that it was played first, but before playing “Over The Rainbow” It will change to recording so be relieved). Of course, “AN EVENING IN DECEMBER” is an audience recording of the highest-ranking sound of the past and it is a honorable supernumeric board, but this new excavation master has no incompatibility even if it is connected with that abnormal high quality sound … … Rather, I do not understand the connection point. I can fully receive that wonderful direct, furious, clear sound.
In fact, the sound that goes through this work is intense. Because “AN EVENING IN DECEMBER” is too much super-recording, I’m sure I will declare “I will update the vertex!” But I’m sure there is a thin thing. Dare to say, the beauty of ringing, glossiness is “AN EVENING IN DECEMBER” above. However, in this vivid, the sharp edges are outweighed by this work. The edge further complements clearness. Moreover, this vividness was not produced by mastering. It is the detail that the master cassette itself is breathing in, so it is natural for everything to stand, even if you are standing crisply.
The show drawn with such sound …. let’s stop. “December 16: Nippon Budokan (Night part)” is too famous “legendary show”. In the meantime, I do not need to tell you anything, you know familiar well. But the experience to say is that “experience”. That burning performance is kept flowing without stopping without stopping water. There is no warning heart of “I will soon change the sound” that I felt even though I was consciously or unconscious. Just, Ritchie’s tone, Ronnie’s beautiful voice, Koji’s beat continue to be drunk. This exquisitely creates the feeling of the concert site.
As a matter of fact, this show has experienced the highest sound quality with official Deluxe Edition and Jeezy Tape sound board. In the meantime, there is no meaning to aim for high in the pure audio value sense. However, the feeling of continuity and experiences are different. The breath and reality unique to audiences recording are the highest peaks, and the presence that it lasts (except for 27 seconds) is the one that no one has ever experienced. That can be tasted with the quality that is “AN EVENING IN DECEMBER”.

Even those who existed at the scene of this “legendary night” may have been mixed by the position. This work is one that can taste the sound as close to the best as possible, the longest in the past. Beyond time and space, the audience recording is only when you experience the show. In that sense, it transcends all kinds of past episodes, and it is a masterpiece that is thin at the top as regards quality. Of course, this experience must be able to repeat forever and ever. It must be conveyed to future generations. For that purpose permanent preservation press 2CD. It is the world’s first public with the ultimate specification suitable for cultural heritage.

★ 1976 Japan tour · program with miniature · replica. (36 pages in all)

★ It is a high quality sound source that appears completely in the first place. (Master is 120 minutes tape)

その“象徴の夜”とは、RAINBOW初来日の「1976年12月16日:日本武道館(夜の部)」。単に名演と言うだけでなく、『ON STAGE』のデラックス・エディション(クレジットの大阪は間違い)や『WHEN EVENING FALLS』『THE END OF RISING』といったサウンドボード盤を筆頭に、無数の極上オーディエンス録音録音で知られるコンサートです。栄光のRAINBOW史でも、これほど名作・名盤を生み出したショウはないわけですが、本作はまたしても誕生した世界初公開の名録音。しかも、“最長”のオーディエンス録音なのです。
その長さは驚異的でした。実は日本を代表する名録音家が秘蔵していたマスターなのですが、それをいつもの感覚で聴き進め「そろそろテープチェンジかな……」と身構えても、切れない。どの曲もどの曲も演奏が絶え間なく、いつまでもいつまでもシームレスにショウが続く。もちろん、時代柄アナログカセット録音なわけでテープチェンジもあるにはあるのですが、それがたったの1カ所。「Starstruck」から「Man On The Silver Mountain」へとリプライズする27秒間だけなのです。そこで会場に流れていたのはロニーのシンガロング「You’re the man, the man, the man」のみであり、リッチーの1ピッキング、コージーの1打も逃していない。120分テープを使用していたからこその史上最長の記録だったのです。
しかも、単に長いだけではありません。そのサウンド・クオリティも凄まじいのです。本作は、史上最長のシームレス・マスターを最大限に活かすべく、録音漏れの27秒間や開演前/終演後のシーン等を既発で補填し、歴代最長のライヴアルバムに仕上げているのですが、その補填に使用されたのは『AN EVENING IN DECEMBER(Calm & Storm 010)』(そのため、再生して最初に流れるのは既発と同じ音。ですが「Over The Rainbow」に入る前に新録音に変わりますのでご安心を)。もちろん、『AN EVENING IN DECEMBER』は過去最高峰サウンドのオーディエンス録音と誉れ高い超名盤なわけですが、今回の新発掘マスターは、あの異常なハイクオリティ・サウンドと繋いでも違和感がまるでない……と言うより、むしろ繋ぎポイントが分からない。あの素晴らしくダイレクトで骨太、そしてクリアなサウンドを完全に受けることができるのです。
実際、本作を貫くサウンドは強烈にもほどがある。『AN EVENING IN DECEMBER』があまりの超録音ゆえに、“頂点を更新する!”と断言するか迷いますが、肉薄しているのは間違いない。あえて言うなら鳴りの美しさ、艶やかさは『AN EVENING IN DECEMBER』の方が上。しかし、そのビビッドで鋭いエッジは本作が上回っている。そのエッジがクリアさを一層引き立てている。しかも、この鮮やかさはマスタリングで生み出されたものではない。マスター・カセット自体が吸い込んでいるディテールであり、だからこそキリッと立っていても、どこまでも自然なのです。
実のところ、このショウはオフィシャルのデラックス・エディションやらジージー・テープのサウンドボードやらで音質的な最高峰は体験済み。今さら、ピュア・オーディオ価値観で高みを目指す意味などありません。しかし、持続感・体験感は違う。オーディエンス録音ならではの息づかいと現実感は最高峰であり、それが(27秒間を除き)どこまでも続く立ち会い感は、これまで誰も体験したことがないもの。それが『AN EVENING IN DECEMBER』に肉薄するクオリティで味わえるわけです。





Disc 1 (63:55)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Lazy Intro. 8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Blues / Vocal Improvisation 10. Starstruck 11. Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)

Disc 2 (60:59)
1. MC 2. Keyboard Intro. 3. Stargazer 4. Still I’m Sad 5. Keyboard Solo
6. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 7. Still I’m Sad (reprise)
8. Guitar Intro. 9. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash 10. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Jimmy Bain – Bass Tony Carey – Keyboards

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