Rainbow / Bristol 1976 / 2CDR

Rainbow / Bristol 1976 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol, UK 31st August 1976


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Live album that contains the first UK performance is the gift-release decision. For the first time of the home country performance that was realized is that in the “Bristol August 31, 1976” to the RAINBOW. Already more than a year has passed since the debut, but had been released two albums, it to live is I had just North America. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s look back and skim the history of here “RISING lineup (five Ritchie / Ronnie / Cozy / Tony / Jimmy)”.

April 1975: Richie DEEP PURPLE withdrawal
August 4, 1975: “Ginrei winner” release
September 1975: Tour lineup confirmed
– 1975 November 10 – 12 May: North American tour (20 performances)
March 1976: “the rainbow soar champion (RISING)” release
– June 11, 1976 – August 3, 2011: North American tour (20 performances)
– August 31, 1976 – September 14, 2011: the UK tour (10 performances) ← [this work] – September 20, 1976 – October 18, 2011: European tour (21 performances)
– 1976 November 4 – November 22, 2011: Australia tour (10 performances)
– 1976 December 2 – December 16, 2011: Australia tour (10 performances)
February 1977: Jimmy Bain dismissal

In this way, every one of the original ELF is dismissed without performing live, from the beginning of the live “RISING lineup”. And, through the North American tour → “RISING” production → North America tour, and returned for the first time in their home countries. If it were contained in this work, we of the first day.
Such in this work, I mean that clogged enthusiastic performance to prove the charm of the new band home fans, the sound is also hot recording the performance. Historical valuable live and I a place thankfully even roar and say, this work is clear transmitted to the Vivid is best to cool performance even without thought of such a situation. Of course, but “like the sound board” it is a vintage feeling full audience album that does not say that, not even in lean sound in the roar, distortion nor noise. There is also a recording is known in part from earlier, but this time fix exactly the pitch that has been mad by the latest mastering, hiss also we reduced. As a result, transparent, but each person’s performance in the sense of air was realized the sound exhilarating and clearly without also blurred, especially great for guitar, vocals, drums. It is why there is also due to the balance of the site, but is exactly what a live album to be slammed the appeal itself of this era.
And, the performance precisely, Tagiru passion for relocation of the capital won the home country enthusiastically. Although there can not be such as losing at this time of RAINBOW, amazing even with the reference. Since May 1974 for Richie, it is why the Bristol performances for the first time in two years, but two years ago of the undercard ELF. Once two of the leading role that had Wakea’ on the undercard and the main is Narabitachi, thus gathered in Buchikamasu a tremendous performance. Not very cheers at the beginning of this work, the more I roar is clear, “Over The Rainbow”, “Kill The King”, I do not think the same venue is a storm of large cheer and whistle then to arise. Probably “what band is it!?” And “long-awaited!” Was a mix of air, Will was at once flared up in one song. Is there even enough can make nothing more of it hot, “Kill The King”. Then, two years ago to the clapping was aligned with the performance is also violently in exactly has changed the hue “Mistreated” while Bishitsu also spread. Rocked the home country of the fan with just one song, it had follow completely in the next one song. In this work, it the document is recorded clearly.

It was revived in the latest remastered, RAINBOW’s first native performance. Band that wanted to set any time by the tycoon DEEP PURPLE to kick, or music that I wanted to pursue how much amazing. It and a certificate relocation of the capital to enthusiastic performance, is the name recordings fully to record the moment that contains the impressive victory in stunning sound. 7 colors live album rainbow has flared up in bright red of. By all means, please enjoy plenty!


1975年4月:リッチーがDEEP PURPLE脱退

そして、そのパフォーマンスこそ、母国を制覇せんとする情熱たぎる熱演。この時期のRAINBOWにハズレなどあるはずがありませんが、その基準を持ってしても凄い。リッチーにとって1974年5月以来、2年ぶりのブリストル公演となるわけですが、その2年前の前座はELF。かつて前座とメインで分け合っていた主役の2人が並び立ち、よってたかって凄まじい演奏をぶちかます。本作の冒頭にはあまり歓声がなく、クリアな「Over The Rainbow」「Kill The King」が轟くのですが、その後に沸き起こる大声援と口笛の嵐は同じ会場とは思えないほど。恐らく”どんなバンドだ!?”と“待ちに待った!”の混在した空気が、1曲で一気に燃え上がったのでしょう。そうとしか思えないほどの熱い「Kill The King」でもあるのです。そして、2年前にも演奏されながらまったく色合いの変わった「Mistreated」では激しくもビシッとそろった手拍子が広がる。たった1曲で母国のファンを熱狂させ、次なる1曲では完全に従えてしまった。本作には、そのドキュメントがハッキリと記録されているのです。

最新リマスターで蘇った、RAINBOW初の母国公演。大物DEEP PURPLEを足蹴にしてでも組みたかったバンド、追求したかった音楽がどれだけ凄いのか。それを証明せんとする熱演と、見事に勝利を収めた瞬間を見事なサウンドで記録しきった名録音です。7色の虹が真っ赤に燃え上がったライヴアルバム。ぜひ、たっぷりとご堪能ください!

Disc 1(47:50)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Lazy 7. Man On The Silver Mountain
8. Blues/Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)

Disc 2(46:15)
1. Keyboard Intro 2. Stargazer 3. Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo
4. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 5. Still I’m Sad (reprise)
6. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash

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