Rainbow / 1976 Tour Rehearsal / 2CD With OBI Strip

Rainbow / 1976 Tour Rehearsal / 2CD With OBI Strip / Shakuntala

Original Soundboard Recording 1976 Tour Rehearsals.  Digitally Remastered

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■ Rehearsal sound source for the 1976 tour
■ High-quality sound board sound source

It’s been a long time since Ronnie James Dio joined the demons after his illness. Richie began to sing while singing in the Deep Purple undercard band, and joined Ritchie’s solo project after Purple disbanded, which later became Rainbow. Ronnie was the first vocal. Richie is a talented musician who has been leading the band as an expression of his musical expression, but has the impression that he has taken a step back in the rainbow era. That’s because they trusted the band members and recognized them as equal talents.

Rainbow’s first album, Ginmine Conqueror, was essentially a solo album by Richie, backed by Elf, the band on which Ronnie was a vocal. Requested to perform as instructed. The exception is Ronnie. After Ronnie’s death, headlines such as “ Saburo Kitajima of the heavy metal world ” danced in the Japanese media, but it seems that Richie had recognized the talent as a vocalist who sings with a unique moderation different from the traditional vocalist early on .

The second album, Rainbow Riders, features a new drummer, Koji Powell. Did Richie, Ronnie and Cozy come together to make sure Richie was a success for the band? Until then, other members had the ability to recognize the public perception of “Ritchie and others” as equal bands. And the birth of the masterpiece, “The Champion of the Rainbow”. A tour that accompanies this album, whose reputation as a masterpiece that still remains in rock history, was performed in 1976 with recording members.

“Rainbow-Raising Conqueror” contains only six songs, and the B-side of the album is a huge one with only two songs, “Stargazer” and “A Light In The Black”. When radio on-air was an important advertising medium, this was the result of abandoning it on its own and prioritizing musicality over commercials. The performance was even longer at the live, and the dramatic development that inserted each member’s solo was the highlight of the concert. However, the improvisation was a very basic line, and the rehearsal for the tour would have been done very carefully. This work is a title that recorded the rehearsal of this 1976 tour on a sound board. The main songs are “Mistreated”, “Kill The King” and “Stargazer”. With only the rehearsal, Ronnie’s song is often different from the regular production stage, so it will be irresistible for fans.

This work was recorded on the sound board of the rehearsal of the 1976 tour accompanying the rainbow “The Champion of the Rainbow”. A permanent press machine with a beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese obi.





『虹を翔る覇者』にはわずか6曲しか収録されておらず、しかもアルバムB面は「Stargazer」と「A Light In The Black」の2曲のみという長大なものである。ラジオのオンエアが重要な宣伝媒体だった時代に、これはそれを自ら放棄し、コマーシャルよりも音楽性を優先した結果といえる。ライヴではさらに演奏は長くなり、各メンバーのソロを挿入したドラマチックな展開がコンサートの見所であった。しかしインプロビゼーションは重厚な基本ラインがあってこそのもので、ツアーに向けてのリハーサルはかなり入念に行なわれたはずである。本作は、この1976年ツアーのリハーサルをサウンドボードで収録したタイトルである。曲目は「Mistreated」「Kill The King」「Stargazer」の3曲をメインとしたもので、通常のライブの舞台裏を見ているようで興味深い。リハーサルだけあってロニーの歌いまわしも通常の本番ステージと異なる点が多々あり、ファンにとってはたまらないだろう。


01. Mistreated Take 1
02. Mistreated Take 2
03. Mistreated Take 3
04. Mistreated Take 4
05. Mistreated Take 5
06. Mistreated Take 6
07. Mistreated Take 7
08. Mistreated Take 8
09. Mistreated Take 9
10. Kill The King Take 1
11. Kill The King Take 2
12. Kill The King Take 3
13. Kill The King Take 4
14. Kill The King Take 5
15. Kill The King Take 6
16. Kill The King Take 7

01. Man On The Silver Mountain
02. Keyboard Solo
03. Stargazer Take 1
04. Stargazer Take 2
05. Stargazer Take 3
06. Stargazer Take 4
07. A Light In The Black
08. Still I’m Sad
09. Drums Solo

Shakuntala. STCD-137/138

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