Rainbow / Down To 1979 / 4CDR

Rainbow / Down To 1979 /4CDR / Non Label

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Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan 21st September 1979 & The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 29th September 1979.



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(Including activities with Deguy White) of RAINBOW band in history, it was over in a short period of time, especially Graham Bonnet enrolled at the time. It is not only just one year from the start of the live activities in 1979, up to Donington “Monsters of Rock” starring August 16, 1980. But this time calling the “RAINBOW strongest” is also high, has gained from the fan lose to Ronnie James Dio era, a strong support. Graham era that is only once one album tour, why is popular so far? The big reason, that there is a name value to many of the members, the presence of a collector’s item excellent will be mentioned and many, of impressive live.
American tour accounts for all of 1979 live in the Graham era. (As listen press CD3-Disc in the “DOWN TO FRONTIER”), sound board sound excellent have been known in this tour that took place about three months. However, this era also high value of the audience recording. It’s a this work to satisfy in quality and stability of the largest volume, the desire to “I want to hear more” of mania. Until December of late from September tour early, 4 minute performances, let Kikikoma in Buatsu of greater than about 230 minutes in total audience recording excellent tour of the United States!

I have recorded live performances hit the 4 th of 1979 tour, in Detroit, Michigan, “Cobo Hall” of September 21 in the disk 1. Range is somewhat narrow, but including the guitar of Richie, You can listen in the powerful sound of the band playing. Vocals Graham is housed securely in a clear outline in particular, and I would say the sound source fans of Graham not to be missed.
There is only the undercard of BLUE OYSTER CULT that was popular reaching its apex in the United States at that time, many of the audience and the size of the venue is transmitted from the sound. But fans had made their way to the foot in Ritchie mercenary also like a lot, (you me laugh the audience to call the “Smoke On The Water!” Suddenly in the opening) that stands out also cheers and “Richie!” And “Rainbow!”. Graham is the staging of the firm little yet, “I sing is (Graham that makes me hear the singing and powerful exciting and” Eyes Of The World “and” Love’s No Friend “in the word of truly singing voice it is the performance of the street that recalls soon as I heard, the audience is “facing here).
Highlights of live is “Lost In Hollywood”, cut can be seen through the beginning of the “Beethoven’s 9th” songs from middle, but still performance that spans 17 minutes in total to drum solo from the keyboard intro of Don Ailey is the best part. Drum solo Cozy you can experience the meet to hear the preeminent live through, among other things. In guitar crash that follows from “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”, we caught the sound of great power until fresh guitar noise like scream. The recording will be terminated before the ending Unfortunately, fine enough recordings, will keep you entertained for valuable document of tour very early for 48 minutes as well as audience source at the time.

September 29 of the 10 performances first tour, I have enjoyed performances “The Supekuramu” of Philadelphia, PA in the disk 2. Audience noise is a large thing from a large-scale venue, there is a scene that feels just a little noisy sound, but the spread of sound and wide echo fond enough we have extended sense of realism to the disk 1 or more.
On which you are beginning to adapt to the stage as a hard rock band, Graham shows off the best voice in the power of the best condition to this day. Because across many once sang of their own and improvisation in our full-length show from “Eyes Of The World”, his fans will be the 54 minutes that does not miss a moment to listen to from the beginning.
From solo with the motif of Richey “Brandenburg Concerto”, pattern flowing to the “All Night Long” through by the band playing “Over The Rainbow” is arranged only the first in the United States tour. Since the change, “Since You Been Gone” is applied since November, audience recording that you can see the truth the flow of time is priceless. Dialogue of the audience and Graham in this “All Night Long” midfield, the full-length Here we have overwhelmed the audience with voice some elongation power and great Graham there was a cut in the (disk 1 also “Lost In Hollywood” you can enjoy it without Yosa).
Under the impression that the performance of the band all members not only Graham are also riding on the very day, even from the play Don and Cozy, of Roger of course, momentum like cleave band together has blown Richie. You can enjoy playing high-level, the sound source can say it’s one of the best source in the 1979 tour.

Was housed to disk 3 is the California Long Beach Arena concert November 11. RAINBOW finishing the undercard of BLUE OYSTER CULT with a October 26 is, was going to perform in Germany tour from November 5 in the original plan, but now decided to continue the American tour, first 13 from November 6 I have to digest the six performances in California until the day. This source will be the first five performances tour after the resumption.
This source uses a top master of the sound source has emerged as “# 9” long ago. Only had a reputation for recording with excellent balance originally “# 9”, I can enjoy a sound and stable cohesive especially in this operating and here. Acoustic impression is dead but rather, can be enjoyed in the direct sense of the guitar such as line sources in some places. Song of “Lost In Hollywood” and the introduction of “Over The Rainbow”, you can enjoy a meet listening quality parts such as “Beethoven 9th”, play Richie is the key point further, in particular, and very happy for fans (When it comes to drum solo of Cozy from the keyboard solo in the second half of the “lost In Hollywood” medley, you will see the missing due to the master) In addition you’ll. Sound image, such as bird’s-eye view the entire venue to step back, even while maintaining a powerful, guitar crash that only loud a little at 2 and disk 1, you can Tenitoruyouni check Invision on stage raging, the state of the audience rise .

December 6th of late, disc 4 is located at the end of this work, saving in Massachusetts phosphorus and tour 1979. Its outstanding sound source is also present in this performance, but phosphorus, Pachinoizu pitch and fast strangely becomes mind them, it was not said that convey the correct figure of live. You are definitive of past best to overcome polite remastered these elements, surpassing the already issued in this work. On it is in the level of balance outlook clear, sound is also high, the impression that the sense of distance and taper stage is approaching a jerk as compared to the three performances so far. I served in the direct sound with excellent live energetic Graham RAINBOW.
Missing or cut due to the master exists some places and “Love’s No Friend” in “Since You Been Gone,” “All Night Long”, and the like, but the goodness of the sound in the top class, even audience during recording of the tour 1979 , it should be the sound source you want Kikikome repeatedly surely if an avid fan.
In response to listen to, such as condensed the goodness of the sound source described above, not only solo of Richie thrilling performance of Graham’s voice was superb well as great, “Love’s No Friend” has become to take that fulfilling. Has shown upsurge Graham and Richie to play improvised “Jingle Bell” will involve the audience in the play after the same song, it would be the part that does not miss even listen here. This fun atmosphere does not change until live the second half, and featuring a variety of your play of Angkor and “Man On The Silver Mountain” is also in the “Lazy”, playing riding on ride does not get bored hands listen. The delight of the best live up to round out their live in the “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”.
After this performance phosphorus, RAINBOW to exit the American tour at the end the New York-Albany performances of December 9. There are very high the value of the sound source as a record of the 1979 tour, which celebrated its endgame.

This work is a sample of the great which can be confirmed through to the end from the beginning, the pattern of live tour in the United States 1979. It has become a collection of the best you are binding the front and back jacket while a gift title, does not differ from regular items, to please the fans.
Of course, everyone was frustrating I can not get this work in time appeared in 2011, anyone who began looking for a collectible item of RAINBOW More recently also, do not miss absolutely revival this release! Please enjoy in conjunction with the press title “DEFINITIVE GRAHAM”, to your heart’s content in this work, the RAINBOW live in 1979!

 RAINBOWの(ドゥギー・ホワイトとの活動を含む)バンド史上において、グラハム・ボネット在籍時は特に短い期間で終わりました。1979年のライヴ活動開始から、1980年8月16日のドニントン”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”出演までちょうど一年に過ぎません。しかし「最強のRAINBOW」という呼び声も高いこの時代は、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ時代にも負けない、強い支持をファンから得ています。アルバム1枚・ツアー1回に過ぎないグラハム時代が、なぜここまで人気があるのか? その大きな理由は、メンバーの多くにネームバリューがある点、印象深いライヴの数々、そして優れたコレクターズ・アイテムの存在が挙げられるでしょう。
 そのグラハム時代において1979年ライヴの全てを占めるのがアメリカツアー。約3ヶ月間行われた本ツアーでは(プレスCD3枚組「DOWN TO FRONTIER」で聴けるように)、優れたサウンドボード音源が知られています。しかしこの時代はオーディエンス録音の価値もまた高い。マニアの「もっと多く聴きたい」という欲求を、最大級のボリュームと安定のクオリティで満たすのが本作なのです。ツアー序盤の9月から終盤の12月まで、アメリカツアーでの優れたオーディエンス録音を4公演分,合計して約230分を越えるぶ厚さで聴き込ませます!

 当時アメリカで人気が頂点に達しつつあったBLUE OYSTER CULTの前座だけあって、会場の大きさや観客の多さが音から伝わります。しかしリッチー目当てで足を運んだファンも多いようで、「リッチー!」や「Rainbow!」といった歓声も目立ちます(オープニングでいきなり「Smoke On The Water!」をコールする観客が笑わせてくれます)。グラハムはまだちょっと固めのステージングですが、歌声はさすがの一言で「Eyes Of The World」や「Love’s No Friend」では豪快でパワフルな歌唱を聴かせてくれます(グラハムが「俺が歌うのを聴いた途端、観客がこちらを向いた」と回想する通りのパフォーマンスです)。
 ライヴのハイライト「Lost In Hollywood」は、曲中盤から「Beethoven’s 9th」の冒頭にかけてカットが見られますが、それでもドン・エイリーのキーボードイントロからドラムソロまで全体で17分に及ぶパフォーマンスは圧巻です。とりわけコージーのドラムソロはライヴを通しても抜群の聴き応えが味わえます。「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」から続くギタークラッシュにおいては、悲鳴のようなギター・ノイズまで生々しい大迫力の音で捉えられています。残念ながらエンディングを前に録音は終了してしまいますが、当時のオーディエンス・ソースとしても充分上質な録音は、48分間にわたってツアー極初期の貴重なドキュメントを楽しませてくれるでしょう。

 グラハムはハードロックバンドとしてのステージになじみ始めている上に、この日は絶好調のパワーで最高の声を披露しています。「Eyes Of The World」からショウの全編でアドリブや独自の歌い回しも多く挟んでいるので、彼のファンは序盤から一瞬も聴き逃せない54分間になるでしょう。
 リッチーの「ブランデンブルク協奏曲」をモチーフにしたソロから、バンド演奏による「Over The Rainbow」を経て「All Night Long」に流れるパターンは、アメリカツアーでも前半のみのアレンジ。11月以降は「Since You Been Gone」が加わり変化するので、当時の流れをありのままに確認できるオーディエンス録音は貴重です。この「All Night Long」中盤でのグラハムと観客の掛け合いは、グラハムが素晴らしいパワーと伸びのある声で観客を圧倒しています(ディスク1でカットがあった「Lost In Hollywood」もこちらでは全編を余さず楽しめます)。

 ディスク3へ収められたのは、11月11日のカリフォルニア・ロング・ビーチ・アリーナ公演です。10月26日をもってBLUE OYSTER CULTの前座を終えたRAINBOWは、当初の予定では11月5日からドイツツアーを行う予定でしたが、アメリカツアーを継続する事になり、まずは11月6日から13日までカリフォルニア州において6公演を消化しました。本音源はそのツアー再開後5公演目となります。
 本音源はずっと以前に「#9」として登場した音源の上位マスターを使用しています。「#9」はもともとバランスに優れた録音で定評があっただけに、ここでは本作中でも特にまとまりのある安定したサウンドを楽しめます。音響はややデッドな印象ですが、場所によってはギターがライン音源のようなダイレクト感で楽しめます。特に「Over The Rainbow」の導入や「Lost In Hollywood」の曲中、さらに「Beethoven 9th」など、リッチーのプレイが要所となるパートを上質な聴き応えで満喫できるのは、ファンにとって非常に嬉しい事でしょう(なお「Lost In Hollywood」メドレーでのキーボードソロ後半からコージーのドラムソロにかけては、マスターに起因する欠落が見られます)。ディスク1や2では少々ラウド過ぎたギタークラッシュは、迫力を保ちつつも一歩引いて会場全体を俯瞰するような音像で、荒れ狂うステージ上の有り様、盛り上がるオーディエンスの様子を手に取るように確認できます。

 「Love’s No Friend」や「Since You Been Gone」・「All Night Long」等ではマスターに起因するカットや欠落が何ヶ所か存在するものの、音の良さは’79年ツアーのオーディエンス録音中でもトップクラスで、熱心なファンならばきっと繰り返し聴き込める音源になるはずです。
 「Love’s No Friend」は上記した本音源の良さを凝縮したような聴き応えで、スリリングなリッチーのソロだけでなく、ずば抜けた声のグラハムのパフォーマンスも素晴らしいなど、充実したテイクになっています。同曲の演奏後にはリッチーとグラハムが即興でプレイする「ジングル・ベル」がオーディエンスを巻き込む盛り上がりを見せており、ここも聴き逃せないパートでしょう。この楽しい雰囲気はライヴ後半まで変わらず、アンコールの「Man On The Silver Mountain」や「Lazy」においても色々なお遊びをフィーチャーし、乗りに乗った演奏は聴き手を飽きさせません。「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」でライヴを締めくくるまで最高のライヴを楽しませてくれます。

 2011年の登場時に本作を入手できず悔しい思いをした皆さんはもちろん、最近になってRAINBOWのコレクターズ・アイテムを探し始めたという方も、今回の復活リリースは絶対に見逃せません! プレスタイトル「DEFINITIVE GRAHAM」と併せて、1979年のRAINBOWライヴを、本作で心ゆくまでお楽しみください!

Disc 1
Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan 21st September 1979

1. Intro 2. Eyes Of The World 3. Love’s No Friend 4. Over The Rainbow 5. All Night Long
6. Keyboards Intro. 7. Lost In Hollywood 8. Guitar Solo/Beethoven 9th
9. Keyboards Solo 10. Drums Solo incl. 1812 Overture 11. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
12. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash

Disc 2
Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 29th September 1979

1. Intro 2. Eyes Of The World 3. Love’s No Friend 4. Over The Rainbow 5. All Night Long
6. Keyboards Intro. 7. Lost In Hollywood 8. Guitar Solo/Beethoven 9th 9. Keyboards Solo
10. Drums Solo Incl. 1812 Overture 11. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 12. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash
13. Long Live Rock’N’Roll (reprise)

Disc 3
Live at Long Beach Arena, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California 11th November 1979

1. Land Of Hope And Glory/Soundcheck 2. Introduction 3. Eyes Of The World 4. Love’s No Friend
5. Over The Rainbow 6. All Night Long 7. Keyboards Intro. 8. Lost In Hollywood
9. Guitar Solo/Beethoven 9th 10. Keyboards Solo 11. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 
12. Lost In Hollywood(Reprise) 13. Guitar Solo/Lazy 14. Man On The SIlver Mountain
15. Blues 16. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 17. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash
18. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll(reprise) 19. Over The Rainbow 

Disc 4
Live at Manning Bowl, Lynn, Massachusetts 6th December 1979

1. Introduction 2. Eyes Of The World 3. Love’s No Friend 4. Since You Been Gone 
5. Brandenburg Concerto/Over The Rainbow 6. All Night Long 7. Keyboard Intro.
8. Lost In Hollywood 9. Guitar Solo/Beethoven 9th 10. Keyboards Solo 
11. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 12. Lost In Hollywood(Reprise) 
13. Man On The Silver Mountain 14. Lazy 15. Blues 16. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums 
Roger Glover – Bass Don Airey – Keyboards


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