Rainbow / Hiroshima 1978 / 2CD

Rainbow / Hiroshima 1978 / 2CD /Rising Arrow

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Live at Hiroshima Kenritsu Taiikukan, Hiroshima, Japan 12th January 1978 Truly Perfect Sound(Huge Upgrade)

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The upgrade master of the name recording which whispered as “the highest peak audience of 1978 visit” is new discovery. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
The recording update master holds “January 12, 1978: Hiroshima prefectural gymnasium” performance. Let’s first check the position of the show in the schedule before the record update quality you care about.

· January 11: Nagoya City Auditorium
· January 12: Hiroshima prefectural gymnasium 【this work】
· January 13: Kumamoto Prefectural Gymnasium
· January 14: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· January 16th + 17th: Osaka Health Pension Center
· January 18th: Kyoto Hall
· January 20th: Osaka Health Pension Center
(※ Note: only the first half of 8 performances)

In 1978, a huge tour of all 16 performances realized in Richie Blackmore’s visit to Japan is realized. This work Hiroshima performance was the 2nd performance show. This day has long been known for live albums such as masterpiece “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA” and “HIROSHIMA 1978: FRONT ROW” from old times. This time, the new excavation became the main of “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA”, a name recording which was also distributed as a sound board at the time. What brought me from my own route this time is a young master of generation.
That sound is exquisite. As expected, there is only a thing called a sound board, there is no sense of distance, close contact for the first time, the details are super vivid. Despite sucking in enthusiasm of popularity, it is far beyond the sound of heavy drums and thick sounds. It is a superb recording that can only be regarded as a sound board. Moreover, this time the master is overwhelming for upgrade as well. “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA” was also wonderful, but if you compare it with the new master, if His is also big, the bass is weak and the middle treble is quinch and light. It sounded like a balance that only the guitar and vocals strangely drew out. However, the new master of this time is as deep as silent without hiss, as thick as the direct guitar & vocal is intact, thick and thick all the way down to the middle bass. I feel a lot of direct response to a sense of touch. It is too realistic to call it “as if it is an official”, but it is a superb sound that I want to call.
However, although everything seems to be too amazing, this recording traditionally had one problem. Actually it is an incomplete recording, and it is also a type that breaks even in the song. Even masterpiece “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA”, I mixed the 2 recordings and formed the body of the live album. This new discovery master is much longer than the one used in “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA” and you can listen to the first half important songs such as “Over The Rainbow” “Kill The King” “Mistreated” “16th Century Greensleeves” perfectly Then, even in the giant medley, the main part of “Man On The Silver Mountain” “Still I’m Sad” and “Blues” “Beethoven 9th” are perfect. However, other part of the medley and “Catch The Rainbow”, “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Do You Close Your Eyes” had a lack of several seconds to several minutes.
Although the details are omitted, the missing part is complimented by “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA” in this work, but it is complemented with “HIROSHIMA 1978: FRONT ROW” even for the missing part (MC and drum solo) even then. Of course, I applied mastering with the main new master and sound, realized the longest complete recording album ever. To tell the truth, “THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA” does not use very fine recordings, so it seems that the whole part was thrown out entirely. However, in this work we make the most of the ultimate master of excavation no matter how short it is. I studied the highest peak sound to the limit.
The wonderful thing of the Hiroshima performance which was updated in this way … …. As mentioned above, this day is the second performance. In the first day Nagoya performance “NAGOYA 1978 (Rising Arrow – 060)”, Ronnie’s singing was a live album with a leading role, but the main character of this work is Richie Blackmore himself. In Nagoya I was playing with enthusiasm but it was a feeling that phrases spun by Improvisation have not caught up with the spirit. However, in this Hiroshima performance, there is a flash in the phrase, and a delicious in-pro that will be demonstrated will come out Bang Bang. Furthermore, the whole band turns well as it is pulled by such Ritchie. Ronnie does not show the songs as much as Nagoya, but Cozy is also great. Bob · Daysley and David Stone are also live albums that shine because they are rich sounds.

Distributed as a sound board, upgraded name recording which was even called “the highest peak in Japan in 1978”. It is a live album that will be a record update. A new name board of 1978 which realized even the longest seamless recording in the history by making full use of the glow of the new discovery master. Please witness the birth of this wonderful highest peak live album.


・1月12日:広島県体育館 【本作】

1978年は、リッチー・ブラックモアの来日史上でも最多となる全16公演の巨大ツアーが実現。本作の広島公演は、その2公演目でした。この日は古くから名作『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』や『HIROSHIMA 1978: FRONT ROW』といったライヴアルバムで知られてきました。今回、新発掘されたのは『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』のメインとなり、当時はサウンドボードとしても流通した名録音。今回、独自ルートからもたらされたのは、さらにジェネレーションの若いマスターなのです。
そのサウンドは、まさに極上。さすがサウンドボードと呼ばれていただけはあり、距離感のない密着ぶりが凄まじく、ディテールも超ビビッド。人気絶頂の熱狂も吸い込んではいるものの、骨太・肉厚な演奏音の遙か彼方。確かにサウンドボードとしか思えない極上録音なのです。しかも、今回のマスターはアップグレードぶりも絶大。『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』も素晴らしくはあったのですが、新マスターと比較してしまうとヒスも大きければ、低音が弱く中高音がキンキンとしていて軽い。ギターとヴォーカルだけが妙に特出したようなバランスに聞こえてしまったのです。ところが今回の新マスターは極太ダイレクトなギター&ヴォーカルはそのままに、ヒスのない無音は漆黒の如く深く、中低音までぶっとく肉厚。手触り感のダイレクト・サウンドにたっぷりとした手応えまで感じる。「まるでオフィシャル」と呼ぶにはリアルすぎるものの、呼びたくはなるほどの極上サウンドなのです。
ただし、何もかもが凄すぎるようではありますが、この録音には伝統的に1つの問題がありました。実は不完全収録であり、しかも曲中でもブツブツ切れてしまうタイプ。名作『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』でさえ、2録音をミックスしてライヴアルバムの体を成していたのです。今回の新発掘マスターは『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』で使われたものよりグッと長く、「Over The Rainbow」「Kill The King」「Mistreated」「16th Century Greensleeves」といった前半の重要曲は完全に聴けますし、長大メドレーでも「Man On The Silver Mountain」「Still I’m Sad」のメインパートや「Blues」「Beethoven 9th」も完全です。しかし、メドレーの他パートや「Catch The Rainbow」「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」「Do You Close Your Eyes」では数秒から数分ずつの欠けがあったのです。
その欠け部分は複雑なので詳細は省略しますが、本作ではそんな欠落部分を『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』で補填し、それでも足りないパート(MCとドラムソロ)は『HIROSHIMA 1978: FRONT ROW』で補完。もちろん、メインの新マスターとサウンドを揃えたマスタリングを施し、史上最長の完全収録アルバムを実現しました。実のところ、『THE SHIP FROM HIROSHIMA』ではあまり細かいパートは極上録音を使わず、丸ごと捨ててられていたようです。しかし、本作ではどんなに短いパートでも新発掘の超極上マスターを最大限に活用。極限まで最高峰サウンドを究めました。
こうして記録更新となった広島公演の素晴らしい事……。前述の通り、この日は2公演目。初日の名古屋公演『NAGOYA 1978(Rising Arrow-060)』では、ロニーの絶唱が主役を張るライヴアルバムでしたが、本作の主役はリッチー・ブラックモアその人。名古屋でも気合いの入った演奏ぶりでしたが、インプロヴィゼーションで紡がれるフレーズが気合いに追いついていない感じでした。しかし、この広島公演ではフレーズにも閃きが宿り、本領発揮となる美味しいインプロがバンバン出てくるのです。さらに、そんなリッチーに引っ張られるようにバンド全体が調子よく回る。ロニーは名古屋ほどの絶唱は見せないものの、コージーも絶好調。中低音もリッチなサウンドだからこそ、ボブ・デイズリーやデヴィッド・ストーンの存在感も光るライヴアルバムなのです。


Disc 1 (47:06)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (70:24)
1. MC 2. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 3. Lazy 4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Blues 6. Starstruck/Night People 7. Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise)
8. Keyboard Solo #1 9. Still I’m Sad 10. Beethoven 9th 11. Keyboard Solo #2
12. Drums Solo incl. 1812 Overture 13. Still I’m Sad (reprise)
14. Guitar Intro. 15. Do You Close Your Eyes 16. Swan Lake (outro)

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards

Rising Arrow-062

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