Radiohead / Festival Nuits De Fourviere / 2CDR

Radiohead / Festival Nuits De Fourviere / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Translated Text:
Live At Les Nuits De Fourviere, Theatres Romains, Lyon, France June 1St 2016. Audience



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2016 The long-awaited new “A MOON SHAPED POOL” also announced release to Japan the the latest live second edition of Radiohead has arrived!

June 1, 2016 was carried out in Lyon, France “NUITS DE FOURVIERE” From the stage at the festival.
Of the finest quality that is comparable to the sound board complete recording from high-quality digital audience recording master.

New song from the new work has of course become a live show off since 2009, “optimistic” and “Sabutarenian-Homesick Alien”, 2016 Radiohead attention this time including tour debuted number such as “Feral” latest live sound source first Appearance! !

2016年待望の新作『A MOON SHAPED POOL』をリリースし来日も発表されたレディオヘッドの最新ライブ第二弾が到着!

2016年6月1日フランス・リヨンで行われた”NUITS DE FOURVIERE”フェスティバルでのステージを収録。


01. Intro / Burn The Witch
02. Daydreaming
03. Decks Dark
04. Desert Insland Disk
05. Ful Stop
06. Optimistic
07. Talk Show Host
08. The Gloaming
09. No Surprises
10. Glass Eyes
11. Subterranean Homesick Alien
12. Identikit
13. Lotus Flower
14. Feral

01. Weird Fishes
02. Idioteque
03. Climbing Up The Walls
04. The Numbers
05. Exit Music
06. Myxomatosis
07. Present Tense
08. Paranoid Android
09. Bodysnatchers
10. Hunting Bears
11. You And Whose Army ? / Outro

Live At Les Nuits de Fourviere, Theatres Romains, Lyon, France June 1st 2016
Midnight Dreamer. MD-763A/B

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