Queensryche / Tokyo 1995 Final Night / 2CD

Queensryche / Tokyo 1995 Final Night / 2CD / ZODIAC

Live at Gotanda U-Port Hall, Tokyo, Japan 24th March 1995 STEREO SBD

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Not only the golden age of QUEENSRYCHE, but also the superb sound board album of the music genre “Progressive Metal” has been brushed up. Introducing the permanent storage press 2CD.
It was here in Japan that the supreme sound bow was recorded. This is a stereo sound board recording of the performance of “March 24, 1994: Gotanda Simple Insurance Hall”. This sound board was just a shock. The master who appeared on the Langley label in 2004 under the title of “SILENT PROMISES” was not a radio broadcast or anything, but a leaked sound board recorded directly from the mix table. This is because I was able to fully experience “THE ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND TOUR”, which was not officially made into a work, with tremendous quality. This work is the highest peak update board in history that re-digitalized such a shock sound board from the DAT master and refined it precisely.
The biggest point is the ultimate quality and the live content itself, but first of all, the position of the show. Let’s look back on the schedule at that time.

・ March 16: Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
・ March 17: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ March 18: Fukuoka Sun Palace
《March 20: Subway sarin attack occurs》
・ March 20: Nakano Sunplaza
・ March 22: Sendai Izumi Hall
・ March 23: Kawasaki Club Citta
・ March 24: Gotanda Simple Insurance Hall ← ★ This work ★

At that time, it was the peak of Japan’s popularity, and all 7 performances were the biggest dates in their visit history. The Gotanda performance of this work was the last day, and it was a show on the 4th from that subway sarin attack. This also means the last performance of the original members in Japan. The next visit to Japan was in 2007, 12 years later, when Chris DeGarmo wasn’t there. It is the last live in Japan left by the genuine “five golden people”.
This work, which recorded such a show, is a superb stereo sound board that can be used as a “substitute for official works” without any questions. It was praised as “official class!” From the first appearance of “SILENT PROMISES”, but the contents are directly connected to the table. The mix was also for on-site PA, and it was a balance that neglected playback with home audio. Therefore, in this work, we have prepared the sound suitable for modern home audio equipment while keeping its vividness to the maximum. Specifically, the balance of each range. As a matter of fact, the treble was overemphasized and the bass range was narrow, probably because the original sound was emphasized at the venue PA. This work has been optimized so that “the sound that the band would have wanted to hear” is output from the speakers without leaking to the maximum.
The show drawn with such an ultimate sound is the final evolution point of the QUEENSRYCHE style “progressive metal”. At that time, “PROMISED LAND” was controversial, but now it is re-evaluated. Even at progarchives.com, the largest prog-rock site, it is considered to be the third masterpiece after “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” and “RAGE FOR ORDER”. Not only are all the songs featured, but they are also conceptual as a whole. It is roughly divided into three sections, so let’s organize them here.

● Promised Land Section # 1 (+3 songs)
・ Promised Land: 9:28 a.m./I Am I / Damaged / Bridge / My Global Mind
・ The Warning: NM 156
・ Legend of Fire: Screaming In Digital / Neue Regel

● Mindcrime excerpt section (+1 song)
・ Operation: Mindcrime: I Remember Now / Anarchy X / Revolution Calling / Operation: Mindcrime / Spreading The Disease / The Mission / I Don’t Believe In Love / My Empty Room / Eyes Of A Stranger
・ Others: Real World

● Promised Land Section # 2 (+4 songs)
・ Promised Land / Disconnected / Lady Jane / Out Of Mind / One More Time / Someone Else?
・ The Warning: Take Hold Of The Flame
・ Empire: Empire / Jet City Woman / Silent Lucidity

… And it looks like this. The show starts at “9:28 a.m.” like the album, and is expressed from the birth of the main character. In the middle, “Real World” is incorporated into the excerpt of the masterpiece “OPARARTION: MINDCRIME” and the story is mixed, and it develops like a total and magnificent movie. The masterpieces of “THE WARNING” and “RAGE FOR ORDER” are inserted in the big flow. You can also enjoy valuable numbers such as “NM 156”, “Screaming In Digital” and “Neue Regel” played by Chris himself.
After this, he made a bold change in direction with “HEAR IN THE NOW FRONTIER”, and Chris DeGarmo also withdrew. The golden age is over. “THE ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND TOUR” is just before that. It was the final goal of the era when “progressive metal” was established by evolving one by one. This work is a super-masterpiece of “official substitute” that conveys such an ultimate show.
It is exactly the pinnacle of the music genre “Progressive Metal”, and one that has updated its highest peak. Please enjoy it anytime, forever with the permanent storage press 2CD.

その至高のサウンドボーが記録されたのは、なんとここ日本。「1994年3月24日:五反田簡易保険ホール」公演のステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。このサウンドボードは、まさに衝撃でした。2004年にかのLangleyレーベルから『SILENT PROMISES』と題して登場したマスターはラジオ放送でも何でもなく、ミックス卓から直結で録音された流出サウンドボード。凄まじいクオリティで、公式作品化されなかった“THE ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND TOUR”をフル体験できたからです。本作は、そんな衝撃サウンドボードをDATマスターから再デジタル化し、精緻に磨き直した史上最高峰の更新盤なわけです。

・3月24日:五反田簡易保険ホール ←★本作★

そんなショウを記録した本作は、問答無用で「オフィシャル作品代わり」となる超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。初登場の『SILENT PROMISES』からして「オフィシャル級!」と絶賛されたわけですが、その中身はあくまで卓直結タイプ。ミックスも現場PA用であり、家庭用オーディオでの再生を度外視したバランスでした。そこで、本作ではその生々しさを最大限キープしつつ、現代の家庭用オーディオ機器に適したサウンドに整えました。具体的に言うと、各音域のバランス。実のところ、原音は会場PAで鳴らす事を重視しているせいか、高音が強調されすぎており、低音のレンジも狭かったのです。本作は「バンドが聴かせたかったであろう音」が最大漏らさずスピーカーから出力されるように最適化したのです。
そんな究極サウンドで描かれるショウは、QUEENSRYCHE流“プログレ・メタル”の最終進化点。当時『PROMISED LAND』は賛否両論ではありましたが、現在では再評価。プログレ系の最大手サイトprogarchives.comでも『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』『RAGE FOR ORDER』に次ぐ3番目の名盤とされています。その全曲がフィーチュアされているだけでなく、全体的にもコンセプチュアル。大きく3つのセクションに分かれていますので、ここで整理してみましょう。

・約束の地:9:28 a.m./I Am I/Damaged/Bridge/My Global Mind
・ザ・ウォーニング(警告):NM 156
・炎の伝説:Screaming In Digital/Neue Regel

・オペレーション:マインドクライム:I Remember Now/Anarchy X/Revolution Calling/Operation: Mindcrime/Spreading The Disease/The Mission/I Don’t Believe In Love/My Empty Room/Eyes Of A Stranger
・その他:Real World

・約束の地:Promised Land/Disconnected/Lady Jane/Out Of Mind/One More Time/Someone Else?
・ザ・ウォーニング(警告):Take Hold Of The Flame
・エンパイア:Empire/Jet City Woman/Silent Lucidity

……と、このようになっています。ショウはアルバムと同じく「9:28 a.m.」でスタートし、主人公の誕生から表現。真ん中には名盤『OPARARTION: MINDCRIME』の抜粋に「Real World」を組み込んでストーリーを交え、トータルで壮大な映画のように展開していくのです。その大きな流れの中に『THE WARNING』『RAGE FOR ORDER』の名曲を挿入。クリス自身が弾く「NM 156」や「Screaming In Digital」「Neue Regel」といった貴重ナンバーも楽しめるのです。
この後『HEAR IN THE NOW FRONTIER』で大胆な方向転換を図り、クリス・デガーモも脱退。黄金時代は幕を閉じました。“THE ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND TOUR”は、その直前。一作一作で進化を重ね、“プログレ・メタル”を確立していった時代の最終到達点でした。本作は、そんな究極のショウを伝える「オフィシャル代わり」の超名盤です。

Disc 1 (69:43)
1. 9:28 Am
2. I Am I
3. Damaged
4. Bridge
5. Screaming In Digital
6. Nm156
7. My Global Mind
8. Neue Regel
9. I Remember Now
10. Anarchy X
11. Revolution Calling
12. Operation:Mindcrime
13. Spreading The Disease
14. The Mission
15. I Don’t Believe In Love
16. My Empty Room
17. Real World
18. Eyes Of A Stranger

Disc 2 (55:20)
1. Promised Land
2. Disconnected
3. Lady Jane
4. Empire
5. Jet City Woman
6. Out Of Mind
7. One More Time
8. Silent Lucidity
9. Take Hold Of The Flame
10. Someone Else?



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