Queensryche / Operation Live Crime Novermber 1991 Dat Master / 1CD

Queensryche / Operation: Live Crime November 1991 Dat Master / 1CD / Zodiac

Operation Live Crime November 1991 Dat Master


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“OPERATION: MINDCRIME” is a super-named album that has become a monumental concept album and has upgraded the music genre “Progress Metal” at a stretch. A superb soundboard album that records a complete reproduction live by the original members is a permanent preservation decision.

[“3rd LIVECRIME” completely different from the official 2 works] It was “November 1991” that this work was recorded. Speaking of the live performance of “OPERATION: MINDCRIME”, there are also the official video “OPERATION: LIVECRIME” and the Hammersmith performance that became a bonus CD of the deluxe edition, but this work is different from both. Although the performance location is unknown because the master DAT only has “11/1991”, it is a stereo sound board recording recorded directly from the mixing desk by band officials at the time. The difference from the official is one shot when you listen to it, but in the first place “November 1991” itself is also quite different. In order to visualize the situation, let’s check the position from the whole image of the concept reproduction tour of the century.

● 1990
<< August 20 “EMPIRE” release >>
・ October 29-December 6: Europe # 1 (27 performances) ← ※ Official Delaedi
● 1991
・ Jan 23: ROCK IN RIO II
・ January 29-February 5: Japan (5 performances)
・ April 15-July 31: North America # 1 (69 performances) ← ※ Official LIVECRIME
・ August 10-September 21: Europe # 2 (18 performances)
・ October 12-December 31: North America # 2a (46 performances) ← ★ coco ★
● 1992
・ January 1 + 3: North America # 2b (2 performances)

This is the whole picture of “BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992”. When “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” was released, QUEENSRYCHE abandoned the reenactment tour. In addition to three years of footing, the major tour in 1991 alone was a huge tour with about 140 performances. As mentioned above, the complete reproduction live has been officially made for two performances as Delaedie of “OPERATION: LIVECRIME” and “OPERATION: MINDCRIME”, but this work is a final stage of the tour that advanced further than that “North America # 2a”. It is a stereo sound board album that will be the “3rd LIVECRIME”.

[LIVECRIME the most vivid ever] 演奏 The performances are different because the shows are different. But what is more definitive is the sound of this work. In terms of sound quality, it is a super-excellent level that should be called the “official class”, but it is completely different from the actual two official works. For example, “ OPERATION: LIVECRIME ” was a dynamic sound making with plenty of echoes that remained in the 80’s feeling, and the Hammersmith performance recorded in Delaedy 2006 reflected the era of loudness war heyday, The earache sound of the sound that raises the sound pressure. On the other hand, this work is a super natural & super student.
After all, Omoto of this work is the mixing table itself at the concert site, and it is DAT recording exactly like it. There is no intentional processing to reproduce the atmosphere of the concert, and there is no sound taste that depends on the release time. Only the sound of the site of “1991” flows out without any processing. Therefore, the unpolished rough and the truth of the performance are exposed. But it is good. So good. Realistic feeling that you can feel even the existence of the pan of a huge stereo that does not take home audio into account, the presence of a guitar string or a wire mesh of a microphone … everything is super realistic. Different from the concert experience, the power of the direct-coupled sound board that exceeds the official two works in terms of synchronization with the performance is fully open.

[3 precious encore songs] 『I’m full of just“ OPERATION: MINDCRIME ”drawn with such a sound, but what’s even more valuable is the encore. “Della Brown”, “Last Time In Paris” and “Silent Lucidity” are also included.
Because this is a small story, let’s proceed carefully. Basically, there is only a reproduction part of Operation: LIVECRIME and DeLa Eddie’s Hammersmith performance, but strictly speaking, the CD version of OPERATION: LIVECRIME includes “The Lady Wore Black” and “Roads to Madness”. Bonuses are recorded, and parts other than the reproduction of the Hammersmith performance are recorded as bonuses on the 20th anniversary edition of “EMPIRE”. However, the only song that covers it is “Silent Lucidity”. Neither “Della Brown” nor “Last Time In Paris” are even performed in both official shows. From the fact that these two songs are left, this work is definitely judged as “November 1991”.
And these two songs are also valuable. “Della Brown” is a secret song of “EMPIRE”, and “Last Time In Paris” is a soundtrack song provided in the 1990 movie “Ford Fairlane Adventures”. Original members, including composer Chris Degarmo, play it. You can enjoy such a valuable live performance with the finest sound board directly connected to your brain.

に し て “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” is the “3rd LIVECRIME” and is the finest yet the most vivid ever. Press CD with permanent storage of directly connected sounds that only band members could touch. Please enjoy the full-featured live music masterpiece, to your heart’s content.

コンセプトアルバムの金字塔にして、音楽ジャンル“プログレ・メタル”を一気に格上げしてしまった超名盤『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』。オリジナル・メンバーによる完全再現ライヴを記録した超極上サウンドボード・アルバムが永久保存決定です。

そんな本作が記録されたのは「1991年11月」のこと。『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』の再現ライヴと言えば、オフィシャル映像『OPERATION: LIVECRIME』やデラックス・エディションのボーナスCDにもなったハマースミス公演もありますが、本作はそのどちらとも異なる。マスターDATには「11/1991」とだけ記されているために公演地は不明なものの、当時のバンド関係者がミックス卓から直接録音したステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。オフィシャルと異なるのは聴けば一発ではありますが、そもそも「1991年11月」自体も大きく時期が違う。その辺の事情をイメージするためにも、世紀のコンセプト再現ツアーの全体像からポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・1月23日:ROCK IN RIO II出演

これが“BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992”の全像。『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』リリース時には再現ツアーを断念したQUEENSRYCHEでしたが、続く『EMPIRE』の全米ヒットを背景にいよいよ大事業に着手。足かけ3年に及ぶだけでなく、メインの1991年だけでもキャリア最多の約140公演という巨大なツアーを行いました。前述の通り、その完全再現ライヴは『OPERATION: LIVECRIME』や『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』のデラエディとして2公演分がオフィシャル作品化されていますが、本作はそれよりもグッと先に進んだツアー最終盤「北米#2a」。まさに「第3のLIVECRIME」となるステレオサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。

ショウが異なるのですから、演奏も違う。しかし、それ以上に決定的なのが本作のサウンドです。音質的には、いわゆる「オフィシャル級」と呼ぶべき超極上レベルなのですが、実際のオフィシャル2作品とはまるで違う。例えば『OPERATION: LIVECRIME』は80年代のフィーリングが残るエコーもたっぷりでダイナミックな音作りでしたし、2006年のデラエディに収録されたハマースミス公演はラウドネス・ウォー真っ盛りの時代を反映してか、音圧上げまくりのパッツンパッツンした耳痛サウンド。それに対して、本作は超ナチュラル&超・本生なのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれる『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』というだけでもお腹いっぱいですが、さらに貴重なのが実はアンコール。「Della Brown」「Last Time In Paris」「Silent Lucidity」も収録されているのです。
ここは細かい話なので注意深く進めましょう。基本的には『OPERATION: LIVECRIME』にもデラエディのハマースミス公演も再現パートだけなのですが、厳密に言えば『OPERATION: LIVECRIME』のCD盤には「The Lady Wore Black」「Roads to Madness」がボーナス収録され、ハマースミス公演の再現以外のパートは『EMPIRE』の20周年盤にボーナス収録されています。しかし、その中で曲が被っているのは「Silent Lucidity」だけ。「Della Brown」も「Last Time In Paris」もオフィシャルの両公演では演奏すらされていません。この2曲が残されている事からも、本作は間違いなく「1991年11月」と判定されているのです。
そして、この2曲は貴重でもある。「Della Brown」は『EMPIRE』の隠れ名曲ですし、「Last Time In Paris」は1990年の映画『フォード・フェアレーンの冒険』に提供されたサントラ曲。それを作曲者クリス・デガーモを含むオリジナル・メンバーが演奏する。そんな貴重な生演奏を脳みそド直結の極上サウンドボードで味わえてしまうのです。

「第3のLIVECRIME」にして、極上でありながらも史上最高に生々しい『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』です。バンド関係者だけが触れることのできた卓直結サウンドを永久保存したプレスCD。生演奏丸出しの大名盤、どうぞ心ゆくまでじっくりとご堪能ください。


1. I Remember Now
2. Anarchy-X
3. Revolution Calling
4. Operation: Mindcrime
5. Speak
6. Spreading The Disease
7. The Mission
8. Suite Sister Mary
9. The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking The Silence
12. I Don’t Believe In Love
13. Waiting For 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes Of A Stranger

16. Della Brown
17. Last Time In Paris
18. Silent Lucidity


Geoff Tate – Lead Vocals
Chris Degarmo – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Scott Rickenfield – Guitars
Michael Wilton – Bass
Eddie Jackson – Drums

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