Queensryche / Nippon Seinenkan 1989 / 2CD

Qeensryche / Nippon Seinenkan 1989 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Nippon Seinenkan, Tokyo, Japan 7th May 1989 STEREO SBD


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The QUEENSRYCHE of 1989, which was able to return to Japan after a long absence, with the daimyo board “OPERATION: MINDCRIME”, which became the new standard for progressive metal. The legendary soundboard album that tells the scene is reprinted.
This work was recorded in a performance on “May 7, 1989: Nippon Seinenkan”. It is a transcendent stereo sound board recording. Their first visit to Japan was in August 1984, at which time “THE WARNING” had not even been released. He was an unknown newcomer who was regarded as the “successor of JUDAS PRIEST”. Immediately after that, “THE WARNING” was released in September, and “RAGE FOR ORDER” “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” and a series of masterpieces that greatly exceeded the “PRIEST successor” frame. When he came back to Japan, five years have passed and he has returned as an incomparably huge entity. First, look back at the schedule and check the show position.

・ May 4: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
・ May 5: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
・ May 6: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
・ May 7: Japan Youth Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ May 8: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall

Above, all 5 performances. While the main members were the Welfare Pension Halls in Tokyo and Osaka, the Japan Seinenkan also only had one performance. This venue is a sound board album where you can experience a full show that has returned to the site of that official video “LIVE IN TOKYO”, where the performances in Tokyo are being performed even for the first time in Japan.

[Transcendence sound board recording of a transcendent legend] And this show is also famous for the transcendent sound board sound source leaked. The first appearance was the legendary Bondage label legend “OPERATION: PERFECTCRIME”, but this work was re-digitized from the Omoto master. In fact, the sound is so fine that you want to line up the “super” with the jazzy. There is a lot of difference even if you say “sound board”, but this work is super powerful. The rough feel that seems to have been recorded directly from the mixing desk is slightly different from the “official work style”, but the sound quality is completely official. The playing and singing voice of the core are also barefooted into the brain with footsteps, and the loud cheers whisper far away. It doesn’t make you feel the mood of the concert venue, but that’s not a bad thing. In exchange for the presence, the sense of synchronization with the band itself is enormous, and the stereo feeling of panning with a furious width is a different dimension. Above all, the feeling that the brain is filled with high-tension performances that are raw is the only place where you can not taste even official works or audience recordings only with a directly connected sound board. It’s a super sound that lets you enjoy the real thrill.
作 Also, this work has been updated (slightly) by re-digitizing from Omoto. Although the sound is almost the same, there is no minute dropping that occurred at the beginning of “Revolution Calling” and “Speak”. Although this is a modest story, the ultimate form has been realized by improving the accuracy of digitization.

[Actually, “other than MINDCRIME” is also a delicious full show] の The sound is drawn by QUEENSRYCHE, who just sent out “OPERATION: MINDCRIME”. “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” was a story album with unparalleled perfection, but its complete reproduction show will be realized after the next work “EMPIRE”. In 1989 this work was unfinished. Nevertheless, it must be a large-scale behavior, and it is not a normal configuration in which the story is ignored. Here, let’s organize the contents of the show.

● Opening part (7 songs)
・ THE WARNING (DISC 1): NM 156 / No Sanctuary
・ RAGE FOR ORDER (DISC 1): Screaming In Digital / The Whisper / Walk In The Shadows / Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion) / London
・ (DISC 1): I Remember Now (tape) / Anarchy-X / Revolution Calling / Operation: Mindcrime / Speak / Spreading The Disease / The Mission / The Needle Lies / Electric Requiem / Breaking The Silence
・ (DISC 2): I Don’t Believe In Love / Eyes Of A Stranger
● Encore (2 songs)
・ QUEENSRYCHE (DISC 2): Queen Of The Reich / The Lady Wore Black

… and it looks like this. For a while after the performance, the 5 songs of “RAGE FOR ORDER” were sandwiched between “NM 156” and “No Sanctuary”, and then a huge “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” part. While omitting the three songs “Suite Sister Mary”, “Waiting for 22” and “My Empty Room”, we will continue to play in the order of the songs on the album. Then the main set is finished, and the encore will be the two songs of the debut EP “QUEENSRYCHE”. Although it is not perfect, it is “almost recreated”, and the show composition has a perfectly conceptual flow.
Of course, now you can also enjoy a full reproduction show on the official video and our “OPERATION: LIVECRIME NOVEMBER 1991 DAT MASTER (Zodiac 365)”. So it’s actually early in the day that you want to pay attention. Although historically hidden behind the shadows of OPERATION: MINDCRIME, RAGE FOR ORDER is another great metal version of progressive metal. That repertoire is precious. In particular, “Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)” was the last to enter the reviewer set, and “London” is a rare song that has been sealed for about 20 years. Also, even though “NM 156” and “No Sanctuary” of “THE WARNING”, you can’t listen to “LIVE IN TOKYO” for the first time in Japan, and you can enjoy “continuation of official video” at this venue.

[Sound board demo for the next “EMPIRE” session] Although this show alone is transcendent, this work has also reprinted the bonus track as designed in “OPERATION: PERFECTCRIME”. This is a copy because it is not re-digitized, but the studio demo of the production of “EMPIRE” is recorded for about 47 minutes with the highest quality.
初期 The early versions of the EMPIRE numbers, such as “The Thin Line”, “Hand On Heart”, “Jet City Woman”, and “Anybody Listening?”, Are great, but there are also songs that have not been recorded on the album. In addition to the composer’s instrumental jam 2 take, there is also a demo of the soundtrack “Last Time In Paris” provided in the movie “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”. The main part of the live was concentrated from the debut EP to “OPERATION: MINDCRIME”, but with this bonus, the golden age up to “EMPIRE” can be traced on the “backside sound board”.
本 A live performance where you can fully experience a performance in Japan for the first time in five years with a transcendent sound board, and a demo of the precious “EMPIRE” session. It is a press 2CD full of the real pleasure that you can only taste with the leaked sound board. A reprint that permanently preserves the legendary design. Please enjoy to your heart’s content!

プログレメタルの新基準とさえなった大名盤『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』を引っさげ、久々の再来日を果たした1989年のQUEENSRYCHE。その現場を伝える伝説のサウンドボード・アルバムが復刻です。
そんな本作が記録されたのは「1989年5月7日:日本青年館」公演。その超絶級ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。彼らの初来日は1984年8月で、当時は『THE WARNING』さえリリースされていない段階。“JUDAS PRIESTの後継者”と目される未知なる新人でした。その直後となる9月に『THE WARNING』をリリースし、『RAGE FOR ORDER』『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』と“PRIESTの後継者”の枠を大きく超えた名盤を連発。再来日を果たした際には5年の月日が経ち、比較にならないほど巨大な存在となって戻ってきました。まずは、そのスケジュールを振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・5月7日:日本青年館 ←★本作★

以上、全5公演。東京・大阪の厚生年金会館がメインではありましたが、その中で日本青年館も1公演のみ実現。この会場は初来日でも東京公演が行われており、あのオフィシャル映像『LIVE IN TOKYO』の現場に戻ってきたフルショウを体験できるサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。

そして、このショウは超絶なサウンドボード音源が流出した事でも有名。その初出はBondageレーベル伝説の名盤『OPERATION: PERFECTCRIME』だったわけですが、本作はその大元マスターから再デジタル化したものなのです。実際、そのサウンドは「超」をズラズラと並べたくなるほどに極上。ひと口に「サウンドボード」と言っても千差万別ですが、本作は超強力。明らかにミックス卓から直結で録音したと思われるラフな感触は「オフィシャル作品風」とはちょっと違いますが、音質的には完全オフィシャル級。芯も丸出しの演奏と歌声が土足でズカズカと脳内に入り込み、大歓声も遠く遠くに囁くよう。コンサート会場のムードなど微塵も感じさせませんが、それは決して悪い事ではない。臨場感と引き替えにバンド自身とのシンクロ感は絶大で、猛烈な幅でパンするステレオ感も異次元感覚。何より、生だからこそのハイテンションな演奏で脳みそが満たされる感覚は、オフィシャル作品でもオーディエンス録音でも味わえない卓直結サウンドボードだけの独壇場。その醍醐味を強烈に味わえるスーパー・サウンドなのです。
また、本作は大元から再デジタル化を敢行したことで(わずかながら)アップデートもしている。サウンド的にはほとんど変わりませんが、「Revolution Calling」「Speak」の冒頭に発生していた微細な音落ちがない。これもささやかな話ではあるものの、デジタル化精度の向上によって究極形が実現しているのです。

そのサウンドで描かれるのが『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』を送り出したばかりのQUEENSRYCHEなのだからたまらない。『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』は無類の完成度を誇るストーリー・アルバムでしたが、その完全再現ショウは次作『EMPIRE』以降に実現。1989年の本作では未完でした。とは言え、大盤振る舞いには違いなく、ストーリーが無視された普通構成でもない。ここで、ショウの内容を整理してみましょう。

・THE WARNING(DISC 1):NM 156/No Sanctuary
・RAGE FOR ORDER(DISC 1):Screaming In Digital/The Whisper/Walk In The Shadows/Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)/London
・(DISC 1):I Remember Now (tape)/Anarchy-X/Revolution Calling/Operation: Mindcrime/Speak/Spreading The Disease/The Mission/The Needle Lies/Electric Requiem/Breaking The Silence
・(DISC 2):I Don’t Believe In Love/Eyes Of A Stranger
・QUEENSRYCHE(DISC 2):Queen Of The Reich/The Lady Wore Black

……と、このようになっています。開演からしばらくは『RAGE FOR ORDER』ナンバー5曲を「NM 156」「No Sanctuary」で挟むカタチで行われ、その後は巨大な『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』パート。3曲「Suite Sister Mary」「Waiting for 22」「My Empty Room」を省略しつつも、アルバムの曲順通りに演奏していく。そこで本編セットが終了し、アンコールはデビューEP『QUEENSRYCHE』の2曲で〆る。完全ではないものの“ほぼ再現”であり、トータルでもコンセプチュアルな流れが見事に出来上がっているショウ構成なのです。
もちろん、今となっては公式映像や当店の『OPERATION: LIVECRIME NOVEMBER 1991 DAT MASTER(Zodiac 365)』で完全再現ショウも楽しめる。そこでグッと注目したくなるのが実は序盤なのです。歴史的には『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』の影に隠れてしまったものの、『RAGE FOR ORDER』もまたプログレ・メタルの大名盤。そのレパートリーは貴重なのです。特に「Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)」がレビューラーセット入りしたのはこのツアーが最後ですし、「London」も約20年に渡って封印されてしまったレア曲です。また、『THE WARNING』の「NM 156」「No Sanctuary」にしても初来日の『LIVE IN TOKYO』では聴けず、本作は同会場で“公式映像の続き”が楽しめるわけです。

そんなショウ本編だけでも超絶ですが、本作は『OPERATION: PERFECTCRIME』の意匠通りにボーナストラックも復刻しました。こちらは再デジタル化ではないのでコピーですが、『EMPIRE』製作時のスタジオ・デモを極上クオリティで約47分間収録しています。
「The Thin Line」「Hand On Heart」「Jet City Woman」「Anybody Listening?」といった『EMPIRE』ナンバーの初期バージョンも素晴らしいですが、さらにアルバム未収録曲もある。作曲段階のインスト・ジャム2テイクに加え、映画『フォード・フェアレーンの冒険』に提供されたサントラ曲「Last Time In Paris」のデモも収録されています。本編ライヴはデビューEPから『OPERATION: MINDCRIME』までの濃縮でしたが、このボーナスにより『EMPIRE』までの黄金時代を“裏側サウンドボード”で辿ることができるのです。

Live at Nippon Seinenkan, Tokyo, Japan 7th May 1989

Disc 1(69:29)

1. NM 156
2. Screaming In Digital
3. The Whisper
4. Walk In The Shadows
5. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
6. London
7. No Sanctuary

Operation: Mindcrime

8. I Remember Now
9. Anarchy-X
10. Revolution Calling
11. Operation: Mindcrime
12. Speak
13. Spreading The Disease
14. The Mission
15. The Needle Lies
16. Electric Requiem
17. Breaking The Silence

Disc 2(71:52)
1. I Don’t Believe In Love
2. Eyes Of A Stranger
3. Queen Of The Reich
4. The Lady Wore Black

The Empire Demos

5. Instrumental Jam #1
6. The Thin Line #1
7. Hand On Heart #1
8. Jet City Woman
9. Instrumental Jam #2
10. The Thin Line #2
11. Anybody Listening?
12. Hand On Heart #2
13. Last Time In Paris


Geoff Tate – Lead Vocals Chris Degarmo – Lead Guitar, Vocals Michael Wilton – Guitars
Eddie Jackson – Bass Scott Rickenfield – Drums


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