Queen / Yattokame Live In Nagoya / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Queen / Yattokame Live In Nagoya / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala 2016

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International Display Nagoya Aichi Japan April 28, 1979. Digitally Remastered 


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Queen, which debuted in 1973, would be one of the best-selling artists in the world. For Freddie died unfortunately in 1991, the original members, but it has also gone devoid of vocals, has continued to work as Queen laid the different vocals thereafter it. Japan tour has also been frequently performed, is a flavor, such as if the world does not allow the dissolution of the Queen. Hard Freddie vocals that place with other people, although there is also a feeling you are copying banded the current queen, in turn, it is testament to the greatness of Freddie.

The Freddie alive in Queen Japan tour of the counts in 1975, 1976, 1979, and 1981, 1982, and 1985, the 6 degrees. This higher frequency artist concert in Japan was held in of no other kind. Korezo think exactly queen and that it is the evidence of more than anything else that Japanese fans are connected by special ties. So, Japanese fans intended also special for the Queen, even when, for example, the Great East Japan Earthquake, has announced a message to Brian cares the early Japanese fans. This work, from the Japan tour in 1979 to be a visit to Japan for the third time, it has recorded the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall performance on April 28.

New album, which began from July 1978, “JAZZ”, the recording is continued until October, release and November 1978, was indeed speed release. Although the title what is “JAZZ”, the musical jazz is that of a slang called “meaningless words” not relevant. Not really the number of music those of jazz style. Soon as the tour with this album in April 1979, it is also the Japan tour was realized.

Japan performances of this year, became the thing over 14 performances and long-term to reflect the queen popularity growing. Budokan course of things, Kanazawa and Fukuoka, such as Yamaguchi and Sapporo, concerts be a so-called district has been organized. And this work is fully recorded only done the, 1979 April 28, Nagoya performances this year. There are two years of the blank from the last tour to Japan, set list has been redesigned.

This Nagoya performances, two points, there are things I want to write really. Me first one is that you’re playing a “hand in hand”. Formal title in Japanese of “TEO TORRIATTE (LET US CLING TOGETHER)”. English titles are attached as subtitle is, obviously which was translated into English the Japanese, it suggests that basic is Japanese. It’s the songs round out the last of the “splendid race” that was released in 1976, but this tour, met with Japan’s first concert after the announcement the same song, it would have to take into still played on stage. Lyrics, but Japanese are ahead or English do not know whether the former, and has a configuration that sing alternately the same content in both languages. It is a gift from a very happy Queen for the Japanese fans. In the same song that actually can be heard in this film, the audience can see clearly’re singing along to the part of the English lyrics. That Queen for Japanese fans at the time was a special present, and that this song was a special song, it is the suggests clearly also from the sound source of this Nagoya performances.

And another important point, this is rather than the Nagoya performances, but he is the greatest feature of this sound source, so much of touching “Bohemian Rhapsody” is I have never heard. Of course, a representative music of Queen, that none but the great play often What beautiful melodies coupled with, but this Nagoya performances sound source that is included in the performance, and this work of has become something special. However, Nagoya “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the performance will be memorable fan of as a particularly great performance even in the live version of the numerous same song.

But go up Force prelude starts, the women of the piano, I sing become a venue integrally subsided immediately, but it is another, Tatoeyo it is impressive for it much no. Freddie is back singing somewhat broken, the audience is singing obediently Street record, the “shift” is irresistibly wonderful. But the audience everyone’s atmosphere, such as if they were participating in the play as a choir like. This much in pure Japanese fans who poured into the band the affection, will the Freddie was also overcome with emotion on the way, but I there is a part that clog the song, there even “choir” is served as a “back” to the beautiful there. Really, is not that so much of touching “Bohemian Rhapsody” is heard. Those that result in this impression, not just music, would be one of the what if there is a special bond between the Queen and the Japanese fans to be the background. Although many of the sound source from this tour is on CD, this work is in that it recorded the air of this one song Freddie and the audience with exquisite balance, and just 1979 Best title of Japan tour .

Etc. any number Japan tour of the Queen, this much performance to be shaken a mind, sound source would not be so. Just the band and the audience is us to completely reproduce the impressive concert together. 1979 April 28, the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall performances full inclusion in the high-quality sound. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.





この名古屋公演については、2点、どうしても書いておきたい事がある。まずひとつめは、「手をとりあって」を演奏している点である。正式タイトルも日本語で「TEO TORRIATTE (LET US CLING TOGETHER)」という。副題としてつけられている英語タイトルは、明らかに日本語を英訳したもので、基本が日本語であることが伺える。これは1976年にリリースされた『華麗なるレース』の最後を締めくくる楽曲なのだが、このツアーが、同曲発表後初の日本公演とあって、やはりステージで演奏せねばならないだろう。歌詞は日本語が先か英語が先かはわからないが、同じ内容を両言語で交互に歌う構成となっている。日本のファンにとっては非常に嬉しいクイーンからのプレゼントである。実際に本作で聴くことが出来る同曲では、聴衆が英語歌詞の部分まで一緒に歌っているのがはっきりと確認できる。当時の日本のファンにとってクイーンが特別な存在であったこと、そしてこの曲が特別な曲であったことが、この名古屋公演の音源からもはっきり伺えるのである。




01. We Will Rock You
02. Let Me Entertain You
03. Somebody To Love
04. If You Can’t Beat Them
05. Death On Two Legs
06. Killer Queen
07. Bicycle Race
08. I’m in Love With My Car
09. Get Down Make Love
10. You’re My Best Friend
11. Now I’m Here
12. Teo Toriatte
13. Don’t Stop Me Now
14. Dreamers Ball
15. Love of My Life
16. ’39

01. It’s Late
02. Brighton Rock
03. Keep Yourself Alive
04. Bohemian Rhapsody
05. Tie Your Mother Down
06. Sheer Heart Attack
07. We Will Rock You
08. We Are The Champions
09. God Save The Queen

Shakuntala 2016. STCD-101/102

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