Queen / Wembley 1980 1st Night Legendary Master Tapes / 2CD

Queen / Wembley 1980 1st Night Legendary Master Tapes / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 8th December 1980


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Both albums and singles were sent to No. 1 in the United States, and the legendary name recording of “THE GAME TOUR”, which was at its height, was ultimately upgraded. The original cassette of the prestigious “Kinny” is a new miracle excavation.
This work was recorded on “December 8, 1980: Wembley Arena Performance”. Not only was it the day of FLASH GORDON’s release, but four days before LED ZEPPELIN announced the dissolution, and in New York John Lennon was assassinated. It is a super fine audience recording recorded during such turbulence. This show has been known for its famous recordings since ancient times and reigns as a representative of “THE GAME TOUR”. “WEMBLEY ARENA 1980 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-308)” has been very popular in our shop. This time, the Omoto cassette has been newly discovered from the collection of the prestigious Kinney. The ultimate direct CD was born!
方 If you know that you have already started, I think you have already decided your mind, but there are some who have never experienced it, so let’s start with Ichi. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the whole picture of the world tour that was in its heyday.

● 1980
<< Release of “THE GAME” on June 30 >>
・ June 30-July 14: North America # 1 (14 performances)
・ August 5-September 30: North America # 2 (35 performances)
<< Release of “FLASH GORDON” on December 8 >>
・ November 23-December 18: Europe (17 performances) ← ★ coco ★
● 1981
・ February 12-19: Japan (6 performances)
・ February 28-March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances)
・ September 25-October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 performances)
<< October 26 “GREATEST HITS” release >>
・ November 24 + 25: North America # 3 (2 performances) ← ※ Official

This is the whole picture of “THE GAME TOUR 1980/1981”. This tour is also the official work “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”, but this work is one year ago. “Europe” tour 10 performances. “Wembley Arena” was performed for three consecutive days, and this was the first day of the concert.
本 This work that records such a show is just the finest with “super”. It has been known as a Daimyo board since ancient times, but it is the longest ever in the Omoto cassette alone. Although the cheers part is longer by several tens of seconds, the tape change part of “Now I’m Here” also records guitar phrases that could not be heard in the group that has already been heard. And the master sound which was left to the rich sound only by the ultimate freshness and the fine part beautifully. It seems that the conventional board is sharper than it sounds, but it is probably because the midrange was spoiled during the dubbing process. Of course, this work is not muffled, but rather the core itself is thick and thick. As a result, even the direct feeling is strengthened, and it is a close sound as if approaching several rows for each recording position.
, And suddenly blurred, but in fact it is close and natural. This time, not only the original cassette, but also the actual ticket of the day was unearthed together. According to that, the position was “NORTH ARENA, A ROW SEAT 22/23”. In other words, it was recorded from the front row of the northern arena. Indeed, it is reasonably thick and thick … Of course, the front row is not always the best seat, and if echoes spill, everything is ruined. However, there is no need to worry about this work. After all, speaking of the prestigious “Kinney”, it is individuality to pursue the clarity of the audience recording. It also absorbs subtle sounds and audience enthusiasm, but it all has a three-dimensional feeling as if it is carried from behind and does not enter between the front PA. The taste of the front row and the individuality of Kinney Sound are fused, and the world of powerful and clear beauty expands.
描 か When drawn with such a sound, even the show can be felt powerfully. Although this show has been known as one of Freddie’s best performing performances, the power and subtlety of the show can be understood more directly. The high-pitched sounds of “Let Me Entertain You” and “Death On Two Legs”, which are usually a little sloppy, are also brilliant, and “Play The Game” has a sharp high. “Mustapha” is also crisp. In addition, the set that spells in the best condition is also a point. As mentioned above, “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL” is the standard when talking about “THE GAME TOUR”, so let’s organize the sets while comparing here.

・ Dream Princess: Keep Yourself Alive
Sheer Heart Attack: Killer Queen / Now I’m Here
・ Opera Night: Death On Two Legs (★) / I’m In Love With My Car / Love Of My Life / Bohemian Rhapsody
・ A splendid race: Tie Your Mother Down
-Dedicated to the world: We Will Rock You (fast) / Get Down Make Love / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / Sheer Heart Attack
・ Jazz: Let Me Entertain You / Mustapha (★) / Fat Bottomed Girls (★)
・ The Game: Play The Game / Need Your Loving Tonight (★) / Save Me / Dragon Attack / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Another One Bites The Dust
・ Flash Gordon: Battle Theme (★) / Flash / The Hero
・ Others: Jailhouse Rock
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard on the official edition “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”.

… and it looks like this. In addition to “Death On Two Legs” and “Mustapha” mentioned above, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, who regrets not performing in “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”, will also be shown. “Need Your Loving Tonight” is even more delicious. It is a rare song that was only played on this tour, even though it was single-cut, and it disappeared until “Latin America # 2”. Also, in terms of preciousness, “Battle Theme” is worth watching. This day was also the day of the release date of “FLASH GORDON”, but the three-track medley with “Flash” and “The Hero” was a limited show in this tour. You can enjoy the precious performance with the sound of “Kinney” Omoto.
Also, the special feeling only at this time is ending. “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” have reached the golden highlights, and “God Save The Queen” has no finale. In fact, “We Are The Champions” is the finish of the main set, followed by encores “Another One Bites The Dust”, “Sheer Heart Attack” and “Tie Your Mother Down”. This flow and the selection of three songs are very fresh.

で も This is a too luxurious live album that allows you to experience the best of the best in the front seats, even at “THE GAME TOUR”. That is also the sound of the prestigious Kinney. Speaking of Wembley, five years later, that “LIVE AID” was also held (this is not a stadium, but an arena), but even the miracle sign was felt, and it was a feeling that “Weembly is special for QUEEN” A great masterpiece that even boils. The supreme edition of a legendary recording renowned in history. Please enjoy as much as you want with the permanent preservation press 2CD!

★ Get Kinney Master Tape (SONY METALLIC 90 x 2) and Recorder Ticket (NORTH ARENA, A ROW (front row) SEAT 22/23)! Omoto tape of “STANDING ON THE ARENA” (Gypsy Eye). Historical excavation!

★ A place longer than the previous one
* Disc1 1trk first 15 seconds
* Disc1 13trk 2 seconds at the beginning Important point because it is a guitar phrase
* 3 seconds from Disc2 8trk 1:11
* 3 seconds from Disc2 12trk 3:42
* Disc2 16trk 14 seconds from 1:22 to the end
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アルバムもシングルも全米1位に送り込み、全盛の極みにあった“THE GAME TOUR”の伝説的名録音が究極アップグレード。名門“キニー”のオリジナル・カセットが奇跡の新発掘です。
そんな本作が記録されたのは「1980年12月8日:ウェンブリー・アリーナ公演」。『FLASH GORDON』の発売当日であるばかりか、4日前にはLED ZEPPELINが解散を表明し、ニューヨークではジョン・レノンが暗殺されてしまった日。そんな激動の最中に記録された超極上オーディエンス録音です。このショウは古くから名録音が残された事でも知られ、“THE GAME TOUR”を代表する定番として君臨。当店でも『WEMBLEY ARENA 1980 1ST NIGHT(Wardour-308)』が大好評を賜ってきました。この度、その大元カセットを名門“キニー”のコレクションから新発掘。ダイレクトにCD化した究極盤が誕生したのです!

《6月30日『THE GAME』発売》
《12月8日『FLASH GORDON』発売》
《10月26日『GREATEST HITS』発売》

これが“THE GAME TOUR 1980/1981”の全体像。このツアーは公式作品『QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL』にもなっていますが、本作はそれより1年前。「欧州」ツアー10公演目。“ウェンブリー・アリーナ”は3日連続公演で、本作はその初日にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、まさに「超」の付く極上品。旧来から大名盤と知られてきたわけですが、その大元カセットだけに過去最長。歓声パートも数十秒長いわけですが、「Now I’m Here」のテープチェンジ部では既発群では聴けなかったギターフレーズも記録されているのです。そして、究極鮮度ならではのリッチな鳴りと微細部までキレイに残されたマスター・サウンド。パッと聴いた感じでは従来盤の方が鋭いような気もしますが、それはダビングの過程で中音域がスポイルされていたからでしょう。もちろん、本作とてくぐもっているわけでなく、むしろ芯自体が極太にしてぶ厚い。それによってダイレクト感までもが増強され、まるで録音ポジションごと数列近づいたような密着サウンドなのです。
と、思わずすっとぼけてしまいましたが、実は近くて当たり前。今回はオリジナル・カセットだけではなく、当日のチケット現物も一緒に発掘された。それによるとポジションは「NORTH ARENA, A ROW SEAT 22/23」。つまり、北側アリーナの最前列から録音されていたのです。なるほど、道理で骨太&肉厚なわけだ……。もちろん、最前列が必ずしも最良席とは限らず、反響が回り込んでしまってはすべてが台無し。しかし、本作にはその心配は無用。何しろ名門“キニー”と言えば、オーディエンス録音のクリアさを追究するのが個性。ほんのりとした鳴りやオーディエンスの熱狂も吸い込んではいますが、それがすべて後方から背負い込むような立体感で、前方PAとの間に入ってこない。最前列の旨みとキニー・サウンドの個性が融合した、力強くもクリアな美の世界が広がるのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれると、ショウまでもが力強く感じられる。このショウは、これまでもフレディが絶好調の名演として知られてきたのですが、そのパワーと機微が一層ダイレクトに分かるのです。普段はサボり気味な「Let Me Entertain You」も「Death On Two Legs」も高音が見事に伸び、「Play The Game」もハイが鋭く突き抜ける。「Mustapha」もキレッキレです。また、その絶好調ぶりで綴るセットもポイント。前述の通り、“THE GAME TOUR”と言えば『QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL』こそが基準にもなりますので、ここで比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・戦慄の王女:Keep Yourself Alive
・シアー・ハート・アタック:Killer Queen/Now I’m Here
・オペラ座の夜:Death On Two Legs(★)/I’m In Love With My Car/Love Of My Life/Bohemian Rhapsody
・華麗なるレース:Tie Your Mother Down
・世界に捧ぐ:We Will Rock You (fast)/Get Down Make Love/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/Sheer Heart Attack
・ジャズ:Let Me Entertain You/Mustapha(★)/Fat Bottomed Girls(★)
・ザ・ゲーム:Play The Game/Need Your Loving Tonight(★)/Save Me/Dragon Attack/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Another One Bites The Dust
・フラッシュ・ゴードン:Battle Theme(★)/Flash/The Hero
・その他:Jailhouse Rock
※注:「★」印は公式盤『QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL』でも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。前述した「Death On Two Legs」「Mustapha」の他、『QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL』で演奏しなかったのが悔やまれる「Fat Bottomed Girls」も披露してくれる。それ以上に美味しいのが「Need Your Loving Tonight」。シングルカットもされながら、このツアーでしか演奏されず、それも「中南米#2」までで姿を消してしまったレア曲です。また、貴重度で言えば「Battle Theme」も要注目。この日は『FLASH GORDON』の発売日当日でもあったわけですが、「Flash」「The Hero」との3曲メドレーはこのツアーでも限られたショウだけの演奏。その貴重なパフォーマンスを“キニー”の大元サウンドで楽しめてしまうのです。
また、この時期だけの特別感と言えば、エンディング。「Bohemian Rhapsody」「We Will Rock You」「We Are The Champions」で黄金のハイライトを迎え、「God Save The Queen」でフィナーレ……とならない。実は「We Are The Champions」は本編セットのフィニッシュであり、その後にアンコールとして「Another One Bites The Dust」「Sheer Heart Attack」「Tie Your Mother Down」が演奏されるのです。この流れも3曲のセレクトも非常に新鮮なのです。

一大全盛の“THE GAME TOUR”でも、指折りの大名演を最前席でフル体験できてしまう贅沢すぎるライヴアルバムです。それも名門“キニー”の大元サウンドで。ウェンブリーと言えば、5年後にはあの“LIVE AID”も行われた(こちらはスタジアムではなくアリーナ)わけですが、あの奇跡の予兆さえ感じさせ、「やはりQUEENにとってウェンブリーは特別なんだ」という感慨までも沸き上がる大傑作。歴史に名高い伝説録音の至高盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで思う存分ご堪能ください!

★キニー・マスターテープ(SONY METALLIC 90 x 2本)と録音者のチケット(NORTH ARENA, A ROW(最前列) SEAT 22/23) を入手!既発「STANDING ON THE ARENA」(Gypsy Eye)の大元テープ。歴史的大発掘!!

*Disc1 1trk 冒頭15秒
*Disc1 13trk 冒頭2秒 ギターフレーズなので重要個所
*Disc2 8trk 1:11からの3秒
*Disc2 12trk 3:42からの3秒
*Disc2 16trk 1:22から最後までの14秒

Disc 1 (57:10)
1. Intro
2. Jailhouse Rock
3. We Will Rock You (fast)
4. Let Me Entertain You
5. Play The Game
6. Mustapha
7. Death On Two Legs
8. Killer Queen
9. I’m In Love With My Car
10. Get Down Make Love
11. Need Your Loving Tonight
12. Save Me
13. Now I’m Here ★0:00 テープチェンジ
14. Dragon Attack
15. Now I’m Here (reprise)
16. Fat Bottomed Girls

Disc 2 (52:59)
1. MC
2. Love Of My Life
3. Keep Yourself Alive
4. drum/guitar solos
5. Battle Theme
6. Flash
7. The Hero
8. Brighton Rock (ending) ★1:11 テープチェンジ
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
10. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. We Will Rock You
12. We Are The Champions ★3:42 テープチェンジ
13. Another One Bites The Dust
14. Sheer Heart Attack
15. Tie Your Mother Down
16. God Save The Queen


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