Queen / Un Autre Monde / 2CD With OBI Strip

Queen / Un Autre Monde / 2CD With OBI Strip / Shakunta

Studio Outtakes & Demos From ‘Hot Space’ ‘ The Miracle’ And Innuedo’ Digitally Remastered

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A title that contains session sound sources such as studio outtakes and demos from Queen’s three albums. It is a session sound source of three albums of “Hot Space” in 1982, “The Miracle” in 1989, and Freddie’s last album “Inuendo”. A permanent press machine with beautiful picture disc specifications. Japanese band included.


【HOT SPACE session】
01. Staying Power
02. Black Chat
03. Action This Day
04. Life Is Real
05. Las Palabras De Amor
06. Cool Cat
07. Feel Like

【THE MIRACLE sessions】
08. A New Life Is Born #1
09. A New Life Is Born #2
10. The Miracle
11. I Want It All #1
12. I Want It All #2
13. The Invisible Man
14. Scandal
15. My Baby Does Me
16. I Guess We’re Falling Out

【THE MIRACLE sessions】
01. Hang On In There
02. Stealin’
03. Dog With A Bone
04. Hijack My Heart
05. The Hitman
06. Too Much Love Will Kill You #1
07. Too Much Love Will Kill You #2

【INNUENDO sessions】
08. Deliah
09. My Secret Fantasy
10. Headlong
11. Robbery
12. Self Made Man

Shakunta. STCD-179/180

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