Queen / Pop Spectacular / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Queen / Pop Spectacular / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour-340

Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK 13th September 1973 plus Bonus CDR “BBC Sessions Master Reel Versions”. STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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The myth began here. The decision board which set the vertex stereo sound board recording & the oldest audience recording of very early QUEEN is brushed up and appeared.
Two performances are included in such a work. Vertex stereo sound board recording is “September 13, 1973 Golders Green Theater”, the oldest audience recording is “Nov. 17, 2011 Liverpool performance”. It is a press CD that permanently preserves both with the highest peak quality. How early are these two performances? In order to realize that, let’s first confirm the show’s position in the 1973 schedule when everything started to move.

・ February 5: BBC session
・ April 9: Marquee Club
“July 13” Prince of the Fall “released
・ July 13-August 3: UK (3 performances)
“August” Queen II “production”
・ September 13: London ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 11-December 28: Europe (35 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is a panoramic view of 1973 when it debuted in “The Princess of War”. It was in 1971 that four people were gathered, but speaking of live at that time, “several months” level. The above-mentioned “Europe” was the first activity called “tour” including the first overseas performance. The stereo sound board recording of this work was just before that, and the oldest audience recording was a concert equivalent to “Europe” 12 performances. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[First half: September 13, 1973 BBC RADIO 1 appearance] First to appear is a great sound source representing the immediate after debut. Stereo sound board recording of “September 13, 1973 Golder’s Green Theater Performance”. It was a special concert for BBC broadcast. BBC is not a “BBC session” that adds overdubs to studio live, but it is a live recording of concert style performed in front of the audience.
In fact, this show has already been formalized. It was also included in the 6-disc deluxe edition of “ON AIR,” which shocked three years ago. “ON AIR” is a truly groundbreaking formulation, and it was a cultural heritage grade feat that covered all “BBC sessions” even with a two-disc standard edition. Furthermore, when it becomes a deluxe edition of 6 sets, the BBC’s treasure other than studio live also acts on a large scale. It was supposed to be the ideal image of the formulation … … … that no longer all BBC bootlegs. However, I could not say so in a sad way. As a result of listening to the core mania, including overseas, as a result of listening down as “best sound”, it was the broadcast version of those days. The highest quality version of the broadcast version … that is this work.
In fact, sound board recording that occupies this work (the first half) is just the ultimate. In the sense of length, although the military version rises to the official version which also recorded “Jailhouse Rock”, the sound is not so. The official version was a sound-pressing sound that corresponds to the ears who got used to the intense sound pressure of modern rock only in the 2016 release, but this work is only “1973 sound”. It has been finely digitized from the BBC transcription disc (and not used!), And it is super beautiful but overwhelmingly natural. The official version forced old recordings to rise to the level of the modern market, but the high-pitched sound was sloppy to the ear (the four of them would not have played either) and too thick bass was like a terrifying baby. did. In other words, it was the finish for de amateurs with no sound source knowledge. On the other hand, this work is just the sound of four people. The musical instruments of the analog age hold on to the analog sense, and have determined the highest peak. Furthermore, this work brush up the highest peak master further. Of course, I do not put any hands on the beautiful sounds beyond the official, and focus only on the removal of fine noises. There is no noticeable noise from only the master who was told that “you can officially release it as it is” from the beginning of the excavation, but it is corrected by finding out the noise at the microscope level, such as whether or not you notice the ear with headphones. We realized the ultimate form.
The music depicted in such a supreme sound is wonderful. The contents are concentrated reduction of historical two “Prince of the Fallen” “Queen II”. The band potential is “Queen II” itself (only just after the album production) while showing the famous music with the balance of 1st 2nd song + 2nd 3rd song. Especially, “Father To Son” is a live performance that will be premiered all over the world. “Queen II” is an ideal image of British hard rock, but the evolution of hard rock is live performance. In other words, this work is even an ideal image that can be achieved by British hard rock.
In addition, it is the narration of BBC that adds the flower to the live performance. There is nothing to be done in terms of content, such as the introduction of a band, but what I listen to is a word of “Decon John!” Although this is an introduction along with the credits of the debut film “The Princess of War”, John himself did not like this call and was soon changed to “John Deacon”. Some people see the credits for their debut as mistakes, but they can enjoy it as proof of the sound of the highest quality ever, rather than intentional.

[Second half: November 17th, 1973 Liverpool performances] The audience recording of two months later follows such a supreme BBC sound. Known as QUEEN’s oldest customer record, its quality is such a wonderful thing that even the extremely high scarcity value is out of the question. It was first released at the 2004 Fan Convention, and it is said that the master of Omoto Master is said to have been digitized directly. The dubbing mark is not all that much, and aging is hardly felt whether the preservation environment is good or not. Although it is not a direct feeling like BBC sound source which is the highest peak sound board in history, its lush sound, noiseless luster, clear air feeling transmitted to the detail, and the neat sound only because of the master …… Everything is more than common sense in the early 70’s. Of course, this is also the latest, meticulous mastering and brush up. We realized the quality that can be listened to side by side with the supreme BBC master.
And the show is great. The first half of the BBC is very similar only after two months, but you can also enjoy the “Keep Yourself Alive” and the precious unreleased song “Hangman” that you can not hear there. Furthermore, the enthusiasm is great. Although the BBC of the radio recording also has a youthful passion, it is better to be on stage here. It’s full of openness, and it’s vacuum packed with the best sound that shines in the very early stages that shine in the original place.

QUEEN which made great name board “Queen II” and finally began to show its true territory. It is a decision board of the live album that the band potential explodes. QUEEN’s oldest best audience recording on the BBC sound board, which is said to be “more than official” from mania in the world. It is a historical masterpiece that you can enjoy the extremely early QUEEN in the highest peak version of both of them. That’s exactly what you want to make “1973” in line with “The Princess of War” and “Queen II”. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.


・9月13日:ロンドン ←★ココ★
・10月11日-12月28日:欧州(35公演) ←★ココ★


【前半:1973年9月13日BBC RADIO 1出演】
実のところ、このショウはすでに公式化済み。3年前に衝撃を振りまいた『ON AIR』の6枚組デラックス・エディションにも収録されました。『ON AIR』は実に画期的な公式化で、2枚組スタンダード盤でさえすべての“BBCセッション”を網羅した文化遺産級の偉業でした。さらに6枚組のデラックス・エディションともなるとスタジオ・ライヴ以外のBBCの秘宝も大盤振る舞い。もはや、すべてのBBCブートレッグをお役ご免にする公式化の理想像………のはずでした。しかし、惜しい事にそう断言もできなかった。海外を含め、コア・マニアが寄ってたかって聴き倒した結果「ベスト・サウンド」と断じたのは、当時の放送版だった。その放送版の最高峰クオリティ・バージョン……それこそが本作なのです。
実際、本作(の前半)を占めるサウンドボード録音は、まさに究極。長さ的な意味では「Jailhouse Rock」も収録した公式版に軍配が上がるものの、サウンドはそうではない。公式版は2016年リリースだけに現代ロックの激しい音圧に慣れた耳にも対応する音圧押しサウンドでしたが、本作はあくまで“1973年サウンド”。BBCのトランスクリプション・ディスク(しかも未使用!)から精緻にデジタル化しており、超美麗でありながらナチュラル感も圧倒的。公式版は古い録音をむりやり現代市場レベルにまでかさ上げさせていましたが、その高音は耳にキンキンと突き刺さり(あの4人も奏でていないであろう)太すぎる低音が奇形児のようでもありました。言い換えるなら音源知識が皆無のド素人向けの仕上がりだったのです。それに対し、本作はあくまで4人の出音そのまま。アナログ時代の楽器がアナログ感覚を保持したまま、その最高峰を究めているのです。しかも、本作はその最高峰マスターをさらにブラッシュ・アップ。もちろん、公式以上の美しい鳴りには一切手を付けず、細かなノイズの除去のみに注力。発掘当初から「このまま公式リリースできる」とさえ言われたマスターだけに目立つノイズはないのですが、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄まして気づくか否か……といった顕微鏡レベルのノイズまで探し出しては補正。究極形を実現いたしました。
そんな至高のサウンドで描かれる音楽こそが素晴らしい。内容は歴史的な2枚『戦慄の王女』『クイーンII』の濃縮還元。1stから2曲+2ndから3曲というバランスで名曲を披露しつつ、そのバンド・ポテンシャルは(アルバム製作直後だけに)『クイーンII』そのもの。特に「Father To Son」は全世界初演となる生演奏なのです。『クイーンII』は英国ハードロックの理想像そのものですが、ハードロックの進化は生演奏にこそある。つまり、本作は英国ハードロックが成し得る理想像とさえ言えるものなのです。

そして、ショウも素晴らしい。前半BBCの2ヶ月後だけに酷似しているわけですが、そこでも聴けない「Keep Yourself Alive」や貴重な未発表曲「Hangman」も楽しめる。さらに熱気も凄い。ラジオ収録のBBCも若々しいパッションが感じられたものの、こちらはさらにステージなのが良い。開放感いっぱいで本来の居場所で輝く極初期の輝きを極上サウンドで真空パックしているのです。



Live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK 13th September 1973

1. Introduction
2. Procession
3. Father To Son
4. Son And Daughter
5. Ogre Battle
6. Member Introduction
7. Liar

Taken from the original BBC Transcription Services Disc(CN 2073/S)

Live at the Stadium, Liverpool, UK 17th November 1973

8. Procession
9. Father To Son 最初ボーカルがオフ
10. Son And Daughter
11. Ogre Battle
12. Hangman
13. Keep Yourself Alive
14. Liar



Queen / BBC Sessions Master Reel Versions / 1CDR / Non Label
Recorded At Langham One Studio, London 3rd, 16th, & 28th  April 1974

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The main story press CD is the highest peak record of the extremely early QUEEN. In particular, the soundboard recordings arose from the BBC transcription is a historic one, even more than the official “ON AIR”. However, there is also a BBC sound source that has been praised as “more than official”. Although it is a masterpiece without bonus if it is not, it is a special attachment decision to enhance the collection.
The so-called “BBC session” is contained in such a work. Britain’s proud BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was also a pioneer who pioneered rock culture with musicians in terms of broadcasting. With the rise of youth culture, we carried out various forms of broadcasting to convey new sensibility. “BBC IN CONCERT” which broadcasts live shows as it is, “TOP OF THE POPS” whose mouth is main, “THE OLD GRAY WHISTLE TEST” of live studio performances, etc. Today, the archive is also producing countless official works.
Under such circumstances, what is called “BBC SESSIONS” is a kind of unique. Generally known as live recording, it is not a recording of a regular stage concert. Several songs will be played in one recording, and will be recorded in a spectatorless studio, and then overdubs will also be ant. The foundation is a live performance where all the members play, so it is not necessary to distract the audience in front of them and concentrate on music. Moreover, it is also built in (though it is a case-by-case only). It is exactly the middle of a studio work and a live work, and its individuality is regarded as special.
And QUEEN left BBC session all six times. This work is the best edition which recorded three times of 1974-1977 that is the latter half. It is a good opportunity, so here is the whole session

本編プレスCDは、極初期QUEENの最高峰記録。特にBBCトランスクリプションから起こされたサウンドボード録音は、オフィシャル『ON AIR』以上とさえなる歴史的な1枚です。しかし、「オフィシャル以上」と絶賛されるBBC音源も存在しています。本来であればボーナス不要の大傑作ではあるものの、そのコレクションを充実させるための特別付属決定です。
そんな本作に収められているのは、いわゆる“BBCセッション”。イギリスが誇るBBC(英国放送協会)は、放送の面でミュージシャンと共にロック文化を切り拓いたパイオニアでもありました。若者文化の盛り上がりと共に、新たな感性を伝えるために様々な形態の放送を実施。ライヴショウをそのまま放送する“BBC IN CONCERT”、口パクが主の“TOP OF THE POPS”、スタジオ生演奏の“THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST”等々。現在では、そのアーカイヴが無数の公式作品を生み出してもいます。
そんな中で「BBC SESSIONS」と呼ばれるものは一種独特。一般的にライヴ録音として知られていますが、通常のステージ・コンサートを記録したものではない。1回の収録で演奏されるのは数曲で観客のいないスタジオで録音され、その後のオーバーダブもアリ。土台はメンバー全員がせーので演奏するライヴでありつつ、目の前の観客をノセる必要がなく音楽に集中。しかも、作り込みもされる(あくまでケース・バイ・ケースですが)。まさにスタジオ作品とライヴ作品の中間であり、その個性が特別視されているのです。

Session 4
Recorded at Langham One Studio, London 3rd April 1974
Broadcast on Radio 1, 15th April 1974

1. Modern Times Rock and Roll 2. Nevermore 3. White Queen

Session 5
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 16th October 1974
Broadcast on Radio 1, 4th November 1974

4. Bob Harris MC 5. Now I’m Here 6. Bob Harris MC 7. Stone Cold Crazy 8. Bob Harris MC
9. Flick Of The Wrist 10. Bob Harris MC 11. Tenement Funster 12. Bob Harris MC

Session 6
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 28th October 1977
Broadcast on Radio 1, 14th November 1977

13. Spread Your Wings 14. It’s Late 15. My Melancholy Blues 16. We Will Rock You


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