Queen / The Queen Phenomenon Japanese Broadcast Version / 1DVDR

Queen / The Queen Phenomenon Japanese Broadcast Version / 1DVDR / Non Label
Broadcast In 1995

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Translated Text:

“Bohemian Rhapsody” which has become a tremendous hit as a music movie and continues to run long now. The best masterpiece TV special number as its “continuation” is gift · release decision.
Such a work is contained in “THE QUEEN PHENOMENON (phenomenon called Queen).” It was broadcasted in 1995 when Freddie ‘s heritage “MADE IN HEAVEN” was released, and was edited from the official video “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD” at the same time. It is a special number concentrated along the broadcasting frame of about 1 hour from the original 123 minutes. The original is UK production, but the destination is a Japanese broadcast version that also included Japanese subtitles by certain broadcasting associations and narrations unique to the program version. It is a documentary professional shot that can enjoy plenty of time for about an hour with the ultimate master gave away from the recording maniac who offers many Japanese programs to our shop.
Currently, a number of special numbers are broadcasted according to the big hit of the movie, and our DVD, “THE MAGIC YEARS” reprinted official documentary is also very popular. In that situation the special thing is that the spot is hit in the second half. Although the history of glory and the legendary LIVE AID are also being scrutinized, the main is after “THE MAGIC TOUR”. “THE MIRACLE” and “INNUENDO”, Freddie’s most recent years, memorial concerts after death, re-break at the movie “Waynes World”, and a masterpiece “MADE IN HEAVEN”. Indeed, we can walk “the next ten years” of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

【The era of THE MIRACLE · INNUENDO spelling on the back stage of late clip】
Such a program ran from the former band SMILE to the history of QUEEN and came to the end and finally to “THE MIRACLE”. When entering the subject, it is organized by each section, not just tracking history. First of all, “VIDEO ART”. While telling the commitment as a pioneer of video clips, the late stage PV of “THE MIRACLE” and “INNUENDO” will be introduced along with the production backstage.
That speech clearly considers Freddie’s death. In ‘I’ m Going Slightly Mad ‘Roger revealed that “hair style, thick makeup, monochrome image … they hid the severity of his illness”, Brian said in “These Are The Days Of Our Lives” Roger says, “I think that I’m surely thinking, I guess it is the best as a goodbye.” If you think about it now, you can take it with his farewell words. But it is by no means a pain. Introducing Freddie’s commitment and entertainer to actively teach members, “The Miracle”, whose child role is QUEEN, also releases the audition scene. Children who cried out of Freddie appeared, “Even if I left the set I was always Freddie, so it was natural that I was still there after that.” To that innocent smile, love for Freddie continues to embrace the world even now.

【Freddie’s death and memorial concert】
And the death of Freddie. A news video that tells the shock flows, and Freddie laughs, “If you are told the same life, of course it’s done.”
The main here is the 1992 Freddie Memorial Concert. Now, including Dead Bowie, Elton John, Roger Daltry, Paul Young, Annie Lennox, Lisa Stansfield, Liza Minnelli, Seal, GUNS N ‘ROSES, EXTREME, etc. …… A number of participating musicians Praise Freddie. That proud high Robert Plant also says, “Actually, many artists are changing the key, it is impossible to play Freddie as it is”. And you can see plenty of that luxurious stage and rehearsal scene.
Especially George Michael is being featured. “Freddie had a way of singing and a lot of wonderful songs left.The song of his song …… especially singing” all to love “can not be said in the mouth is the highest moment, realization of a dream It was, “that wonderful live will be unfolded. LIVE AID George and Bowie who had been shining with Freddie will again bring Wembley. It was a dazzling scene in 2019 when I lost three people.

[Legacy left behind and movie Waynes World] The program will introduce the world that continues to love Freddie even after death. Repeated fun / conventions and AIDS funds have appeared, and to the movie ‘Waynes’ World. Actually, this section may resonate most vividly. The appearance of fans who are enthusiastically becoming Freddie at the convention is no different from the current theater, and Jim beach (person himself) who was important in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody also appears.
And the movie “Waynes World”. Mike Myers who appeared as an executive of EMI also appeared in “Bohemian Rhapsody” and talked about his feelings to QUEEN. This is really good. Let’s export it a bit.
“The memories of an unforgettable boyhood was that I was watching the landing at the airport.Hockey on the street … When I heard Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time, it was like” What is this? “Opera + It was a snake, I thought that I was absolutely disliked by putting a movie image in the video because it was like scribbling in Picasso’s masterpiece, so I told the people of the record company I’m sorry.Then we Thank you for using the songs “I received a letter,” I feel thankful? “It is this line of words.”
In the middle of this comment movie scene is inserted. The facial expression of that simple idol will be synchronized with our current feelings.

【Freddie’s last days and MADE IN HEAVEN】
The program returns to Freddie’s last days again. This program is also a promotion of “MADE IN HEAVEN”, and introduces the secret story of the production of the remains. Brian’s words spent together here is heavy.
“We have reached the conclusion that” INNUENDO “is not included, the time left is little, because Freddie was declared not to have the next work, so we decided to record when he was in good condition. I wanted it, “Please let me sing, write songs and sing it.” While I did not know when the last will be, I recorded it little by little, it was a really fulfilling day ”
And, to Freddie ‘s late interview. “It is the first time you revealed your feelings, but I’m getting tired,” the program ends with the curtains (for this work, The video “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD” TV spot video is also included bonus).

While fulfilling the resurrection with miracle LIVE AID, QUEEN burned briefly. And Freddie Mercury continues to be loved afterwards. This work is a masterpiece of a documentary depicting the “after” of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Twenty-four years have passed since this program, but the psychology of fans depicted here is not different from the present. Television special number that is directly connected to “present” while being “bohemian · rhapsody” ‘s “after 10 years”. As it is now, please enjoy yourselves carefully as you approach the chest.

そんな本作に収められているのは『THE QUEEN PHENOMENON(クイーンという現象)』。フレディの遺作『MADE IN HEAVEN』がリリースされた1995年に放送されたもので、同時期の公式ビデオ『CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD』から編集されたもの。オリジナルの123分から約1時間の放送枠に沿って濃縮された特番です。オリジナルは英国制作ですが、本先は某放送協会による日本語字幕や番組版ならではのナレーションも入った日本放送バージョン。当店に数多くの日本番組を提供してくださる録画マニアから譲られた超極上マスターで約1時間たっぷり楽しめるドキュメンタリー・プロショットです。
現在、映画の大ヒットに合わせて数々の特番が放送されていますし、当店でも公式ドキュメンタリーの復刻DVD『THE MAGIC YEARS』も大好評。そんな中で本作が特別なのは、後期にスポットが当てられていること。栄光の歴史や伝説のLIVE AIDも掻い摘まれてはいますが、メインは“THE MAGIC TOUR”以降。『THE MIRACLE』や『INNUENDO』、フレディの最晩年、そして没後の追悼コンサート、映画『ウェインズ・ワールド』での再ブレイク、そして遺作『MADE IN HEAVEN』。まさに、映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』の“その後10年”を歩めるのです。

【後期クリップの裏舞台で綴るTHE MIRACLE・INNUENDO時代】
そんな番組は、前身バンドSMILEからQUEENの歴史を駆け足に辿り、いよいよ『THE MIRACLE』へ。本題に入ると、単に歴史を追うのではなく、セクション毎に整理されています。まずは「VIDEO ART」。ビデオ・クリップの先駆者としてのこだわりを語りつつ、『THE MIRACLE』『INNUENDO』2作の後期PVが制作裏舞台と共に紹介されていく。
その語り口は明らかにフレディの死を意識している。「I’m Going Slightly Mad」ではロジャーが「髪型、厚化粧、モノクロ映像……それらが彼の病のひどさを隠していたんだ」と明かし、「These Are The Days Of Our Lives」ではブライアンが「今にして思えば彼の別れの言葉ともとれるんだ」と語れば、ロジャーが「きっとそう考えていたと思うよ。別れの言葉としては最高だなって」と繋ぐ。しかし、決して沈痛ではない。メンバーに演技指導するフレディのこだわりとエンターテイナーを紹介し、子役がQUEENに扮する「The Miracle」では、オーディション・シーンも公開。フレディになりきってはしゃぐ子供たちが登場し、「セットを離れても僕はずっとフレディだったんだ。だからその後も彼でいるのは自然なことだったよ」と語る。その無邪気な笑顔には、今もなお世界が抱き続けるフレディへの愛情が滲むのです。

ここでのメインは、1992年のフレディ追悼コンサート。今は亡きデヴィッド・ボウイをはじめ、エルトン・ジョン、ロジャー・ダルトリー、ポール・ヤング、アニー・レノックス、リサ・スタンスフィールド、ライザ・ミネリ、シール、GUNS N’ ROSES、EXTREME等々……幾多の参加ミュージシャン達がフレディを讃える。あの誇り高きロバート・プラントも「実は多くのアーティストがキーを変えてるんだ。フレディをそのまま演じるのは無理なのさ」と賛辞を惜しまない。そして、あの豪華なステージやリハーサル・シーンもたっぷり見られます。
中でもフィーチュアされているのは、やはりジョージ・マイケル。「フレディには歌い方、そして数々のすばらしい曲を残してもらった。彼の曲……特に『愛にすべてを』を歌うことは口では言えない程の感激さ。最高の瞬間、夢の実現だった」と語り、あの素晴らしいライヴが繰り広げられる。LIVE AIDでもフレディと共に輝いていたジョージやボウイが再びウェンブリーを湧かせる。3人を失った2019年には、あまりにも眩しいシーンです。

「忘れられない少年時代の想い出は、飛行場で着陸を眺めていたこと。路上でのホッケー……そして初めてBohemian Rhapsodyを聞いたときのこと。『なんだこれ?』って感じだったよ。オペラ+ヘビメタだった。ビデオに映画の映像を入れちゃって、絶対嫌われると思った。ピカソの名画に落書きしたようなものだからね。だからレコード会社の人にごめんなさいって伝えてもらった。そしたら『我々の曲を使ってくれてありがとう』って手紙がきたんだ。『ありがとうだって?』って感じさ。それはこっちのセリフだよ」

【フレディ最期の日々とMADE IN HEAVEN】
番組は再びフレディ最期の日々へ。この番組は『MADE IN HEAVEN』のプロモーションでもあり、遺作の制作秘話を紹介していくのです。ここでは共に過ごしたブライアンの言葉が重い。
そして、フレディ最期の肉声インタビューへ。「僕が話をするのは君が最後」と語り出し、「こんなに自分の気持ちを明かしたのは初めてだ。でも、もう飽きちゃったよ」で番組は幕を閉じるのです(本作には、ビデオ『CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD』のTVスポット映像もボーナス収録しています)。

奇跡のLIVE AIDで復活を果たしながらも、短く燃え尽きたQUEEN。そして、その後も愛され続けるフレディ・マーキュリー。本作は、映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』の“その後”を描いたドキュメンタリーの大傑作です。この番組からも24年が経とうとしていますが、ここに描かれたファンの心理は現在と何も変わらない。『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』の“その後10年”でありつつ、“現在”まで直結してしまうテレビ特番。今だからこそ胸に迫る1枚、どうぞじっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro 2. Mile Stones 3. Video Arts 4. Freddie Mercury Death Reports
5. Freddie Mercury Tribute 6. The Legend Lives On 7. Queen In The Studio
8. Freddie Mercury Interview (Montreux 1991)

Bonus Track
9. Champions Of The World Japanese Video Promo Spot


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