Queen & Paul Rodgers / En Chile 2008 Complete / 1DVDR

Queen & Paul Rodgers / En Chile 2008 Complete / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
San Carlos De Apoquindo Stadium, Santiago, Chile, 19th November 2008.


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From South America tour in 2008 of Queen + Paul Rodgers of “COSMOS ROCKS” release period, November 19, Chile was complete recording of the show in the ultra-high-quality professional shot video of 2 hours and 30 minutes from local TV master the Santiago concert video title of ultimate fan must-see is the appearance. Local television broadcast had been edited in 1 hour 25 minutes, but the present board is, we have recorded digital master unedited broadcast before, you can enjoy sound and perfect quality of the official class. Moreover, the image quality is better than the broadcast version at that time, had been around in the streets! You can see in the non-cut all the guitar solos of Brian had been cut in its entirety and “COSMOS ROCKS” new song, the TV version. The TV station mark was entered leave much on the screen has not yet been entered in the TV version It is also nice point. Was copied as the outflow master, song order also disjoint, the video of the performances this time, had been around, was has been making too sloppy, but this board has been recorded in the correct song order, further we have become the best version of the original menu was also attached. However, (it is believed that occurred when it was digitized from Omoto tape) cut in a song due to the master to be found here and there in its outstanding panel similar is regrettable.

Dramatic opening to rush to Hammer To Fall from spacey intro invites the excitement has been hard rock, it is very fresh you look now. How to say that live in the Spanish-speaking, Las Palabras De Amor this time, was played for the first time in many years is an important number in the history of Queen live yet. Of the number who said C-lebrity seems that will never be played in live anymore from “COSMOS ROCKS”, Surf’s Up … School’s Out, Say It’s Not True, Voodoo, We Believe, and Cosmos Rockin ‘probably Live take is priceless, and each is a must even number Seagull it was able to listen precisely because collaboration with Paul Rodgers, Bad Company, and All Right Now. Freddie appeared on the screen in the Bohemian Rhapsody, large chorus of venue at this time to be quite impressive. Base & drum solo fun Produce unique also one of the highlights. This is a live video of six years ago, Brian and Roger also looks youthful than now. Yes World Tour since the start of 2005, only has been doing the live numerous activities, there is a great first time playing and powerful quality, that you look now. Who remember the excitement of the Japan tour of October 2005 while watching this also I think in a lot. Anyway, with the outflow image of South America, the quality is good surprisingly, though, you can enjoy the whole aspect of the show on the screen and clear the domestic BS broadcasting par. It is a gift appeared in the title is nice piece of the strongest, best to represent this era of Queen fan must-have for all.


「COSMOS ROCKS」リリース期のクイーン+ポール・ロジャースの2008年南米ツアーより、11月19日、チリはサンチャゴ公演を現地テレビマスターより2時間30分の超高画質プロショット映像でショウを完全収録したファン必見の究極の映像タイトルが登場です。現地テレビ放送は1時間25分に編集されていましたが、本盤は、放送前の未編集のデジタルマスターを収録しており、オフィシャル級の完璧な画質とサウンドで楽しむことができます。しかも画質は当時、巷で出回っていた放送版よりさらに良好!テレビ版ではその全てがカットされていた「COSMOS ROCKS」新曲、そしてブライアンのギターソロを全てノンカットで見ることが出来ます。またテレビ版では画面にずっと入りっぱなしだったテレビ局マークが入っていないのも嬉しいポイントです。この当時、出回っていた同公演の映像は、流出マスターをそのままコピーした、曲順もばらばらで、あまりにも雑なつくりになっていましたが、本盤は正しい曲順で収録されており、更にオリジナル・メニューも付いた最良版になっております。ただし、既発盤同様に散見されるマスターに起因する曲中のカットが残念です(大元テープからデジタル化した際に発生したものと思われます)。

興奮を誘うスペイシーなイントロからHammer To Fallに突入する劇的なオープニングはハードロックしており、今見ても非常に新鮮です。スペイン語圏でのライブと言うことでか、この当時、久々に演奏されたLas Palabras De Amorは未だクイーンライヴ史における重要なナンバーです。恐らくもう二度とライヴでは演奏されることのないと思われる「COSMOS ROCKS」からのC-lebrity、Surf’s Up… School’s Out、Say It’s Not True、Voodoo、We Believe、Cosmos Rockin’と言ったナンバーのライブテイクは貴重ですし、ポール・ロジャースとのコラボだからこそ聴くことのできたSeagull、Bad Company、All Right Nowといったナンバーもそれぞれが必見です。フレディはBohemian Rhapsodyでスクリーンで登場、このときの場内の大合唱が凄く、感動的です。ユニークな演出が楽しいベース&ドラムソロも見所の一つ。6年前のライヴ映像ですが、ブライアンもロジャーも今よりは若々しく見えます。2005年のワールドツアー開始以来、数多くのライヴ活動をこなしてきただけあり、今見てもそのクオリティ、そしてパワフルな演奏ぶりは素晴らしいものがあります。これを見ながら2005年10月の来日公演の感動を思い出す人も多いのではないでしょうか。とにかく、南米の流出映像にしては、驚くほどに品質が良く、まるで、国内BS放送並みのクリアーな画面でショウの全貌を楽しめます。全てのクイーン・ファン必携のこの時代を代表する最強・最良の一枚が嬉しいギフトタイトルで登場です。

1. Intro 2. Hammer To Fall 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Fat Bottomed Girls
5. Another One Bites The Dust 6. I Want It All 7. I Want To Break Free 8. C-lebrity
9. Surf’s Up… School’s Out 10. Seagull 11. Love Of My Life 12. ’39 13. Bass & Drum Solo
14. I’m In Love With My Car 15. A Kind Of Magic 16. Las Palabras De Amor 17. Say It’s Not True
18. Voodoo 19. Bad Company 20. We Believe 21. Guitar Solo 22. Bijou 23. Last Horizon
24. Radio Ga Ga 25. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 26. The Show Must Go On 27. Bohemian Rhapsody
28. Cosmos Rockin’ 29. All Right Now 30. We Will Rock You 31. We Are The Champions
32. God Save The Queen

Brian May – Guitar, Vocals Roger Taylor – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Paul Rodgers – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica Spike Edney – Keyboards & Vocal
Danny Miranda – Bass & Vocal Jamie Moses – Rhythm Guitar & Vocal

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 150min.


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