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Queen / King Of The Impossible / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th February 1981.


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“The Game” was a great success and was released in accordance with the Japan the soundtrack, “Flash Gordon”, also in Tokyo commercial peak February 13 days from his fourth visit to Japan tour of the climax to the stomach of the time of Queen Budokan complete recording of the two-day concert in high-quality audience recording of the finest level. The sound source is pressed on CD from GE under the title “Need You Loving Rock” in the past, later Uxbridge its version of the Omoto re-appeared under the title “Battle Theme” from the Trial, two years ago in a completely different sound source more “Play Flash Game” has been released, but it is finally the best sound quality and the longest version of the appearance of this day. “Need You Loving Rock”, while the same sound as the “Battle Theme” (Disc 3/4), recorded in recent years appeared in master-quality version. Marked with the more “This is the same sound?” Would be surprised at than to listen and to there is a difference in quality of quality, easily the youth of this take on the generation judgment. Has been recorded for more than 10 seconds longer than the already issued from SE start of opening, you can see the advantage of this version from de head. In addition as its own processing of this panel, to compensate naturally drum solo of Keep Yourself Alive, which has been missing by a tape change even in this time appeared in version, the Roger of solo timpani after the guitar from “Play Flash Game” take, It has realized the complete recording. “I’m glad to meet again in Japan of a friend.” Brian in Love Of My Life intro at the beginning of the disk 2 also has been recorded close to 30 seconds longer MC before the cheers. Tie Your Mother Down between from after the show of Angkor Another One Bites The Dust song Sundehatsu is non-cut in, but it was as little as 30-seconds this take 2 minutes and 25 seconds, yet Another One Bites The Dust was head out with its outstanding is recorded with no cut also drum intro in this board! Between the Sheer Heart Attack from the We Will Rock You song Sundehatsu whereas 27 seconds, this take here also non-cut in 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Result, Sundehatsuban is for the entire 104 minutes, this board is minutes 111, also recorded long 7 minutes. Tsubudachi of sound, punch, much of the difference is felt and its outstanding in the clear is, if the original, is a very high-quality content press CD release is appropriate as the same day definitive edition.

Stage of the day anyway Freddie is strong, you can enjoy very comfortably listening. Unlike the first day, which was slightly sing saves Pounds, this day is full power. Although 1981 Japan tour was five consecutive performances Budokan, Freddie tone is as of this day was the peak, and later those of not bad, has become a performance that makes gradually feel tired. I would say this board is the best also to enjoy the sound quality and content to 1981 tour in the sense that said so. It has continued since 1980 tour, from Jailhouse Rock of opening poke surprise, the band will show off the energetic performance. Such action was brisk it is associative, Freddie singing to attack the powerful from the beginning the best. Song to We Will Rock You not put Kanpatsu. Freddie vocals on this song is a rarity. Budokan is it seems that it was a storm of frenzy, but since the tone has been recorded on at all times, will not be blocked by the cheers. The day before from the greeting at the familiar Japanese were not to Let Me Entertain You. And the goodness of the cutting of Freddie, how the superb control of the rich voice volume in the best part, in Aina’ and intense band playing, you will be allowed to greatly excited to have heard. Play The Game that the high key is required is doing in its own way. It is also a good feel where the resounding … thats the audience in the guitar solo of the same song. Intro of the day before as well Mustapha is earnestly reservoir in margin compelling. Strong therefore Killer Queen also listening stations of improvisation is feel more alert (too much?). Dynamic Get Down, after the Make Love, is Need Your Loving Tonight is Bishitto played good surprise of the day. Like there was something before the next Save Me, Freddie (me doing over there with that person!) “Get him off!” And you cried twice. Save the rich singing sore Me is the highest, the fans will be tears in the expression of reasonable elegant high-frequency. Now I’m Here of what to Freddie dull even this day, you can enjoy a lot in the sharpness plenty. Love Of Freddie vocals and the chorus of the venue in My Life has been recorded in the balance of great sound. You can listen to the very impressive version while somewhat can uncertain is interlude in Bryan. In the world I think I come fans never touched the Queen sound source of unofficial, but still do not hear the take-up here is take that seems wasteful. 13 minutes of ranging drum solo, entering of Keep Yourself Alive also this take the guitar solo the first complete recording in the time of the highest quality master version. From 6 minutes close guitar solo, to “Flash Gordon” medley. Very rare Vultan’s Theme of the day Freddie is featuring synthesizer performance (effectively themes to be used in flight scene of Vartan also in the movie) is played (guitar code mistake in the 49 th second). Enter from Flash to The Hero in the sign of Roger of the drum, but Brian would play endlessly the Battle Theme, Freddie is not put in a vocal, you can hear how the are confused. Crazy Little Thing Called Love to start from the performance of the jam-style will have transmitted the feeling that the band is also enjoying sincerely also playing the audience (harmonica can be heard? In 1 minute 30 seconds to stand). The Bohemian Rhapsody of vocal also the day in a professional site overseas have been critically acclaimed, but indeed of maybe because you abuse the throat voice rubbing is, the vocals of this day to control the high frequency in the margin in the rarity, of gloss singing voice, etc. of a certain ending is also the best. Tie Your become everyday if dumpling Mother Down Guests can also enjoy a crisp performance to feel a sense of separation. Goodness of the recording also think that there is that awfully hear wonderful features of this day. (In fact, even in the tape of the opera part, have been recorded in great sound.) Encore of We Will Rock You Freddie so as to block the Brian guitar improvisation of the will to start the vocal. We Are The Champions and last of God Save The Queen and last until the end perfect recording can enjoy the first ever longest-highest sound quality take,. In the future, large masterpiece live board that seems to be no standard of doubt among fans. One representative of the 1981 Japan tour is the emergence from the popular Uxbridge label.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.129 (April 2011). In case you’re wondering.

Than Japan tour in 1981 that all five performances were done sit down to the Budokan, it recorded its second day. I have seen the light of day are two types of audience sound source from this performance, the boot leg and the ones that are included in the “Need You Loving Rock (GE-206/207),” “Battle Theme (Trial-177)”, ” the Play Flash Game but are classified in what has been recorded in the (Uxbridge 139) “, it is essentially the former and the sound source is used here. And, keep in mind that the improved sound quality of course now that is newly released in this way, it is no doubt intended to make me clearly feel the Roujene with increased hi-fi level. It’s intro of the drum had expired half number of measures in its outstanding album “Another One Bites The Dust” is complete recording, to have been also recorded about 10 seconds longer cheers of opening, have been completely also recorded it to seek an encore as it has become a thing more Roujene is suggesting in terms of content. Probably has become the original seems to be something that was floating around on the net at the end of last year as “Analogue Master”, it is not always been as it is Pakeji, we’ve been missing plump “Keep Yourself Alive” What is compensated carefully at the other sound source has become a feature about 2 minutes of drum solo of Roger Taylor followed. This day is important as a record that was played for the first time the “Vultan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men)”, and “Voltan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men),” “Battle Theme”, “Flash’s Theme”, “The Hero” it is also noted that the medley from “Flash Gordon” has become a long thing. “Save Me” Ppoku joke towards the audience that Freddie Mercury is not silence before beginning the “Sharappu (Shut up)!” That’s also interesting screaming.

★ been released in 2011, has been acclaimed from the fan-media, 81 years Budokan second day of superb sound source master sound source is the first appearance in the gift title.

「The Game」を大成功させ、サントラ盤「Flash Gordon」を来日に合わせてリリースした、またに商業的ピークの絶頂にいた時期のクィーンの4度目の来日ツアーより2月13日の東京武道館2日目公演を極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。この音源は過去に「Need You Loving Rock」というタイトルでGEよりプレスCD化され、後にその大元のヴァージョンがTrialから「Battle Theme」というタイトルで再登場、2年前には完全別音源でUxbridgeより「Play Flash Game」がリリースされましたが、遂にこの日の最高音質・最長版が登場です。「Need You Loving Rock」、「Battle Theme」(Disc 3/4)と同一音源ながら、近年登場したマスター・クオリティ版を収録。「これが同じ音源?」と聴き比べで驚いてしまうほどに音質のクオリティに差があり、本テイクのジェネレーションの若さが容易に判断付きます。オープニングのSEスタートから既発に比べて10秒以上長く収録されており、ド頭から今回のヴァージョンの優位性を確認することができます。更に本盤の独自の処理として、今回登場したヴァージョンにおいてもテープチェンジにより欠落されていたKeep Yourself Aliveのドラムソロ、ギターの後のロジャーのティンパニーのソロを「Play Flash Game」テイクから自然に補填し、完全収録を実現しています。ディスク2冒頭のLove Of My Lifeイントロでのブライアンの「日本の友達にまた会えて嬉しいです。」のMC前の歓声も30秒近く長く収録されています。Tie Your Mother Down終演後からアンコールAnother One Bites The Dustの曲間は既発は30秒弱でしたが本テイクは2分25秒でノンカット、しかも既発で頭切れだったAnother One Bites The Dustは本盤ではイントロのドラムもカット無しで収録!Sheer Heart AttackからWe Will Rock Youの曲間は既発は27秒に対し、本テイクは2分10秒でこちらもノンカット。結果、既発盤は全体104分に対し、本盤は111分と、7分も長く収録しています。音の粒立ち、パンチ、クリアーさにおいて既発とは格段の差が感じられ、本来なら、同日決定版としてプレスCDリリースが相応しい非常に高品質な内容です。

この日のステージはとにかくフレディが好調で、聴いていて非常に気持ち良く楽しめます。ややセーヴ気味に歌っていた初日と違い、この日はパワー全開。1981年日本ツアーは武道館5連続公演でしたが、フレディの調子はこの日のがピークだったようで、以降は悪くないのものの、次第に疲れを感じさせるパフォーマンスとなっています。そう言った意味でも音質・内容的に1981年ツアーを楽しむには本盤がベストと言えるでしょう。1980年ツアーから続けられている、意表を突くJailhouse Rockのオープニングから、バンドはエネルギッシュな演奏を披露します。キビキビとしたアクションが連想されるような、冒頭からパワフルに攻めるフレディの歌声は最高。曲は間髪入れずWe Will Rock Youへ。この曲でのフレディのボーカルは絶品。武道館は狂乱の嵐だったと思われますが、楽音が常時オンに録音されているので、歓声に遮られることはありません。前日は無かったお馴染みの日本語での挨拶からLet Me Entertain Youへ。フレディの切れの良さと、豊かな声量を見事にコントロールする様子は圧巻で、強烈なバンド演奏と相成って、聞いていて大いに興奮させられます。高いキーが要求されるPlay The Gameはそれなりにこなしています。同曲のギターソロで観客がどよめくところも良い感じです。前日同様にMustaphaのイントロは余裕にためまくって迫力満点。好調ゆえにアドリブが冴える(やりすぎ?)のKiller Queenも聴き所。ダイナミックなGet Down, Make Loveの後で、ビシっと演奏されるNeed Your Loving Tonightはこの日のグッドサプライズ。次のSave Meの前に何かあったようで、フレディが「Get him off!」(そいつをあっちにやってくれ!)と2回叫びます。Save Meの豊かな歌いっぷりは最高で、無理のない優雅な高域の表現にファンは涙することでしょう。フレディが冴えてこそのNow I’m Hereもこの日は切れ味たっぷりで大いに楽しめます。Love Of My Lifeでのフレディのボーカルと会場の合唱は素晴らしい音のバランスで収録されています。ブライアンの中間奏がややおぼつかない出来ながら非常に感動的なヴァージョンを聴くことができます。世の中にはアンオフィシャルのクィーン音源に触れたことのないファンもいらっしゃるかと思いますが、やはりここまでのテイクは聴かないのは勿体ないと思えるテイクです。13分の及ぶドラムソロ、ギターソロ入りのKeep Yourself Aliveも本テイクは今回の最高音質マスター版にして初の完全収録。6分近いギターソロから、「Flash Gordon」メドレーへ。この日はフレディがシンセサイザー演奏をフィーチャーしての非常に珍しいVultan’s Theme(映画でもバルタンの飛翔シーンで効果的に使用されるテーマ)が演奏されます(49秒目でギターがコードミス)。FlashからThe Heroにロジャーのドラムの合図で入りますが、ブライアンがBattle Themeを延々と弾いてしまい、フレディがボーカルに入れず、混乱している様子が聞けます。ジャム風の演奏からスタートするCrazy Little Thing Called Loveはバンドも観客も演奏を心から楽しんでいる感じが伝わってきます(1分30秒台でハーモニカが聞こえる?)。海外の専門サイトでもこの日のBohemian Rhapsodyのボーカルは絶賛されており、流石に喉を酷使したせいか声の擦れはあるものの、余裕で高域をコントロールするこの日のボーカルは絶品で、艶のあるエンディングの歌声等も最高です。普段ならダンゴになってしまうTie Your Mother Down も分離感を感じさせる歯切れの良い演奏が楽しめます。録音の良さもあると思いますがやけに素晴らしく聞こえるのがこの日の特徴です。(実際、オペラパートのテープでさえも、素晴らしい音で録音されています。)アンコールのWe Will Rock Youではブライアンのギターインプロを遮るようにフレディがボーカルをスタートさせます。We Are The Champions、そしてラストのGod Save The Queenと最後の最後まで完璧な録音が楽しめる史上初の最長・最高音質テイク。今後、ファンの間で定番化間違いなしと思われる大傑作ライブ盤。1981年日本ツアーを代表する一枚が好評Uxbridgeレーベルから登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.129(2011年4月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

全5公演が武道館に腰を据えて行われた1981年の来日公演より、その2日目を収録。この公演からは2種類のオーディエンス音源が日の目を見ており、ブートレッグでは『Need You Loving Rock (GE-206/207)』『Battle Theme (Trial-177)』に収録されているものと、『Play Flash Game (Uxbridge 139)』に収録されているもので区分されるが、ここには基本的に前者と同音源が使われている。そして、このような形で新たにリリースされるからには当然ながら音質が向上しているわけで、明らかにハイファイ度の増したロウジェネを感じさせてくれるものであることは間違いない。既発盤でイントロのドラムが半小節分切れていた「Another One Bites The Dust」は完全収録だし、オープニングの歓声も10秒程度長く収録されているし、アンコールを求めるそれも完全収録されているように、内容面でもよりロウジェネが窺えるものとなっている。おそらく元になっているのは”Analogue Master”として昨年末にネット上で出回ったものだと思われるが、それがそのままパーケージされたわけではなく、丸々と欠落してしまっている「Keep Yourself Alive」に続くロジャー・テイラーの約2分間のドラム・ソロがもう一方の音源にて丁寧に補われているのが特長となっている。この日は「Vultan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men)」を初めて演奏したことが記録として重要であり、「Voltan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men)」「Battle Theme」「Flash’s Theme」「The Hero」と『Flash Gordon』からのメドレーが長いものとなっていることにも注目である。「Save Me」を始める前にフレディ・マーキュリーが静まらない観客に向かって冗談っぽく「シャラップ(Shut up)!」と叫んでいるのも面白い。


Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Jailhouse Rock 3. We Will Rock You (fast) 4. Let Me Entertain You 5. Play The Game
6. Mustapha 7. Death On Two Legs 8. Killer Queen 9. I’m In Love With My Car
10. Get Down, Make Love 11. Need Your Loving Tonight 12. Save Me 13. Now I’m Here
14. Dragon Attack 15. Now I’m Here (reprise)

Disc 2
1. Love Of My Life 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Drum Solo 4. Guitar Solo 5. Vultan’s Theme
6. Battle Theme 7. Flash 8. The Hero 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 10. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. Tie Your Mother Down 12. Another One Bites The Dust 13. Sheer Heart Attack
14. We Will Rock You 15. We Are The Champions 16. God Save The Queen


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