Queen / Definitive Live Aid / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Queen / Definitive Live Aid / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 13th July 1985 Plus Bonus DVDR “Definitive Live Aid The Video”

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Translated Text:

“LIVE AID (Wardour-303)” of the audience recording which appeared at the end of last year, shocked the shock rarely seen in recent years. “True LIVE AID” spelled out by the prestigious Kinney ‘s hidden master who was not even known even though it was wonderful, far too overwhelming. It is the appearance of a major decision board that has maximized the possibilities of such a master of miracles.
What is included in this work is, of course, “Wembley Stadium Performance July 13, 1985”. It is a legendary stage that also became a highlight of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The impact work of Wardour label “LIVE AID” was a set of two versions of “ultra-high quality audience recording” vacuum-packing the site and “highest peak FM sound board” exceeding the official DVD. This work is a live album that also includes the third “Matrix version” that combines the two in addition to its 2 version. Let’s introduce the three masters in the order in which they are recorded. (Matrix master of shock is [Section 3].) If you can not wait, please skip it.

【Section 1: Ultra Super Audience Recording with Night Parts Additions】
First of all, Kinny recording of impact. Until it was excavated from the Wardour label last year, it was a direct CD from the original cassette of prestigious Kinney that no one had heard. In the last work “LIVE AID” it was only the stage in the daytime, but in this work additionally recorded the night section of another cassette excavated afterwards. You can also enjoy “Is This The World We Created?” Which was played with Freddie and Brian alone on the evening (21: 48) on the evening (21: 48) with Kinney Sound.
As many people know that it was a big hit, the sound is superbly superb. The sense of air is transparent, both the performance and the singing voice jump straight into the hand. And the freshness unique to the original master is overwhelming. Perhaps it has been almost never played for 33 years since recording. Dubbing deterioration and aged deterioration are scarcely seen, neither distortion nor flapping. Until a huge cheering cheerful tone is outrageous from beginning to end.
And the overwhelming realistic presence. Although cheering from the appearance of four people, Freddie boils at once at a stroke when Freddie strikes the intro of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. A vast chorus bursts out finely. Its thickness and beauty. Although it was a moving scene in movies and television broadcasting, the sense of standing on the scene was just like another dimension. After that, “Radio Ga Ga” which is prosperously prosperous, “Day-O” where 72,000 people are united, “Hammer To Fall” boiling in the scene where Freddie brings his face close to the camera, clapping hands Swirling “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, the audience is finally lost sight of even simple beats with excitement beyond the peak “We Will Rock You”. And “We Are The Champions” which causes miracles in the miracle … …. Continuing to watch as pro teen as getting tired, the legendary spot where I also confirmed in the movie. It is a miracle audience master who stands in the middle of it.

[Section 2: Best stereo sound board] The second master is also the highest peak version of stereo sound board recording which became popular with “LIVE AID”. This is not exactly the same, a long version containing a scene that introduces QUEEN. Here British comedian dressed as a policeman: Late Mel · Smith & Glyph · Lease · Jones appeared. It boasts 72,000 people. Calling QUEEN humorously while frightening by the tremendous cheers, Freddie drives to “the scene” that runs lightly. This talk scene is not included in the official DVD, it is a valuable scene that further enhances the mood of the show.
More important than the sound itself. This show is officially made into DVD, but those who are supposed to be “the best” from maniacs are those of FM broadcasting at the time. Separately, there is not a problem with the sound quality of the official DVD, is it instead of covering a big cheer with a stereo feeling? The position of the performance was closer to the center, almost as it was nearly monaural, it was hardened. On the other hand, the FM sound board is live only, the audience’s play is thin (although it still gets excited enough to enter), the performance and singing voice itself is super vivid. The synth sound of the “Radio Ga Ga” intro is flowing from the right, and the chorus of John Deacon is singing from the left properly.

【Section 3: First Matrix Master】
Well, the last one to refrain from is the greatest life of this work. It is the third “matrix · master” that will penetrate. Synchronizing the above-mentioned kiny recording with the highest peak sound board precisely, it is said that it is effective and great … …. What is this spectacle !? Early octopus audience and soundboard synchro Although it is only being done, it is totally different dimension.
This is terrible. Too fierce. A thick thick chorus caught by 72,000 choruses who had been the most attractive audience recording rolled up, Freddie’s singing voice that increased strength with the soundboard in the middle of that happened and dominates. The scale that it draws is already different space itself. Freddie’s singing voice was also captured firmly in the audience recording, but it reached the feeling of “scratching” the large audience’s chanting. In other words, the sense of space of the audience that “QUEEN is beyond the audience”. In contrast, this matrix is ​​a different space. While feeling Freddie’s voice close to the sound board’s direct connection feeling, the large audience also has a sense of the skin. When drawn with its Fifty presence, truly, 72,000 choruses came close to one Freddie and gave birth to a sense of being “accompanying”. The sense is backlash from the opening ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. In that arpeggio, the cheers that withed like midsummer shower wove and change into a melody accompanied by lyrics. Moreover, it has become a tremendous sense of unity and unity. There is no noisy as a whip gay though it is covering 100% real real audience recording, and the chant also is transparent. Synchronically beautifully with Freddy’s singing voice without a slight time lag transmitting air. This sense is not a band and audience, but a conductor and an orchestra area. Without anyone’s exception, everyone in the field concentrates on Freddie’s all-in-one action, one word of lyrics, and both are creating music. Freddy which the heavy rain sings beautifully, and it unifies with it and it freely commands … … It is exactly a different dimension sensation.
Of course, that sense of unity extends not only to the chorus but also to the performance. If the guitar is also fine, beat and de fastball. The clapping hands with its vibrant sound board and 144,000 palms are fully integrated with the rhythm team. Especially clapping numbers like “Radio Ga Ga” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” are amazing. It is as if the Wembley stadium itself became one huge speaker and spit out the beat. “We Will Rock You” that collapses after hitting the big wave If Frody’s singing voice that makes the clapping of the intro is also vast, it will be neatly tidied up too quickly is also a terrible tough at the sound board. And that “We Are The Champions”. In audience recording, Freddie’s voice came down from heaven, but the spectacle where the crowd’s gentle introduction was a spectacle, but this work is different. Freddie stood at the head while integrating with the huge crowd and cited Kayoka as “We are the winner!” Its powerfulness surpasses audiences recording, and the euphoria feeling of boiling can not even reach even the highest peak sound board at all.
In addition, Freddie’s singing voice itself is also more beautiful. The soundboard provides a rugged core, where the audience recording adds a thick sound. If you have experienced the previous board, you know that audience recording is an echo-free sound unique to the open venue, but you do not have to reflect it, but it’s growing. The extensibility like being sucked into the empty sky which spreads above the head of 72,000 people. It gives a further spectacle and euphoria to the soundboard sound of core. What beautiful thing is “Is This The World We Created?” Which draws simple simple acoustic and singing voice ……
The performance which had manipulated freely the huge stadium freely became a talking grass and now it became a movie. This work can experience that huge intercourse with different dimension sound. Why was this show a miracle? Why was the heart of 72,000 people disturbed, became a legend beyond the trial of time? Because it is a matrix with both sides of the stage side sound board and the audience side of the audience side in order, the dodeca scale feeling and the dazzling that became one are felt more brilliantly. Depending on the personality of the master, the matrix does not necessarily become a good thing, but this work produces a splendid synergistic effect. The stage of miracles is causing miracles many times. It is a live album that does not stop trembling in the fact itself.

“Is this the World We Created?” Was also found in the Audience section, Introduction was added Soundboard section. And, a combination of miracles and miracles is a matrix master that draws unprecedented heights. It is one piece that the impact work which recorded a big hit sublimated to the ultimate form. I would like to taste all the rock fans living in 2019. Please, please experience with permanent preservation press CD.

★ In January 2019, the world experiences a miracle … This is really amazing.

昨年暮れに登場し、近年希に見る衝撃を振りまいたオーディエンス録音の『LIVE AID(Wardour-303)』。存在すら知られていなかった名門キニーの秘宝マスターで綴られた“真実のLIVE AID”は、どこまでも素晴らしく、あまりにも圧倒的でした。そんな奇跡のマスターの可能性を最大限に引き出した一大決定盤の登場です。
本作に収録されているのは、もちろん「1985年7月13日ウェンブリー・スタジアム公演」。映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』のハイライトにもなった伝説のステージです。Wardourレーベルの衝撃作『LIVE AID』は、その現場を真空パックした「超高音質オーディエンス録音」と公式DVDを超える「最高峰FMサウンドボード」の2バージョンをセットした1枚でした。本作はその2バージョンに加え、両者を融合させた第3の「マトリクス・バージョン」も収録したライヴアルバムなのです。それでは、3つのマスターを収録順にご紹介していきましょう(衝撃のマトリクス・マスターは【セクション3】。待ちきれない方は、どうぞ読み飛ばしてください)。

まず登場するのが、衝撃のキニー録音。昨年Wardourレーベルから発掘されるまで、誰も聴いた事のなかった名門キニーのオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにCD化したものです。前回作の『LIVE AID』では昼のステージだけでしたが、本作ではその後に発掘された別カセットの夜の部も追加収録。当日夜(21:48)にフレディとブライアンだけで再登場して演奏した「Is This The World We Created?」もキニー・サウンドで楽しめます。
そして、圧倒的なのはリアルな臨場感。4人の登場から声援が飛びますが、フレディが「Bohemian Rhapsody」のイントロをつま弾くや一気にウェンブリー鍋が一気に沸騰。きめ細かくも広大な大合唱が吹き出す。そのぶ厚さと美しさ。映画やテレビ中継でも感動のシーンでしたが、現場に立つ感覚はまるで別次元。その後も盛大に盛り上がる「Radio Ga Ga」、7万2000人が一体となる「Day-O」、フレディがカメラに顔を近づけるシーンで沸騰する「Hammer To Fall」、演奏をかき消さんばかりの手拍子が渦巻く「Crazy Little Thing Called Love」、遂にピークを超えた盛り上がりで観客がシンプルなビートさえ見失う「We Will Rock You」。そして、奇跡の中の奇跡を起こす「We Are The Champions」……。プロショットを飽きるほど見続け、映画でも確かめた伝説の現場。そのただ中に立つ奇跡のオーディエンス・マスターです。

2本目のマスターも『LIVE AID』で大好評となったステレオ・サウンドボード録音の最高峰版。こちらもまったく同じではなく、QUEENを紹介するシーンも収録した長尺版。ここでは警官に扮した英国のコメディアン:故メル・スミス&グリフ・リース・ジョーンズが登場。7万2000人を大いに沸かせる。凄まじい大歓声にたじろぎながらもユーモラスにQUEENをコールし、フレディが軽快に走り込んでくる“あのシーン”に繋がるのです。このトーク・シーンは公式DVDにも収録されず、ショウのムードをさらに高めてくれる貴重なシーンです。
それ以上に重要なのはサウンドそのもの。このショウは公式にDVD化もされているわけですが、マニアから「ベスト」とされているのは当時のFM放送の方。別に公式DVDのサウンド・クオリティに問題があるわけではないのですが、大歓声をステレオ感たっぷりに被せた代わり?に演奏の定位が中央に寄っており、ほとんどモノラルに近いほど固まっていました。それに対し、FMサウンドボードは生中継だけに観客の唱和は薄く(それでも入るほど盛り上がっているわけですが)、演奏と歌声自体が超ビビッド。「Radio Ga Ga」イントロのシンセ音が右から流れ、ジョン・ディーコンのコーラスがちゃんと左から歌いかけてくるのです。

さて、最後に控えるのが本作最大の命。浸透となる第3の「マトリクス・マスター」です。上記のキニー録音と最高峰サウンドボードを精緻にシンクロさせているのですが、その効果たるや絶大……と言いますか、このスペクタクルは一体何なんだ!? 耳タコなオーディエンスとサウンドボードがシンクロしているだけだというのに、まったくの別次元なのです。
これが凄まじい。あまりにも凄まじい。オーディエンス録音最大の魅力であった7万2000人のコーラス隊によるぶ厚いぶ厚い大合唱が巻き起こり、そのド真ん中をサウンドボードで力強さを増したフレディの歌声が突き抜け、支配する。それが描くスケールは、もう空間そのものが違う感じ。オーディエンス録音でもフレディの歌声はしっかりと捉えられていましたが、それは大観衆の唱和を「掻き分ける」感じで届いていました。つまり「観客の向こうにQUEENがいる」という客席の空間感覚。それに対し、このマトリクスは異空間。フレディの声をサウンドボードの直結感で間近に感じつつ、大観衆も肌感覚。そのフィフティな存在感で描かれると、本当に7万2000人のコーラス隊がフレディ1人に寄り添い、「付き従っている」感覚を生んでいる。その感覚はオープニングの「Bohemian Rhapsody」から背筋ゾクゾク。あのアルペジオで真夏の夕立のように沸き上がった喝采が蠢き、歌詞を伴ったメロディに姿を変えていくのです。しかも、それが凄まじい一体感・統一感にもなっている。100%本生リアルなオーディエンス録音を被せているというのにガヤガヤとした騒がしさがなく、唱和も透き通っている。空気を伝わるわずかなタイムラグもなくフレディの歌声と綺麗にシンクロ。この感覚はバンドと観客と言うより、指揮者とオーケストラの域。誰ひとりの例外もなく現場の全員がフレディの一挙手一投足、歌詞の1語1語に集中しており、共に音楽を創り出している。豪雨が美しく歌い、それと一体化して自在に指揮するフレディ……まさに異次元感覚です。
もちろん、その一体感は合唱だけでなく演奏にも及ぶ。ギターも細やかならビートもド直球。その鮮やかサウンドボードと14万4000の掌が奏でる手拍子がリズム隊と完全に一体化。特に「Radio Ga Ga」や「Crazy Little Thing Called Love」のような手拍子ナンバーが凄い。まるでウェンブリー・スタジアムそのものが1つの巨大なスピーカーになってビートを吐き出しているかのよう。その大波が当たって崩れる「We Will Rock You」イントロの拍手の海も広大なら、あっと言う間に整然とさせてしまうフレディの歌声もサウンドボードで恐ろしく強靱。そして、あの「We Are The Champions」。オーディエンス録音では天上から降り注ぐ、フレディの声が群衆の唱和を優しく導くスペクタクルでしたが、本作は違う。フレディが巨大な群衆と一体化しながら先頭に立ち、「我々は勝者だ!」と凱歌を挙げている。その力強さはオーディエンス録音を凌ぎ、沸き上がる高揚感は最高峰サウンドボードでさえまったく足下にも及ばないのです。
さらに言えば、フレディの歌声自体も一層美しい。サウンドボードが骨太な芯を提供し、そこにオーディエンス録音が肉厚な鳴りを添える。前回盤を体験された方なら、オーディエンス録音もオープン会場ならではの反響なしサウンドなのはご存じと思いますが、反射はしなくても伸びがある。7万2000人の頭上に広がる晴天の虚空へ吸い込まれていくような伸びやかさ。それが芯丸出しのサウンドボード音に更なるスペクタクルと高揚感を与えている。シンプルなアコギと歌声だけで描く「Is This The World We Created?」の何と美しい事か……。

「Is This The World We Created?」も発掘されたオーディエンス編、イントロダクションも追加されたサウンドボード編。そして、奇跡と奇跡の組み合わせが未曾有の高みを描き出すマトリクス・マスター。大ヒットを記録した衝撃作が究極形に昇華した1枚です。2019年を生きるすべてのロックファンに味わって頂きたい至福。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでご体験ください。




Original Audience Recording ★キニーテープ。オーディエンス録音

1. Intro 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Radio Ga Ga 4. Day-O 5. Hammer To Fall
6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 7. We Will Rock You 8. We Are The Champions

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
9. Intro 10. Is This The World We Created?

Stereo FM Broadcast Recording ★ラジオ放送音源なのでステレオ収録

11. Griff Rhys-Jones & Mel Smith Introduction ★FMステレオ版
12. Bohemian Rhapsody 13. Radio Ga Ga 14. Day-O 15. Hammer To Fall
16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 17. We Will Rock You 18. We Are The Champions

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
19. Is This The World We Created?

MATRIX: Audience Recording & FM Broadcast Recording★奇跡のマトリックス・サウンド

20. Griff Rhys-Jones & Mel Smith Introduction 21. Bohemian Rhapsody 22. Radio Ga Ga
23. Day-O 24. Hammer To Fall 25. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
26. We Will Rock You 27. We Are The Champions

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
28. Is This The World We Created?



Queen / Definitive Live Aid The Video /  1Single DVDR / Non Label
Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 13th July 1985 PRO-SHOT

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Translated Text:

Shock Kinney Master and the highest peak soundboard, and a matrix that both of us can listen to the miracle compatibility …… The main press CD drawn with three treasures “DEFINITIVE LIVE AID”. That splendor is an unrelated super masterpiece such as no need for a bonus. However, the concept of this time is “to bring out the possibilities of the master to the maximum.” That possibility is, of course, included in imaging. Yes, this work is a video work that synchronized the supreme sound of the main press CD with the official pro shot.
There are 2 kinds of professional shots contained in such work. Let’s introduce each one.

【First half: Pro Shot with the highest peak sound board synchronized】
First of all it appeared in the professional highest version of the professional record. It is the one which synchronized the highest peak FM sound board to the familiar multi camera · pro shot. This stage is an official DVD, and all appearances of QUEEN are recorded. However, according to mania who has loved LIVE AID for many years, it is not the best, according to the verification. The picture quality is perfect, but the problem is speech. Manians are listening to the FM broadcasting people. This video is synchronizing FM broadcast to such multi camera · pro shot.
I enjoyed the same type of concept with the bonus DVDR of “LIVE AID (Wardour-303)”, but this work has been redesigned again. Although it is not a big upgrade, the scene of the comedian at the beginning which was television sound is also FM voice. The workmanship is wonderful when scales fall off with eyes and ears. Although I mentioned in the commentary of this volume, although the official DVD feels the cheer spectacle, the performance itself was small with a flat plate. However, in this work, you can experience the performance of miracles with a stereo feeling up to the brilliant of FM broadcasting. What’s even wonderful is three-dimensional. Because it is a stereo, Brian May’s cutting also sounds cleanly separated without hitting the synth, and it is even closer to Freddie’s voice even though it is a crowd with audiences. Of course, it also includes ‘Is This The World We Created?’ Which was played with Freddie and Brian re-appearing at night (21: 48) as well as at the main stage from the evening (18: 41).

【Second half: New appearance Matrix · Master shock image】
Long before the first half of pursuing the extreme of professional record, the life of this work which is overwhelming far beyond is here. It is a transcendence version that synchronized the matrix master which was also included in the main press CD.

This is another different thing anymore. It is too amazing. It’s too amazing!

Back from the big chorus boiling up at the beginning “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It is a picture that I looked back over and burned back to my mind, but the sense of scale and the feeling of the scene are completely different. Even when the screen becomes Freddie’s up, the chorus always catches the ears and the goose bumps do not stop with the furious presence. And “Radio Ga Ga” continues to make the power of the image mild. A huge audience claps hands on the rust, but you can hear the sound of the 144,000 palms held in front of you! The vast ocean of both hands wriggles according to the beat, and the moment it hits it sounds without a time lag. This spectacle was something that could not be any video / live album so far. Even at the highest peak FM sound board, the audience’s presence is far, even if you synchronized the audience voice, Freddie would have been far. Because it is a matrix master, you can feel the presence of QUEEN and the big crowd at the same time. And, by joining up to the professional shot image where the angle is also freely there, everything in Wembley pot jumps into the brain all the way.
Although it became long with only 2 songs, the impact will not stop thereafter. A huge amount of “Day-O” hitting each other’s voices, a roar that Freddie boils up with “Hammer To Fall” playing with a TV camera. Even Kinney ‘s audience recording shows the scenes that I was listening to, appearing in front of me as a scene that has scaled up many times. And again, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” the 144,000 palms turn into rhythm corps. In this song, the chorus is slightly smaller than other songs, but Freddie instantly takes a lead at the moment when it is conceived. Exquisite thing at that timing. The goodness of this Freddie ‘s genius Kang was also unable to be conveyed by audience recording without a spectacle, and it was not understood by the broadcast pro shot where the audience’ s breath was far away.
In the continuing “We Will Rock You”, the scene where the rhythm of the audience who was too excited at the beginning goes out of order has appeared. The truth has already been known in the audience recording, but Freddie slowly walks to the center of the stage slowly while listening to the chaotic clapping, singing out as if to look around the audience … How cool, how cool! And a miracle in the miracle to welcome, “We Are The Champions”. The ocean of the vast chorus and the singing voice of the sound board which controls everything are mixed and fused together. The large crowd in front of the eyes shakes as the ocean, according to the harmony of that ten thousand … ….

This work closes the curtain with the beauty “Is This The World We Created?” Produced by the fusion of the highest peak FM soundboard and the Kinney Audience. Matrix alone was compatible with miracles, but it does not mean to sublimate even pro shot images.
The reproduction scene of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” was also strengthening the spectacle by making use of the latest CG, but this work is comparable to it. Moreover, all of the materials are genuine, “reality”. It is realizing massive Hollywood class spectacle with overwhelming reality. Beyond the dimension called bonus copy of the main press CD, this work itself is astounding video work. Press CD and Proshot pursued the possibilities that Master had hidden to the limit. Please, please enjoy together.

★ This video is amazing. It is surprising that AUD + SBD MATRIX will have a tremendous effect so far.
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衝撃キニー・マスターと最高峰サウンドボード、そして両者が奇跡の相性を聴かせてくれるマトリクス……3種の至宝で描かれる本編プレスCD『DEFINITIVE LIVE AID』。その素晴らしさは、ボーナスの要不要など無関係な超傑作です。しかし、今回のコンセプトは「マスターの可能性を最大限に引き出す事」。その可能性とは、もちろん映像化含まれる。そう、本作は本編プレスCDの至高のサウンドを、公式プロショットにシンクロさせた映像作品です。

まず登場するのは、プロ記録の至高を極めたバージョン。お馴染みのマルチカメラ・プロショットに、最高峰FMサウンドボードをシンクロさせたものです。このステージは公式DVDとなっており、QUEENの出演パートはすべて収録されています。しかし、長年LIVE AIDを愛してきたマニアの検証によると、それがベストではない。画質は満点なのですが、問題は音声。マニア達はFM放送の方に軍配を挙げているのです。この映像は、そんなマルチカメラ・プロショットにFM放送をシンクロさせているわけです。
同種のコンセプトは『LIVE AID(Wardour-303)』のボーナスDVDRでも楽しめましたが、本作は改めて制作し直したもの。大きなアップグレードではありませんが、テレビ音声だった冒頭部のコメディアンのシーンもFM音声になっています。その出来映えは、目や耳から鱗がポロポロと落ちる素晴らしさ。本編の解説でも触れましたが、公式DVDは歓声のスペクタクルは感じられるものの、演奏自体は平板でこぢんまりとしていました。しかし、本作ではFM放送の鮮やかなまでのステレオ感で奇跡のパフォーマンスを味わえるのです。さらに素晴らしいのは立体感。ステレオだからこそブライアン・メイのカッティングもシンセとぶつかる事なく綺麗に分離して聞こえ、観客とのかけ合いでもフレディの声に一層ド密着なのです。もちろん、夕方(18:41)からの本編ステージだけでなく、夜(21:48)にフレディとブライアンだけで再登場して演奏した「Is This The World We Created?」も収録しています。



冒頭「Bohemian Rhapsody」で沸き上がる大合唱から背筋ゾクゾク。何度も見返して脳裏に焼きついた映像なのですが、そのスケール感、現場感がまるで違う。画面がフレディのアップになっても大合唱が常に耳を捉え、猛烈な臨場感に鳥肌が止まらない。そして、映像の威力をまざまざと感じさせるのが続く「Radio Ga Ga」。サビで大観衆が手拍子するわけですが、目の前に掲げられた14万4000の掌が打ち合う音が聞こえる! 広大な両手の海がビートに合わせて蠢き、それが当たる瞬間の音がタイムラグなしに鳴る。このスペクタクルは、これまでのいかなる映像・ライヴアルバムでもあり得なかったもの。いかな最高峰FMサウンドボードでも観客の存在感は遠く、仮にオーディエンス音声をシンクロさせたとしてもフレディが遠かったでしょう。マトリクス・マスターだからこそ、大観衆とQUEENの存在感を同時かつ間近に感じられる。そして、そこにアングルも自在なプロショット映像まで加わる事でウェンブリー鍋のすべてが丸ごと脳みそに飛び込んでくるのです。
2曲だけで長くなってしまいましたが、その後も衝撃が止まらない。互いの声をぶつけ合う「Day-O」の巨大さ、フレディがテレビカメラと戯れる「Hammer To Fall」で沸き上がるどよめき。キニーのオーディエンス録音でも聴きどころだったシーンの数々が、何倍もスケールアップした光景となって目の前に現れる。そして、再び14万4000の掌がリズム隊と化す「Crazy Little Thing Called Love」。この曲では他の曲よりやや唱和が小さいのですが、それを察した瞬間にフレディが即座にリードを取る。そのタイミングの絶妙なこと。このフレディの天才的なカンの良さも、光景のないオーディエンス録音では伝わりきれなかったですし、観客の息吹が遠い放送プロショットでは分かりませんでした。
さらに続く「We Will Rock You」では、冒頭で盛り上がりすぎた観客のリズムが狂いまくるシーンが登場。その真実はすでにオーディエンス録音でも分かっていましたが、その混沌とした手拍子を聴きながらフレディがゆっくりとステージ中央へ歩いて行き、観客を見回すように歌い出すとビシッと揃う……。なんて、なんてカッコイイ! そして迎える奇跡の中の奇跡、「We Are The Champions」。あまりにも広大な大合唱の海と、すべてを掌握するサウンドボードの歌声が混じり合い、溶け合う。その万単位のハーモニーに合わせ、眼前の大群衆が海原となって揺れ動く……。

最高峰FMサウンドボードとキニー・オーディエンスの融合が生み出す美の「Is This The World We Created?」で幕を閉じる本作。マトリクスだけでも奇跡の相性でしたが、まさかプロショット映像までも昇華させるとは。

★この映像は凄いです。AUD+SBD MATRIXがここまで凄い効果を出すとは・・・驚きです。

Stereo FM Broadcast Audio

1. Griff Rhys-Jones & Mel Smith Introduction 2. Bohemian Rhapsody
3. Radio Ga Ga 4. Day-O 5. Hammer To Fall 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7. We Will Rock You 8. We Are The Champions

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
9. Is This The World We Created?

MATRIX: Audience Recording & FM Broadcast Recording


10. Griff Rhys-Jones & Mel Smith Introduction 11. Bohemian Rhapsody
12. Radio Ga Ga 13. Day-O 14. Hammer To Fall 15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
16. We Will Rock You 17. We Are The Champions

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
18. Is This The World We Created?


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