Queen / Definitive Knebworth 1986: 2021 Remaster / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Queen / Definitive Knebworth 1986: 2021 Remaster / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK 9th August 1986 plus Bonus DVDR “A NIGHT OF SUMMER MAGIC: LIVE AT KNEBWORTH PARK 1986”

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The fateful “August 9, 1986 Knebworth performance” was the last night of the original QUEEN. The legendary recording that has handed down the whole picture has been brushed up and decided to be permanently preserved.
There are many people who have this date burned into their minds. The highlight that mobilized 300,000 people on the final day of “THE MAGIC TOUR”. And, after all, it was the last show where “the four people” including Freddie were gathered, and QUEEN … No, the scene that anyone who loves rock wanted to witness. This work is a superb audience recording where you can experience the final full show.
As you may know if you can pay attention to this article, this show has been loved as a standard for many years because it is known that a famous recording was left. Recorded by the well-known historical master “Crazy S.” in our shop, it is a famous recording that boasts sound quality that has long been said to be “one of the top five recordings of all QUEEN audiences”. This work is the latest and highest peak update board. If you are an old collector, you may remember the Amsterdam label “ELECTRIC MAGIC”, but this work is basically the same recording, but the contents are very different. While the Amsterdam board was awakened by the trade master of Gene Ochi, the source of this work is borrowing the master cassette from the recorded “Crazy S.” himself, and re-in 2019 Digitized “DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986 (Wardour-320)”. It is a brush-up board that has been re-polished from that super-famous board that was sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye.

The sound is just the finest. It is not mistaken for a sound board because it has a vivid on-site feeling, but in terms of quality, it is not defeated by FM broadcasting. Since it was counted as “five fingers” from the time of “ELECTRIC MAGIC”, the core is on, there is no sense of distance, and the details are tremendous. There are no walls or ceilings that reflect sound only in the outdoor venue set up in Nebworth Park, and the sound emitted by the PA is directly picked up with zero echo. Of course, if you are far from the PA or if the sound is blown by the wind, you will not have any children, but the master “Crazy S.” cannot make such a mistake. Furthermore, the freshness digitized directly from the Omoto cassette is incomparable to “ELECTRIC MAGIC”.
I suddenly lined up compliments, but this is just the story of the previous edition “DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986”. This work is an upgraded version that has been further refined. Of course, even though it’s a remaster, it doesn’t do anything like a blunt sound pressure earner. While making the most of the natural feeling of the original sound, we have improved the degree of perfection as a musical work.
Specifically, the goodness of the street. By arranging the sound of each range from high to deep bass, it gives a good feeling of clogging that was felt at the peak, and along with that, the stereo feeling is wide and vividly transformed. Furthermore, the goodness of the vocal street. In the original sound, distortion was felt at the peak of the vocal Sa line (Sa Si Su Se So) due to the relationship with the on-site PA. This is a phenomenon that occurs in any language, whether in Japanese or English, and is especially common in sound output until the 1980s. It’s also real in the field, but in this work it’s closer to “Freddie’s live voice”.

The sound that was reborn in this way is the last brave figure of the original QUEEN and the last Freddie. This show was also adopted in the official version “LIVE MAGIC”, but the rare version of that century is a mixture with other performances. Even the songs that were adopted were shredded by editing. On the other hand, this work is a piercing audience recording without a mixture. You can fully experience the most important show in QUEEN history. It feels like it’s all about a special show, but it’s also a good opportunity, so let’s organize the contents of the show.

● 70’s
・ Queen II: Seven Seas Of Rhye
・ Sheer Heart Attack: In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited / Now I’m Here
・ A Night at the Opera: Love Of My Life / Bohemian Rhapsody
・ A Day at the Races: Tie Your Mother Down
・ News of the World: We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
● 80’s
・ The Game: Another One Bites The Dust / Crazy Little Thing Called Love
・ Hot space: Under Pressure
・ The Works: Tear It Up / I Want To Break Free / Is This The World We Created? / Hammer To Fall / Radio Ga Ga
・ Kind Of Magic: One Vision / A Kind Of Magic / Who Wants to Live Forever / Friends Will Be Friends
・ Others: Impromptu / (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care / Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) / Tutti Frutti

… And this is the last full set of QUEEN. Instead of omitting “Gimme Some Lovin'” and “Big Spender” from “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM”, the show is tighter and has a better flow. And the performance is wonderful. I can’t say for sure that “this day is the last” because the testimonies of the members vary from time to time about Freddie’s medical condition, but a genuine entertainer cannot be burned in front of a huge crowd of 300,000 people. It’s a great performance even if it’s the “last” emotion, and probably because there was a four-day break just before, it’s one of the most enthusiastic performances of “MAGIC TOUR” as a whole.

Freddie tweeted “I thank you all” in “We Are The Champions”, and the audience returned “Thank you all”, closing the curtain. It’s the last concert that will touch your heart no matter how many times you listen to it. From that time on, the full official live version of the night has been desired, and 35 years have passed before I knew it. However, even if that wish comes true, the soundboard will not give you the feeling of being “at the scene” or “having Freddie in front of you.” This recording has continued to fulfill such an “ultimate dream” with superb sound. This work is the highest peak update version of such a dream album.
“Dream Crystal” revived with a new sound over 35 years. Please enjoy it until your soul is unraveled with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ Original QUEEN Last night “August 9, 1986 Knebworth performance” best audience recording. The latest / meticulous brush-up of the masterpiece that was directly digitized from the original cassette of the legendary recording by the master “Crazy S.”. Originally it was a super-name recording that was said to be “one of the five fingers in QUEEN”, but this time the sound passage has improved dramatically. The feeling of clogging that was felt at the peak creates a good feeling of lacking, and along with that, the stereo feeling is wide and vividly transformed. In addition, the distortion felt in the vocal sa line has been alleviated, making it closer to Freddie’s real voice. QUEEN It is a “dream crystal” where you can fully experience the last big performance on site.

(Remaster memo)
★ The sound quality is high, but the impression is that it is packed, so it has been improved. With a finish that does not have an equalized feel, the stereo feel when listening through headphones has also increased.
★ The vocal “Sashisuseso” sound has eased the tightness.
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Side panels

この日付が脳裏に焼きついている方も多いことでしょう。“THE MAGIC TOUR”の最終日にして、30万人を動員したハイライト。そして、何と言ってもフレディを含む“あの4人”が揃った最後のショウであり、QUEENを……いえ、ロックを愛する者なら誰もが立ち会いたかった現場。本作は、その最後のフルショウを体験できる超極上のオーディエンス録音なのです。
本稿に目を留められる方ならご存じかも知れませんが、このショウは名録音が残された事でも知られ、長年の定番として愛されてきました。当店ではお馴染みの歴史的名手“Crazy S.”氏が録音し、古くから「QUEENの全オーディエンス録音でも五指に入る」と言われるほどのサウンド・クオリティを誇った名録音。本作は、その最新・最高峰更新盤なのです。オールド・コレクターの方ならAmsterdamレーベルの『ELECTRIC MAGIC』をご記憶かも知れませんが、本作は基本的に同じ録音ながら中身は大きく違います。Amsterdam盤がジェネ落ちのトレード・マスターから起こされたものだったのに対し、本作の元になっているのは録音した“Crazy S.”氏本人からマスター・カセットを借り受け、2019年に再デジタル化した『DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986(Wardour-320)』。あっという間に完売・廃盤になってしまった、あの超名盤を改めて磨き直したブラッシュアップ盤なのです。

そのサウンドは、まさに最高級。生々しい現場感があるためにサウンドボードと間違えはしませんが、クオリティ的にはFM放送にも負けていない。『ELECTRIC MAGIC』の頃から「五指」に数えられてきただけあって、芯はオンで距離感がなく、ディテールの細やかさも絶大。ネブワース・パークに設営された野外会場だけに音を反射する壁も天井もなく、PAが吐き出す出音を反響ゼロでダイレクトに拾っている。もちろん、PAから遠かったり、音が風で流されたりしたら元も子もありませんが、名手“Crazy S.”氏がそんなミスをするはずもない。さらに大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化された鮮度は『ELECTRIC MAGIC』とは比較にもならないのです。
と、いきなり賛辞を並べてしまいましたが、これはあくまで前回盤『DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986』の話。本作は、さらにブラッシュアップしたアップグレード盤なのです。もちろん、リマスターとは言っても無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎのような無粋なマネはしておりません。原音の持つナチュラル感を最大限に活かしつつ、音楽作品としての完成度を高めたのです。

そうして生まれ変わったサウンドで描かれるのは、オリジナルQUEEN最後の勇姿であり、最後のフレディなのです。このショウは公式盤『LIVE MAGIC』にも採用されたわけですが、あの世紀の珍盤は他公演との混ぜ物。採用された曲にしても編集でズタズタにされていました。それに対し、本作は混じりっ気ナシの一気貫通なオーディエンス録音。QUEEN史上、もっとも重要なショウをフル体験できるのです。あまりにも特別なショウだけに語り尽くされた感もありますが、良い機会でもあるのでショウの内容も整理しておきましょう。

・クイーンII:Seven Seas Of Rhye
・シアー・ハート・アタック:In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited/Now I’m Here
・オペラ座の夜:Love Of My Life/Bohemian Rhapsody
・華麗なるレース:Tie Your Mother Down
・世界に捧ぐ:We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions
・ザ・ゲーム:Another One Bites The Dust/Crazy Little Thing Called Love
・ホット・スペース:Under Pressure
・ザ・ワークス:Tear It Up/I Want To Break Free/Is This The World We Created?/Hammer To Fall/Radio Ga Ga
・カインド・オブ・マジック:One Vision/A Kind Of Magic/Who Wants to Live Forever/Friends Will Be Friends
・その他:Impromptu/(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care/Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)/Tutti Frutti

……と、これがQUEEN最後のフルセット。『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』から「Gimme Some Lovin’」「Big Spender」を省略した代わりに、よりタイトで流れの良いショウになっています。そして、そのパフォーマンスこそが素晴らしい。フレディの病状についてメンバーの証言が時によって異なるので「この日が最後」と確信していたかは断言しかねますが、30万人という膨大な群衆を前に生粋のエンターテイナーが燃えないはずがない。「最後」の感慨ヌキにしても名演であり、直前に4日間の休みが入ったせいか“MAGIC TOUR”全体でも屈指の大熱演なのです。

「We Are The Champions」でフレディが「I thank you all」とつぶやき、観客が「Thank you all」と返し、幕を閉じる本作。何度聞いても胸に迫るラスト・コンサートです。当時からこの夜のフルの公式ライヴ盤が望まれ続け、いつの間にか35年の時間が経ってしまいました。しかし、仮にその願いが叶ったとしても、サウンドボードでは「現場に居合わせている」感、「目の前にフレディがいる」という現実感は望めないでしょう。この録音は、そんな“究極の夢”を超極上のサウンドで叶え続けてきた。本作は、そんなドリーム・アルバムの最高峰更新盤なのです。

★オリジナルQUEEN最後の夜「1986年8月9日ネブワース公演」の極上オーディエンス録音。名匠“Crazy S.”氏による伝説録音の大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化された名盤を、さらに最新/細心ブラッシュアップ。元々「QUEENで五指に入る」と言われていた超名録音でしたが、今回は音の通りが格段に向上。ピークに感じられた詰まり感にヌケの良さが生まれ、それに伴ってステレオ感もワイドで鮮やかに変貌。さらに、ヴォーカルのサ行で感じられた歪みも緩和され、よりフレディの肉声に近づきました。QUEEN最後の大熱演を現場で極上フル体験できる「夢の結晶」です。


Disc 1 (60:11)
1. Pre-Show
2. Intro.
3. One Vision
4. Tie Your Mother Down
5. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
6. Seven Seas Of Rhye
7. Tear It Up
8. A Kind Of Magic
9. Vocal Improvisation
10. Under Pressure
11. Another One Bites The Dust
12. Who Wants to Live Forever
13. I Want To Break Free
14. Impromptu
15. Guitar Solo
16. Now I’m Here

Disc 2 (54:24)
1. Love Of My Life
2. Is This The World We Created?
3. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
4. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
5. Tutti Frutti
6. Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Hammer To Fall
8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
9. Radio Ga Ga
10. We Will Rock You
11. Friends Will Be Friends
12. We Are The Champions
13. God Save The Queen
14. Harvey Goldsmith Farewell Announcement

Special Thanks: Crazy S.


Queen / A Night Of Summer Magic: Live At Knebworth Park 1986 / 1DVDR
Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK 9th August 1986: PRO-SHOT/AMAZING AUD SHOT

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The main press 2CD is a live album that depicts the final stage of “the four people” with a miracle sound. It is the highest peak update board suitable for celebrating the 35th anniversary of the historic decision board. However, I still want to witness Freddie’s last brave figure in the video. Therefore, we will attach a bonus video collection that is a compilation of the video of the same last show as much as possible.
The images contained in this work are roughly divided into two. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[Multi-camera professional shot collection] The first to appear is a collection of multi-camera pro shots that appeared from Freddie’s last show. This show was the last special performance of “MAGIC TOUR” and was not considered to be Freddie’s last performance at that time, but the huge highlight performance that gathers 150,000 people is more than special. It was also shot in a professional shot to record the opportunity. And the scene of the historical spectacle has been used in various documentaries. This video is a collection of such fragmentary professional shots by overseas enthusiasts.
However, it is wonderful that it is not just a collection of broken images. Each scene is carefully connected, the mood of the show is edited, and the arrangement is in chronological order. The mood is gradually raised with the crowd gradually gathering from the venue setup, the members entering the venue with a helicopter, and Freddie and Brian warming up in the dressing room. And even after the performance, the professional shots for 5 songs are spelled out in the order of the actual show. Although each song is incomplete, the flow of the day is felt in the digest, and it is like a 9-minute video clip with the theme of the Knebworth performance.

[Screenshot of full show] No matter how good a professional shot is, a 9-minute digest cannot be enough. That’s where the second video comes in. This is a full audience shot of the last concert.
This video was also loved as part of the sold-out press DVD title “KNEBWORTH 1986 (Wardour-153)”, and is truly a memorial masterpiece. The point is the angle. It’s a screenshot that keeps staring at the huge screen of the scene even before the performance starts, and it looks almost like a professional shot. Of course, handy cameras are finally becoming widespread, and the on-site screen itself is not as beautiful as it is today. There is a checkerboard pattern that looks like it is projected on a block wall, but you can still see the full show captured by the shooting staff at the site with a multi-camera. Moreover, the view is superb. There may be an arm that the front passenger swings up, but that is just “not zero”. Almost no spectators can be seen just by looking up, and in most scenes only Freddie’s last brave figure is visible.
The video alone was incredible, but this work also has the best audio. The miraculous audience recording by Mr. “Crazy S.”, which is the same as the main press 2CD, is synchronized (the recording is about 7 minutes longer than the video, so the screen goes dark in part). However, the audio version is different, using a digitized version a few years ago rather than the latest 2021 remaster. However, since he is the master of “Crazy S.”, it is the best without remastering. After all, it is a master direct of super-famous recording that was said to be “one of the top five in all audience recordings of QUEEN”, and although it is slightly less than the main press 2CD, it stands on the top of the mountain or on the top It depends on whether you stand on one of the highest rocks.
Moreover, the scene of this recording and the screenshot fits perfectly. In the case of a multi-camera in which the scene changes from various angles, if the sound has a strong sense of distance and direction, a sense of discomfort may occur for each cut. However, Mr. “Crazy S.” Master has a feeling of close contact that the recording position is unknown. Therefore, regardless of whether the image is a do-up or a long-distance spectacle, the distance and direction do not matter. It amplifies the professional shot feeling of the image many times.
It is the last show of QUEEN that is drawn with such visual beauty and audio. The enthusiasm was conveyed in the main press 2CD, but the persuasive power accompanied by the scene is another dimension. Far from being one song at a time, Freddie’s every move, his smile and his sincere expression are all “last”. Freddie boiled the venue with “Tutti Frutti”, took off his jacket and played “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The feeling of breathing with a sip of water … You can experience all of this with the sound of the sound board and the images of the multi-camera.

This is the last site of QUEEN where fans from all over the world wanted to be present. This is a video work that is a compilation of professional shots left from the one and only stage and full screenshots. One piece that grants a complete experience of the memorial show that can not be realized even with the main press 2CD. Please enjoy it with the main press CD.


まず登場するのは、フレディ最後のショウから登場したマルチカメラ・プロショットを集めたもの。このショウはあくまで“MAGIC TOUR”最後の特別公演で当時はフレディの最後となるとは考えられていなかったわけですが、15万人を集める超巨大なハイライト公演はそれだけで十二分に特別。その機会を記録すべく、プロショットでも撮影されていました。そして、その歴史的スペクタクルの光景は、さまざまなドキュメンタリーなどで使用されてきました。この映像は、海外のマニアがそんな断片的なプロショットをかき集めたものなのです。

この映像は、完売プレスDVDタイトル『KNEBWORTH 1986(Wardour-153)』の一部としても愛されたもので、まさにメモリアルな大傑作。その要はアングル。開演前から現場の巨大スクリーンを見つめ続けるスクリーン・ショットでして、ほぼほぼプロショットのような見応えなのです。もちろん、やっとハンディカメラも普及してきた時代ですし、現場スクリーンそのものも現在のような美しさではない。ブロック塀に投影したような格子模様もありはするのですが、それでも現場の撮影スタッフが捉えたフルショウをマルチカメラで見られる。しかも、その見渡しも絶景。前方客が振り上げる腕が入ることもありますが、それは「ゼロではない」というだけ。見上げ視線だけに観客の姿はほぼほぼ入らず、ほとんどのシーンではフレディ最後の勇姿だけが目に映るのです。
その映像だけでも感無量なのですが、本作はさらに音声も極上。本編プレス2CDと同じ“Crazy S.”氏による奇跡のオーディエンス録音をシンクロさせているのです(録音は映像よりも7分ほど長いため、一部で画面が暗転します)。ただし、音声のバージョンは異なり、最新2021年リマスターではなく、数年前にデジタル化されたバージョンを使用しています。もっとも、“Crazy S.”氏のマスターなのですから、リマスタリングしなくても極上。何しろ「QUEENの全オーディエンス録音で五指に入る」と言われた超名録音のマスター・ダイレクトであり、本編プレス2CDにはわずかに及ばないとは言え、それは山の頂上に立つか、その頂上にある一番高い岩の上に立つか程度の違いなのです。
しかも、この録音とスクリーン・ショットの光景が絶妙にフィットする。光景がさまざまなアングルが入れ替わるマルチカメラの場合、下手に距離感や方向性の強い音声だと1カット毎に違和感が生まれかねない。しかし、“Crazy S.”氏マスターは録音ポジションが分からないほどの密着感。そのため映像がドアップであろうと遠距離スペクタクルであろうと、距離も方向も気にならない。映像のプロショット感を何倍も増幅させてくれるのです。
そんな映像美と音声で描かれるのは正真正銘、QUEENのラスト・ショウ。本編プレス2CDでもその熱演ぶりは伝わって来ましたが、光景を伴う説得力は別次元。1曲1曲どころか、フレディの一挙手一投足、そしてその笑顔も真摯な表情も、すべてが“最後”。「Tutti Frutti」で会場を沸かしまくり、ジャケットを脱いで「Bohemian Rhapsody」を弾き出すフレディ。おもむろに一口水を飲む呼吸感……そのすべてをサウンドボードばりのサウンドとマルチカメラの映像で体験できるのです。


A Night Of Summer Magic (Pro-shot Compilation)

1. Princes of the Universe(Intro)
2. One Vision
3. Is This The World We Created?
4. Radio Ga Ga
5. We Are The Champions
6. God Save The Queen

Audience Video

1. Intro
2. One Vision
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
5. Seven Seas Of Rhye
6. Tear It Up
7. A Kind Of Magic
8. Vocal Improvisation
9. Under Pressure
10. Another One Bites The Dust
11. MC
12. Who Wants to Live Forever
13. I Want To Break Free
14. Impromptu
15. Guitar Solo
16. Now I’m Here
17. Love Of My Life
18. Is This The World We Created?
19. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
20. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
21. Tutti Frutti
22. Bohemian Rhapsody
23. Hammer To Fall
24. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
25. Radio Ga Ga
26. We Will Rock You
27. Friends Will Be Friends
28. We Are The Champions
29. God Save The Queen
30. Harvey Goldsmith Farewell Announcement


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