Queen / Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo / 2CD

Queen / Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo / 2CD / Wardour
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Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 1985. STEREO SBD

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QUEEN The final Tokyo performance was “May 11, 1985: National Yoyogi Stadium”. Newly discovered the best master of FM broadcasting that even surpasses the official video. Appeared in press 2CD.

· May 8th + 9th: Nippon Budokan
· May 11: National Yoyogi Stadium 【this work】
· May 13: Aichi Gymnasium
· May 15th: Osakajo Hall

This day is exactly the symbol of “QUEEN Last Japan”. Although the actual last show was in Osaka, Yoyogi performance was broadcast on television and radio, and even in the official it was made into a work as “FINAL CONCERT LIVE IN JAPAN”. It is a big staple in the classic that has inherited the last intercourse of Japan and QUEEN which are too special. However, at the same time it is also famous for official work that is crucial to the task. The official edition has support keyboards mixed more than Brian May’s guitar, drum sounds are strange, Roger Taylor’s voice is hard to hear … …. Official was what I wanted to say, “What is this?” Nominated.
And this official dropping was mostly for the sound board · boot leg. However, there was also a natural and complete soundboard that was entirely different from the official video. That was the then FM radio program that was broadcast soon after the live. At the “Young Music Show” that was broadcast before it was formulated yet, the mix was as it was heard at the venue. Nearly unprocessed guitars and vocals are fantastic natural sounding, and even the official video was edited in the first half “Liar”, the whole was also cut “Dragon Attack” complete collection. It was a telecast that was praised as “over official” from maniacs all over the world, “this should have been officially left”.
Only such an official beyond soundboard, we also made a title in our store earlier. I also played the press in “THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN” set for 3 days. However, this work is not its reprint or remaster recurrence …… I got a superb air check · master by a completely different writer. It is a completely new work which made it direct CD.
Amazingly, that sound. I do not think that it is the same broadcast anymore! Actually, this new master was a treasure collection of a recording mania, but that person was the record maker who shocked the impact with SADE super masterpiece “PROMISE IN TOKYO”. Despite the familiar sound board, it is totally different from other recordings, and yet it has zero processing feeling. In the world of core recorders who are committed to electromagnetic wave conditions and equipment, we have continued to realize high quality sounds without going through. Such an ancient mania listened to “THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN” and provided that “my collection was a better sound”.
Indeed, the sound flowing out of this work is surely reproduced by that SADE magic. As well as “THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN” you can feel the mix and ringing that exceeded the official, but the new master of this time is more natural with a loop. It is exactly the sound that broadcast radio waves of 1985 jumped over space-time as it is. Freddy’s singing voice is particularly emotional. “THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN” was also fresh, but the treble was rather strong. Of course, it also felt power and clearness by that, but Freddie’s singing voice was slightly kickin. In contrast, this work is super natural and the site itself. Now Freddie who does not pass the microphone is like the singing living.
This sound can never be realized in the existing equalizing. It is a natural sound that can only be a non-machining ultra-superb master. It is not that evidence, but please listen to songs such as “Is This The World We Created?” “Love Of My Life”. Freddie’s singing voice stands out in a simple ensemble only to the acoustic corner, but in the previous episode it contained delicate hiss noise here. It was something that I finally noticed in the silence section and acoustics, but the new master of this time has not even such a small hiss. Because it is just that super freshness, it is beautiful even if completely broadcast without broadcasting. And because it is completely unprocessed, super natural sound has been realized.
In such a situation, this work has points processed only by 1 point. It is a comment from a famous DJ that was recorded at the beginning of the program and last. In the broadcast title so far, DJ’s voice was recorded as a sense of era, but in this work all deleted. At the beginning DJ ‘s voice was covered at the beginning “Machines” supplemented with official video, I made it a full live album of “QUEEN only”. The reason was that the new master was too natural and faithful to “the last QUEEN”. If you’ve heard the episode you already know, DJ’s comment is somewhat cynical. It is also a real era feeling, but I also wanted to get rid of even those DJ filters that I did. Until so much this work is QUEEN and natural sound that can touch Freddie in reality.

The official video also surpassed the light FM sound board. It is a marvelous new excavation master who updates its highest peak. Although there is no flashy as “THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN”, it is a natural edition in which breasts are tightened to the singing voice of Freddie because it is unprocessed. Deep deep emotion of “Love Of My Life” whose Freddie and Japanese audience are overlapping their voices … …. Please inscribe in the mind forever with the permanent preservation press 2CD forever.


・5月11日:国立代々木競技場 【本作】

この日は、まさに“QUEEN最後の日本”の象徴。実際のラスト・ショウは大阪でしたが、代々木公演はテレビやラジオでも放送され、オフィシャルでも『FINAL CONCERT LIVE IN JAPAN』としても作品化。特別すぎる日本とQUEENの最後の交歓を語り継いできた定番中の大定番です。しかし、それと同時に肝心要の公式作品が不甲斐ないことでも有名です。オフィシャル版はサポートのキーボードがブライアン・メイのギターよりも大きくミックスされていたり、ドラム・サウンドが妙だったり、ロジャー・テイラーの声が聞こえづらかったり……。オフィシャルとは名ばかりの「なんだこれ?」と言いたくなるものでした。
そして、サウンドボード・ブートレッグもこの公式落としがほとんどでした。ところが、公式ビデオとはまったく異なるナチュラルで完成度の高いサウンドボードも存在したのです。それは、ライヴから間もなく放送された当時のFMラジオ番組。まだ公式化される前に放送された「ヤング・ミュージック・ショー」で、そのミックスは会場で聴いたそのまま。ほとんど加工されていないギターやヴォーカルは自然な鳴りが瑞々しく、さらには公式ビデオでは前半が編集されていた「Liar」、丸々カットされた「Dragon Attack」も完全収録。世界中のマニアから「オフィシャル以上」「これこそ公式に残すべきだった」と激賞される放送だったのです。
そんなオフィシャル超えサウンドボードだけに、当店でも以前からタイトル化。3日間セットの『THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN』でプレス化も果たしました。しかし、本作はその復刻やリマスター再発……ではありません。まったく別の記録家による極上エアチェック・マスターを入手。ダイレクトにCD化した完全新作なのです。
驚くべきは、そのサウンド。もう、同じ放送とは思えない! 実は、今回の新マスターはある録音マニアの秘蔵コレクションだったのですが、その人物こそかつてSADEの超傑作『PROMISE IN TOKYO』で衝撃を振りまいた記録家。お馴染みのサウンドボードにも関わらず、なぜか他の録音とはまったく異なり、しかも加工感ゼロ。電波状況や機材にこだわり抜くコアな記録家の世界にあって、ズバ抜けてハイクオリティなサウンドを実現し続けてきたのです。そんな希代のマニアが『THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN』を耳にし、「自分のコレクションの方が良い音だったよ」と提供してくださったものなのです。
実際、本作から流れ出るサウンドは、確かにあのSADEのマジックが再現されている。『THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN』と同じくオフィシャル超えしたミックスや鳴りを感じられるのですが、今回の新マスターはさらに輪をかけてナチュラル。まさに、1985年の放送電波がそのまま時空を飛び越えてきたようなサウンドなのです。特に感動的なのはフレディの歌声。『THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN』でも瑞々しかったのですが、やや高音が強かった。もちろん、それによって迫力とクリアさも感じられたわけですが、フレディの歌声はわずかにキンキンしてしまっていたのです。それに対し、本作は超ナチュラルで現場そのもの。今そこでマイクを通さないフレディが歌っているような生々しさなのです。
このサウンドは、既発のイコライジングでは決して実現できない。無加工の超極上マスターでしかあり得ない自然音なのです。その証拠というわけではないのですが、例えば「Is This The World We Created?」「Love Of My Life」といった曲に耳を傾けて頂きたい。アコースティック・コーナーだけに素朴なアンサンブルの中でフレディの歌声が浮き立つのですが、既発ではここで微妙なヒスノイズが入っていました。無音部やアコでやっと気付く程度のものでしたが、今回の新マスターはそんなささやかなヒスさえもない。それだけの超鮮度だからこそ、放送そのままの完全無加工でも美しい。そして、完全無加工だからこそ、超ナチュラル・サウンドが実現したのです。

公式ビデオも軽々と凌駕していたFMサウンドボード。その最高峰を更新する驚異の新発掘マスターです。『THE LAST TOUR IN JAPAN』ほどの派手さはありませんが、無加工だからこそのフレディの歌声に胸が締め付けられる天然盤。そのフレディと日本の観客が声を重ねあう「Love Of My Life」の深い深い感動……。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつまでも心に刻みつけてください。


Disc 1 (50:30)
1. Machines 2. Tear It Up 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Under Pressure 5. Somebody To Love
6. Killer Queen 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 8. Keep Yourself Alive 9. Liar 10. Impromptu
11. It’s A Hard Life 12. Day-O 13. Dragon Attack 14. Now I’m Here
15. Is This The World We Created? 16. Love Of My Life

Disc 2 (41:00)
1. Another One Bites The Dust 2. Mustapha 3. Hammer To Fall 4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5. Bohemian Rhapsody 6. Radio Ga Ga 7. I Want To Break Free 8. Jailhouse Rock
9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions 11. God Save The Queen



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