Queen / Definitive Buenos Aires 1981 1st Night / 2CD

Queen / Definitive Buenos Aires 1981 1st Night / 2CD/ Wardour
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Live at Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th February 1981 STEREO SBD

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It is a press decision that reprints the sound board and album of the burning burn that maximizes the peak of the heroes is reprinted. The top is “February 28, 1981 Buenos Aires Show”. The best master album “BUENOS AIRES 1981 DEFINITIVE EDITION” containing the radio broadcast sound source is reappearing in the newly arrived jacket.
Anyway, this Buenos Aires performance was “a mass of success”. QUEEN at that time was also a big hit with the album “THE GAME” as well as the single “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Another One Bites the Dust”. We dominated the charts of each country, winning the No. 1 in the United States of both countries. The world tour that jumped out with such a strong wind was also a great success. While all over the world are turning to QUEEN, it was South America that was sending a particularly hot line of sight. QUEEN, who had never visited South America, made the tour for the first time and gained huge success to mobilize 500,000 people (!) In 7 performances. Moreover, it was the Buenos Aires performance that was the cornerstone. It gathered 300,000 people (!!) with only three performances and became “the biggest concert in the history of Argentina”. The show that is included in this work is its first night. It is a “first show” that is a kickoff performance for the entire South American tour as well.

【Supreme version of soundboard album of all time】
This concert was also broadcast on local radio songs, and from that time the classic sound board was known. Several upgrades have been fulfilled in the long history, but this work is the top of that. That quality is exactly “top”. Also released for the first time is “Now I’m Here” that covered all songs except “Get Down, Make Love” and “God Save The Queen” that were not broadcast, and many previous episodes were not suppressed. If such a biggest scale is also wonderful, the sound itself is a record high. I am using a young master of generation far more than the already-to-be-generations, and clearness, detailed detail, natural sounds, even one grain of sound is quite different.
Its freshness makes the vibrancy of the sound board even more prominent. Although it is not “Official grade” only for South American broadcasting in the early 1980s, its rough “direct touch feeling” is terrible. Huge big cheers sound faintly in the distance, but the stereo feeling of panning is super brilliant (guitar solo after “Keep Yourself Alive” is amazing!). There are a number of line recordings in the history of QUEEN, and I do not remember a record that John ‘s base approaches with the feeling of gorigori so far. Of course, since it is a revolutionary master so far, complete finishing with perfect mastering including accurate pitch. To tell the truth, in reprinting the previous release “BUENOS AIRES 1981 DEFINITIVE EDITION”, I also tried again mastering but I concluded that “I can not do anything more than that.” I decided to reprint the ultimate board as ultimate.

【Best show loved by goddess】
The “top” show is painted with its “top” sound. I introduced the background of Buenos Aires performance earlier, but not only that but also QUEEN himself had all the conditions perfectly. In order to explain it, let’s look at the outline of “THE GAME TOUR” here.

● 1980
· June 30 – July 14: North America # 1 (14 performances)
· August 5 – September 30: North America # 2 (35 shows)
· November 23 – December 18: Europe (17 performances)
● 1981
· February 12th – 19th: Japan (6 shows)
· February 28 – March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 25 – October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 shows)
· November 24th and 25th: North America # 3 (2 performances)

This is the big picture of the great success world tour. In 1980, the main battlefield “North America” ​​”Europe” was circuited, then after plenty of charge at the year-end and New Year holidays the schedule headed for Japan and Latin America. In other words, in 1980, I took a whole breath of winds of great success, I had enough time to rest and the band’s engines also warmed up with 6 performances in Japan and I got full power. “Well, to the New World where the record-breaking large crowd waits!” … … This work is the first night of that first meeting.
Indeed, the show filled with this work is a super-entertainment where aura bleeds out of the pores. Four of us are high tension, but Freddie is easy to understand. Anyway, it was in a great condition, from the beginning, “Auraii, Alden Tina! Get Down! Borabiean!” Mikuru, voice grew pleasantly and the tension of the bread was also the best. Even if you sing “Play The Game” you are touched by the big chorus of “Estaco, Tent! Allaire !!” and “Love Of My Life” “Fantastico!” Brian continues to call “You’re the best!” It is regrettable that the huge crowd of the large crowd is far away from the directly connected sound board, but if you return the opposite, it is a vivid feeling that Freddie’s breathing exhalation, which is exhilarating and expired, is flowed directly into the brain’s miso.
Such a tune is full of the show, can not be interrupted. In the official ‘QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL’ you can not listen to ‘Mustapha’ ‘Rock It’, but the best singing voice is roaring and the piano full of grooves rolls in ‘Death On Two Legs’, and the texture is also determined by the visitor. “Need Your Loving Tonight” Although Brian removes the sound at the beginning, he will forcibly turn into a masterpiece with exquisite solos. The final result is “Save Me”. It is a take that is praised greatly as “best live version” from everything well done and a maniacious source.

South America that loves QUEEN enthusiastically enough to say “lined up with Japan”. And QUEEN skipped the world hit, charged enough, and felt good in Japan. Both of them played the first time … … It is a historical decision board that puts such “night of the apex” on the highest peak sound board. Love album “TOPPEN” loved by the goddess of rock, here is a majestic reprint.
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全盛の頂点を極める灼熱のサウンドボード・アルバムが復刻プレス決定です。その頂点とは、「1981年2月28日ブエノスアイレス公演」。そのラジオ放送音源を収めたベストマスター・アルバム『BUENOS AIRES 1981 DEFINITIVE EDITION』が新装ジャケットで再登場です。
とにかく、このブエノスアイレス公演は「成功の塊」でした。当時のQUEENはアルバム『THE GAME』もシングル『Crazy Little Thing Called Love』『Another One Bites the Dust』も大ヒット。各国チャートを席巻し、いずれも全米No.1も獲得。その追い風を駆って飛び出したワールドツアーも大成功を収めました。世界中がQUEENに振り向いている中、特に熱い視線を送っていたのは南米。それまで南米を訪れたことがなかったQUEENが初めてツアーを実現させ、7公演で50万人(!)を動員する巨大な成功を収めたのです。しかも、その頂点だったのがブエノスアイレス公演。たった3公演で30万人(!!)をかき集め、“アルゼンチンの歴史上、最大のコンサート”となった。本作に収められているショウは、その第一夜。南米ツアー全体でもキックオフ公演にあたる“ファースト・ショウ”なのです。

このコンサートは現地のラジオ曲でも放送され、当時から定番サウンドボードが知られてきました。長い歴史の中で幾度かのアップグレードが果たされましたが、本作こそがその頂点なのです。そのクオリティは、まさに“てっぺん”。放送されなかった「Get Down, Make Love」「God Save The Queen」以外の全曲が網羅され、幾多の既発が押さえられなかった「Now I’m Here」のリプライズも初めて登場。そんな最大級スケールも素晴らしければ、サウンド自体も過去最高。既発群よりも遙かにジェネレーションの若いマスターを使用しており、クリアさも、細やかなディテールも、ナチュラルな鳴りも、音の粒立ち1つとってもまるで違うのです。
その鮮度がサウンドボードの鮮やかさを一層際立たせる。80年代初期の南米放送だけに「オフィシャル級」とはいかないものの、逆にその荒っぽい「卓直結感」が凄まじい。巨大な大歓声が遠くに微かに聞こえる反面、パンするステレオ感まで超鮮やか(「Keep Yourself Alive」後のギターソロが凄い!)。QUEEN史上にライン録音は数あれど、ジョンのベースがここまでゴリゴリと肌触り感覚で迫る記録はちょっと覚えがない。もちろん、そこまでの革命的マスターですから、正確なピッチも含めて完璧なマスタリングで総仕上げ。実のところ、前回リリースの『BUENOS AIRES 1981 DEFINITIVE EDITION』を復刻するにあたり、再度のマスタリングも試みては見たのですが「どうイジッても、これ以上にはならない」が結論。究極盤を究極なままに復刻することに致しました。

その“てっぺん”サウンドで描かれるのが、“てっぺん”のショウ。先ほどブエノスアイレス公演の背景をカンタンにご紹介しましたが、それだけではなくQUEEN自身にもすべての条件が完璧に揃っていた。それをご説明するため、ここで“THE GAME TOUR”の概要も見ておきましょう。


実際、本作に詰まっているショウは、毛穴からオーラが滲み出す超熱演。4人が4人ともハイテンションではありますが、やはり分かりやすいのはフレディ。とにかく絶好調で、初っぱなから「オーラーイ、アルデンティーナ!ゲットダウン!ボラビエーン!」とまくしたて、声も気持ちよく伸びに伸び、パンパンの張りも最高。「Play The Game」を歌いきっても「エスターコ、テント!オーラーイ!!」、「Love Of My Life」の大合唱に感動しては「ファンタスティコ!」。ブライアンまでもが「You’re the best!」を連呼している。直結系サウンドボードだけに、大群衆の巨大な返しが遠いのは残念ですが、逆を返せば気迫が呼気になって吐き出されるフレディの息づかいが直接脳ミソに流し込まれるビビッド感なのです。
そんな調子がショウ全編、途切れない。オフィシャル『QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL』では聴けない「Mustapha」「Rock It」でも絶好調の歌声が轟き、「Death On Two Legs」でもグルーヴたっぷりのピアノが転がり、キメもビシビシ決まる。「Need Your Loving Tonight」冒頭でブライアンが音を外すものの、絶品のソロで強引に名演に変えてしまう。極めつけは「Save Me」。何から何まで上手くハマり、マニア筋からも「ベスト・ライヴ・バージョン」と大絶賛されるテイクなのです。

Disc 1 (46:44)
1. Introduction 2. We Will Rock You 3. Let Me Entertain You 4. Play The Game 5. Mustapha
6. Death On Two Legs 7. Killer Queen 8. I’m In Love With My Car 9. Need Your Loving Tonight
10. Rock It (Prime Jive) 11. Save Me 12. Now I’m Here 13. Dragon Attack 14. Now I’m Here (Reprise)

Disc 2 (44:02)
1. Love Of My Life 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Guitar Solo 4. Flash’s Theme 5. The Hero
6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Tie Your Mother Down
9. Another One Bites The Dust 10. Sheer Heart Attack 11. We Will Rock You
12. We Are The Champions



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