Queen / Buenos Aires 1981 AM Radio Broadcast / 2CDR

Queen / Buenos Aires 1981 AM Radio Broadcast / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th February 1981.

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QUEEN and South America first met “Buenos Aires performance on February 28, 1981”. The first complete sound board album that includes the whole picture is here.
Speaking of South America, the region of parent QUEEN alongside Japan. However, it was relatively late for them to visit South America for the first time in 1981, when they reached number one in the United States. The tour, which mobilized hundreds of thousands of people in all seven performances, was enthusiastic after enthusiasm and seemed to have left them an impact comparable to the legendary first visit. This week, the super-definition sound board “DEFINITIVE SAO PAULO 1981 PRE-FM MASTER (Wardour-366)” that recorded such a South American tour was released at the same time. Here, let’s check the show position based on the dates narrowed down to the South American tour.

・ February 28: Buenos Aires [This work] ・ March 1: Buenos Aires
・ March 4: Mar del Plata
・ March 6: Rosario
・ March 8: Buenos Aires
・ March 21: Sao Paulo
-Half a year later-
・ September 25-27: Caracas (3 performances)
・ October 9: Monterrey
・ October 17 + 18: Puebla (2 performances)

This is QUEEN’s first South American tour “GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT TOUR”. The first seven performances were held in early spring, after which the single “Under Pressure” with David Bowie was produced and turned off. Six months later, six performances were held. The Buenos Aires performance of this work was the first day concert that was the first meeting. The FM broadcast sound board has been known on this day, and the highest peak “DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1981 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-252)” is also very popular in our shop. This work is not the latest version. Until now, it was FM broadcasting, but this work is a sound board of AM broadcasting “RADIO RIVADAVIA” different from it.
The biggest point of this work is the first complete recording ever. The existence of “ Now I’m Here (Reprise) ” has become a hot topic so far, but the AM version is not that much, it was not even broadcast on FM radio “ Get Down, Make Love ” “ God Save The “Queen” was also broadcast. This work is the first complete board based on such an AM broadcast version sound board (in contrast, AM broadcast had a cut in the middle of “Rock It (Prime Jive)” and Brian’s guitar solo, but in this work FM Supplemented by broadcasting).
Actually, the AM version is a monaural broadcast different from the FM version, and the quality is slightly rounded. For that reason, the permanent preservation press has been postponed, but the complete response is still great. This show was the first meeting with South America, and the tension of four people who were surprised at the great hospitality exploded. Freddie is particularly excited about South America while groping. “Get down! Borabien!” Is the first time, and the great chorus of “Love Of My Life” does n’t hide the impression of “Fantastico!” “Gracious!”. The first experience “Get Down, Make Love” appears in the flow. It is really wonderful that the singing voice with great tone penetrates the groovy sound space. The Portuguese DJs can see how the members are not transmitted by sound alone, but it is also the feeling of South America that touched QUEEN for the first time.
“God Save The Queen” will be the first to conclude such a high-tension performance. In FM broadcasting, the last of “We Are The Champions” ended with a fade-out, but in this work you can taste a glorious finish. Freddy shouted thanks to “Adios! Amigos!” And the Portuguese DJ reported with excitement. If it is normal, DJ is only awkward, but this work is where QUEEN and South America first met. Not only were four people excited about the first South American paste, but South America was also shocked by the first QUEEN. The realism of that history can be felt vividly.

QUEEN visited South America only twice in 1981 and 1985 by ROCK IN RIO. Especially in Argentina, all 5 performances in 1981 were all. Despite enthusiastically loving QUEEN, there were too few South American shows. It is a new excavation of sound board recording that allows you to fully experience the first meeting. One that simply touches me more than “the number of songs that I couldn’t listen to has increased.” Please enjoy it carefully.

★ First full song recording

南米と言えば、日本と並ぶ親QUEENの地域。しかし、彼らが初めて南米を訪れたのは比較的遅く、全米1位を果たした1981年になってからでした。全7公演で数十万人を動員したツアーは熱狂に次ぐ熱狂で、彼らに伝説の初来日に匹敵するインパクトを残したようです。今週はそんな南米ツアーを記録した超極上サウンドボード『DEFINITIVE SAO PAULO 1981 PRE-FM MASTER(Wardour-366)』も同時リリースとなり、そちらの解説でワールドツアー全体像を紹介済み。ここでは南米ツアーに絞り込んだ日程でショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・2月28日:ブエノスアイレス 【本作】

これがQUEEN初の南米ツアー“GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT TOUR”。春先に第一弾の7公演が実施され、その後デヴィッド・ボウイとのシングル『Under Pressure』製作やオフ。半年後に第二弾の6公演が行われました。本作のブエノスアイレス公演は、その中でも初対面となる初日のコンサートでした。この日は以前からFM放送サウンドボードが知られ、当店でも最高峰盤『DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1981 1ST NIGHT(Wardour-252)』が大人気。本作は、その最新版……ではありません。これまでの既発はFM放送でしたが、本作はそれとは異なるAM放送“RADIO RIVADAVIA”のサウンドボードなのです。
そんな本作最大のポイントは、史上初となる完全収録。これまでも「Now I’m Here (Reprise)」の有無が話題になってきましたが、AM版はそれどころではなく、FMラジオでは放送さえされなかった「Get Down, Make Love」「God Save The Queen」も放送されていたのです。本作は、そんなAM放送版サウンドボードを元にした初のコンプリート盤なのです(逆にAM放送は「Rock It (Prime Jive)」中盤やブライアンのギターソロにカットがありましたが、本作ではFM放送で補完しています)。
実のところ、AM版はFM版とは異なるモノラル放送で、クオリティもやや丸みがかっている。そのために永久保存プレス化は見送られたものの、やはり完全形の聴き応えは素晴らしい。このショウは南米との初対面だけあって大歓待に驚いた4人のテンションが爆裂。特にフレディは手探りながらも南米のに興奮しきっている。初っぱなから「ゲットダウン! ボラビエーン!」とまくしたて、「Love Of My Life」の大合唱には「ファンタスティコ!」「グラシャス!」と感動を隠さない。その流れの中で現れるのが初体験の「Get Down, Make Love」。絶好調で張りのある歌声がグルーヴィな音空間を貫くのが実に素晴らしい。音だけでは伝わらないメンバーの様子をポルトガル語DJが実況したりもするのですが、それも初めてのQUEENに触れた南米感だったりするのです。
そんなハイテンションの熱演を締めくくる「God Save The Queen」も初登場。FM放送では「We Are The Champions」のラストがフェイドアウトで終わっていましたが、本作ではしっかりとグロリアスな余韻が味わえる。フレディは「アディオス! アミーゴス!」と感謝を叫び、それ以上のテンションでポルトガル語DJが興奮気味にレポートする。普通であればDJはウザいだけですが、本作はQUEENと南米が初めて出会った場。4人が初の南米ノリに興奮していただけでなく、南米も初めてのQUEENに衝撃を受けていた。その歴史のリアリズムがビビッドに感じ取れるのです。

QUEENが南米を訪れたのは、1981年の2回とROCK IN RIOの1985年だけ。特にアルゼンチンは、1981年の5公演がすべてでした。QUEENを熱狂的に愛したにも関わらず、あまりにも少なかった南米のショウ。その初対面の一夜を完全体験できるサウンドボード録音の新発掘です。単に「今まで聴けなかった曲が増えた」以上の感動をくれる1本。どうぞ、じっくりとご堪能ください。


Disc 1 (54:41)
1. We Will Rock You
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Play The Game
4. Mustapha
5. Death On Two Legs
6. Killer Queen
7. I’m In Love With My Car
8. Get Down, Make Love ★既発未収録
9. Need Your Loving Tonight
10. Rock It (Prime Jive)
11. Save Me
12. Now I’m Here
13. Dragon Attack
14. Now I’m Here (Reprise)
15. Love Of My Life

Disc 2 (44:00)
1. Keep Yourself Alive
2. Guitar Solo
3. Flash’s Theme
4. The Hero
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
6. Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. Another One Bites The Dust
9. Sheer Heart Attack
10. We Will Rock You
11. We Are The Champions
12. God Save The Queen ★既発未収録


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