Queen / Budokan 1985 1st Night / 2CD

Queen / Budokan 1985 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 8th May 1985

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“THE WORKS JAPAN TOUR 1985” which became the last visit to QUEEN. The world’s first public full master who delivers the best performances of the world is a new excavation of shock. It is appearance in permanent preservation press 2CD!
What was recorded on the master cassette excavated beyond the time of 34 years is the “May 8, 1985: Nippon Budokan” performance. It is an audience recording that completely recorded the whole story. In our store, we archive the last Japan tour with numerous masterpieces. First of all, let’s check the position on the schedule.

・ May 8: Nippon Budokan [This work] ・ May 9 “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1985 2ND NIGHT”
・ May 15 “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1985”
(Note: Only representative works on each day)

Above, all 5 performances. The beginning is two consecutive performances of Nippon Budokan, and this work is the first day. The Budokan has been introduced with the press title from the second day to the last Osaka, but it was difficult for the first day. The recordings that have been known so far are harsh sounds to listen to, or only half of the good sounds have been recorded. Despite the last Japan tour of QUEEN, a matomo live album was not realized only on this day.
However, such a toothy history ends this week. Finally, the sound recording full recorded with the wonderful sound was excavated. That is this work. It is not an adhesion recording that makes a mistake with the sound board, but the breezy beauty is excellent. After all, it is the original original cassette which was handed over from the recording person, and the freshness which does not go through dubbing is the ultimate. The core recorded from the front of the arena has a clear feeling of air, and the atmosphere that fills the Budokan 34 years ago with no distortion or twisting blows out from the speakers. When you close your eyes, that octagonal space will float, and it is a reality that even unique smells tickle your nasal cavity. Especially wonderful is the calm song. The acoustic guitar which is played in the middle stage “Is This The World We Created?” Has a delicate sound, one grain of sound, and Freddie’s singing voice which is extended to a long time accompanied by a hall sound, it sounds like a solemn like a church Tell. In the further “Love Of My Life”, a large chorus follows the beauty world. Sound that melts to the heart in the beautiful harmony. Until now it was the highest peak sound quality of Nippon Budokan on the first day (instead of only in the first half) “FINAL BUDOKAN NIGHTS” and full show with a sound of the same level. As a matter of fact, there is a momentary tape change after the end of “Radio Ga Ga”. You will also realize how wonderful this new excavation master is from the fact that the sound drops in this moment.
Moreover, the performance itself is also the highest peak. In fact, this day is well known for its excellent performance even in the 1985 Japan tour. Freddie’s tired appearance on the official “FINAL LIVE IN JAPAN” makes it worse to the image of the whole of 1985, but this first day is completely different. From the opening to a good tone, promised greetings also “Convenir! Ikagadesuka! Is Everybody Happy !! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuunder Pressure !!” Even if the improvisation at the beginning of “Somebody To Love” is just good at measuring Freddie’s voice, his voice is strong, and the free vibrato is excellent. It sings in a pleasant and colorful manner, as if the voice of one’s voice is extended forever. The energetic energy is also felt by “Ay-Oh”. While the voice itself is deep and rich, the phrase to be thrown to the audience is completely different from usual. The familiar pattern does not flow, and it is understood that I enjoy the moment every moment so as to bite the joy that has come back to Japan. If Freddie is at its best, there is nothing scary about QUEEN. An ensemble that pulls and pulls through the whole piece, and “Keep Yourself Alive” of the life is decided to be a busy. Speaking of the top of QUEEN, “LIVE AID” is the universal recognition of the whole world, but this Budokan first day is a majestic as if that peak performance became full scale. This work is a live album where you can experience the scene 100% real life.
And the enthusiasm of the scene is what makes the Daimyo performance even more vivid. This work is a type that not only the playing sound comes in contact, but rather a vacuum pack in total at the venue. The reaction of a real audience is also felt vividly. For example, “Somebody To Love”. Freddie weaves the improvisation of the piano at the ending, but the audience quickly responds to it, and the sea of ​​clapping spreads, and it will be perfect even if it accelerates. If the improvisation is changed to “Killer Queen” as it is, the venue will also explode! After that, clapping hands and screams sway to the intricately changing tunes, and it is rising rapidly. This exquisite sense of breathing. It is only in Japan that continues to love QUEEN and concentrate on music. The enthusiasm of the audience inspires Freddie’s passion, and the enthusiasm makes the audience even more excited. Although they say “live is a living thing” and “a spectator is a part of a show”, a daimyo performance is assembled by the interaction. Because it is a full recording, you can taste its dynamism in full.

Nippon Budokan the second day which was a major performance that unrivaled in the last Japan tour. It is the world’s first publicized master who gives a full experience of the site. It is one that will make the 1985 Japan-Japan collection perfect, but it is a full live album full of enthusiasm and excitement. Please enjoy it with perpetual preservation press 2CD carefully.

★ Use the original master of the recording person. The definitive board of the 85 Budokan first day performances that finally appeared after 34 years of time. Completely first appearance sound source. Easy to hear sound quality attractive natural texture. The best sound and content for this day’s recording. First-class documents. Above all, I am glad that the freshness of the sound is good.

QUEEN最後の来日となった“THE WORKS JAPAN TOUR 1985”。その最高の大名演を伝える世界初公開のフル・マスターが衝撃の新発掘。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です!

・5月8日:日本武道館 【本作】

しかし、そんな歯がゆい歴史は今週終わる。遂に、見事なサウンドでフル収録した録音が発掘されたのです。それこそが本作。サウンドボードと間違えるような密着録音ではありませんが、瑞々しい美しさが絶品。何しろ、録音者から譲られた大元オリジナル・カセットであり、ダビングを経ていない鮮度は究極。アリーナ最前方から録音された芯がクリアな空気感を貫き、歪みもヨレもなく34年前の武道館を満たしていた大気がスピーカーから吹き出す。目を閉じるとあの八角形の空間が浮かび、独特の匂いまでもが鼻腔をくすぐるリアリティなのです。特に素晴らしいのが穏やかな曲。中盤で演奏される「Is This The World We Created?」でつま弾かれるアコギは音の1粒1粒が繊細で、どこまでも伸びるフレディの歌声もホール鳴りを伴い、まるで教会のような荘厳な響きを伝える。さらに続く「Love Of My Life」では、その美世界に広大な大合唱が付き従う。その美しいハーモニーに心まで溶けるサウンド。これまで日本武道館初日の最高峰音質であった(代わりに前半だけだった)『FINAL BUDOKAN NIGHTS』と同レベルのサウンドでフルショウを貫くのです。実のところ、「Radio Ga Ga」の終了後に一瞬のテープチェンジがありますが、ここでは既発で繋いで全長版に仕上げてある。この瞬間にガクッとサウンドが落ちる事からも、いかに今回の新発掘マスターが素晴らしいかを実感していただける事でしょう。
しかも、演奏そのものも最高峰。実は、この日は1985年の来日公演でもズバ抜けた名演で知られている。公式化された『FINAL LIVE IN JAPAN』ではフレディが疲れた様子で1985年全体のイメージまで悪くしていますが、この初日はまったく違う。開演から快調にかっ飛ばし、お約束の挨拶も「コンバンワー! イカガデスカー! Is Everybody Happy!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuunder Pressure!!」とえらくハイテンション。フレディの調子を計るの丁度いい「Somebody To Love」冒頭のインプロにしても声に力が漲り、細かく自在なヴィヴラートも絶品。どこまでも伸びる自分の声が嬉しいかのように多彩に、芳醇に、気持ちよく歌い上げるのです。そのやる気満々な勢いはかけ合い「Ay-Oh」でも感じられる。声自体が深くリッチなのもさることながら、観客に投げかけるフレーズがいつもとまったく違う。お馴染みのパターンで流す気はさらさらなく、日本に戻ってきた喜びそのものを噛みしめるように一瞬一瞬を心底楽しんでいるのが手に取る様に分かるのです。フレディがそこまで絶好調となれば、QUEENに怖いものなし。グイグイと引っ張るようなアンサンブルが全編を貫き、キレが命の「Keep Yourself Alive」はビッシビシと決まる。QUEENの頂点と言えば“LIVE AID”なのは全世界の共通認識ですが、この武道館初日はあの絶頂パフォーマンスがフルスケールになったような凄まじさ。本作は、その現場を100%本生体験できるライヴアルバムなのです。
そして、その大名演を一層鮮やかにしてくれるのが現場の熱狂。本作は演奏音だけが押してくるのではなく、むしろ会場をトータルで真空パックするタイプ。リアルな観客の反応もビビッドに感じられるのです。例えば、「Somebody To Love」。エンディングでフレディがピアノの即興を織り込むのですが、観客もそれに即応して手拍子の海が広がり、加速してもピッタリ付いていく。そのインプロヴィゼーションがそのまま「Killer Queen」へ変化すると会場も大爆発! その後も複雑に変わる曲想に手拍子と悲鳴が寄り添い、どんどん盛り上がっていく。この絶妙な呼吸感。QUEENを愛し続け、音楽に集中する日本ならでは。その観客の熱気がフレディの情熱を掻き立て、その熱唱が観客をさらに沸かす。「ライヴは生き物」「観客もショウの一部」とは言いますが、その相互作用で大名演が組み上げられていく。フル録音だからこそ、そのダイナミズムもたっぷりと味わえるのです。




Disc 1 (55:09)
1. Intro 2. Machines 3. Tear It Up 4. Tie Your Mother Down 5. Under Pressure
6. Somebody To Love 7. Killer Queen 8. Seven Seas Of Rhye 9. Keep Yourself Alive 10. Liar
11. Vocal Improvisation 12. It’s A Hard Life 13. Ay-Oh 14. Dragon Attack
15. Now I’m Here 16. Is This The World We Created? 17. Love Of My Life

Disc 2 (54:35)
1. Guitar Solo/Brighton Rock 2. Another One Bites The Dust 3. Hammer To Fall
4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 5. Bohemian Rhapsody 6. Radio Ga Ga
7. I Want To Break Free 8. Jailhouse Rock 9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions
11. God Save The Queen


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