Queen / Ballads / 1DVDR

Queen / Ballads / 1DVDR/ Non label

Wembley 1986, Houston 1977 & London 1975. Pro-shot

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The ballads of gems whose sentimental side of QUEEN was striking. One piece that crystallizes it with the best picture is the gift and release decision.
The promo clip for 15 songs is included in such a work. A compilation compiled solely of ballads, edited by overseas mania. It is only the one that has been selected at the highest peak in terms of quality.
Of course, there are official clip collections and familiar songs, but that’s not all. “Love Of My Life” is recorded in Wembley in 1986, “My Melancholy Blues” in Houston in 1977, and “White Queen (As It Began)” in London in 1975, with live images of various times. In addition, clips that were scattered in various places such as “Let Me In Your Heart Again” in “QUEEN FOREVER” and “No-One But You” in “QUEEN ROCKS” can be seen at once. It’s also simple and convenient, but the emotions that exude by having more ballads are great. It is the talent of various melodies and makers that come up with a fierce rock and a spectacular anthem. Sometimes he is calm, sometimes complains, sometimes is happy. Freddie’s singing voices, of course, the arrangement is also diverse, Brian’s guitar is fine, or it approaches with a sense of exhilaration. I realize once again that the ballad has drawn various expressions.
Especially interesting is “All Dead, All Dead”. Of course, “NEWS OF THE WORLD” is a famous song, but it is not the album version that has been recorded in this work, it is a Freddie version lyric video that was produced when the 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition was released is. This song itself sings a sense of loss that has lost a love cat, and Fredy’s singing lyrics play with the animation black cat and gently broom. What’s more, this is not completely replaced by Freddie’s take, but some versions have Bryan’s singing voice. Originally written by Brian, it is a beautiful clip that reaches the paradise (?) Where robots of “NEWS OF THE WORLD” lie while their voices cross.
One more must-see is “You Take My Breath Away”. A collage of 70’s photographs and illustrations, with lyrics appearing in black. Perhaps it was made by a mania who compiled this work, but I thought that I wanted to put this song in the official clip lined with Zurari. That feeling is blurred in the handmade feeling.

This is a collection of images that can be immersed in the QUEEN gem melody for about 1 hour. In fact, the ballads who show various and various expressions. Take a closer look carefully, fill in the holes in the collection, or even the everyday calm BGM. The sound and the beauty of the picture are official levels, and it is a piece that colors a lot in everyday life. Please try this opportunity.

もちろん、公式のクリップ集でもお馴染みの曲もありますが、それだけでもない。「Love Of My Life」は1986年ウェンブリー、「My Melancholy Blues」は1977年ヒューストン、「White Queen (As It Began)」は1975年ロンドンと、さまざまな時代のライヴ映像で収録。さらには『QUEEN FOREVER』の「Let Me In Your Heart Again」や『QUEEN ROCKS』の「No-One But You」など、各所に散っていたクリップが一挙に観られる。シンプルに便利でもあるのですが、それ以上にバラードを連ねていることで滲み出す情感が素晴らしい。激しいロックや壮大なアンセムを一切削ることで浮かび上がるのは多彩なメロディ・メイカーの才能。時に穏やか諭し、時に切々と訴え、時に幸福でもある。フレディの歌声はもちろんのこと、アレンジも多彩ですし、ブライアンのギターも密やかであったり、天翔る高揚感で迫ったり。バラードだけでもさまざまな表情を描いていたことに改めて気づくのです。
特に面白いのは「All Dead, All Dead」。もちろん、『NEWS OF THE WORLD』の名曲ですが、本作に収録されているのはアルバム・バージョンではなく、40周年スーパーデラックス・エディションがリリースされた際に製作されたフレディ・バージョンのリリック・ビデオです。この曲自体が愛猫を亡くした喪失感を歌っており、フレディの歌う歌詞がアニメーションの黒猫と遊び、優しく撫でる。しかも、これは完全フレディのテイクに差し替えられているのではなく、一部ではブライアンの歌声も残っているバージョン。もともとブライアンの書いた曲であり、その声が交差しながら『NEWS OF THE WORLD』のロボットが寝そべる楽園(?)へたどり着く美しいクリップです。
もう1つ必見なのが「You Take My Breath Away」。黒字に歌詞が浮かびつつ、70年代の写真やイラストをコラージュしたもの。恐らくは本作を編纂したマニアが製作したものと思われますが、公式クリップがズラリと並ぶ中でこの曲をどうしても入れたかったのでしょう。手作り感にその想いが滲むのです。


1. A Winter’s Tale
2. All Dead All Dead (Freddie on Vocal)
3. Heaven For Everyone
4. Let Me In Your Heart Again
5. Love Of My Life (Wembley 1986)
6. My Melancholy Blues (Houston 1977)
7. No-One But You
8. Save Me
9. Somebody To Love
10. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
11. Too Much Love Will Kill You
12. White Queen (As It Began) (London 1975)
13. Who Wants To Live Forever
14. You Take My Breath Away (New Clips)
15. You’re My Best Friend


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