Queen & Adam Lambert / Supersonic Festival 2014 / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Supersonic Festival 2014 / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, South Korea 14th August 2014


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August 14, 2014, was held in Japan performances before, and complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recording of the best level the stage of Queen + Adam Lambert stood on the stage of Super Sonic in Seoul, Korea. It is Korea’s first performances of Queen memorable, but as a feature of this board, it is a good thing is sound anyway. And has released a high-quality title of the North American tour from Wardour label until now, but the sound of the best performances in Seoul this board is no doubt. Cheers also have been recorded largely in its own way, but it is an acceptable range, more than anything, is the musical tone are in the direct firmly up here the first time definitely. Moreover, despite the stage at the festival the same format as the Japanese, and a full set which is not the same as North American tour most of the more than 2 hours playing time. The Show Must Go On has ended up being omitted like Japan, but the play I Was Born To Love You’s first tour instead. To say that I listen to where this song has received large like Japan, that there is also popular in Korea or you will know. By the envy anyway that is willing to play a full set, there is also time constraints in Japan, or was just Osaka, Who Wants To Live Forever and Somebody To Love is In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited but it is not was or not listen only in Tokyo alone, but on you are playing them all, Dragon Attack parent-child drum battle of Roger, the popular (Adam Misr the entering of the song), and long guitar solos of Brian in Seoul, and Tie Your Mother Down without a large upsurge mistake also shows off and do it. Adam will tilt the audience as “! ‘S show for the first time of the Queen” in front of the Somebody To Love. The greeting in Korean of several Love Of My Life before, Brian has been a great deal of delight fans to the mood and friendly. Brian paraphrased as “We will rock in Korea” also ending cry as “Seoul Korea!” At the climax before it enters the second of the song, we say thank you in Korean even after the show in ’39. Tie Your Mother Down that did not play in Japan and he showed off his dialogue with the audience of the same “All Your Love Tonight” and North America. Adam lip service “I wonderful than American fans” to South Korea a big fan of climax. Seemed blessed with the weather, it was stage contents of enviable to fans in Japan, but it sounds this good, full set show representing Asia tour anyway, was recorded in neighboring countries and Korea, you may want to say good luck and also for our fans in Japan. Sound is good very originally, but we are getting better and better show progresses, it has been recorded in sound amazing enough it seems to be the highest peak as a boot leg of the Queen of the past, such as the second half in particular. Including tape part of the opera of the middle, this much is enough not to be heard once, the Bohemian Rhapsody good sound. 2-Disc title of large recommendation to enjoy the sound of the best of the best live. It is determined from the release Wardour label limited pressing CD.


2014年8月14日、日本公演前に行われた、韓国ソウルでのスーパーソニックのステージに立ったクイーン+アダム・ランバートのステージを極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。記念すべきクイーン初の韓国公演ですが、本盤の特徴として、とにかく音が良いことです。これまでWardourレーベルより北米ツアーの高音質タイトルをリリースしてきましたが、このソウル公演盤が最も音が良いのは間違いありません。歓声もそれなりに大きく録音されてはいますが、許容範囲であり、何より、楽音がここまでしっかりとダイレクトに入っているのは間違いなく初めてのこと。しかも、日本と同じフェスティバル形式でのステージにも関わらず、演奏時間は2時間超えの殆ど北米ツアーと変わらぬフルセット。The Show Must Go Onは日本同様に割愛されてしまっていますが、代わりにツアー初のI Was Born To Love Youをプレイ。この曲が日本同様に大受けしているところを聴くと、韓国でも人気があると言うことが判ったりします。とにかく羨ましいのはフルセットで演奏してくれているということで、日本では時間的制約もあり、Somebody To LoveやWho Wants To Live Foreverが大阪だけだったり、In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisitedが東京だけでしか聴けなかったりしたわけですが、ソウルではそれら全てを演奏している上、ロジャーの親子ドラムバトル、人気のDragon Attack(アダムが歌の入りをミスる)、ブライアンのロングギターソロ、そしてやれば大盛り上がり間違いなしのTie Your Mother Downも披露しています。Somebody To Loveの前にはアダムが「クイーンの初めてショウだね!」と観客を煽ります。ブライアンはLove Of My Life前に幾つかの韓国語で挨拶、フレンドリーなムードを演出しファンを大いに喜ばせています。’39では歌の2番に突入する前の盛り上がりでブライアンは「Seoul Korea!」と叫びエンディングにも「We will rock in Korea」と言い換え、終演後も韓国語でありがとうと言っています。日本では演奏しなかったTie Your Mother Downは北米と同じ”All Your Love Tonight”の観客との掛け合いも披露。アダムは大盛り上がりの韓国ファンに「アメリカのファンより素晴らしいよ」とリップサービス。天候にも恵まれたようで、日本のファンには羨ましい限りのステージ内容でしたが、とにかくアジアツアーを代表するフルセットショウが、ここまで優れた音で、隣国・韓国で録音されたことは、私たち日本のファンにとっても幸運と言って良いでしょう。元々音は凄く良いのですが、ショウが進むにつれてどんどん良くなっていき、特に後半などは歴代のクイーンのブートレッグとしては最高峰と思えるほどの驚異的なサウンドで録音されています。中間のオペラのテープパートも含め、これほど音の良いBohemian Rhapsodyを、かつて聴いたことない程です。最高のライヴを最高の音で楽しめる大推薦の2枚組タイトル。限定プレスCDでWardourレーベルよりリリース決定です。

Disc 1 (67:13)
1. Intro
2. Procession 3. Now I’m Here 4. Stone Cold Crazy 5. Another One Bites The Dust
6. Fat Bottomed Girls 7. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 8. Seven Seas Of Rhye 
9. Killer Queen 10. Somebody To Love 11. I Want It All 12. Love Of My Life 
13. Band Introductions 14. ’39 15. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 16. Drum Duel 
17. Under Pressure 

Disc 2 (57:13)
1. Introduction Of Adam Lambert 2. Dragon Attack 3. I Was Born To Love You
4. Who Wants To Live Forever 5. Guitar Solo incl. Last Horizon 6. Tie Your Mother Down
7. “All Your Love Tonight” 8. Radio Ga Ga 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 
10. Bohemian Rhapsody 11. We Will Rock You 12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen

Brian May – Guitar, Vocal Roger Taylor – Drums, Vocal Adam Lambert – Vocal
Spike Edney – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Rufus Taylor – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Neil Fairclough – Bass, Backing Vocals


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