Queen & Adam Lambert / Budokan 2016 1st Night / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Budokan 2016 1st Night / 2CD /Wardour

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Live At Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21St September 2016 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (From Original Masters)


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pulling in Adam Lampert, has returned to the Nippon Budokan for the first time in 31 years QUEEN was. This time of the Japan tour, but was done in only three consecutive days at the Nippon Budokan, of this work has been recording “September 21 (the first day).” This concert, but also we have the fastest report in the gift album “BUDOKAN 2016 DAY 1,” the other day, further best live album is appeared in the press CD.
What anxious than is sound, but it is also outrageous finest quality goods. But of this work was to mono’s the name recording artist of the contemporary stamps that give us offer a myriad of masterpiece recordings also in our shop, this work inscription goods of top class among the master craftsman collection. Anyway, on a musical tone is thick on top of the big-boned. It was the other day of gift-album also enough high-quality name recording, it had been complemented by mastering a place where there is a slight sense of distance also. However, such need is none at all in this work. Of course, go to a fine try to make hand if necessary, but I was checked into the information, it is not Kuwaeyo. Not only close sound, vividly separated to each sound of each instrument, mass sense of zero in spite of the large family of six organization. Sounds delicate until the sound and the “gap” detail of the play there is felt likely to three-dimensional feeling to the sound, from the treble extends to the sound of heavy bass, it all is beautiful and reach sound.
Just As far only the tone but is a gem to be “like a sound board” called a, hits the rude rather sound of this work If yours is called so. Indeed although the tone itself is boned and details are still in the rich the “sound” of the venue take slightly to there. Moreover, the “sound” is not a wraparound system, are clear to transparent in order to spread like aura from the core of the musical tone, by what a beautiful color the music, speck not also blurred contours. Exactly “shalt certain nuclear audience” that name sound of you.
One more, seems to the audience recording taste the case for site audience breathing. Audience who gathered in Nippon Budokan of 31 years is a lot of singing, I give a great deal of acclaim, it has to produce a spectacle that will meet the octagonal space. Of course, there is no Husband muscular musical tone lose the mental battle, but the ordinary if only it (?) Ultra-high sound quality. Three-dimensional sound of this work is much to not only, there is a sense that we steeped in applause of the audience to the clearance of each sound of each instrument that was pretty isolated, we played with the applause is rare recordings depict the “space” to each other . Adam, but continues to large chorus from the “Somebody To Love” while talk about feelings for Freddie to “Love Of My Life” flow is a promise, that there is no beauty that I heard is sympathetic of the stage and the Budokan spread there. This trick, is to draw this kind of sound space, not only have an ultra-high-quality audience recording. It is easy to be referred to as “like a sound board,” “like official,” but, more attractive’s the firmly imprinted the live album.
Nippon Budokan is exactly inspiring overnight of 31 years that has been carved in such a sound. QUEEN + Adam, but was a shock even two years ago “SUMMER SONIC 2014”, the full scale of the show that Fest is different this time. “Seven Seas of Rhye (full version since first visit to Japan!?)” From the beginning, but you let me amazed at, reminiscent of the subsequent “Hammer To Fall” is also of 31 years ago “that night”. Its “Hammer To Fall” In addition to the “Do not Stop Me Now,” “The Show Must Go On,” “Tie Your Mother Down”, “I Want to Break Free”, two years classic group that did not listen before There is going to be plenty of play (especially “the Show Must go On” was only the first day was played).
The best you, but just a Greatest Hits of gold, more such the case for “QUEEN + Budokan” Magic. Members themselves in the end-to-end of the show is to repeat the remarks bitten and tightened the “Nippon Budokan”. Adam is “not believe to sing the music of QUEEN here (Nippon Budokan). Some of my heart always There are Freddie, I’m singing for Freddie,” said talk, Brian May is, “I came back. Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Tokyo, it the best! Please sing together” and speak in Japanese. In addition special scene before the “Love Of My Life”. Brian “Please wait a moment, please SELPHY. SELPHY stick is a great invention of Japan” take out the Selfie stick saying, I reflect their appearance being with the audience while around 360 degrees on the spot. 3 from the audience in the place that you as the rotation leakage also laughter, but this warm breathing sense of what QUEEN. Nippon Budokan for you.

Of 31 years Nippon Budokan was also a death 25 anniversary of Freddie. That the octagonal space not only QUEEN and Adam, the audience had been waiting for this day, and vestiges of Freddie had firmly. Name recording of audience that was fully drawn in the best sound crystal clear that space. Audience to arrived “real sound” That’s why, conceived the sympathetic of the stage and the audience, Shimiwatari to systemic, tugging helplessly the mind. Beyond the mere super-high-quality sound board, inspiring work of the audience recording. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

アダム・ランパートに引っ張って、QUEENだった31年ぶりの日本武道館に戻りました。日本ツアーのこの時間は、しかし、この作品の記録された、日本武道館でわずか3日間連続で行われた「9月21日(初日)を。」このコンサートは、だけでなく、我々はさらに最高のライブアルバムはプレスCDで登場し、「BUDOKAN 2016 DAY 1、「他の日ギフトのアルバムで最速レポートを持っています。
ちょうど限りトーンだけが、あなたがそのように呼ばれている場合は「サウンドボードのように “と呼ばれる逸品は、この作品の失礼なむしろ音をヒットされています。実際に音自体は骨太と詳細が豊富で会場の「音」が、わずかに取る残っているされているが。また、「音」ラップアラウンドシステムではありません、どのような美しい色で、楽音のコアからオーラのような音楽を広めるためには微塵ないこともぼやけた輪郭透明に明確です。まさにあなたのその名前の音」とは、特定の核観客をなかれ」。
もう一つは、サイトの視聴者の呼吸のためのケースを味わう観客記録に思えます。 31年の日本武道館に集まった観客は歌がたくさんある、私は称賛の多くを与え、それが八角形の空間を満たすであろう光景を生成することがあります。もちろん、そこには夫筋肉の楽音が精神的な戦いを失っていないですが、場合にのみ、それ(?)超高音質普通。この作品の三次元音だけではなくに多くのですが、私たちはかなり孤立した各楽器の各音の隙間に観客の拍手が染み込ん感があり、私たちは拍手で演奏まれな録音が “描写されています互いに空間」。アダムが、流れ「ラヴオブマイライフ」へのフレディのための感情についての話は、私が聞いた何の美しさがないこと、約束ですしながら、「愛には誰か」から大合唱に続き、ステージの交感神経で、武道館が広がります。このトリックは、超高品質の観客記録を持っていないだけで、音空間のこの種を描画することです。公式のように “”、サウンドボード等」ということは容易である “しかし、より魅力がしっかりとライブアルバムを刷り込まれています。
日本武道館は、このような音に刻まれてきた31年のまさに感動的な一晩です。 QUEEN +アダムは、「2014 SUMMER SONIC」、フェストは今回異なっているショーのフルスケールであっても2年前の衝撃が、ありました。当初から「セブンRhye(日本!?への最初の訪問以来のフルバージョン)の海」が、あなたはそれに続く「落下するハンマー」を彷彿とさせる、で私が驚いせても、31年前の「その夜」です。その前に聞いていなかった2年間、「ブレイク・フリーしたい “、”ショーは “あなたのお母さんダウンを結ぶ” “、オン・マスト・ゴー」、今ドントストップミー”古典的なグループに加えて、「ハマーはフォール」 (特に初日は、演奏されただけだった」の表示がで行く必要がある」)遊びがたくさんがあるように起こっています。
「QUEEN +武道館 “魔法のためのあなたが、金のちょうどグレイテストヒッツ、より多くのそのような場合のベスト。エンド・ツー・エンドのショーの中でメンバー自身がかまと「日本武道館」を締める発言を繰り返すことです。アダムは「私の心の中には、常にフレディがあります。(日本武道館)ここでQUEENの曲を歌うことを信じていない、私はフレディのために歌ってる、 “され、トーク、ブライアン・メイは、私が戻ってきた」、である。列席の皆様と述べましたこんばんは。東京は、それが最高の!一緒に歌う」と日本語で話してください。 「ラヴオブマイライフ」の前に加えて、特別なシーンで。ブライアンは、「しばらくお待ちください瞬間、お願いSELPHY。SELPHYスティックは、日本の偉大な発明である「自撮り棒と言っを取り出し、私は彼らの外観は観客と一緒にいることを反映しながらその場で周りに360度。回転漏れも笑いあなたの場所で聴衆が、何QUEENのこの暖かい呼吸感から3。あなたのための日本武道館。


1 Disc (73:14)
1. Intro. 2. Seven Seas Of Rhye 3. Hammer To Fall 4. Stone Cold Crazy 5. Fat Bottomed Girls
6. Do Not Stop Me Now 7. Killer Queen 8. Somebody To Love 9 . Love Of My Life
10. Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) 11. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
12. Drum Battle 13. Under Pressure 14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Disc 2 (68:43)
1. Another One The Dust 2. Bites Vocal Ando Guitar Improvisation 3. I Want It All
4. Who Wants To Live Forever 5. The Show Must Go On 6. Guitar Solo 7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. I Want To Break Free 9. I Was To Love You Born 10. Bohemian Rhapsody 11. Radio Ga Ga
12. We Will Rock You 13. We Are The Champions 14. God Save The Queen

Brian May – Guitar, Vocal Roger Taylor – Drums, Vocal Adam Lambert – Vocal
Spike Edney – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Rufus Taylor – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Neil Fairclough – Bass, Backing Vocals


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